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Best Radio App for iPhone

Radio has been a medium of information and entertainment for many decades. Even today, radio is pretty relevant and has survived digitization. We have moved from physical radios to radio applications on your mobile phones. 

These online radio applications offer much, from sports and news to podcasts and music. These are great for audiophiles and an excellent way for people to enjoy and relax.

However, you need to remember a few things before subscribing to the most suitable radio app for you. Here, we list the best radio app iPhone users subscribe to. 

These are the best radio apps for iPhone

1. iHeartRadio

The iHeartRadio app is the most popular and best radio app iPhone owners use. It includes significant stations throughout the country that broadcast a diverse range of music, sports, news, comedy, and more. You may also listen to an extensive collection of talk shows in the app.

With iHeartRadio, you may make your radio stations as per your choice. To locate new music, go to the Playlists page and look for ready-made playlists with music from various decades, genres, or activities such as working out. The app also supports playback via Apple CarPlay and Apple Watch.

There are two distinct subscription choices from which to pick. You can access features like unlimited song skips, on-demand playback of songs and albums, and the ability to store and repeat music from the radio with IHeartRadio Plus. 

Like other radio services, iHeartRadio All Access subscribers may take their music offline and build personalized playlists.


  • It is the #1 application for podcasts.
  • can be downloaded for free.
  • It is widely popular. Thus, it features many prominent talk shows and podcasts.
  • It has pre-curated playlists for different moods and moments.
  • The “Weekly Mixtape” makes discovering new music more accessible.


2. myTuner Radio

On the myTuner Radio app, you can connect to over fifty thousand stations worldwide. There’s also an all-inclusive list of podcasts to assist you in figuring out the most popular ones.

You may look for a specific channel, a category, or a territory in several nations. You can save them to a favorites list once you’ve found a few channels you like.

An excellent feature of this app is the capability to search for recently played songs on various channels. This app makes curating your playlists pretty simple. You can also connect it to your Apple Music or Spotify account. 

You won’t have to limit yourself to listening to the material on your iPhone, though. The app is available for CarPlay on iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and the big screen.

All commercials are eliminated, and a music tuner is included to tune the station’s sound with just one membership.


  • It allows you to listen to over a million podcasts for free.
  • It creates a “Recently Played” playlist on the radio.
  • You can link it to Apple Music if you have its subscription.
  • It lets you listen to the radio via Air-Play.

3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a wonderful place to begin if you are searching for live radio. More than one hundred thousand AM and FM stations worldwide are available through the app. There are almost 5 million podcasts available to listen to.

You may listen to all of the radio stations by category or region. On the app’s Home screen, local radio stations are also featured. You can search quickly if you know exactly what channel you want to listen to.

Another significant bonus is that the app works with Apple CarPlay so that you can tune in to the app in your car. Apple Watch users may use the app as well.

If you’re a sports lover, the optional membership is a must-have. This app provides live coverage of every NFL, NBA, and NHL game.

You can also listen to music and news without commercials. In addition, there will be no advertisements in the app for subscribers.


  • This app offers a live broadcast of NFL and NHL home games.
  • It covers radio stations from about 197 nations.
  • This app offers support for various wireless devices and virtual home assistants. 
  • It provides news coverage from many prominent news agencies worldwide.

4. LiveXLive

LiveXLive is a newly revamped music streaming software that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks and watch free live streaming performances.

It has a global reach and an incredibly diverse music library. Music suggestions are tailored specifically for you to find new favorites. Every week, this app will present you with new hosted programs.

Hundreds of interactive, hand-selected stations and live video feeds of international festivals and performances are available.

It allows you to build your stations and playlists, and it’s a lot of fun to make and share your favorite songs and playlists.

This application can be downloaded for free. Subscribing to LiveXLive starts at around $3.99 for a month for LiveXLive Plus and $9.99 for a month for LiveXLive Premium.


  • It provides access to music and different events for free.
  • lets you create customized playlists and music channels.
  • It has the facility of both audio and video shows.
  • There are hundreds of pre-curated playlists for different events, occasions, and moods.


5. Radio Tuner

The Radio Tuner app is another favorite app on the list of best radio app iPhone owners use.

It has nearly 70,000 radio stations worldwide, broadcasting in different languages and genres. Users may filter radio stations based on their requirements by selecting groups from a list.

One helpful feature is recording any radio station and listening to it later. The sound quality is excellent, and your favorite stations are preserved in history, so you may listen to them again without having to remember their names.

It also works with Apple Watch to listen to music on the move. Radio Tuner contains a radio tuner that stores the music you’ve recently heard and creates a playlist for you. 

