10 Best Monitor for Mac Mini M1 in 2023

Best Monitor for Mac Mini M1

Mac Mini M1 is the new revolutionary product launched by Apple. It is a processor but does much more than that. Equipped with the M-series chip, the CPU gives a large leap to GPU, CPU, and machine learning performance. Installing the Mac Mini would give you 6x faster graphics, 3x faster CPU, and 15x machine learning.

But since the device does not come with a display of its own, it is important to look out for one that suits your requirements. You must be in a search for the best Monitor for Mac Mini M1. 

By following some technical parameters we have listed down the best monitors for Mac Mini M1!

What to look out for in Best Monitors for Mac Mini M1

Display & Resolution

Monitors are available in resolutions from 1080p, 2k, 3k until 6k. As the resolution increases the display becomes sharper and crisper. Choosing the right resolution inherently depends on personal requirements.

Coders don’t necessarily require a high-resolution display to get their job done. But if used for gaming or designing it would be best to rely on higher-end resolution. 

A good-sized monitor is also a necessity. It ensures that the content does not appear distorted or stretched over the canvas. The standard refresh rate offered by top-end monitors goes up to 60 GHz. But if you require it, Mini Mac M1 is compatible with even higher rates. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

Mac Mini M1 comes with two ports- an HDMI connection port and a dual USB-C/Thunderbolt 3. The prospective monitors need to have these ports present in them. But if the monitor you have your eyes on does not have these ports, you can get accessories and extensions and connect your Mac mini to DVI or VGA monitors, as well. 

The M1 can sustain two monitors at the same time. One monitor needs to be connected through HDMI while the other from a single thunderbolt. Both the thunderbolt ports cannot be employed at the same time. 

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the monitor is derived from screen resolution, pixel density, panel technology, and color gamut. The pixel density refers to the number of pixels available in a single space. It needs to be at least 110 or 120 PPI. 

The color gamut refers to the number of color shades produced by the monitor. It needs to look natural without appearing too whitewashed. Adobe RGB color space hosted monitors would be an ideal pick as M1 monitors. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- It would be wise to purchase a monitor with adjustable height. It enables the monitor to be placed at a height that does not cause strain to the neck nor the spine. 
  • Sound Quality- Good sound quality comes in handy while dealing with an atmosphere where you just want to relax. Melodious voice with no screeching or low tones is the feature of the best sound quality. 
  • Build quality- There won’t be a point in investing in a monitor that gives out in the middle of functioning. Sturdy build with long-lasting materials gives a strong monitor that would last for years. 

Now that you are aware of everything that makes a monitor suitable for Mac Mini M1, we would go through our list of best of best monitors for Mac Mini M1. Each of them has been handpicked so that you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong one.

After you make a purchase, you might find one of the best speakers for mac mini will help you out too.

10 Best Monitor for Mac Mini M1

1. HP VH240a Monitor

Display & Resolution

The HP VH240a Monitor comes equipped with a 24″ 16:9 widescreen LED LCD display. It comes with an IPS screen that gives a quality HD display at a minimal price. The panel stretches across 24 inches diagonally that gives it sufficient space for display. It provides the perfect incentive for setting up dual display scenes.

The monitor panel has the ability to rotate 90 degrees into portrait mode.  This enables the setting up of multiple monitors and the creation of a workstation. The resolution is pretty bright given the monitor’s FHD or 1080p display. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

The VH240a has a single HDMI 1.4 port along with VGA ports. The HDMI port can be connected to the Mini Mac M1’s port to achieve the FHD display. An auxiliary cable of 1/8-inch is also provided to connect any audio source to the built-in speaker present in the monitor. 

The monitor lacks USB ports like USB-C or USB-A. This missing piece is expected from a budgeted model.

Picture Quality

Although this Monitor for Mac Mini does not have USB ports it makes it up with its gorgeous display. The FHD display with 1920 to 1080 resolution works at 60 frames per second. The sharp lines with bright colors coupled with the viewing angles allow a great picture quality. It is suitable as a workstation model. 

