8 Best Mind Mapping Software for Mac in 2021

Best Mind Mapping Software for Mac

Humans tend to understand better from visual representation than having to read the text. It is a known fact that the human mind memorizes images, charts, diagrams faster than text. In this fast-paced life, where we have cluttered work and presentations to give on a daily basis, mind mapping software proves best to help us sort the ideas or concepts and turn them into different kinds of visual representation. The best mind mapping software helps you simplify your ideas, concepts, actions, lengthy texts into diagrams, fostering coherency. Let’s understand what mind mapping software means.

What is a Mind Map? What is a Mind Mapping Software? 

Mind mapping software is an excellent tool for communicating our ideas, concepts, texts, actions in a creative visual way. As we all know, our minds work a lot smoother with images than texts. And that is why mind mapping comes in handy in untangling daily ideas. 

If you do not already know what mind mapping means, it is a diagram, hierarchical in nature, that shows the visual representation of an idea. Generally, a diagram is, or an image is drawn at the center to which other parts are explained in order.  The branches are created, which encircles the central idea and puts forward a better understanding.

Mind mapping software is a tool that helps in mind mapping your ideas in different diagrams, fonts, designs, flow charts, symbols, etc.  It is used for brainstorming, diagramming, software development, web design, and business intelligence. For Windows, you can find mind mapping software easily than to find some best ones for Mac. This article has brought you the best software available for Mac with its pros and cons. So, refine your ideas with these 8 best mind mapping software for Mac in 2021 and know all the essentials to consider while choosing mind mapping software.

Benefits of a Mind Mapping Software

You can create an idea in a notebook. But by using mind mapping software, you get the following advantages:

  • Better learning and understanding
  • Simplifying concepts
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Improves productivity
  • Saves time
  • Multiple options for flow charts, diagram designs, etc. 
  • Unlimited canvas
  • Save and export files

Things to Consider while Choosing a Mind Mapping Software:

  • Links and Attachments: Consider software that supports a wide variety of links and attachments because while clubbing everything, you have information from emails and lengthy texts, web pages, files, folders, etc. It should cover the availability of links and attachments. 
  • Diverse filtering capacity: While using this software, the filtration of ideas you precisely select is essential. It allows you to see the tasks, leaving room for what needs to be done. 
  • Export formats: Another essential thing is the option to export multiple formats. 

8 Best Mind Mapping Software for Mac

1. MindMeister:MindMeister

MindMeister is a well-programmed and structured UI that is very easy to use. You can club your ideas with efficacy and efficiency. This mapping tool allows you to store and save all the data in your Cloud safely.

MindMeister is available in four customized versions that are the basic, personal, pro, and business. The basic version is free and offers up to 3 mind maps. The other three versions come at a reasonable price. The personal version offers you unlimited mind maps, files, image, and PDF export services. The Pro version includes everything present in the personal version with an added benefit of team statistics, G-suit for domain sign-in, and reports. Lastly, the business version offers you everything present in the pro version with extended team support and customized domains.  You will enjoy brainstorming your ideas with a wide variety of features available. Let’s look at the exciting features.

Key Features:

  • Share your brainstorming ideas with an unlimited number of users.
  • Keep track of history with time and color-coded function. 
  • Management feature for efficiently managing your schedules, set goals, and reminders for due dates. 
  • Time-efficient with converting your data into presentation within seconds. 
  • Customizable options for designs and templates. Create your own template or design and present it in your unique style. 
  • The links and attachments feature allows you to link URLs, websites, documents, texts, images, and more. 

2. Lucidchart:10 Lucidchart Features to Increase Productivity | Lucidchart Blog

The extensively used mind mapping program is another excellent option available for Mac. It is widely popular among the public and has some notable clients such as Netflix, NASA, Target, and Xerox. Lucidchart is easy to use with a plethora of options to choose from. This software allows you to make Venn diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, UML, mind maps with the help of web-based diagramming. 

The versatile software offers four versions to choose from, namely, the basic, pro, team, and enterprise. To access any version, you have to pay, including the basic version. Let’s have a look at the features.

