6 Best Music Recording App for iPhone: Top Picks

Best Music Recording App for iPhone

Making music as a hobby or as a studio curator is quite a fun job if you’re someone who likes to experiment with beats and tones.

Nowadays, you can easily make some new beats and uplifting tones from your iOS devices via various studio recording apps. Unlike previous generations that had to record music in a full-fledged recording studio, recording music now is more accessible due to new technologies.

Since iPhone users are increasing rapidly, the demand for studio recording apps is also increasing, therefore we decided to list down some of the best music recording apps for iPhone.

Best Music Recording Studio App for iPhone

1. GarageBand

With GarageBand, you can quickly turn your iPhone into a collection of musical instruments and use the touchscreen to access the interface to make melodies and harmonies.

A full-featured recording studio lets you make music while you travel or from any possible place.

The app comes with various features, including Live loops for DJing, multi-touch gestures to play multiple instruments simultaneously and beat pads to make notes even if you are a newbie.

When you plug in your guitar or bass, you can get multiple sound effects with the classic amps and stompbox effects.

The app also has free templates to start with your base or custom-build your beat grid with the Apple loops.

GarageBand’s sound library lets you download free instruments, sound packs, and DJ live loops. The app also allows you to record tunes via third apps using Audit extensions.

Virtual drummer in GarageBand will aid you and take directions in making beats. You can record, mix and arrange upto 32 different tracks via touch instruments, audio recordings, and looping.

With 24-bit resolution exporting, you get the most precise outcome of your audio and easily store them in your iCloud. We can vouch that GarageBand is the best free music recording app for iPhone.

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  • Free studio recording app
  • Multi-touch instruments
  • Virtual drummer and DJ looping
  • iCloud driver storage
  • Upto 32 track recording, mixing, and arranging
  • Uses professional mixing effects
  • Best free music recording app for iPhone
  • Smart instruments for virtuoso feel

Download here

2. SongTree Music maker


The free studio recording app is a great platform to compile all your ideas and creativity! Easily record multiple tracks from your iPhone and add various audio effects to sound like a professional.

With SongTree, you can start your recording session and go live to let other musicians join and jam together!

The app comes with high-quality audio effects, including Echo, Reverb, Compression, Phaser, Chorus, and Tube Amp, which lets you add different sound effects to your recordings for a professional outcome.

Cut, copy and paste tracks, add fades and loops, and also come with a built-in metronome for you to keep a consistent tempo of your music and recordings.

SongTree also allows you to record via third-party apps like AudioBus and recording devices like external adapters and built-in mic.

You can also contribute to other music by downloading different tracks and using them as a base to curate your songs for a more significant impact.

SongTree’s music community also lets you mingle with other artists for an extensive reach and queue with different artists to grow your music!


  • Share works and joins live recordings and sessions
  • Various audio effects
  • Built-in metronome
  • Record via third-party apps and devices
  • An extensive community for artists and musicians
  • Various tools to edit music
  • Best iPhone music recording app

Download here

3. Animoog for iPhone


Animoog is Moog’s music synthesizer that is a beautiful studio recording app for iPhone. With simple tracking and keys easy-to-operate functions, it quickly became the best music recording app for iPhone in 2011.

At less than $10, you get the advantages of dynamic X/Y space of unique timbres to give you an overall soundscape and a great recording session.

The app is powered by Moog’s new Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) that captures a wide variety of synthesizers along with a modern touch paradigm to deliver some compact and vibrant sounds and beats.

Polyphonic modulation allows you to manipulate beats via your fingerprints and is the ultimate tool for music designing and creation right from home.

It has a classic delay module, a thick module to add depths and gradients to sounds and tones, Moog filters, Path modules, and many more Animoog exclusive features.

This makes it a comparatively versatile tool for sound engineering compatible for both newbies and professionals.