Viewing from different angles does not distort its quality and neither does it compromise with the color reproduction. 

It has a standard refresh rate of 60 GHz which is perfect for video editing and streaming. The gamut comes down to 72% sRGB which isn’t that great but gives a good perceptible range of colors on the screen. It won’t be deemed right for professional use but would be appropriate for entry-level users. 

If we judge the monitor on the basis of the color needs of users then it would work just fine for gamers and coders. But the designers would face issues due to the loss of colors.

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- For adjusting height, the panel can be lifted up and down until it is at eye level. The stand has an  Ergonomic build that allows the screen to be elevated up to 130mm. It also has a mounting option to attach the monitor to the wall.
  • Sound Quality- The quality of sound isn’t that great with thin voice output. It has a distinguishable mid-tone but it doesn’t add much to the listening experience. It would be better to invest in headphones or speakers if you do plan to purchase it.
  • Build quality- It has a pretty study build with thin bezels adorning the screen. The weight and portability don’t disappoint. 


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Good quality display
  • Easy to set up and use


  • No USB ports
  • Bad sound quality with low voice output

2. Acer SB220q bi Monitor

Display & Resolution

The monitor measures  21.5 inches diagonally that makes the monitor small and compact. Weighing at just 5.5 pounds, it is lightweight as well.

In theory, the smaller the screen size in a given resolution, the shaper would be the images. So with a 1080p FHD native display bound in a 21.5-inch screen, the monitor gives very sharp and clear images. 

The Acer monitor also has large viewing angles at 178 degrees. From both vertical and horizontal points, there is little to no skewing of colors. The posterization of tipping portions of the image also remains invisible. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

Just like other budgeted monitors, the Acer SB220q monitor comes with HDMI and VGA ports. The HDMI port can be used to connect to the Mini Mac M1 as it only hosts that particular port. 

For a good measure, the monitor has a Kensington cable lock port that saves the monitor as well as the data from being stolen.

Picture Quality

The Full HD display along with quality specs gives a stunning display with great picture quality. Monitor’s 1080 by 1920 resolution comes at a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It has a pixel density of 102 pixels per inch with an impressive 98.6% of sRGB. Under HDMI the refresh rate comes up to 75Hz. The brightness is a little low at just 250 nits. 

The specs are great and suited for those who tend to rely on colors for their work. The refresh rate also makes it suitable for playing games and editing videos. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor only allows pivot control. The panel can be tilted 5 degrees front and 15 degrees back. It does not allow height adjustments.
  • Sound Quality-  the monitor lacks any sound system. So access to music would only be possible through external speakers or headphones.
  • Build quality- The monitor has a very strong build with sturdy materials. The bezels are very small and do not obstruct the view. 


  • Excellent specs at low prices
  • Very thin panel
  • Compact
  • Easily portable
  • Three year-long warranty


  • Lacks speakers
  • Low brightness

3. LG 27 UN850 Ultrafine Monitor 

Display & Resolution

LG’s Ultrafine monitor hosts a 24-inch screen that accommodates a 4k display. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160  for a 16:9 aspect ratio, the monitor ensures picture clarity. Arguably the lines are sharp and visible but with a large screen with a 4k UHD, the display seems to be a bit stretched out. 

The scaling of the icons seems a bit off and would appear a little blurred on edges while using the native macOS display. But it isn’t a major issue that will deter one from using it.  

Connectivity & Compatibility

With this monitor, you would be getting three USB Type-C along with two Thunderbolt 3. Both the ports offer compatibility with Mac Mini M1.

But Thunderbolt 3 ports allow a faster rate of file transfer (around 40 GB), while USB-C gives 10 GB. According to the faring requirements, the ports can be interchanged and used. 

The monitor itself lacks any buttons or controls. It even lacks the power buttons. All the requisite changes like brightness, resolution, and ‘night mode’ need to be carried out through the internal options only. 