Key Features:

  • A collaborative approach lets you work with your team.
  • You can access Lucidchart on multiple platforms. 
  • Enterprise security that protects your data with SOC 2, PCI, Privacy shield, etc. 
  • A plethora of customizable cloud diagrams for mind mapping and brainstorming.
  • It is also valuable for taking notes, story boarding, gathering ideas, presenting concepts, etc. it is instrumental in team building.

3. Mind Maple:MindMaple Lite 1.71 free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew

Nurture and craft your ideas with this fantastic mind mapping software. It has been widely used and is popular among users. It is highly recommended for teachers, corporate leaders, and students. The user-friendly interface comes with a plethora of options. 

You get great customized themes, color palettes, and drop features. You can paste links and attachments easily to convert them into customizable spaces and maps. The export feature enables you to export the file in any form to your teammates. Refine your ideas with Mind Maple. Some of the key features are mentioned below. 

Key Features:

  • Robust task management in a holistic approach on every project to keep you one step ahead always. 
  • Correlation and brainstorming through boundary makers and relationship builders. 
  • With an array of customized tools, mind map in your own unique way. 
  • Task scheduling helps you prioritize the work and fosters time management. 

4. Simple Mind:Simple Mind Map Template for PowerPoint - SlideModel | Mind map template, Simple mind map, Mind map

Another great option on our list is Simple Mind. The world-class technology brings you a comprehensive solution for your mind mapping needs. Structure your thoughts across a wide range of platforms where visual brainstorming can be shared in different devices such as Windows, Mac, Computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. make attractive customized flowcharts, tables, branches encircling the main idea, edit topic texts, and much more. 

There is a unique feature of free form layout, which lets you organize the thoughts the way you want. Simple Mind simplifies your cluttered data into feasible charts, and you can add notes and labels afterward according to your need. You can add a plethora of objects in your file, such as voice notes, websites, links, videos, etc., to your main idea. Let’s look at the unique features below. 

Key Features-

  • Available Cloud storage to protect and save your data all the time. 
  • Multiple media options to choose from. Attach images, voice notes, links, videos, etc., to your main idea. 
  • You get unlimited page size to create mind maps quickly with several elements to add. 
  • Customize in more than 15 styling sheets.
  • Share your work with friends or team partners in the form of PDF. 

5. Scapple:An Introduction to Scapple *Elements Currently Mac Only* - YouTube

Scapple is one of the best mind mapping software available in the market. Turn your musings into customizable flowcharts, attractive diagrams, tables, etc. This software is highly recommended and offers you a free trial for 30 days on making an account. Scapple has a beneficial feature that allows you to educate yourself about this software, and it’s working through video tutorials that come with the software itself. 

Not only this, you get a plethora of customized options to choose from, such as multiple customizable background shapes and notes, stack notes in columns that save time in referral breaks. You can export and import the data among your teammates in various forms like PDF, text, images, etc., with the added benefit of an excellent drag and drop feature. Have a look at the features below. 

Key features-

  • With Scrivener integration, have fuss-free notes integration into Scrivener. 
  • Robust project management to effectively manage your data and connect it with your teammates for further planning and execution. 
  • With double kick start, start anywhere just by double-clicking. 
  • Convert your ideas with a wide array of fonts, tables, bubbles, color, alignment, etc. 
  • Scapple is available in the English language. Pertinent to note that there is no availability of in-built templates. 

6. MindNode:MindNode 5 for Mac is a compelling new update to the mind mapping app suite | AppleInsider

Developed by IdeasOnCanvas, MindNode helps you visualize your ideas using web-based programming. The user-friendly interface accommodates your needs accordingly and is available for Mac and iOS platforms. 

MindNode is employed with various customized options to help you nurture your thoughts and organize them according to your need. Organize your thoughts with customizable documents. You can visualize your thoughts in different texts, images, tasks, and links. Regarding storage, your data is stored in the Cloud with the help of Mind Node’s servers. The auto-sync feature synchronizes your data automatically in Mac and iOS devices. 