It also has a lock screen music control capability, a handy feature. Radio Tuner can be downloaded without any charge. You can unlock its premium features via in-app purchases.


  • It provides an excellent radio tuner that curates personalized playlists.
  • works with Apple Watch.
  • It provides more than essential functions for free.
  • It provides a lock screen music control feature.

6. RadioApp

The RadioApp transforms your iPhone into a classic radio. The app will discover radio stations in your region as soon as you start running it. You may listen to over 40,000 stations from all around the world.

With Siri, it is easy to control your music with voice commands. You can wake up to a specific channel by setting an alert. It provides a timer. The iCloud sync allows you to resume from where you paused at another Apple gadget.

With a membership, you can have unlimited favorites, use the dark mode, and tune in to stations from all across the globe.

This also disables the app’s ads. It is the best radio app iPhone users can download if they want a vintage touch to their radio app.


  • It provides a vintage feel.
  • It offers free access to many different events worldwide.
  • This app has excellent AI-powered, personalized music recommendations.
  • This app lets you create your music station and share it with the world.

7. Pandora

No list of the best radio app iPhone users use can be complete without Pandora. It provides a customized music experience that adapts to your choices gradually.

It allows you to make stations as per your preferences, browse for recommended channels based on your mood, and discover podcasts that appeal to you. 

You may listen to your favorite musicians and keep up with today’s hottest singles and albums. You can listen to the latest songs from around the globe and create a personalized unique music experience.

Pandora supports CarPlay, allowing you to listen to your customized music or podcasts while traveling. 

Its speech mode lets you control your music using your voice. You can search your favorite podcasts on the app and listen to tailored suggestions that suit your taste.

Simply search and play on your iPhone to begin listening, then touch + to add to your collection. 

Pandora can be downloaded for free. It is one of the best free iPhone radio apps. Its Plus subscription costs around $4.99 per month and Premium costs approximately $12.99 per month.

Whether you’re on Pandora Premium, Plus, or Radio, it’s easy to discover new podcasts and shows by browsing suggested podcasts access over a thousand podcasts, including SiriusXM episodes.


  • It has different modes, which make customizing your music fun.
  • It lets you make your stations and channels and share them with the world.
  • Finding new podcasts is very easy on this app.
  • It supports CarPlay, so you do not get disconnected from your music while traveling.


8. SiriusXM

With SiriusXM, you can listen to over three hundred stations on your iPhone, including ad-free music, sports, comedy, news, and chat.

Get tailored suggestions and discover new music and radio stations so you can always listen to something fascinating. It also has exclusive channels from artists like Eminem, U2, and Diplo.

When you upgrade to premium, you’ll have access to an additional 100+ ad-free music channels for any mood, occasion, or activity.

Also, you have ad-free access to news from Bloomberg Media, CNBC, FOX News Radio, and CNN, among other notable news organizations. 

A very nice feature of this app is that it includes videos of interviews, musical performances, podcasts, and other content. Every audiophile will find it to be an all-in-one platform. 


  • It offers the best podcasts, along with SiriusXM Originals and Marvel series.
  • excellent for sports and news.
  • It has many fantastic comedy and talk shows like Howard Stern.
  • It has “Xtra” channels of songs for different activities and moods.


9. Simple Radio

This is a fantastic radio app that allows you to listen to multiple AM, FM, and internet radio stations on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch simply and dependably. It has over 50,000 radio stations from around the globe to keep you engaged.

You may also bookmark your favorite stations and listen to them by tapping a button. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about new music, interact with people from different countries, or make your regular commute more joyful.

It boasts a very dependable radio tuner that effectively reduces dips and delays. Simple Radio is suitable for discovering new music, staying connected to your homeland, and learning a second language.

Simple Radio can be downloaded for free, with a lot of its essential features unlocked. This makes Simple Radio one of the best free iPhone radio apps.


  • It provides a free-to-use radio tuner that has multiple uses.
  • It lets you play more than fifty-thousand stations worldwide. 
  • Discovering music is made simple.
  • You can wake up to your favorite station.

Wrapping up

This concludes our list of the best radio app iPhone users use. Subscribing to a radio service provides infotainment and keeps you updated with the world’s happenings.

Also, these applications give you a chance to showcase your talent by starting your podcast, talk show, or even by curating playlists for different moods and activities. 

Some people need to listen to a particular station, and choosing the best radio app iPhone users can install should be based on that.

If you are new to radio, you can try the app with the most number of stations or the one which is popular in your area. Radios are still fun, and their being online has only increased their popularity. 

I hope it answers queries like the best radio app iPhone users subscribe to, the best free iPhone radio app, and the best radio app for iPhone. 

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