10 Best Mac Games You Can Play Right Now

Best Mac Games
Most often, Apple users are not as much acquainted with Mac games as they are with games on iPhone and iPad. But Mac offers an excellent platform for a gaming experience with a number of free games to play. And these games indeed are the ones that will blow your mind as they render high-quality gaming experience.


Before you start playing these exciting games is that you might need to alter the security settings of your system to play some games. Just go to system preferences followed by security and Privacy and then finally General. In the General tab, alter the “allow apps to download from” to “ anywhere”.

Now all you need to do is launch the app and check if it is working fine or not. If the game operates smoothly, then you can go back to system preferences again and set the settings as earlier.

Below we have mentioned some of the best games for Mac. You can go through each one of them and choose whichever one or more that appeals to you.

List of Mac Games that You will Love to Play

1. Brogue


Brogue is based on the classic game Rogue, which was first developed decades ago in 1980. The characters, enemies, and various levels are represented with the help of symbols and letters.

Now, this may strike as something odd, but it is not it is one of the best representations. This is because these representations render a mixed adventurous interface of text and video games. Also, this one is incredibly intricate to play.

Even then, Rogue is the classic one, and Brogue is its best possible modern representation.

2. Dota 2


The next game in the list of best Mac games is the latest version of the Defence of the Ancients, popularly known as DOTA 2. Now this and its earlier version were among the chief games that initiated the multiplayer online battle arena genre, also known as action real-time strategy genre of the strategical games played online.

Even today as well, DOTA 2 is claimed to be the most played and one of the best Mac games on steam, by Valve. Though it took some time for a stable Mac version of DOTA 2 to come up. But the current version of the games works quite efficiently.

And one does not need a high-tech Mac to play this game, although it is a complex one with plenty of heroes for you to choose from to play. Each character has his own weapons and powers according to which the style of the game changes.

Moreover, the current version of DOTA 2 includes a tutorial with the help of which you can quickly start playing the game, and continuing the game will render you endless hours of strategic and challenging action.

3. Dwarf Fortress


Similar to Brogue, this one is also an ASCII-based game. And it is an open roleplaying theme that is amazingly complex. Being the player, you will get to explore and then build a fortress of your own.

To build this fortress, you get a team of dwarfs who will help you to carry out tasks such as woodworking, craft-making, and farming. Afterwards, you can dig up mines to extract out minerals to establish your own world here.

4. Counter-Strike


Counterstrike was originally released a decade ago in 2000 as a paid game. And its Global offensive version came in the year 2012, which was also a paid one, but by the end of 2018, it became free to play partly due to the success of the game ‘Fortnite’.

The theme of Global offensive is the same as the anti-terrorist one as that of the other games of Counterstrike. But this one focuses on multiplayer action in online games where two teams compete against each other to fulfil a certain objective which could be defusing a bomb, saving the abducted team-mates, etc.

Several modes available to play in, out of which Deathmatch and Casual are the easiest ones for new players to start with.

Whenever a match is completed, the player is awarded in-game currency, which he/she can spend to upgrade the weapons along with other additional things. With an improvement in the skills of the player, new competitive modes are made available to play in.

5. Elder scrolls


Legends select the settings, artwork, and characters of the enormous Elders Scrolls games. Then in this roleplaying game, they transfer their selections on the digital cards, which will be collected by you to conquer against the computer and as well as online players.

This game ensures a massive amount of single-player content though the most significant draw will be the actual, real-time online competition.

This is the purpose for which you have been building up the best deck possible. No doubt, this is one of the best games on Mac.

6. Eve Online


This game was available on Mac for quite a while, even though the version for macOS of the game was not up to the mark. This could be the reason why it didn’t have a remarkable following. But it is possible that the updates made recently and the enhancement to 64-bit software might help Eve Online to become Mac-friendly.

This one is a vast and notable game that will render you interplanetary and large scale sandbox in which you can play. Here you will explore different new worlds where you might get stuck and need to fight in combat to free yourself or start trading, etc.

The starting of the game follows the same old conventional method. You get to choose anyone from the available four different races along with various options for trading, skills, and combat, etc. And most importantly, select the ship you want to ride off into space.

In the game, you can either get yourself involved in the fight for power. Or you can spend your time trading and exploring the space as it has an immense economy.

But it is not an easy one to learn and play even with the tutorial available in the game. As this is one of the best Mac games, so it demands some high-level system requirements to show the dazzling graphics of space.

7. Fortnite


Out of all the games in today’s time, Fortnite is the most popular one. This has become quite clear as the official World Cup tournament games are offering over millions of dollars to the top players as prize money.

Other players like us can start with the basic model of the game Battle Royal to play as it is one of the best free Mac games to play after download.

This mode also offers numerous upgrades helpful in quick improvement and progress.

The standard format of Battle Royale is followed, dropping together 100 players on a zone or island.  Now, these players collect weapons and materials to build their base and fight to be the last one standing.

Apart from this, there is another mode called the ‘Creative mode’, and this one is free as well. You are the designer of your island in this mode and can invite your friends as well to compete against in Fortnite. However, you will need to purchase if you want to play in any other mode of four players.

8. Fistful of Frags


Fistful of Frags will be the perfect choice if you are looking for a free and first-person shooter game. Also, it is based on ‘Half-life 2 engine’; therefore, the appearance of this game is of business and gives an amazing playing experience.

The setting is in the wild west and the weapons available are shotguns, pistols, and rifles. There are four teams in which the players compete against each other, which are Vigilantes, Banditos, Desperados, and Rangers. Each and every game is full of close-range and tense gunfights.

9. League of Legends


Another one in the list of games for Mac is the League of Legends. This one is a MOBA(multiplayer battle arena) genre game which is also among the most famous games of the world. Your job is to control the champion to compete against the rest of the players in the match online.

Initially, the game begins at quite a low level, but the player will realize experience as the game progresses.

So it is easy to start with and slowly gets ultra-competitive. At first, you will not realize, but the game is way too deep, full of a wide variety of characters. This one is sure among the great free games for Mac.

10. Starcraft 2: The Starter Edition


This is one of the finest games for the users of Mac. The great thing is that this wonderful game is free of cost.

It is a strategy game in which you will be controlling three different types of races, namely Zerg, Protoss, and the Terrans.

All these three races render different weapons, abilities, and crafts. They will offer a magnificent gaming experience. You will be fighting a battle against the other two races.

The narrative story of this game is amazing. Each and every player can play all five missions in the Starter Edition. This game is mainly designed to provide an extensive multiplayer experience.


Mentioned above were some of the best Mac games for all gamers who want a fantastic gaming experience.

Almost all the games stated are free, or at least their initial versions are. So you can choose whether you want to go for the free ones first or directly switch to the paid versions.

Make sure you check your system for games that need high-level system requirements. So that you will not face any trouble when you install or launch the game to play.

Also, there are many other games for Mac as well, which you might love to play.

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