Key features-

  • You can access your files on your Mac and iOS devices anytime and shift work on both devices. 
  • It allows you to sync your research, miscellaneous lists, planners lists, etc with the Apple Reminders app that comes in handy to keep track of your work. 
  • You can highlight the main ideas and categorize them accordingly with the visual tag feature. 
  • A unique Focus Mode feature helps you stick to the main idea while progressing onto the entire plan. 
  • You get a free trial for 2 weeks, after which you can upgrade and unlock pro features. 

7. MindMup:MindMup - Wikipedia

MindMup has managed to maintain its rank among one of the best mind mapping software in 2021. It allows you to concentrate on your idea, not leaving room for messy sketches and outlines. It categorizes your plan efficiently with the help of customizable fonts, styles, layouts, etc. 

A plethora of helpful features such as linking attachments, storing textual information for future reference in separate folders for organized progression of your concept. What makes MindMup different from the rest of mind mapping software is its ability to publish ideas directly from the software, making it feasible for you to reach the audience robustly. This software can be assessed in various platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Below is a list of some critical features of MindMup.

Key features-

  • The collaborative approach supports collaboration among your teammates, friends, family.
  • Easy account management with the help of Office365 and Google authentication. 
  • Robust management of projects that allows you to keep track of your progression with icons and highlighters. 
  • You get study boards for effective management and to capture your ideas into a chain of slides. 
  • Create structures with customized layouts accompanied by your notes and attachments. 

8. Cacoo:Cacoo - Diagramming & Real-Time Collaboration

Last, in our list, Cacoo will impress you with its exciting features. It has a unique feature that you would not find in any other mind mapping software: the UML(Uniform Modeling Language) that supports real-time collaboration. You can include maps, images, texts, emails, network charts, wireframes, etc.

Cacoo provides a chat feature that allows you to discuss your ideas with other team members and make changes simultaneously in the particular project. It lets you keep track of changes made by each team member separately. A plethora of editing features are available in Cacoo, like predesigned shape libraries, templates, layouts, symbols, shapes, etc. You get Cacoo in premium pricing in three broad categories: the plus, team, and enterprise version, which is customized for each kind of use, be it a single user plan or multi one. Each plan is a paid version. Below are the features of Cacoo.

Key features-

  • Time-saving software that allows you to collaborate with your partners and make changes at the same time.
  • Unique chat feature to discuss the progression of plans effectively. 
  • You can export in various forms such as SVG, PDF, PowerPoint, and more. 
  • History tracking helps you follow time to time edits. 
  • You can also import your AWS architecture. 
  • Live feedback feature to improve on your pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mind Mapping Software:

  • Does Mind Mapping Prove Helpful? 

Mind mapping is a tool that helps form your ideas into a visual representation. It proves to be helpful to structure your thoughts, ideas, or concepts in a well-planned manner. We often find the cluttered work messy in daily work life. You can use mind mapping software to incorporate your ideas, notes, and reminders. Regardless of the field it is used for, and it is an excellent alternative to present your ideas in an effective way. 

  • How Does Mind Mapping Work?

The mind mapping allows you to sketch an outline for your ideas that revolves around a central theme. You map the idea in your own way for better understanding and fostering knowledge. 

  • Does Mind Mapping help in Boosting Your Memory Power?

Humans tend to memorize visual representation more than texts. Mind mapping is a great tool to improve your memory because, as a part of the process, you get to organize your content in an effective way through flowcharts, tables, diagrams that boost the brain to understand the concept in an easier way. 

  • How is MindMap helpful in Education?

A student can simplify daily tasks with the hel[ of this tool. It not only helps in academics but helps boosts your memory power. It’s always rewarding when you are able to present your ideas in a way that is understandable by most people. It helps you make connections and keep you in line with your thoughts. We often have scattered thoughts and ideas. Yes, you can always use a notebook to write them down, but the mind mapping leaves room for improvement and gives you features that could not be achieved through a notebook. 

The Conclusion:

The disposal of this software will transform and simplify your daily ideas, thoughts, concepts into a compelling visual representation where you get a plethora of other features to choose from. Some of the best mind mapping software for Mac in 2021 are mentioned above through which you could use for your needs. With the free trials, you can test which best suits your needs. The mind as mentioned above, mapping software for Mac will definitely ensure the execution of your unique ideas with a robust strategy. 

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