8 Best MagSafe Chargers for Your iPhone 12

Best MagSafe Chargers for Your iPhone 12

All that exists has a limit. Most of the time, that limit is a one-time thing, or if you are lucky, then you can use it more than once. If you can use it more than once, it definitely needs something that makes it good as new regularly. Here is an amazing walk-through with information on MagSafe Chargers.

For example, Humans. 

At the start of the day, we are full of energy and our abilities’ highest potential. On the contrary, you feel all your energy sucked out of you and slump on your bed pronto at the end of the day.

In the case of Humans, food and sleep are two energy recharges that are part of your routine. They refill our body with the nutrients and rest needed to get back our levels to the maximum.

The above analogy is precisely what your iPhone 12 needs too.

When you buy an iPhone 12, the battery functions at its maximality, lightning speed, and fast processing. Once the battery comes down to one-fourth of the total, it starts notifying you that it needs to be recharged; and on nill, it shuts off completely.

How do you recharge your iPhone 12 to get back to your daily activities on it and entertainment? A Charger is needed, of course.

Therefore, for your iPhone 12, MagSafe Chargers are the finest.

What are the Qualities the Best Charger Should Comprise of?

Let’s get back to the Humans analogy. When eating food or sleeping, do you compromise on the quality of food you eat or the size of the bed and comforts of the mattress? No. Exactly my point.

When you buy the iPhone 12, you must browse through all the options available as Chargers and purchase that, which takes care of your iPhone 12, both internally and externally.

It should,

  • Be compatible with the port pin and size, 
  • Be short-circuit resistant,
  • Be fluctuation resistant,
  • Be fireproof, and
  • Provide the correct wattage.

It should not,

  • Be loosely connected,
  • Be short-term,
  • Be used for charging other devices,
  • Be too short in length, and
  • Be high power consuming.

Why MagSafe Chargers and Not Non-MagSafe or Other Chargers?

Remember the Humans Analogy? Right. Let us view that from another one of its food angles.

Suppose you like Meat more than Vegetables. Whenever you have meat in your breakfast, you will feel better recharged than when you have the dreaded vegetables.

The same is the case with MagSafe Chargers. MagSafe Chargers are the favorite or, to put in better words, are the choicest for your iPhone 12. Therefore, they are at the top of their preferences when buying.

You may have a query like, ‘what if I eat vegetables in lunch and dinner?’ or in gadget terms, ‘what about if I use Non-MagSafe/Other Chargers, not frequently but as substitutes?’ The answer still follows the principle of the analogy.

When you eat those vegetables for lunch and dinner, though your tummy will be full, and you will not feel any hunger or lethargy. But, you won’t fulfill your heart’s desire to eat meat. Hence, your functioning will experience a drop.

If you use Non-MagSafe/Other Chargers, your iPhone 12 will definitely charge up. However, long-term use will hinder its performance. 

Moreover, it will most definitely lessen the speed of charging to almost half of MagSafe Chargers.

8 Best MagSafe Chargers for your iPhone 12

Internet is a vast world. If it is to be projected in physical form, I am sure it will take up the entire space on Earth.

The information is too much and too overwhelming. You may end up more confused than when you started searching. Hence, a listing, which not only includes ‘the best’ but also shows ‘why best’ is incredibly beneficial.

The list of 8 Best MagSafe Chargers for your iPhone 12 given below will help you streamline your choices. 

1. Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Charger

Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Charger

Wireless Charging is the latest trend, and of course, this trend is being used to its paramount by none other than Apple.

After they discontinued MagSafe use in 2006, Apple made a comeback with its iPhone 12 and its spin-offs. 

Hence, the two: Wireless and MagSafe Charging came about.

Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Charger is a white disc with magnetic properties and a short cord attached to it, which will fit into a socket.

For using it, all you need to do is place your phone, screen up, and the magnets in the back of your iPhone 12 will magnetically attach to the disc, and the charging begins.

An hour is roughly the time needed to recharge your iPhone 12 halfway. Give it another hour, and your iPhone 12 is back to a full bar.

15W is the speed of charging. Not too fancy when compared to non-wireless chargers. However, in competition with other wireless chargers, this is undeniably among the best.

If you latch on your iPhone 12 onto the disc, forgetting to remove the case, then two of the below options will follow –

If your case is also MagSafe-supporting, then not to worry; your iPhone 12 will continue to charge without any obstacle or step back in the speed.

However, if your case is not MagSafe supporting, then I must break it to you; sadly, your iPhone 12 was not charging all this time.

2. Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger

Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger

Another product of the mammoth Apple takes second place. Not surprising.

Apparently, the simple MagSafe Charger was too dull for them. So, they came up with a new Charger. One, that not one, but two charging disc pads.

The Duo Charger is foldable and hence gains top marks for portability.

The two differences between the two charging discs (coincidence much?) are-

  • Size: The first has a larger circumference than the second.
  • Function: The former is for charging iPhone 12, while the latter is for charging Apple Watch

The USB-C port connects to the Charger’s Watch side, and through it, the iPhone 12 Charger also works. And that is precisely what their aim was: convenience, not to use two ports for two Chargers. 

Convenience and Mobility are inversely proportional. If one up, the other downs. The Duo Charger is more of a stagnant kind of charger in comparison to the original.

