5 Best Podcast Listening Apps for Mac in 2021

Best Podcast Listening Apps for Mac

People enjoy listening to music while working, feeling relaxed, celebrating the moment, and at many such events. The Apple company has been launching its best products in the market so far. There are multiple Podcast Apps choices for users in the Mac business. People are going insane over the quick and responsive client services and user interface Apple has for its users.

For music lovers, Apple offers inbuilt Podcasts on Mac since 2019. Previously the Podcast was only available on iTunes. The podcast allows you to listen to a series of episodes over a stream application. In this article, we shall be discussing the five best Podcast Apps for Mac. Before we jump to the exciting products for Mac, let’s just know how to access the inbuilt Podcast available in Mac.

Default Podcast Application in Mac:

  1. To access the Podcasts Applications, you can launch it from the application menu of Mac.
  2. Use the Browse tab to find a podcast or the search field on the sidebar.
  3. Once you figure out where to find the Podcast Apps, go to the application. If you wish to save the podcast you are listening to, click on the plus sign. This will help you in adding the podcast to your library.
  4. You can download the podcast as well. Once you download the podcast, you can access it offline.
  5. You can find each saved episode in the sidebar, under all Shows and Episodes.

Best Podcast Apps for Mac

Apple has finally released separate applications for Music, TV, and Podcasts. If you are fond of using the default podcast application and want to try some new Podcast Apps, then you are at the right place. We have got you the five best Podcast applications for Mac in 2021.

1. SpotifySpotify for Mac - Download

A Luxembourg-based holding company, Spotify Technology SA, is the owner of Spotify AB, a Swedish firm founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek as a provider of audio streaming and media services. Having offices in 17 countries around the world, Spotify has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Spotify tops the list of the five best Podcast Apps due to its easy interface, access to podcasts even in offline mode, and easy podcast search feature.

How to Download Spotify on Mac:

There are a few benefits to using the Spotify app on a Mac instead of the Spotify mobile app. One of the most popular benefits is the ability to download songs for offline listening. Here are steps to download Spotify on Mac

  1. To enjoy the benefits of Spotify, Visit the official website “spotify.com.”
  2. Tap the download option on the webpage.
  3. Allow the Spotify download to begin in the pop-up bar.
  4. You will get a compressed file in your downloads. Unzip the Spotify installer into your Downloads folder.
  5. Once you successfully unzip the file, click on the configuration file and initiate the installation. You can simply double-click the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the application on your Mac.

In addition, Spotify for Mac makes it possible to sync accounts on Facebook, so you can find new songs and see what’s being listened to by your friends. The Spotify Podcast Archive is a valuable resource for podcast fans so that you can download different podcasts from each category of the podcast.

Features of Spotify:

  1. You get to install the application for free.
  2. The genre of podcasts is very nicely categorized and can easily select the podcast of your choice with such Podcast Apps with a friendly interface.
  3. You get to choose to fast forward or backward the podcast you are listening to and you can speed up the audio by 3x speed.

Tricky Use of Spotify:

  1. To access the exclusive podcasts, you need to subscribe by paying the required amount.
  2. The search bar is nicely organized and responsive. But on the home page of this application, you only get to see the subscribed podcasts only. To listen to more audios, you will have to search for the desired podcasts.
  3. While you scroll the searched podcast, you might experience lag on the screen. This is considered a glitch in the UI of Spotify.

2. Advanced Mimir:

Mimir - Podcast app for macOS - Home

The application is designed considering that users should experience a simple easy to use interface. The UI allows you to manage your playlist easily. In addition to this, to listen to the premium services, you must sign up for a subscription. To have exclusive playlists, recommendations of your favorite genre of podcasts, and associated podcasts, a third-party service is used.

This program has its own monthly fee, which scales based on use. Following are the features of this elegant app. These features of Mimir made it fall under the category of 5 best Podcast Apps for Mac in 2021

  1. The continuous playback with automatic next podcast play in the background.
  2. You can set your favorite podcasts as a priority and listen to them first once you start playing the audios.
  3. Create personalized outlets to pull episodes from, such as individual podcasts, communities, or one of our auto-generated collections.
  4. You can sort the playlist of your choice. You can add new folders to each genre of playlist you have created for podcasts.

Additional Features of Mimir:

  1. It gives support to video podcasts.
  2. You can forward, backward, or skip the audio.
  3. It allows you to customize the podcast which you have downloaded.
  4. Users can choose to change the mode according to their choice. It has got the dark light mode.
  5. You get the timely recommendations of RSS feed updates. You are benefited to import the iTunes podcast in this application.
  6. If you like to customize your podcast episodes, then the Mimir application is best for arranging the episodes of your choice.
  7. You can drag and drop the audios from the playlist to the other playlist. It allows multiple selections of podcasts at a time.

