8 Best MacBook Air Cases & Sleeves You Should Buy

Best MacBook Air Cases & Sleeves

The new 2020 MacBook Air comes with robust features considering the power and performance. You can use it for professional as well as personal purposes. It offers you a great battery backup of 12 hours that makes your work unstoppable. This new MacBook Air comes with a great processor increased by storage, and it is also priced at a reasonable rate in terms of its unique features. The design of this laptop is relatively light that makes it very portable to carry. Indeed, the new MacBook Air 2020 has a great build, and it is sturdy, but accidental falls and scratches are inevitable. With scratches and scuffs marks, the finally finished edges of your MacBook can look exceptionally early.

With all these features, the MacBook Air has become perfect in every sense. The only treatment that it should get is to keep it too safe with aesthetic cases that will provide overall protection to your laptop against accidental falls and drops. This article will be listing the 8 best MacBook Air cases that you should buy. All of these cases are versatile in terms of looks and features.

Best MacBook Air Cases & Sleeves in the Market

Finding a case that offers great looks and perfect protection for your laptop is not easy.  To help you with that, the list that we have created of the best MacBook Air 2020 cases has all kinds of cases that provide your laptop with adequate quality protection and make it look gorgeous. So, let’s start with our roundup of the best MacBook Air 2020 cases.

1. iBENZER Hexpact

This MacBook Air case’s design is a hexagon that gives it a look that is unique for your life and gives you a feel of science fiction. Apart from looks, this design provides you up to 4 feet of drop protection for a laptop because of its impact force distribution and shock elimination. The hard case design of this MacBook Air case comes with proper cutouts for cables and ports.

The skid pads that are given at the bottom offer 360° protection from frequent falls and wear-tear. The rubberized bottom separates the bottom of the MacBook from the platform it is on, and it saves your device from getting overheated and enhances the flow of air. With this case, you can protect your laptop from shocks and drops hence, making it aesthetically and in terms of protection unforgettable.


  • Great grip while holding the Macbook. Prevents the Macbook Air from sliding.
  • The case is made of TPU and polycarbonate which help in extra strong outer support.
  • The material of the case prevents shocks and water drops from entering inside the layer.


  • Might feel heavy and bulky in use.

2. ProCase MacBook Air

ProCase for MacBook Air is one of the best protective cases that come with an armor shell. It has a shock-absorbent wrap-around bumper that offers your MacBook supreme protection against scratches, false scuffs, and other kinds of damages. The pro case compatible with MacBook Air has a built-in foldable stand that offers a great angle for typing and enhancing the visual experience.

The stand makes it very handy to carry.  This build does not give you the next train; hence you can work for hours on your laptop with this case. It has excellent ventilation that offers safety from overheating of the device. There are precise cutouts for all the ports and cables making it easier for you to charge and use USB with your laptop without removing the case.


  • The double-layered protection from the outside world.
  • The proper cutouts for charging cables and cords.
  • Come with a foldable stand.


  • It will acquire a bit more space than usually due to the stand attached to it.

3. UESWILL Lightweight Case

UESWILL has excellent silky-smooth finishing and touch because of the high-quality polycarbonate crafting, and the structure is coated with rubber oil paint. This case protects your MacBook from scrapes and scratches every day.

The best thing about this case is that it is available in different patterns and over 30 shades, which offers you the opportunity to choose the right case. UESWILL is exceptionally lightweight, and it is easy to install from every angle because of its 90-degree opening, and it offers easy removal.

You can have easy access to all the ports, and it provides proper heat dissipation, keeping your MacBook completely safe.

4. B Blek MacBook Air Case

This case is value for money e, and it is an excellent catch for an affordable purchase for your MacBook Air. If you want to have a clear case with a tint of color, this case would be the best for you. It comes in a two-piece design that makes it easy for installation and taking off. This case’s crystal top shell allows the MacBook logo to shine appropriately, and it provides safety to your laptop from overheating and any other kind of damage.

It is made up of durable plastic, which is a hard quality that prevents your laptop from having fingerprints and accidentally slipping. It also has rubber feet that keep your MacBook stable. B BLEK offers users two matching keyboard covers, and it comes with an extraordinary warranty period.


  • Comes with a keyboard cover. Has a variety of colors
  • It is a plastic hardshell, resistant to shock.
  • The cover is transparent and ultra-thin.