Picture Quality

The monitor gives dazzling picture quality backed by its excellent specs. As discussed earlier, the resolution is a little overwhelming for the screen size.

This translates into a lowered rate of pixel per inch. With a density of 186 PPI, it would affect the sharpness of mac devices.  

The brightness of the Mac is brilliant at 538 nits, something amiss even in the top gaming laptops.

The color gamut comes down to an impressive 97.5 percent, which produces a vivid display with a variation of colors. The dynamic range of colors and brightness makes the monitor perfect for designing, gaming, and editing. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The display panel can be both pivoted, tilted, and raised. It supports front-back and up-down motions. It allows being pivoted to certain degrees as well. 
  • Sound Quality- The monitor comes with 5-watt built-in speakers. It is loud and boisterous but provides decent quality sound, but nothing too noteworthy. It lacks the refinement that accompanies music quality so it would be better to attach it with speakers or headphones.
  • Build quality- Customers have reportedly deemed the material to be cheap plastic. This can cause a deterioration of the life expectancy of the monitor. 


  • Vibrant display
  • Excellent color accuracy 
  • Both USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Best suited for as a monitor for Mac Mini M1


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty

4. LG 29WN600 Monitor

Display & Resolution

This ultrawide IPS monitor comes with a very large 29-inch display. With a Full HD resolution of 2560×1080 and an aspect ratio of 21:9, the monitor gives an amazing display.

Due to the curved nature of the display, visibility across all the planes of the panel increases immensely.  The build also reduces the strain on the eyes and gives a 180-degree visual field. 

The display nature is perfect for users who want to work on multiple things without investing in two different monitors.

The extra-wide space allows dual windows to be opened at the same time without hindering each other’s tasks. Toggling is reduced and so is the effort. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

For connectivity, the LG monitor offers two HDMI ports, a single display port 1.4, and a headphone jack of 3.5 MM. The ports are very limited and disappointing for Mac Mini M1 users who wanted to utilize the Thunderbolt 3 port. 

Picture Quality

In spite of being a budgeted model, the monitor offers some of the most amazing specs. The 99 percent sRGB color gamut ensures that you get a lot of colors. It is the PPI and the color contrast that might bum you out a little.

With just 96 PPI and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the monitor might appear a little less sharp. The contrast ratio implies that darker scenes might not look as good. 

The bright and vibrant display coupled with a high refresh rate of 75Hz would be suited for designers and coders. Since gamers and editors deal with darker tones more frequently it would cause them a little problem. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor does not allow adjustment. It implies that you would physically need to add something to the place or adjust your seat. The panel to has just limited tilt.
  • Sound Quality- It has a very good sound quality. Equipped with a 7W Stereo Speakers with the MaxxAudio it produces deep and rich audio. It surpasses in quality against its predecessors.
  • Build quality- Almost all the parts of the laptop have been made out of plastic. It is quality plastic that ensures the longevity of the product. Besides that, it also adds to the weightlessness of the monitor.


  • Rich colors
  • Excellent audio
  • Affordable
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • Reader mode available 


  • The contrast ratio is low

5. LG 27Ul500 Monitor

Display & Resolution

It is a budgeted model that comes with a 4k display and an IPS panel. The 27″ inch, diagonally measured, screen hosts an Ultra HD display of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The body of the panel is very sleek and thin with very small bezels surrounding it. 

The monitor offers a 178-degree viewing angle from both the vertical and horizontal way. This ensures that even after being looked at from any angle, the screen does not appear dark or invisible.

The panel screen has been adorned with a matte finish that does not allow reflections and works perfectly under sunlight. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

Like most LG monitors, this model too comes with 2 HDMI ports, a single display port 1.4, and a headphone jack.

Again in context to Mac Mini M1, only the HDMI port can be used for the connection. The HDMI port supports AMD FreeSync that can take up to 60 Hz at 4k resolution. 

