10 Best Projector for iPhone in 2023

Best Projector for iPhone

Projector for iPhone is required to demonstrate presentations on-screen using your mobile. Since iPhone is an entirely different OS so we require a dedicated projector respectively for this purpose.

We have found some best quality projectors suitable for iPhone which can be easily configured and we can perform setup and use it in no time.

You can use it to watch movies and series on a big screen by simply connecting it to your iPhone. All the projectors for iPhone listed below are easily available on Amazon with best price.

These projectors are compact in size and handy for home purposes. You can also easily carry it. You can choose the best one for you from the list below with 12 different and unique projectors for iPhone which are designed to fulfil your requirements.

Best Projector for iPhone

1. EZcast Wifi iPhone projector

This is a projector for all family members. It supports 5GHz / 2.4GHz WiFi and Its 120Hz refresh rate offers smoother motion and less input lag than other 60Hz projectors.

With true 200 Lumens brightness which is equivalent to 10600 Lumens performance, Beam V3 can project up to 150″ and is able to create sharp and clear images for your home theatre, games, and party fun. Hence it is not preferred for daytime outdoor viewing.

This projector supports both cable and wireless connections you need, including USB Plug and Play, HDMI, Bluetooth, Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, Micro SD card.

While it easily connects to your iPhone. EZCast Beam V3 is fully compatible with YouTube TV and other streaming services when you’ve subscribed to it. Its multitasking feature allows you to use apps while watching the video, and can also choose to display video either horizontally or vertically thanks to the unique portrait mode projection.

Enjoy the full-screen display of your beloved content sharing from the short-form mobile video app, such as TikTok and much more. V3 has a built-in 5W speaker, its audio drivers generate cinematic stereo sound and allow you to hear every detail.

The upgraded fan quality which noise is less than 32.6dB, making it perfect for home entertainment. EZCast Beam V3 projector comes with a 1-year warranty and its auto OTA upgrade feature ensures it never becomes outdated.

2. FANGOR Video Projector for iPhone

This projector not only has a built-in 8400mAh battery, but also has a unique handle. You can take this projector outdoor to enjoy movie nights with family and friends.

The battery is for 2.5 hours after getting fully charged, You can enjoy a whole movie without any cable.

FANGOR F601 support resolution to 1920*1080P with a lamp life of 80000 hours. It gives a viewing size angle of 30″ -200″, projector distance is 3-20ft and 8ft is the recommended viewing distance.

This projector has ±45° electric keystone correction via remote control to ensure the projected image is always a standard rectangle. It supports a wired/wireless connection to your Android/iOS device.

You can use your Smartphone/Pad’s USB DATA CABLE to directly connect to the projector to achieve a mirrored screen, you can also synchronize the mirroring screen through WiFi, without any additional cables.

Fangor projector not only avoids delay or flicker but also expands your vision infinitely.

The Bluetooth projector for iPhone allows you to easily enjoy more stereo sound by connecting to any device. The Innovative noise reduction and heat dissipation technology makes this machine less noisy than traditional projectors. The zoom is on the remote control, You can expand a wonderful time with your family.

Fangor provides a 3-month guarantee for return and a 3-year free warranty.

3. ELEPHAS projector for iPhone

ELEPHAS W13 movie projector for iPhone is designed with the latest WIFI connection which is compatible with your iPhone.

Synchronize the smartphone screen just need a once-time WIFI connection. Wired Connection: No WIFI environment?

ELEPHAS phone projector has been thought about it, no expensive adapter needed, you can connect the projector to your iPhone with an original cable line easily.

Ultimate Visual Experience gives an excellent performance of the mini HD movie projector based on the powerful parameters:

  • Full HD 1080P input and 24-bit true-colour support, and 200″ screen.
  • Brilliant big-screen visual experience accessible.
  • Unbounded & Humanized Design.
  • Smart projector upgrade noise reduction technology,
  • Built-in speaker, provide original audio fidelity and fills your room with impressive, overwhelming sound, enhance your immersion in the movie experience.
  • Diffuse reflection technology applies is more friendly to the eyes than TV, protection against direct light harm.

We Recommend a 6 to 10 feet distance to get the best eye protection and projection.

It has a featured design for amazing feeling & speciality support:

  • Versatile and portable video projector,
  • Equipped with VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/SD/ Audio/Wireless Connect, compatible with Roku Stick, Fire-TV, Chromecast, External Speakers, USB Disk, PS4/XBOX, Laptop/PC, DVD Player, Mobile Phone/iPad.
  • Possess CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE certificates, and 5-years factory support.