  • Cost-effective
  • Great for music-making
  • Anisotropic Synth Engine
  • Unique timbres
  • Variety of features

Download here

4. Audiobusaudiobus

AudioBus is your complete music hub at a very minimal rate to give you an extraordinary audio recording session. It is considered one of the best music recording apps for the iPhone.

Audiobus allows multiple features and keybinds to be pressed together, unlike most other apps, which focus on using one feature at a time.

With AudioBus, you can easily connect the app to other music apps like Garageband and transfer your audio files from one app to another.

You get complete control of your music station via Bluetooth connectivity, a USB pedal, or a MIDI controller for a simplistic music recording approach and hassle-free working when connecting instruments to your iPhone.

You can turn your iPhone into a full-fledged music studio with Audiobus, and a wide range of app compatibility makes it a great choice to work on when you want to make multiple tracks or your chain of tones via this synthesizer app.

The App state saving feature of Audiobus lets you save, restore and combine various music sessions to make a compilation track and allows you to send the result of your DAW audio, looping, etc., through a profound audio sharing interface.


  • record tracking to DAW
  • Multiple app compatibility
  • App state saving to save and restore tracks
  • Connect instruments via USB, Bluetooth, or MIDI
  • Easy to install and use
  • Low cost

Download here

5. AmpliTube

amplitube - best recording app for iphone

If you are looking for the ultimate bass and guitar toning studio, AmpliTube gives you this benefit at under $10.

It is a great studio recording app for budding instrumentalists, especially guitarists and bassists who require a well-developed app to suit their needs and requirements when recording tunes and songs.

AmpliTube gives you a massive range of virtual gears for your instrument that you can utilize to play and record new tones or practice the old ones.

AmpliTube for iPhone comes with 17 stompbox effects, eight amplifiers, ten-speaker cabinets, two mics, a free Loop Drummer Rock groove pack, and a 2-track recorder for an ultimate studio experience with your guitar/bass.

The app gives you the benefits of over 150+ professional and branded amps along with controls to set your amplifier just like a real one.

With AmpliTube’s live mode, you can utilize the optimized GUI for live use and recording, and low latency gives you real-time playing, unlike most recording apps.

It also offers multiple and innovative ways to play, practice and record guitar harmonics. For a cheap rate, it is an excellent pick as the best music recording app for iPhone.


  • Create guitars and bass rigs
  • Optimized GUI for live shows
  • 150+ gear models
  • 2-track recorders
  • Loop drummer module
  • Import and play songs for backtracks
  • DAW-style editing

Download here

6. Music Studio Lite

best music recording app for iphone

With this studio recording app, you get a complete music production experience right from your iPhone. Music Studio Lite is an excellent choice as the best iPhone music recording app that is free to use and download on the App store.

This free version of Music Studio comes with a wide range of features to enable a combination of a piano keyboard with 60 keys, 11 instruments (studio-recorded), chord programming, extensive editing, pitch meter, real-time editing, reverb, and a user-friendly interface for convenient music production.

You can control the release time of instruments and unlimited undo and redo options to keep your work safe. It also allows you to operate two instruments simultaneously with dual keyboard rows.

The CoreAudio hardware lets you record your songs with maximized volume resolution and clarity for a good working session.

The only drawback of this free version is that you cannot export your audio files to another device or app, so you’re compelled to opt for the paid version of it.

Regardless, Music Studio Lite offers some heft features for a free app making it one of the best free music recording apps for iPhone.


  • Great studio recording app
  • Battery saving audio engine
  • 11 recorded instruments
  • Dual keyboard rows
  • Unlimited undo and redo option
  • Background audio playback
  • Low latency
  • Compatible with iOS devices

Download here


With multiple options to choose from for a studio recording app, it is a must to go for the best music recording app for iPhone to get the premium studio experience right from your hand.

In this article, we picked the best music recording app for iPhone to ease your workload and help you choose the right one for your fantastic jamming and recording sessions! We hope this article was a helpful read!

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