Picture Quality

The IPS panel-based monitor does not disappoint when it comes to image quality. The display is simply gorgeous and stunning. The 98 percent sRGB color gamut paired with  300-nit peak brightness gives you a display that is full of visible colors. 

But due to the contrast between the brightness capability and not-so-good dimming qualities, the result can be harsh. The screen would sometimes appear whitewashed and other times oversaturated. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- It has a fixed stand that cannot be adjusted or moved. It only supports tilt motion from -5°/15°.
  • Sound Quality- The monitor does not come with an integrated speaker. You would have to rely on external measures to listen to music. ‘
  • Build quality- it has a very good quality material build with charming white color. The stand is sturdy and would give a good grip while placed. 


  • Modern and stylish look
  • Excellent color accuracy 
  • Affordable price


  • Low contrast ratio
  • No height adjustment
  • No built-in speaker

6. Sceptre Curved (C275W-1920RN) Monitor

Display & Resolution

The Sceptre Curved Monitor houses a 27-inch almost bezel-less screen. True to its name, the monitor is curved in shape and gives a 180-degree immersive experience. It has a very elegant curvature that ensures that every part of the screen is visible from whatever angle it is viewed from. 

Even with such a large screen, the monitor’s native resolution falls a little behind. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, you can expect some compromise on the picture quality. The screen comes with a matte finish that dispels any reflection. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

For the input port, the monitor comes with an HDMI port, VGA port, and an audio-out port. The audio port supports the connection to external speakers.

It does not have any display nor Thunderbolt 3 port. Since Mac Mini only employs an HDMI port, that would be your only option. 

Picture Quality

The monitor shines as a regular use device. It offers sharp and crisp images that are achieved through a fast refresh rate of 75 Hz. The standard resolution does its job quite nicely as well.

Backed by the impressive 100% sRGB gamut coverage (astonishing for its price), the colors are very vivid and bright. The brightness is at a reasonable 250-nits, which works fine under normal settings. 

Given that the resolution is less than the screen size, the PPI is just 86. This tends to make the screen appear pixelated. It is suited for more regular than heavy usage. Gaming and editing beginners would be satisfied with the specs offered. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- Unfortunately the stand does not come with height adjustment. It only offers a little tilt adjustment.
  • Sound Quality- The monitor comes with nice sounding speakers, something aloof in other budgeted models. 
  • Build quality- It has a pretty regular build with a stand and curved frame. The build is sturdy and would last a long time.


  • High color accuracy
  • Affordable price
  • Large screen
  • 180-degree immersive experience


  • No height adjustment
  • Pixelated screen

7. LG 34WN80C Monitor


Display & Resolution

The LG 34WN80C is a professional monitor that has a very unassuming and simple build. The screen is ultra-wide with 27-inch display space.

Equipped with a curved screen the display can be watched from any angle. This also ensures that no side pane of the screen appears black or invisible.

The bezels are quite thin offering a large area to work on. The very wide screen can accommodate work windows of distinct types.

It implies that work can be carried out, side by side, efficiently. Hence, it can be organized in a multi-monitor array or can be used independently. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

The connectivity for the monitor comes from a single USB Type-C port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2, a headphones jack, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. This is an array of ports offered that can host a large variety of connections.

But in the specific context of Mac Mini M1, the USB type C, and the HDMI port can be used for the connection. Type C would be recommended given its fast data transfer speed. 

Picture Quality

In the 21:9 aspect ratio, the picture quality offered is immaculate. This budgeted Monitor for Mac Mini comes with an astonishing 3,440 x 1,440 resolution that is offered by the higher-end models. It comes with a rich pixel density of 110 Pixels per inch that captures all the details of the screen. 

Most of the native productions support and utilize the 21:9 aspect ratio for filming. So if the monitor is required for watching films then it would fill in the entire space to give a magnificent watch experience. 