4. HOMPOW iPhone Projector

This video projector allows you to connect your iPhone directly with an MHL cable which makes you share videos and photos.

It is compatible with a variety of devices, such as TV sticks, PC, notebooks, TV, USB disk, DVD, PS4, Wii, almost all multimedia devices, while Projectors with mirrored displays do not support playback of protected video due to copyright issues.

This mini projector uses the upgraded 2020 noise reduction technology which makes you concentrate on enjoying your movies.

The size of the projector is 7.3 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches, you can easily put it in your handbag for traveling, watching big screen movies outdoors and enjoying the journey.

This phone projector support 1920x1080P high resolution which gives you and your family an amazing feeling, comparable to a movie theatre.

The lifetime of a projector lamp is 50,000 hours which means you can enjoy a home theatre for 30 years without replacing the light bulb of this video projector.

There is an 80% brightness increase on this movie projector, 3000:1 contrast, which enables you to watch the brightness family HD movie at home or enjoy the fun of big-screen games with your friends.

The recommended projection distance is 60-200 inches, you will get a 50-176 inches HD large display, suitable for watching movies and games.

You need to firstly, adjust the ±15 keystone correction so that the screen is in the same plane. Secondly, adjust the focus ring, you will get a clear picture.

The product is manufactured under strict quality standards. The company provides a free replacement policy & 2-year customer service.

5. AuKing Mini Projector for iPhone

This is a superior Home Theatre Projector, 2021 Upgraded mini projector equipped with 2000:1 contrast ratio, supported 1080p resolution, it brings you 35% brighter images than similar projectors in the market.

It provides you with a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and clearer image. The mini projector has a 32~170 inches projection display size with 1m to 5m projection distance.

Its built-in speakers offer excellent loud sound quality, you can also connect it to external speakers to meet your higher quality sound needs. The projector is lower in noise and more durable than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology.

A powerful cooling system cools the heat of the lamp efficiently, extending the bulb life to 55,000 hours, which means you can use it for more than 15 years.

This portable movie projector is fit for playing videos, TV series, photos sharing, football matches etc. It can be easily connected with laptops, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, X-Box ONE to enjoy big games.

If you connect it with your iPhone, an extra HDMI adapter is needed. Please kindly note projectors with mirrored are incompatible with Netflix and Hulu due to copyright issues. Be assured because the company also provides a 2-year warranty.

It is not recommended for PPT, or business presentation, it is a home theatre projector. You can enjoy the fun at outdoor journey in dark.

6. Vamvo iPhone Projector

This new R&D of home entertainment system, With Dolby Digital Plus Consumer Decoder, your movies, music and video games will never sound more incredible, suitable for family, backyard, garage, camping, etc.

Vamvo L4500 supports 1080P Full HD with 720p native resolution, Provide exquisite and vivid video quality. Really a family movie projector!

It is not recommended for PowerPoint or other office presentations. The size is 7.3″*5.6″*3″, hence easily portable, weighing only 2lb, can be easily carried anywhere with a free carrying bag.

This video projector has a 50-200 inches projection size with 5-20 feet projection distance. This video projector is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio and AV interfaces.

It can be easily connected with your phone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE or Wii, to play video, TV series, photos sharing, games etc. It dedicated to provide professional projectors for 2 years with considerate service.

7. VILINICE mini Bluetooth projector for iPhone

So many people would like to transpose their smartphone screen to the projector for a large format viewing experience. VILINICE WIFI projector has solved these problems, it can support wired and wireless projection for iOS and Android systems.

By using our WIFI projector, you no longer need to order the Expensive HDMI adapters! Due to app copyright, watch the movie on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, only via connect a laptop, fire TV stick, Roku, or Chrome cast.

VILINICE video projector particularly adopts multilayer optical films and high-quality glass to reduce reflections and increase light transmission, thus allowing this portable HD projector to display sharper images without blurring.

The projector is native 1280x720P, with 1920x1080P supported, remarkable 5000 lux bright and 5000: 1 contrast, which can bring you an ultimate outdoor home theatre movie joy.

This overhead projector has two 3W HiFi stereo speakers with an SRS sound system, which you can get a superior sound experience.

This video projector adopts temperature control technology, and a team of 2 independent intelligent speed control fans, which adjust the speed according to the temperature in real-time.

