13 Best Mac Apps for Students

13 Best Mac Apps for Students

College and high school are the best years of a student’s life. You find new friends, get to meet various types of people, discover and explore fields unheard of, and so much more. With the new array of opportunities come challenges and new difficulties, which makes life a lot more hectic than it has ever been.

Your schedule has to fit lectures, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, and time for your hobbies and interests. All these things are bound to make life hectic, and students start to feel suffocated. Also, students tend to pick up part-time jobs, further reducing time availability. 

All these things were significant issues in the past, but today, with the advancement in technology and the promotion of e-learning, modern students have a lot of applications and software which can make life simpler by helping them in one way or the other. 

Whether you need an app for time management or to keep a record of all your deadlines, everything is available directly on your Macbook. If you browse the App Store, you will find plenty of applications that will assist you in your studies, taking notes, maintaining a to-do list, and storing your files securely. 

Also, when students purchase new laptops, they spend money on software that might not be very useful after some time. If you are a student, you should rather pay for such apps, which will add some value to your time. 

To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of a few of the best Mac apps for students, keeping in mind all kinds of students. 

The best Mac apps for students

Underneath is the list of the best Macbook apps for students. It includes organising tools, translators, cloud services, word processors, and GIF tools to suit students of all types. Do read the brief description of each software to get an idea about their working and functionality.

1. Manuscripts

Manuscripts is a fantastic tool for generating scholarly articles. It was created to produce, modify, and manage footnotes, comments, and reference materials and rearrange them.

The capabilities are comparable to those in other standard text processors, but the interface is simple and easy to use. It simplifies the academic work process and provides learners one less incentive to postpone. It is one of the best Mac apps for students if you need an app to write articles and do not want a typical app simply. 

2. XMind

XMind mac

Next on our list of the best Mac apps for students is XMind. College projects usually include student preparation, mainly when numerous students must participate. More significantly, the duties must be precise, thorough, and simple to comprehend. 

XMind allows students to have a more intuitive understanding of the relationship between the jobs. Students can use XMind to plot out the daily tasks based on priorities that need to be completed. 

You can create a rich and valuable concept map with some drag and drop actions. This program is excellent for large projects with various deadlines and duties delegated to different team members.

3. Ulysses


No list of the best Mac apps for students is complete without Ulysses. Ulysses is a handy application with compelling capabilities that help students write essays or blogs. Ulysses is an excellent starting point, even if you intend to write a thesis or a book. 

Many writers consider Ulysses to be their favourite novel. It offers a highly dependable and distraction-free working atmosphere to keep pupils focused on achieving their objectives. 

It instantly stores every written word, making work management a snap. Everything may be arranged into suitable categories, and tags can be assigned to them.

Ulysses also can synchronise work with iCloud Drive and rapidly save completed pieces into various formats. It is one of the best Mac apps for students if you need a powerful word processor with many advanced features. 

4. Todoist

Todoist can enable the students to plan forthcoming projects, everyday work, and even grocery lists more effectively. You can maintain a to-do list for any tasks that need improvement. 

Above everything, it allows students to free up mind space by taking all those chores out of their thoughts and into the to-do checklist.

It has a basic, clean, and user-friendly interface. This is the best to-do list application because of the quality and quantity of features it provides. It is widely prevalent among users because of its simplicity. 

Todoist is ideal for anybody who likes keeping clean checklists and keeping everything nicely organized. It is one of the best Mac apps in the to-do list apps category. 

5. Studies

Regardless of the disciplines students choose to learn, such as politics, economics, arts, medicine, or maths, Studies may prove to be an excellent long-term partner. This instructional macOS program can assist students in achieving their learning objectives by helping them to make flashcards and last moment revision notes. 

Studies enable users to produce intelligent study notes that go beyond typical text memos. Images, music, videos, websites, and other resources can be included in the flashcards. Students can also develop and modify learning regimens to meet their own requirements.

Studies app has an import/export feature that lets students transfer study notes into various file types to share with their friends. Simply build an album and then transfer it to another computer to load into Studies. It is one of the best Macbook apps for students in terms of academics. 

6. Mate Translate

Not all people have a knack for language abilities, but this should not prevent any kid from receiving an education. Students may receive an accurate description for over a hundred languages with Mate Translate, a solid two-way language translating software. 

If you need to translate a term, a phrase, a paragraph, or even a novel or a note from an acquaintance, utilise Mate Translate instead of other translating services. It is pretty helpful in reading foreign language lessons and learning different languages.

Mate Translate works well on Macs and appears to be a native program. It makes life a lot easier by switching between translation programs. With a few clicks, you can translate every string of words into over a hundred languages. 

With Mate Translate, it is now time to break down any linguistic obstacles. It is one of the best Mac apps for students who need to translate text frequently. It is a serious competitor to Google Translate. 