Since its charging two gadgets instead of one, the speed and power input is slightly reduced. Instead of the 15W in the original, the Duo Charger can only put up 14W. This is negotiable if you have a 27W USB-C Power Brick.

3. Belkin’s MagSafe 3-in-1 Charger

Belkin’s MagSafe 3-in-1 Charger

The third place is not an Apple product. Do not be disappointed, though. 

Each charger is unique in its way, and you can not find perfectionism in everything that you own. While one may have better features in one half of the spectrum, the other half will be magnificent in other products.

Belkin. The next famous name in the MagSafe Industry. 

This Belkin’s MagSafe 3-in-1 Charger, not one, not two, but three charging ports. Even the thought of having triplets must not have excited you as much as this did!

What are three ports doing in one charger? Well, one is obviously for your iPhone 12. But, the other two are for an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods. 

So, if you own other Apple products and do not want to splurge on three different chargers, this one should already be in your bag!

4. Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount Charger

Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount Charger

As I said, you cannot look for the whole of best in thing. Though Apple may be the best in the market, it does not offer a Car Mount Charger, whereas Belkin does.

GPS, receiving calls – both audio and video, listening to songs while changing them regularly. You name it, and this Belkin’s MagSafe Car Mount Charger’s got you covered. 

When you mount your iPhone to this Charger, you can perform any and/or all of the above functions without any difficulty holding on to your phone while using it. 

And the significant advantage you ask? It is naturally what it was built for. Simultaneous charging while performing normal functions of an iPhone 12.

Another feature very significant to a car mount charger is its grip or ability to hold your iPhone 12 so tight magnetically that it should not fall off if your car goes over a speed breaker or you are on a long road trip. 

Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount Charger undoubtedly offers that.

5. Moko Armor MagSafe Wireless Charger

Moko Armor MagSafe Wireless Charger

This and the one below are unconventional to other wireless chargers. Let us see how.

You might have noticed that (if you haven’t, then you should scroll back up)all the chargers discussed above were either placed flat, i.e., parallel to the surface it is kept on, or upright, i.e., perpendicular to the surface you placed it on.

However, Moko Armor MagSafe Wireless Charger is unique in its position. It neither offers flat or upright positions. Instead, it gives a mixture of both. It is horizontal to the viewer, but it has a stand at its back for support.

This Charger-cum-Stand is best for viewing notes, watching videos like movies, for example, while it is charging. This solves the problem of ‘you cannot keep your iPhone 12 horizontal while charging’.

6. Tylt Bowl MagSafe Wireless Charger 

Tylt Bowl MagSafe Wireless Charger 

Can a bowl be a charger too? And a wireless one at that? Yes, it can.

The Tylt Bowl MagSafe Wireless Charger has overcome the traditional boundaries and proved that you could go above and beyond the stereotype if you only have the imagination and courage to do so. You do not have to be the most popular company for phones in the world.

It organizes the clutter you have on your nightstand that you have been ignoring and just telling yourself you will clean it the ‘next weekend,’ which surprise (not really) never shows up!

Your lazy self must be over the moon on the discovery of such a great product. Charging and decluttering. An out-of-the-box product indeed.

The pedestal at the center of the bowl is for charging your iPhone 12, while you can use the area surrounding and below it for putting in any of your nightstand must-haves. 

The only catch is that the things you put in should be made of ‘metal.’ Since putting in ‘non-metal stuff will interrupt the charging—for example, car or bike keys, metal watches, metal cigarette lighters, etc.

Lastly, to answer your unspoken assumption. No, it won’t electrocute you because you are keeping metal items in it.

7. Yootech MagSafe Wireless Charger

Yootech MagSafe Wireless Charger

Splurging on fake or cheap products is your worst nightmare. The realization of wasting your money is too painful, and you fear buying anything from that one bad experience, even if it is slightly pricey than your budget.

Let me put your fear away. This product is cheap and may even look cheap, but its features stay true to its displays.

The Yootech MagSafe Wireless Charger is both heat and surge protected. It also has dual ports, both USB-A and USB-C. The length of the wire is also longer than the typical chargers.

All these attributes for an economical amount, what more could you ask for?

8. Sonix MagSafe Wireless Charger

Sonix MagSafe Wireless Charger

At the end of the list an all-inclusive charger that comprises a little of the qualities of a good charger for your iPhone 12.

Alignment may be an issue with ordinary wireless chargers, but not with this one. Auto-adjustment is its forte. 

Not as efficient as the previously mentioned chargers, but whatever it has to offer, it maintains that for a longer life span than many others. Hence, durable.

Smart charging over fast charging is its motto. It displays slow charging but, when it reaches full battery, the lasting period is low when it reaches the full battery. Also, slow charging eliminates any chances of overheating the battery, which will cut down your iPhone 12’s battery life.

You do not need a MagSafe Case for this one to work. It just needs to be 2mm thick and not more than that, and your job is done.

Final Say

This list may seem limit to you because how can just 8 products define the different chargers. However, these 8 have been carefully studied and reviewed. 

After broad wingspan research, they are compiled, keeping in mind that a charger needs to be best. Therefore, rest assured and plunge into the world of MagSafe Chargers.

Your MagSafe Charger is waiting for you. I hope you find it soon.

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