Best Raptic Cases for iPhone 13 Series

Raptic Cases for iPhone 13 Series

The Apple iPhone 13 series has stunned us with its ergonomic features, especially its blazing fast A15 chipset. The display has ceramic shield protection as well, but what about the back? 

It’s necessary to get hold of a strong cover for your device since there could be unforeseen events, like an accident or accidental drops, and in that situation, a Raptic case will save your day.

Based in the USA, Raptic is a premium case manufacturing brand known for manufacturing solid and beautiful cases for iPhones. Raptic takes care of the needs and wants of iPhone users and assures protection of the device with the drop-proof build quality and better shelf life to make your iPhone long last. 

Since there are dozens of choices available, we have handpicked the best ones and curated a list of the top 4 Raptic cases for the iPhone 13 series. 

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List of Best Raptic cases for iPhone 13 series

We have picked up the top 4 choices of Raptic cases for the iPhone 13 series down below:

1. Raptic Shield Case for iPhone 13 

Previously known as the Defence Shield, the Raptic Shield Case is made to perfectly fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Protection from drop

Made with the combination of anodized aluminum metal and hard polycarbonate, the Raptic case provides the best durability to your iPhone 13 Pro Max. It guarantees the best protection to your phone from fall damages and scratches.

The heavy-duty machined aluminum metal in the case assures military-grade drop protection for your iPhone to survive even at the fall of over 3 meters in height, so have no worries about accidental drops of your phone. 

Easy to remove

Easily thermoformed polycarbonate gives a transparent finish to the case on the rear side for a clear view of your iPhone’s color and body, along with intensive strength and sustainability, making it a better choice over plastic cases.

The inside of the case houses a soft rubber finish to absorb and deflect any kind of shock your iPhone may face for extra protection and prolonged longevity of your mobile’s body. Simply slip on the case, and you’re ready to carry your iPhone anywhere. 

Wireless charging compatibility

Compatible with MagSafe Charger with a total 15W charging rate, you do not have to worry about taking the case off to charge your iPhone wirelessly. It makes a good choice for a Raptic case for iPhone 13 Pro Max.


  • Compatible with iPhone 13
  • Military-grade drop test
  • Machined aluminum frame
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Raised bezels


  • No water-proof

2. Raptic Air Case for iPhone 13 

Are you looking for a budget-friendly case to flaunt your phone as well as give it maximum protection? Raptic Air Case is the best pick for iPhone 13 Pro.

Protection from drop

The Raptic Air case is made by combining hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum metal to deliver the best protection to your iPhone 13 Pro from intense shocks, impacts, and fall damage from as high as 4 meters. 

Easy to remove

It guarantees a military-grade performance from the Raptic Air Case for better durability. The strong TPU and raised bezels on the frontal screen keep your iPhone 13 Pro away from surfaces and tabletops to prevent scratches and marks. Rubber interior lining makes it easier to install on the iPhone.

Wireless charging compatibility

The Raptic Air Case is entirely compatible with the MagSafe charger to deliver a 15W charging rate and also works with Qi wireless chargers to reduce wired connections with your iPhone 13 Pro.

One should consider that the case is not water-proof, so it may not be a good fit near any water-related works. Only at $29.95, the Air Case for iPhone 13 Pro is a good choice of durable cases. 


  • Compatible with iPhone 13
  • Wireless charging
  • Military-grade drop tested
  • Machines aluminum
  • Raised bezel for screen protection


  • Does not come with front cover
  • Not water-proof

3. Raptic Terrain Case for iPhone 13 

Environment-friendly model, the Raptic Terrain case offers both durability and longevity to your iPhone 13 Pro.


100% made in the USA and maintaining the eco-standards to reduce wastage and toxicity; the Raptic Terrain comes in a purple-bordered transparent case making it light-weight for the stylish look to your iPhone 13 Pro.

The Raptic Terrain also supports local jobs in production and advanced materials needed and is a great choice to reduce carbon footprints on the planet.

Protection from drop

Made with hard polycarbonate material, the Raptic Terrain Case offers a military-grade strength to your iPhone to absorb and deflect any shock and impacts to extend your phone’s shelf life. 