  • The grooves and cuts of the case are a bit tricky at first to fit-in

5. MOSISO Heavy Duty Case

If you are somebody who travels a lot and cannot take care of your laptop or phones, this case is a life savior. This case’s hard case is designed with a fantastic shock absorbent feature that has a TPU bumper that offers excellent protection to your MacBook Air from bumps, scratches, and falls. The bottom half of this case has ventilation rows and four anti-slip silicone feet that keep your MacBook cool and steady. You get a feature of transparency That depends from color to color. This case is easily removable, and you can conveniently put it on your back without any hassle.


  • The case is strong enough to prevent any breakage and scratch to the MacBook Air.
  • It comes with a retina display.
  • The keyboard cover is smooth and easy to use.


  • The case increases a little weight to carry in a backpack.

6. G JGOO PU Leather Case

If you are a fan of leather accessories, then go for this MacBook Air case that offers excellent protection from scratches and fingerprints that drop smudges, and there are fewer chances that it would slip from your hand if you are a clumsy person. The best part of this MacBook Air case is that you are paying for its aesthetic looks and features. G JGOO offers users a wide choice.

You can either go for a black or pink synthetic leather case or a PU Leather case with a marble and ombre effect. Each design comes with a matching keyboard cover, so that is an added advantage. This case has a perfect cutout for ports, and the bottom part of it is fully vented to protect your laptop from overheating.


  • It is Compatible with Mac Air 13 Retina.

  • The grip is firm.
  • It comes with a black keyboard cover case.


  • Made of leather, you have to be certain while putting it on.

7. Twelve South BookBook V2  Leather Case

Talking about MacBook Air cases and not mentioning BookBook cases is something that is going to be a significant offense. The cases by BookBook are incredibly compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air 2020. For sure, it is on the expensive side, and it is a bit bulkier than other cases, but the protection that it offers is something that you cannot have with other cases.

And the money that you spend in buying this case is worth it for its utilities and features. It has a hand-crafted design that makes it look quite vintage. This design is one of the most beautiful vintage leather cases that increases your laptop’s entire look. This case comes with hidden pockets in which you can store your essential documents, and it is quite simple to install.


  • Soft case, easy to carry.
  • The well-finished edges for charging cord and other plugins.
  • COmes with a zip that provided full coverage from dirt.


  • It might not prevent a firm grip.

8. iCasso MacBook Air Case

iCasso MacBook Air case has launched recently, which is not compatible with other MacBook Air versions except 2018, 2019, and 2020. This case is too light-weighted and offers your laptop 360-degree protection. You get a more natural feel when you hold it, and the hard shell of this MacBook case is divided into two pieces that offer excellent protection to your device from accidental cracks, scratches, and falls.

The ports, lights, and buttons are easily accessible with this case, and you can plug in your cables and chargers without removing them. It has full vented holes that make sure your device has good heat dissipation. It is one of the most vibrantly designed cases. It is trending nowadays because of the glossy finish, and the colors of this case are everlasting, adding a more aesthetic appeal to your laptop. This case is available in different themes for the top case, and you also have a complimenting bottom counterpart with it.


  • It comes in a variety of designs.
  • A keyboard cover with a multi-colored pattern. Prevents from shocks.
  • The case is rubber coated with a soft touch.


  • The cases ordered online might happen to have a different color than you saw on the website. The Cases have no long-run compatibility.


When you have a great device like MacBook Air 2020, it becomes necessary that you protect it from regular wear and tear when you are traveling or commuting. And often, there are chances that you might break it forget it cracked during your unpacking and packing. All of the cases that we have mentioned are incredibly compatible with MacBook Air 2020. You can choose any of the cases depending upon your style and desire. If you are somebody who likes leather cases, you can go for the Bookcase by Twelve South as it will give an incredible lasting impression on people.

If you want a slightly inexpensive case and want perfect protection, then go for the ProCase MacBook Air 2020 case. It is quite affordable and offers ample protection to your laptop. There are various MacBook Air cases available in the market, and before making a purchase, you should consider a few things that benefit you. One of the most prominent features that you should look for is excellent air circulation, and all the cases that we have mentioned above offer proper heat dissipation. Hence, keeping your laptop completely safe from overheating.

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