It minimizes the power consumption and extends the lamp life up to at 80,000 hours. It is equipped with various ports such as VGA / USB / HDMI / AV / SD / audio output, the outdoor movie projector allows you to easily transmit audio and video from computers, monitors, televisions, PS4, DVD players, etc.

You will also get the best viewing angle and viewing size with correcting the keystone and adjusting the focus.

The projection size is compatible from 32″ to 240″ in with a projection distance of 1.5 to 7 m.

You can Register your product and Activate the Warranty after receiving your video projector, you will get an extended 2 months to return and 24 months promise.

8. Native 1080P Wifi Bluetooth projector for iPhone

With this Native projector, you get a resolution of 1920*1080, remarkable 8000L brightness, and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1.

The DBPOWER Q6 1080P WiFi projector provides sharp and detailed images for home theatre and outdoor movie.

By combining an innovative high-refraction 5 layers glassed lens, the Native 1080P projector offers the cosiest images and outstanding colour accuracy to ensure the best video experience.

This projector can mirror movies/videos/photos/games from your smartphone to the big screen by WiFi or USB cable directly and you don’t need to buy any extra cables. The Mirror display function doesn’t support protected videos, because of copyright. (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu).

You can customize your projection screen size from 75% to 100% by remote. This outdoor movie projector has built-in 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system that provides a great auditory sense experience without external speakers.

The home projector is equipped with an updated, advanced and silent cooling system which reduced the noise of the fan.

This Home Theatre Video projector is also equipped with HDMI/USB/AV/VGA/SD port which can properly be compatible with TV stick, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Video Games, USB stick, micro USB card, etc. to expand your home entertainment for more fun and colourful.

The company provides 6-month back and 3-year repair, lifetime professional technical support for DBPOWER Q6 1080P Projector.

9. Artlii Enjoy 2 Mini Projector for iPhone

As the latest portable mini projector of 2021, Artlii Enjoy 2 has been upgraded with a 60% brighter LED bulb and native HD 1280x720P resolution, which produces a sharper and vivid image , and it supports up to 1080P resolution, which can deliver brighter and clearer image quality for you and your family.

Artlii Enjoy 2 wireless projector provides WiFi and Bluetooth connection, so you can connect to various Bluetooth mac mini speakers and headphones.

It can support 20-50 people to watch movies indoors and outdoor. It has built-in 5w dual HiFi Stereo speakers with SRS sound system that provides a great auditory sense experience without external speakers.

It’s the most cost-effective Bluetooth projector for outdoor movies. With Latest Wifi Connection, you don’t need to order a variety of adapters anymore!

Artlii Enjoy 2 phone projector can perfectly transfer movies/videos/photos/games from your iPhone to big screen for projection display.

You can enjoy your movies on the big screen from your smartphone now. It is up to 300″ Home projector screen size providing you an immersive cinema level experience.

The Aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9/Auto. Manual ± 15 ° keystone correction. Besides this it also has zoom function. You can customize your projection screen size from 60% to 100% by remote control or manually.

Artlii home theatre projector supports HDMI / USB / VGA / AV / SD card / audio output 3.5mm / Bluetooth.

It can be connected not only wireless but also wired. HDMI and USB port design makes it easier to connect TV sticks, PCs, laptops, MacBook’s, smartphones, Blu-ray disc players, PS3, PS4, Wii Xbox game consoles and HDR.

10. QXK Mini iPhone Projector

This is an ultra-portable projector for iPhone that can project movies or pictures directly from the iPhone. The size of this projector is small enough to carry it anywhere but it gives a larger spectrum of 9.4 x 9.4 x 4.3 inches.

The Qkk offers sturdy tripod stand and composed of high-quality material. One of the major USPs of Qkk projector is its high-quality image with 480p resolution 2,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Qkk is an excellent choice for well-lit and dark rooms because of its incredible brightness. If you want to connect the projector to iPhone, you will need lightning to HDMI cable and its voila.


These are the best projectors listed for iPhone, which you can choose according to your requirement, as some people must be tight on budget or others would prefer clarity at the highest, we have all the varieties according to your choice for you iPhone.

We have picked all the convenient projectors for iPhone which is easily accessible as well as easy to use. The best Projectors for iPhone can be used at homes and offices for large displays and huge demonstrations to a group of people.

By simply investing a genuine amount you can get a projector which will make your life easy at home as well as workplace.

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