12 Best Project Management Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Project Management Apps for iPhone

Why are project management apps so trending nowadays? Because these apps can take care of your team, tasks, and deadlines, without even being in the office. The apps help project managers, freelancers, or companies manage the projects with ease.

Also, these project management tools allow you to assign roles, communicate with team members or clients, monitor workflows and responsibilities, and track project-related activities to follow the schedule.

In this post, we are going to share the best project management apps for iPhone and iPad to boost your team’s productivity.

So here is the list:

Top Project Management Apps

1 – Trello

Best Project Management Apps for iPhone and iPad-Trello

Trello is easy-to-use, highly visual software with Kanban boards and cards for organizing all your projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between. With this tool, users create Trello cards to represent tasks, and these are organized on a Trello board with a drag-and-drop interface.

A card typically contains a task assigned to one or more members of a team. Subtasks can be added as a checklist on the “back” of the card that can be visible by clicking on the card. Trello works offline as you can add information to your boards and cards at any time, and it will be saved for when you need it.

The software lets you view your workflow, create and assign tasks, collaborate and communicate, and more. In addition, it offers other things- using extensions called Power-Ups that let you sync Trello with various calendar apps, track time used, and a lot more.

The software is ideal for individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes looking for highly visual and intuitive task management and project management solution.

2 – Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is one of the best project management apps that use the 4-quadrants method to help you focus on top priorities and projects. The app is helpful when you have to deal with tons of tasks each day. Using it, you can prioritize them so that you will be able to complete every project in time. The prioritization and actions allow teams to focus on the right actions to get the desired results.

With the help of this project management software, you can keep projects private or collaborate with your team, visualize each project as a matrix and in your calendar. In addition, you can create projects and tasks, set deadlines, share notes, upload files, add comments, assign tasks to other team members, complete tasks, and more.

The advanced filtering and search option helps managers sort tasks by the owner, status, date, etc. Moreover, you can integrate it with several apps and services like Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, iCal, iOS reminders, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.

3 – Asana


Another powerful project management software for iPhone and iPad users is Asana. The app organizes work so you and your teams are clear on what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done.

Asana app is good at breaking down complex projects into actionable tasks and subtasks. The dashboards help users visualize progress and prioritize tasks that matter most. Also, it organizes projects into Kanban-style boards or linear lists.

One of the best parts is its free plan supports unlimited teams, projects, messaging, activity logs, file storage, multiple project views, and more. You can even integrate with your favorite time tracking tools without any cost.

As already said, users can view projects and manage tasks in several different ways, including Kanban boards, lists, calendars, portfolios, workloads, and timelines. Also, the tool makes it super easy to automate processes, repetitive tasks, and workflows.

Even all project-related discussions and to-do lists are managed directly in Asana. The software integrates with email apps and third-party messaging tools, depending on how your team wants to communicate.

4 – Nozbe

Nozbe-best project management tool

Nozbe is the best project management tool out there. The software lets you add ‘to-do’s and tasks on the go – with Siri, through e-mail, and more. You can install Nozbe on all your devices, including Apple Watch, and access your tasks from anywhere. Using this tool, users can set priorities, add deadlines, time needed, etc.

What makes it different from others is, within each project you can attach files or notes. You can also easily share projects with your team members or anyone with an email address. They don’t need to have a Nozbe account to work with you on a project. In Nozbe, you get to see your project tasks in the way that works best for you.

You can even add comments to any tasks in several formats such as text, photos, checklists, and even documents. Comments directly on tasks keep a record of how the task is moving along and provide a level of transparency for everyone involved. Moreover, Nozbe has Templates. It lets you create a project once with all the tasks, comments, and due dates you need to complete and then easily reuse that project when you need it.

Use Nozbe and get your projects done on time and stay organized.

5 – Hitask

Hitask-Project Management Software

Hitask is a very popular task management tool for teams. It offers features for managing to-do lists, projects, team communication, and shared calendars. The app has a simplified interface where users can complete their projects and get work done with less burden.

With its single screen dashboard, users are able to get all the tools for their tasks and project management, and team collaboration. The drag-and-drop feature allows users to assign tasks and move their position on the list to modify order or priority.

Hitask is a simple tool that helps you quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, add comments and notes, share file library, send and receive notifications. All data is synchronized across all your team members and devices.

6 – Project Planning Pro

Project Planning Pro

Project Planning Pro is an intuitive and easy-to-use project management app for iPhone that aims to improve the team’s work organization. The tool lets you create a project plan quickly by entering tasks, duration, and start dates. Their interactive Gantt chart allows users to edit and update the tasks with simple gestures.