The brightness level comes down to 300 nits, meaning that it can be used under sunlight exposure. With the high contrast ratio of 5M:1, the pictures appear to be bright and vibrant. Every single color is easily distinguishable and visible. Backlight bleeding and dead pixels are absent as well. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor supports both tilt and height adjustment. The stand can be raised up to 4.3 inches and can be tilted between -5°/20°.
  • Sound Quality- Unfortunately, the monitor does not come with a built-in speaker. An external connection would be required. 
  • Build quality- It has a fairly sturdy build with a firm and good gripping stand. 


  • Very large and widescreen
  • Thin bezels 
  • Both height and tilt adjustment


  • No built-in speaker

8. ASUS PA278QV Monitor

Display & Resolution

The ASUS PA278QV Monitor is a very affordable monitor that comes with some of the best specs. The display has a standard 27″ 1440p IPS screen that offers a Quad HD display.

The resolution of 2560×1440 fits perfectly against the screen size. This implies that it avoids stretching or pixelation of content over the screen.

The 178° wide viewing angles ensure that the monitor gives a consistent display across the entire screen. Visibility would not be an issue. 

The only drawback that IPS panels face is the IPS glow. It is when the screen glows unevenly on the sides of the screen. The amount tends to vary with every monitor but it is generally manageable by changing the settings. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

The monitor offers connectivity through DisplayPort 1.2, mini-DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and Dual-Link DVI-D. While dealing with Mac Mini, the HDMI port can be used to connect the monitor to the device. If you require the use of any other port then requisite accessories can be bought separately. 

Picture Quality

The specifications regarding the picture quality are simply immaculate. Without exorbitant scaling and pixel distortion, the pictures are sharp and clear.

Due to the resolution, the pixel density falls in the ideal range of 108 PPI pixels per inch. The IPS delivers a very accurate and vibrant display that is backed by 350-nit of peak brightness.

As discussed, the panel can suffer from IPS glow. To resolve the issue, the brightness settings can be changed. You can always add some better lighting in the room as well. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor is equipped with both tilt and height adjustment. The rod can be lifted up to 150 mm while the panel can be tilted between -5°/35° tilt. 
  • Sound Quality- You get dual 2 W speakers with the monitor. The sound level is a little weak and lacks bass. It would be better to invest in external devices like speakers and headphones. 
  • Build quality- The monitor has a very solid build quality that would last you years of usage.


  • Value for price
  • High pixel density
  • Consistent display
  • Height and tilt adjustment


  • IPS glow
  • Bad speakers

9. BenQ PD2705Q Monitor


Display & Resolution

The monitor has a very smooth and sleek build adorning around the display. The BenQ PD2705Q hosts a 27 inches screen with an IPS display. The screen itself has a light matte anti-glare finish to prevent reflection.

It comes with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD) pixels. This Monitor for Mac Mini can be configured to a 4 x 2k, 3840 x 2160 display mode that is just the downsized version of the Ultra HD 4k mode. This is convenient for users whose system does not support  2560 x 1440  but works just fine with 3840 x 2160. 

This monitor has 178-degree angles that can support viewing from almost all directions. The entire monitor can be swiveled 90 degrees into a portrait mode, which is perfect for gamers. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

For hosting connectivity, the monitor has a DisplayPort cable, USB-C cable, and USB downlink. Since the Mac Mini only has a USB type C port in it, the respective port can be utilized to connect the two devices. 

Unlike most computers, BenQ comes with a lot of buttons. Most of the tasks like powering up the screen, brightness, etc, can be carried out through them. 

Picture Quality

For the display quality specs, the monitor sports an AH-IPS panel, a 2560 x 1440 resolution along with a 60Hz refresh rate. The contrast rate comes down to just 1000:1 like every other IPS panel. The display resolution is perfect for the screen size, without making the pictures appear pixelated or distorted. 

110% sRGB coverage is highly impressive and brings out a vivid range of colors. The 60Hz display is suitable enough for designing but heavy usage like gaming should be avoided. 