Wireless Qi charging

The Terrain Case is compatible with all Qi wireless chargers and delivers an excellent watt power of 15W charging rate, making it a better choice over standard plastic cases. The USA-based manufacturing also reduced transportation costs for lesser emissions, making it a good choice of Raptic case for iPhone 13 Pro.


  • Eco-friendly build
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless charging
  • Military-grade drop tested


  • Not water-proof

4. Raptic Clear case for iPhone 13 Pro

As the name suggests, the Raptic Clear case is a pocket-friendly, slim and transparent case built for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Formerly known as the Defence Case, these protective cases are meant to survive fall damages upto 2 meters on any surface like hard marble, concrete, etc. 

Protection from drop

The Raptic Case is made of dual polymer layers with shock-absorbing factors. The first layer of clear TPU rubber gives an excellent grip and button protection to the edges of your iPhone 13 Pro. The second durable layer is made of a special Drop Shield shock-absorbing polymer, which actively protects from shock, fall damages, and intense impacts.

Light-weight and easy to install

Raptic Clear cases house a soft rubber inside and a raised bezel corners to lift the screen off rough surfaces and tables for more protection and scratch prevention on the iPhone 13 Pro screen. The soft bezel also makes the case easy to install and lightweight.

Supports wireless Qi charging

Earn a total 15W charging rate with the wireless compatibility of the Raptic Clear Case with any Qi charger making it a great fit for iPhone 13 Pro cases in terms of sustainable performance and affordable price range. 


  • Stylish build and transparent back
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Double layer protection
  • Military-grade drop tested
  • Raised bezels for screen protection


  • Not waterproof

Features to Expect from A Raptic Case for iPhone 13

With many companies releasing phone cases for the iPhone series, there are few things to keep in mind before opting for a good and durable phone case to provide the best protection to your iPhone. 

The following are few points to check with before buying a phone case:

1. Protection from Drop

It is mandatory to confirm that the material used is mainly made of polycarbonate or a mixture of polymer and aluminum metal.

Such materials assure military-grade durability, which sustains even fall damage of 4 meters, making it an excellent choice for extended protection for your iPhone 13 series. 

Since plastic cases cannot handle such high damage, Raptic cases are an excellent pick for durable and transparent cases.

2. Easy to remove

You need to keep in mind that protective cases should fit perfectly to your iPhone and be easy to remove and install.

Most of the cases in the market have a tight plastic edge which makes it challenging to fit the iPhone in. 

One should opt for transparent cases that have a soft bubble edging on the interior of the cases, making it easier to slip in the iPhone and be shock-proof to keep the edges damage-free.

3. Light in weight

Heavy cases are a significant no-no for portable devices like smartphones. Usually, users choose from the ranges of thin and light-weight cases to give a classy look and more protection to their iPhones than to opt for a durable case that is difficult to carry around. 

Polycarbonate-based clear cases make an excellent choice for iPhones, giving more sustainability and reducing the weighing problem to provide only the heaviness of the phone and not the accessory used for protection. 

4. Supports Wireless charging

The new iPhone 13 series supports both USB-based charging and Qi charging but with the rise of wireless charging in this technological era, it is no doubt that users are demanding cases that support Qi charging. 

Most brands fail to deliver this essential factor to clear cases, so one must choose cases that guarantee a 15W wireless charging rate to ensure safe battery charging and protection to their iPhone.


With the release of the brand new iPhone 13 series providing magnificent features and fast processing, it is no doubt that the demand for durable and clear cases has risen in a short amount of time. 

The competition between case manufacturers has also gained a new step with new formulations to guarantee your iPhone’s hardcore protection and more longevity. Raptic cases are an impressive choice for durable and eco-friendly cases for your new iPhone 13.

Providing all kinds of cases for every iPhone 13 model, Raptic makes sure to understand all the needs and demands of iPhone users to give the best results. 

We hope our list of Raptic cases for the iPhone 13 series has helped you pick the best Raptic case for iPhone 13 series, so happy reading!

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