10 Best Password Managers for iOS and macOS

Best Password Managers for iOS

For a secure life and tension-free tasks, a password manager is a must. By having a password manager by your side, you wouldn’t ever need to memorize complex passwords for any of your online accounts. Life is secure and easy by resorting to it!

Why Should You Make a Password Manager Your Companion?

Usually, people use very weak passwords all the time and even reuse the same ones on different sites with a fear to forget them on time. They are unaware of the password manager. Password managers help you maintain the login information without bothering you to remember the password anymore. You can log in all sites automatically by even setting complex passwords. With one master password, you can encrypt the password database. So, you will be required to remember just one password and i.e. Master Password.

All in all, the risks of losing passwords would come to nadir. Well, not all password managers are good. So, for your convenience, we have shortened the list by bringing the best password managers from the overall options available out there.

This list would focus on overall performance, security, support and of course, user experience. Get it here!

Best Password Manager for iPhone and iPad

1. Dashlane

The most convenient and intuitive option you can resort to is Dashlane. It features two-factor authentication and can change a multitude of passwords traversing several sites by doing just a few clicks. With each update, the memory footprint of Dashlane gets smaller which is a good point to consider. The reason behind this is, it is able to share encrypted passwords in case you face trouble to open your account and can securely store pivotal notes.

Dashlane is considered as the best software by the people who have used it so far. It permits the users to store passwords with encrypted vault locally or even the users can get it synced them automatically across the device. Also, you can make purchases from several online retailers as this digital wallet allows you to do the same besides giving you a convenient way to track.

2. 1Password

Secure sharing, strong password generator, intuitive user interface, username & password storage are some of the best features of this password manager tool. This particular password manager makes it possible for you to diagnose the ongoing website breaches. It notifies the user for these breaches with its ‘watchtower’ service.

Its digital wallet permits the users to save all things securely such as credit card information, logins, network passwords, etc. For new users, yearly cloud subscription is available in $36, though for Mac users, its $65.

For the tool’s security, the developers are quite confident and have even offered $100000 prize money for those who can break the security.

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3. LastPass

As the best password manager, LastPass and Dashlane got the Editor’s Choice award. Its endless support for almost all platforms, ease of use, variety of configurations, wide assortment of features, make it the best one. It gives you a free version that is applicable to limitless devices and gives wondrous features as well, that almost match the paid version too.

It’s obvious, paid version would offer more security and more features and that’s the reason that prices of paid version have been tripled up to $36 per year. The software is compatible with all devices and can be operated on the browser.

4. Enpass

Enpass has several free applications for Mac, iOS and even for Windows, Android, etc. These free applications are limited just to 25 passwords, otherwise, the unlimited coverage costs $17.99 for a year, $1.49 for a month and $53.99 for a one-time purchase.

It harnesses the basics properly, but you need to sync the devices through Dropbox. The mobile apps of this password manager are quite sleek and the desktop interface is functional. The user can create a local sync feature with USB drives.

5. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault has made it a free tool for individual use, however, it’s a larger paid enterprise tool. It works quite smoothly and all essentials are within the place but it doesn’t offer customer-friendly features like bulk password charger or personal data form filling.

It uses its own server for syncing purposes. For syncing your mobile devices, laptops, desktop. It doesn’t charge any fee. However, it might trip over Google logins, which is the only drawback that you can face in this password manager.

6. Bitwarden

The open-source and free password manager has been launched in the year 2016. It is open-source which means the code is open for all for evaluation purposes. The auditing is done by third party auditing firms and independent security researchers.

It’s quite easy to use this password manager. You can easily create a free account by setting a master password, entering your email address and then after verification of your email, you get it done. You can manually create an identity, login credentials, secure note, credit card, and other items. You will get a handy password generator.

Every year, the user can get a premium subscription in just $10. This plan subsumes two-steps login options, data breach reports, file attachments, TOTP verification code and much more encrypted storage in 1GB.

7. Keeper

Featured with a robust web interface, fast, storage capacity for documents & files of all kinds, best security of any password, Keeper has shored up its place in the top password managers. Its premium service is even better than LastPass and Dashlane.

There’s no doubt about its security service, but the user might face some inconvenience while using it. It doesn’t choose to change bulk passwords, and also it doesn’t let the user access the mobile app quickly by creating a PIN. If you don’t have a new phone that reads your face or fingerprints, then you will be bound to enter a complete master password each time.

8. RoboForm

Since 1999, RoboForm is serving people as the best password manager. Its premium version is not much expensive and is available at $24 annually. It runs excellently on varied platforms. The problem comes in confusion in the software, the limited functionality, and the read-only website interface.

9. mSecure

mSecure has maintained its position in the top password managers by bestowing the users with ease of entering passwords and customization. Its smooth and intuitive user interface makes it stand out of all other options available in the market. It holds the capacity to store several credit card pins, unlimited passwords and even offer password generation facilities to the people at large.

AES-256 encryption is used by mSecure for the purpose of securing passwords. It focuses on making things aligned for the users. It is surely better than other apps on the point that it filters the stored passwords and make it one advanced step for its users.

10. SafeInCloud

If your preference is to use a straightforward app that is quite easy to use, then SafeInCloud would be the best option for you. Of course, it doesn’t come with an abundance of features but in performance terms, it can be considered as one of the best apps. It stores all passwords in encrypted databases.

By having this platform, you can generate complex passwords by using its password generator feature. Cloud synchronization facility is available for Google Drive, WebDAV, Dropbox, and many other cloud storage services.

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