Using this software, you can assign resources, customize your calendar, schedule certain activities, monitor the entire project management in order to reduce costs, time and increase productivity.

Moreover, you can import and export files to Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. The best part is you can sync your projects seamlessly in real-time using iCloud which will help you to manage projects on all iOS devices with the same iCloud account.

7 – AceProject


AceProject is another one of the best project management apps that enables an organization or individual to manage projects, without any professional project management knowledge required. This project collaboration application offers tons of features.

The software has a cool interface and pretty neat functionality too. Its free plan lets you create unlimited users, 2 projects, 50 tasks and provides 250 MB of storage space. Go for the paid version if you want more features.

The tool helps you centrally store and access all information related to your projects and tasks. It offers project tracking, project portfolio management, task management (to-do, task manager), task dependencies. Document sharing, versioning, file locking, document tracking can also be done using the app.

An integrated time management solution allows your business to track time across all projects. In addition. this project management software is also suitable for bug & issue tracking, project cost management, team communication, and task collaboration solution.

8 – ClickUp

ClickUp-project management app

ClickUp is a good project management app that brings together many other useful apps like tasks, docs, spreadsheets, goal tracking, resources, team management, collaboration, and more.

The software allows you to create tasks on the go, view your to-dos in a single list, update & edit seamlessly, etc. It offers real-time reporting to see what your team is up to. Also, it gives detailed instructions to the team with a start and due date.

Other features include real-time editing on documents and tasks, managing resources wisely, capturing, markup, and editing screenshots.

Moreover, ClickUp boosts your management skills by offering task dependencies, checklist templates, recurring checklists, workload chart, automation, and many other useful features.

9 – Teamwork


You should definitely give Teamwork a try if you are looking for the best project management software for your iPhone and iPad. It offers a great solution for all types of businesses.

The app is designed for organizations to freely plan, track, manage, and deliver various complex projects. You can manage your time with the Teamwork timer app, as well as billing, invoices, and portfolios. The app lets you communicate with other team members using the Teamwork chat app.

This software comes with a dashboard that shows you a breakdown of the progress on all the tasks and milestones within your project. Using this tool, you can make assignments for more than one team member at a time. You can also appoint start dates, due dates, and estimated completion times.

Moreover, there is a billing tab on the dashboard that helps you create invoices. You can set fixed prices or rates for any logged billable time for each of your team members. The software automatically calculates everything.

Teamwork also integrates with different tools and applications such as Apiant, Slack, DropBox, Hubstaff, HubSpot, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Chrome and Drive, Outlook, and OneDrive.

10 – Wrike


Wrike is a cloud-based project app that helps you assign and schedule tasks, track time, prepare reports, and much more. This powerful cloud software tool is specifically designed for project management, planning, and team collaboration.

The app lets you quickly access folders, projects, and tasks anytime, anywhere. You can even attach existing images and files to tasks right from your phone. With this project management app, you can discuss tasks with your team, get real-time notifications on work updates, share files and edit them online, review and approve digital assets.

Plus, it offers custom workflows, fields, user groups, branding, 30+ integrations (including Salesforce, JIRA, etc.)

11 – MeisterTask

MeisterTask-project management tool for iPhone

MeisterTask is another most intuitive project and task management tool that lets users create a project, add team members to it, assign tasks and follow the task/project’s progress.

The powerful collaboration features and Kanban-style project boards allow you and your team to organize task lists and manage projects of all types and sizes. With reminders, the app keeps you up to date on your teammates’ progress. It also makes sure that you never miss an important deadline.

The dashboard provides an overview of all the projects and notifications. Users are free to create an unlimited number of projects and can invite others via email to work together.

MeisterTask is a place where all your project-related information is safely stored yet accessible for all project members at all times. Moreover, you can perform real-time communication across all devices, comment, and like on tasks, create project groups and much more.

12 – Basecamp


Another excellent app to manage projects and communicate within your company is Basecamp. The tool lets people manage their work together and communicate with one another. Businesses use this project management app to keep track of all the tasks, deadlines, files, discussions, and announcements that happen around work.

Basecamp 3 is a version of Basecamp that offers an iOS app and enables users to manage their projects on the go via iPad and iPhones.

With to-do-lists, calendaring, due dates, and file-sharing, Basecamp provides a great way for teams to keep track of priorities and actionable items.

Other features include activity tracking, alerts/notifications, assignment management, commenting/notes, creating subtasks, discussions/forums, document storage & management, real-time chat, Reporting/Analytics, and more.

Final Words

Project management apps offer organizations a great way to get productive and meet their project goals on time. Choose the most suitable project manager for your iPhone and iPad that manages, track and organize your tasks with optimal convenience.

If there is any other project management software that is good enough and we missed to include here, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

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