10 Best Music Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Music Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

The iOS devices have never disappointed their users. The unique features and multitasking ability offered to users are making it popular among all other devices in the market. What more are we going to tell you in this article? The article is just a perfectly sorted list. 

The robust iOS allows Music Editor apps that can help you with audio editing just like a professional geek. To enjoy the perks of these Music Editors, you will have to go through the download process, primary guide, tutorials on how to start editing the audios, learning the key features to enhance your audio tracks, and how to save your manipulated audios.

What Can You do with Music Editors?

The technology is making it possible to change the original track into something of your choice of audio. The primary things provided by the Music Editor in the iPhone and iPad are mentioned below. With these features, you can make new tracks, edit the original music and create an audio track of your choice.

Trim Music:

Timing enables users to get rid of the unwanted track in between the music. The iPhone users get to use various Music Editor apps that allow audio cutting like experts does. To know how the trim in the iPhone works, follows the steps given below: 

  1. Before you begin trimming the track, first import the music track into the application.
  2. After importing the soundtrack, tap the play button, you will see waves of the audio track. 
  3. To trim the unnecessary part, you can choose the wave and drag it till the wave you wish to omit. 
  4. The alternatives such as copy, trim, cut, delete will emerge. Select the trim option.
  5. Once the audio is trimmed according to the user’s choice, save the edited audio.
  6. Cut, Copy the Audio Track:

To use these methods, follow the above steps. You can copy the track and paste it somewhere on the same track. The Music Editor functions smoothly with a friendly interface that helps you understand the working immediately.

Export and Import the Audio Tracks:

The Music Editor allows its users to export the edited tracks to other applications. You can just click the spanner icon in the upper right corner, then pick Share Audio from the drop-down list to upload the trimmed audio, sound, or music to your iPhone, a cloud server, or other compatible applications on your smartphone.  

10 Best Music Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

The excellent audio editing apps are here to maintain your tracks editing game high on speed. You get a plethora of choices for Music Editors apps on your iPhone and iPad. The trouble here is which one fits the best for your work the most? To help you with this problem, we have a list of 10 Best Music Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021. Stay tuned!

1. Hokusai Audio Editor‬:Hokusai Audio Editor – iOS App Weekly

A set of effects, filters, and effects are available in Hokusai’s audio editor. Users can edit audio by tracking or download a track, trimming the ends, editing, inserting, erasing, and adding their own filters. Features of this Music Editor are given below.

Hokusai comes with a number of beneficial techniques, like fade in/out, volume level normalization, reverse time, and straightforward synthesis. If you need more power, you can upgrade from inside the app to gain access to additional tools and effects.

Features of Hokusai Audio Editor:

  1. You can enjoy the built-in tool for recording the music with the help of a microphone, a line-in, USB, or Lightning.
  2. You get to convert between mono and stereo.
  3. You can set audio track panning for each track separately.
  4. If you want to produce white noise, choose this Music Editor. Its extravaganza features to mix and merge, adding filters make it efficient for users to generate fresh tracks effortlessly.
  5. Edit several recordings next to each other and combine them together, and convert them to wave or MP4 format, which you can then pass to your phone, email to another program on your smartphone, or move to online providers.

2. GarageBand‬How to work with Regions in GarageBand on Mac and iOS

For macOS, GarageBand is digital audio workstations that users can use to create music and podcasts. Apple has been selling GarageBand for macOS for a while, including its iLife tech suite that includes iMovie and iDVD.

This Music Editor makes you a pro in editing audio tracks with outstanding features, which we have discussed below.GarageBand is a professionally designed music-making studio built into your Mac, complete with a comprehensive sound collection of tools, acoustic and vocal preset, and an impressive array of workshop drummers and instrumentalists.

The app allows you to simply read, play, record, create and upload your classics around the world. To upload your tracks, you can use the Touch Bar tools for MacBook Pro and which is an elegant, modern interface.

Features of GarageBand:

  1. You can activate a group of cells and a Loop cell with the Multi-Touch option.
  2. To build your own grids, you can select the Apple loops in this Music Editor.
  3. If you want to add Dj effects to your track, go for the FX option in the application.
  4. The GarageBand editor allows you to capture audios and edit the tracks with simple options like a cut, trim, copy. You can also export the same track to other applications present on your iPhone and iPad.
  5. To play keyboard sounds with polyphonic aftertouch, use 3D Touch.

3. Edjing Mix:Edjing Music Monster Mix - YouTube

The Music Editor Edjing Mix enables you to connect with SoundCloud Go +, iTunes, and other Cloud sources. It also offers a lot of features, including the sampler, hardware integration, and more. Features of Edjing Mix are mentioned below:

Features of Edjing Mix:

  1. To experience the benefits of premium tools, you will have to subscribe to the GarageBand for $8.99 weekly.
  2. If the free subscription is not cancelled prior to the renewal, it will automatically renew.
  3. Two different audio effects can be applied to each deck at once.
  4. You can manually adjust the features of the BPM of your tracks (Tap BPM)

4. Medly:Medly for Android - APK Download

Medly is a new approach towards music editing. This Music Editor allows you to edit both experienced and inexperienced musicians. You can pick your instrument, make notes, record your voice, and drag & drop music samples and loops.