7. Aeon Timeline

Next on our list of the best Mac apps for students is the Aeon Timeline app. With this application, students may get a birds-eye perspective of the complete project and rapidly navigate among its pieces thanks to its visual chronology function. You will never overlook anything important, and your studies will flow naturally, lesson by lesson.

Suppose you feel overwhelmed after seeing a pile of tasks and assignments in front of you. In that case, Aeon Timeline is the application you want to have on your Mac. It is so simple that all you need to do is drop the tasks into the Aeon Timeline app, and it will do the magic for you. 

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent option for keeping data in the cloud as well as synchronising various devices across systems. 

To get going, just create an account and upload various files totalling up to 2GB of cloud space for a brief assignment. Furthermore, there are several ways to increase your Dropbox storage capacity, such as inviting friends or using discounts.

So, if Apple’s iCloud is no longer an option for storing information, moving to Dropbox is a prudent choice to sync essential papers, even on non-Apple devices. It is one of the best Mac apps for students if you need an alternative for the iCloud service. 

9. Capto

Capto is a single-stop solution for screen capture, recording, and video creation. It offers a versatile picture capture option, allowing you to grab a snapshot of a complete display, a select portion of it, or an entire rolling website on your Mac with a single click.

It provides pupils with an ideal tool for producing informative and appealing captures. Thanks to its excellent video recording capabilities, making a video guide was never more accessible. 

Students may use Capto to capture films of their Mac display, chop or link them all together, annotate them as needed, and then alter audio files. Ultimately, you can share your work with others by uploading it to an online learning site or YouTube. 

It is one of the best Mac apps for students who want to earn some extra income via YouTube or online teaching.

10. Paste

Paste manages the clipboard of your Mac. It is beneficial to pupils since they must regularly cope with various subjects and resources. This may be pretty daunting, so a primary and user-friendly organising tool can be really beneficial. 

Paste ensures that nothing they copy is ever lost, making it easy to access the saved data. Furthermore, the clips are saved on a series of pinboards that may be organised by subject, file format, date, or any other criterion.

This tool is handy during review weeks. While preparing research articles, learners have to digest large amounts of information at any time. It is one of the best Mac apps for students in terms of a cardboard tool. 

11. Evernote

Almost every list of the best Mac apps for students will contain Evernote. Evernote is a note-taking application that is based on cloud computing. It is widely prevalent among students because of the functionality and easy-to-use interface that makes note-making a thing of ease. 

However, a lot of students do not use this application because they still believe that the traditional handwritten note method is the best. Evernote provides you with a plethora of functions to make notes, maintain subject-wise notebooks, and manage your academics. 

You can also save doodles and rough scribbling on Evernote. It also allows you to add voice messages and complete web pages. You can add basically any file format to Evernote to make your notes impressive. 

It is a must-have application for students because it acts like a notebook that can store almost anything at any time. All you need to do is to open Evernote and get going. It is undoubtedly one of the best Macbook apps for students. 

12. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro has been one of the favorite organizer apps of students for quite some time now. It was initially designed for students to manage their class schedules, projects, thesis, and upcoming deadlines. 

It has a clean user interface that is simple enough for beginners. Thus, it lets you meet your deadlines and keep up with your studies without any hassles. Also, since the UI is clean, there are fewer distractions. Thus, you can work with more focus. 

The best part about iStudiez Pro is that it keeps your material synced across platforms, be it Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. All your data is synchronized as soon as it is entered into the application. Thus, you do not need to worry about accessing your information on other devices. 

13. Giphy Capture

Giphy Capture is an application that allows you to create GIFs from videos, photos, or anything else that is occurring on your display. One may ask how a gif may be used for educational purposes.

Gifs have undeniable explanatory power. How-to’s, guidelines, and demonstrations, basically anything that is simpler to demonstrate in a single moving image than to convey in multiple lines of text, can be easily shown via GIFs.

While you may also make videos on them, creating a video is a sophisticated and time-consuming procedure. Gifs allow you to convey the same precise information with less effort and contain guidelines as text, which is more advantageous for visual learners.

This software is ideal for both instructors and students who want to display their work and share information with the classroom in a fun and engaging way. It is one of the best Macbook apps for students who want to create GIFs for any reason. 


I have been a student too, and some of these applications have helped me a lot personally. 

I have tried to include some of the most popular and utility applications beneficial for students. It includes organizing tools, note-taking software, cloud services, and professional writing applications to cater to the needs of various students. 

Some of these apps might seem a bit expensive to you, but once you get the hang of them, they will surely make your life as a student a lot easier. In this article, you are bound to find something helpful for you, even if you are not a student. 

I hope you find this article informative, and I expect you to share it with your friends and fellow students. 

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