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor comes with a height adjustment as well as tilt, swivel, and pivot.
  • Sound Quality- The monitor is equipped with 2-watt output speakers but they aren’t really powerful. For watching movies or gaming, we would recommend external speakers.
  • Build quality- The material used for building the monitor is high-quality plastic that ensures its longevity.


  • Impressive pixel density
  • Affordable
  • Perfect fitting resolution


  • The contrast could be better
  • Not suitable for gaming

10. LG 32QN650 Monitor

Display & Resolution

This Monitor for Mac Mini comes with a Quad HD display across a 32-inch screen. The IPS-backed technology offers a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The monitor is slightly curved at 1800R and allows angle viewing. The 178 degrees viewing angle gives a consistent display through the monitor’s screen. 

The screen has very thin bezels on three sides that give a lot of screen space to work on. The monitor features a 16:9 aspect ratio that accommodates HD movies and games.  

Connectivity & Compatibility

The monitor uses two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 input, and two downstream USB ports for connectivity. It also has a headphone jack for music. As for the Mac Mini, the HDMI port can be used for the connection of the devices.

Picture Quality

This Monitor for Mac Mini gives an excellent picture quality thanks to its amazing specs. For a budgeted model, it offers 99% of the sRGB color gamut with 350 nits of brightness. This ensures that the monitor appears bright, vibrant, and vivid with the colors. The pixel saturation is perfect, given the screen size and resolution.

The monitor has been calibrated with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 that enables you to pick up on details easily. And with a refresh rate of 75 Hz, the monitor gives a lot for its price. It also produces rich deep blacks that do not appear reflective or washed out. That makes it perfect for gaming. 

With its low input lag and fast refresh rates, gaming and editing become easier. Designers might find the sRGB coverage a little low.

Other features:

  • Height Adjustment- The monitor does support actions like height adjustment, swivel, pivot, and tilt. The only drawback is that it tends to wobble at the highest adjustment. 
  • Sound Quality- the monitor, unfortunately, does not come with inbuilt speakers.
  • Build quality- The build is sleek and stylish. Coupled with high-quality materials it would stand a long life. 


  • Compatible with HDR 10
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with Reader Mode
  • Thin bezels
  • Height adjustments


  • No inbuilt speakers
  • Tends to wobble in highest height adjustment


All of our listed models are the best Monitor for Mac Mini. Each hosts certain qualities that add to their perfection. One monitor that especially stands out would be LG 27 UN850 Ultrafine Monitor. 

It offers a bright and vibrant display that has a burst of colors. The bright and sharp screen gives clarity to the displayed work.

Equipped with both USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports, this monitor for Mac Mini M1 can be connected with any, as required. Although it is on the higher end of price, it delivers all the specs that match it. 

FAQs on Mac Mini M1 Monitor

Does Mac Mini M1 work with any monitor?

Yes. Mac mini m1 supports virtually every possible monitor as long as it fulfills certain requirements. It needs to have proper ports and adapters. Mac mini is very flexible in terms of the availability of the type of ports.

It comes equipped with two display outputs-  USB-C/Thunderbolt and HDMI 2.0. The ports can also be converted into DVI or VGA monitors by using certain extensions and accessories. 

Which monitor should I use for my Mac Mini?

There are a lot of companies that offer excellent monitors that are compatible with Mac mini. Our top picked companies are- LG, Acer, Asus, HP, and BenQ.

Does Mac Mini M1 Support 4K?

Yes, Mac Mini M1 supports a 4k display. It comes equipped with HDMI that can support 60 GHz of 4k display. For the port, it has USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 that would sustain 60Hz of 6k output. 

What resolution does the Mac Mini M1 Support?

There are two distinct resolutions supported by Mac Mini. HDMI gives a resolution of 4k display at 60 GHz and the USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 gives a 6k resolution at 60 GHz. 

Can the Mac mini support 2 monitors?

Since the Mac Mini M1 comes with two ports it can support two monitors at the same time. But you can connect only one monitor per port and not daisy chain it further. This is because of the Thunderbolt 3 connection. 


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