8 Best Teleprompter Apps for Mac in 2023

Best Teleprompter Apps for Mac

New anchors and politicians have been using teleprompters since they were first introduced in the late 1940s. During that time, teleprompters were not so advanced and consisted of scrolls of paper.  Now, thanks to the super-fast teleprompter apps for Mac devices that don’t require any other device to give a speech.

A teleprompter helps content creators and aspiring videographers to read the script while recording videos or giving speeches and presentations. You just need to install a teleprompter app on your device, and you’ll have an almost professional-grade teleprompter in your hands without or with a little cost.

Here we present the list which will help you select the best teleprompter application for your Mac devices.

So, let’s start without further delay.

Best Teleprompter Apps for Mac

1 – Teleprompter by Pavonine Software

Teleprompter by Pavonine Software

It is an easy-to-use yet powerful prompting application that comes jam-packed with useful features. You can control Teleprompter remotely with your iPhone or with another Mac device over WiFi or Bluetooth. It only requires the free Teleprompter Controller app, or another device running Teleprompter.

The app offers remote editing. You can open documents over the network with File > Open from Network and edit the text, or control the document just as it was on your own computer.

Furthermore, it allows screen mirroring, meaning you clone your script onto any number of monitors, or into another window. You will also have the option to flip each copy horizontally, vertically, or both.

Using Text Blocker, you can temporarily hide the text with an image of your choice. Also, you can change the font color and size during import, export, or print.

It also comes with automatic speed control that provides each segment the duration you choose. It can even pause between segments.

Overall, Teleprompter provides distraction-free, smooth scrolling and helps you record videos, give speeches, read your textbook, and more!

2 – Prompt+ Teleprompter

Prompt+ Teleprompter

Now get ready and present yourself with confidence using this teleprompter app for Mac.

Prompt+ is a professional app that you can use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and many other video conferencing apps as well as Facebook Live. Using it, you can engage your audience with excellent eye contact as it lets you read the script that scrolls next to the camera.

One of the best things is it is absolutely free for scripts of up to 750 characters. For longer scripts, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee.

Additionally, it is easy to scroll the teleprompter using voice recognition or speed control. You can even change the scrolling speed and pause the scrolling when going off script.

Also, the app lets you add rich text formatting to make your script easy to read. You can control the script remotely using a Bluetooth presentation remote, foot pedal, games controller, external keyboard, or even another Mac or iOS device.

3 – Power Prompter Express

Power Prompter Express

Power Prompter Express is another one of the best teleprompter apps on the list. It is beginner-friendly as the user only needs to add some text (it works like a text editor) and press the “Go” button. The app performs the rest of the functions on its own.

Power Prompter comes with all the standard features and works perfectly well with Zoom, MS Teams and another meeting/conferencing software. The app allows you to make the teleprompter window transparent to easily follow the teleprompter while keeping an eye on the meeting.

It comes with a free Bluetooth/WiFi Remote Control app for your iPhone/iPad. The best part is the script will look exactly the same on every screen. With this app, you don’t need to worry about screen resolutions, line brakes and text sizes anymore. Just set it up in the editor, and Power Prompter will do its job. In addition, the app can flip & mirror the text along both the X and Y axis to use professional TTL teleprompter hoods with it.

Also, you can open as many teleprompter windows as you need. It supports dozens of synced teleprompter windows at the same time.

4 – Virtual Teleprompter Lite

Virtual Teleprompter Lite

Virtual Teleprompter Lite is great for online meetings, interviews, presentations, live streaming, content creators, or making pre-recorded content.

The app allows you to adjust the transparency of the overlay and the scrolling speed by using the arrow keys or even manually scrolling through text. It is compatible with all meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Webinars, and Live Streaming.

With this app, you can set the font size and have three font color options: black, white, and green. Also, it has support for RTL languages such as Arabic & Hebrew.

Overall, you can speak more naturally with this teleprompter app. You can stay on track with your speech while still connecting with your audience.

5 – Teleprompter Premium +

Teleprompter Premium +

Teleprompter Premium + is perfect for everything from video conferences to public speaking. It is one of the greatest teleprompter apps used worldwide by television and movie studios including ABC, CBS, BBC, Fox, ITV, Channel 4, UKTV and many more.

The app allows you to import PDF, txt and rtf files instantly from any app. You can enable ‘Mirroring’ to reflect/reverse the text for use in professional teleprompter rigs. Plus, control scrolling and speed of your scripts remotely using keyboard, handheld remote or gaming controller.

The Transparent Window Modein the application allows you to make the Teleprompter background transparent, perfect for video recording, online meetings, live streaming and more.

In addition, the app displays a countdown timer before your script begins scrolling. Teleprompter Premium + lets you compose and manage unlimited scripts. Plus, you can customize the text size, color, background color of your script easily.

6 – nPrompt Express

nPrompt Express

nPrompt is an easy-to-use teleprompter app for your Mac. You don’t require any expensive or special hardware. All you need is your Mac device to get up and running in no time.

The app automatically manages settings and details. Also, there is no fiddling with line breaks, and no headaches when it comes to display resolutions. You just prepare your script and press play to get started with your script.

nPrompt is a powerful app that comes with all the pro features. It offers features like text mirroring and flipping, support for unlimited external displays, and script overlays/indicators. You are also allowed to use professional mirroring camera hoods with nPrompt.

The app is completely remote controllable via iPhone/iPad (free iOS app available), another Mac (running nPrompt), or a Keynote/PowerPoint “presentation clicker”.

Additionally, the script editor is a fully featured rich text editor that allows you to change fonts, and colors, add underlines, and bold passages, and even use emojis.

7 – Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot Teleprompter has all the important features that make your iOS device a high-end professional teleprompter.

The app allows you to scroll scripts in landscape, and mirrored mode, control scroll speed, change text size, adjust foreground and background colors for clear visibility, and directly type and edit your scripts within the app.

The Parrot Teleprompter will take any script and scroll it in front of you, so you no longer need to memorize what you want to say in front of the camera.

In addition to that, it supports remote control functionality and an unlimited number of scripts. Other features include the ability to sync all of your .txt scripts via Dropbox and the toggle marker.

8 – Teleprompter Mirror

Teleprompter Mirror

It is one of the great web-based online teleprompter apps that work entirely in your browser, on computers or phone. The software lets you read your lines quickly and without mistakes. You can choose between automatic scrolling and voice-activated scrolling, which follows your voice as you talk or give a speech.

The best part is it doesn’t ask you for any signup process. You can start using it immediately. Simply copy/paste your script into the window, adjust the font size and speed, and then press the play button at the top.

You can also use this online Teleprompter on a screen with any professional rig too, as it features vertical flip and horizontal flip.

Above all, the software is free, with no trial periods, upgrades, or limitations.

Final Words

So these are some of the best teleprompter apps for Mac that let you keep your eyes up and present your speech with confidence.

Which apps/software are you planning to download on your device?

You can also leave a comment sharing other applications and software that works well and fulfills all the requirements.

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