3. Cast Box:Castbox For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) Free Download

A podcast player with features that allow saving, downloading, and listening to your favorite podcasts. With Cast Box installed on your Mac, you can convert it into a powerful podcast player. You can listen to FM and audio of your choice. It offers you guided meditation podcasts from 27 countries. Among all the Podcast Apps, the Cast Box is famous for its number of podcasts available.

It provides updates with bug fixed and improved performances. You can send feedback on their official website regarding any problem while using the Cast Box. The podcast you listened to earlier will be helpful for the Cast box to recommend the related genre podcasts the next time you visit the application.

Features of Cast Box: 

  1. Once you subscribe to this application, you will get access to premium podcasts. The podcast player messages its users with every new podcast recommendation in the notification bar.
  2. The player has carplay access. This allows users to playback, skip, or control the audio according to their convenience.
  3. The most useful thing about this podcast app is its sleep timer feature. You can set a sleep timer to help you fall asleep peacefully without worrying about turning off the audio.
  4. It works with a lot of smart speakers, including Apple HomePod and Amazon Alexa.
  5. It opens up an ocean of different podcasts that you would have never heard of. The bedtime audios, podcast for stress busters, anxiety control podcast, and many more such beautiful audios just a click away.
  6. You will have a reliable user experience with the updates and enjoy the shutter lag-free podcast audios in the background.
  7. You get access to Ted talk podcasts, daily news, business-related audios, podcasts for children care, some audiobooks you would like to listen to instead of reading.

4. Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts Mac 1.5 Build 44 - Download

Pocket Casts player is recommended to those podcast lovers who love to experience a larger view of audios and video podcasts. This payer is free of cost. You can download and use it for free. It also offers users to sync multiple podcasts and audios from other applications. We have added this to the top 5 Podcast Apps list because it recommends the relevant podcasts according to the user’s choice.

The powerful search and discovery tool in Pocket Casts is helpful to search and download the audios. You can create your multiple playlists. If you want to save your time and have your podcast listening experience by trimming the silence.

The autoplay and car play feature allows users to skip, forward, and backward the audio according to the need. Also, it can be played in the background of your Mac desktop. You can also import the playlist to your Apple watch via a Mac podcast player. This way, you can have your playlist handy and listen to favorite audios anytime, anywhere.

The best feature of Pocket Casts is its storage management. Let the downloaded podcast be saved by someone else. You keep listening and saving your most loved podcast into your system. The auto-archiving tool helps you in managing the podcasts by auto-saving them.

The theme lovers can surely go for this podcast player. It has light and dark modes to make the user experience more exciting. To make you fall in love with the application, the developers have come up with the extra dark mode with the slick user interface. Which you can activate and enjoy listening to podcasts while working.

5. Overcast:

The Overcast iOS app is a podcast download and playback app by Marco Arment. In 2015 and subsequent years, several journalists have praised it as the best podcast listening app for iOS. The Verge and The Sweet Setup are among the publications that have praised the Overcast along with the top Podcast Apps.

Overcast is available only for Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. With a free Overcast account, you can access your podcast library from the Overcast player. It’s also possible to download a free, open-source Mac app called Podcast Menu. You’ll gain access to Overcast from the menu bar of your Mac.

The library organization of the Overcast podcast player is praiseworthy. It gives you control over the playlist you have subscribed to, downloaded, or imported from other apps. But using it for Mac would be a tricky job for you. A long list is displayed for each of the podcasts and episodes in your library. There isn’t a discover or browse page, so you have to search for a podcast when adding it to your library.

Features of Overcast:

  1. Saving time without distorting the audio or making it sound unnatural is the objective of Smart Speed.
  2. Podcasts can be downloaded for offline listening whenever you want.
  3. The seamlessly syncing of the application with other devices is a significant benefit for its users.
  4. The second podcast player in the list with the sleep timer feature included in it. This sleep timer allows you to sleep carefree with no tension of podcast player’s continuous playing even after you fall asleep. You can set the timer to switch off or stop the music.
  5. And Overcast has world-class privacy, with no third-party analytics, ad services, or tracking code.
  6. You can listen to new shows without committing. Just subscribe to a podcast or just add an episode.


Release your pain of sorting the playlists, creating a new playlist, and online mode to listen to the podcasts with our to 5 Podcast Listening Apps for Mac. You will find rapid updates of these Podcast Apps after intervals. This keeps your application running smoothly and up to date for accepting the new features. You can import and export the podcast to other applications.

Now just tap the play button and start listening to your favorite shows and episodes of the desired podcast with Mac podcast applications. A few of the applications also have mobile versions, which can be downloaded on your Apple phone. Once you log in with the same user id, you will find the same playlists on your phone.

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