Features of Medly:

  1. You can share your created audio tracks and receive audio tracks.
  2. Users love to use the built-in features to add a mixture of filters to their audio. You can mix and modify the sounds. Use automation, a graph editor that allows you to adjust an effect over time, to add fades and pitch bends.
  3. You can unlock the exclusive instrumental and loop characteristics to give a more professional soundtrack look by subscribing to this editor’s premium plan.

5. WavePad Music and Audio Editor:WavePad Audio Editing Software | Intro to Editing - YouTube

If you are looking for a Music Editor that is free, then start using WavePad. It is a free audio and sound processing and edits application with lots of exciting features.IT allows you to record, edit, and apply effects to audio before sending it to yourself. It offers the share to other app options. 

Once you share it with another system, you can continue editing there. The feature of recording audio is free in WavePad. It helps in manipulating the recording by adding different sound effects. The most helpful feature for beginners is a tool to clean up background noise and other features to create high-quality audio recordings.

Features of WavePad:

  1. You can create and edit various types of files. It supports different audio formats of files, including wave and AIFF.
  2. It provides the essential features to perform on your audio tracks, such as Cut, copy, paste, attach, trim, and other editing functions are available.
  3. Users can give their soundtrack effects of amplification, normalize, echo, and other effects are available.
  4. Auto-trim editing and voice-activated recording are supported by this editor.

6. Audio Editor – Music Editor:‬Download WavePad Audio and Music Editor 12.35

Are you looking for mixing audio tracks like a profession? Then Audio Editor – Music Editor is the Music Editor app you will be needing. You can simply drag and drop the audio tracks that you want to edit. The splicing of audio is supported in the application on iPhones and iPads. You can create a ringtone from a big audio track. This file can be trimmed and saved as a separate file. 

In the recent article, we have compiled a list of the Best Free Ringtone Apps For iPhone as well.

Features of Audio Editor – Music Editor:

  1. You can modify, alter, crop, delete video and audio once in this app.
  2. Using this editor for mashup audio tracks could be a game-changer for you.
  3. It has improved quality of sound quality with the Real Global Equalizer, Bass Booster, Volume Booster, and Surround Sound.
  4. It supports file formats such as mp3, m4a, wav, m4r, caf, AIFF, WMA, aac, FLAC, etc.

7. Lexis Audio Editor:Lexis Audio Editor for Android - APK Download

If you wish to edit and save the file into different formats, then Lexis Music Editor is here for you. Following are the features of Lexis Editor.

Features of Lexis Editor:

  1. It provides you with ten band equalizers.
  2. You can start eliminating the background noise for getting the smooth soundtracks as outputs. Also, it has a feature to normalize the tracks.
  3. You can compress the music track to share it with less size and consume less memory space in your iPhone.
  4. With the help of this app, you can change Tempo, Speed, Pitch.

8. Ferrite Recording Studio:Friday 5: Ferrite Recording Studio - one of the best ways to record audio on iOS [Video] - 9to5Mac

The award-winning application has made it to the list due to its simplified user interface. Beginners to professionals can opt for this Music Editor for creating, copying, and trimming their audio tracks. 

Features of Ferrite Recording Studio:

  1. With enough space in your iPhone and iPad, you can install the editor. Just a tap away is your recording option for audio.
  2. The users can monitor the recording levels with the use of live monitoring meters or by listening with headphones.
  3. To get quick access to your created tracks, tag the audio to make it easier to search later. With this application, you can import from your Music Library, iCloud, and other utilities like Dropbox.
  4. With the free version, you get limited access to the features. To keep using the premium editing tools, you will have to update the version to pro.

9. Beat Song Maker:Music Editor: Beat Song Maker App for iPhone - Free Download Music Editor: Beat Song Maker for iPad & iPhone at AppPure

This Music is best suited for those who are interested in adding filters to their audio tracks. The genre of filters available in this application is Trap, EDM, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Rock, and more. Beatmakers who preferred GarageBand to edit their tracks can now use the professional Beat Song Maker. The app has got you loaded with 300 Mix Packs with more than 500,000 loops to make music.

Features of Beat Song Maker:

  1. If you want to change the track’s music or shuffle the waves randomly, just shake your phone, and you will get a remix version of your music tracks.
  2. You can record your voice, blend it with your beats, and use autotune effects to get the best results. 
  3. With this Music Editor, you can directly share your edited tracks on Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok, and other social networks.

10. Music Editor Free:Music Editor v1.4.1 [Unlocked] APK Free Download - OceanofAPK

This Music Editor is last but not the least; Music Editor Free is the application that allows you to share the tracks on the cloud. You can import your own music from your library to other services on your iPhone.

Features of Music Editor Free:

  1. The app does have a tool to edit and mix the songs to create your audio hits. 
  2. The additional features to make a new audio recording makes it a complete package for beginners to start working on their audio editing skills. With simple steps, you can cut the tapes, tap to play the recordings.
  3. Users can sail many music track editing tools for free compared to other editors, which have premium tools available only in the paid versions.
  4. You can edit multiple tracks at once by merging them.


Don’t let your ideas slip from your mind. With these best Music Editor apps, enjoy the creativity of your mind. Produce the best audio tracks for, build your music gallery, and maybe publish it someday soon. These apps are a complete package for those geeks who desire to turn music editing into their profession. Enjoy while learning the editing of audio tracks. Capture the music with quick and response tools and begin editing with the help of unique features.

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