10 Best Karaoke App for iPhone: Sing Your Fav Songs

Best Karaoke App for iPhone

Karaoke is a fun activity for all ages, and with the right app, you can have a karaoke party anywhere. We’ve found the best iPhone karaoke apps to help you find your favorite songs and sing them at top volume without bothering anyone else.

This way, you don’t need to worry about skipping your favorite song on stage in front of everyone! So without wasting time, let’s see what’s next.

Best Karaoke App for iPhone

1. Yokee

So what if you are not limited to just one genre of music. You simply need to find an app that comprises different genres. If that’s what you are looking for, then the Yokee app can be the best karaoke app.  

You can get this iPad karaoke app from the Apple app store as well as Google Play. No matter which genre you seek, Yokee has it all!  

Almost every tune, every soundtrack is available on this iPad karaoke app.  There is too little chance that you won’t find the tune you’re seeking. This free karaoke app for iPhone also allows its users to record themselves singing.

On days when you don’t find the kick in metal, hip-hop, rock, or rapping, you can switch to country music or classical. Even romance is a good choice! Your children will love this app as it has a separate genre of children’s music. 

Moreover, you can also connect to other users and share your music with this free Karaoke app. The social interface of this app is a striking feature! 


  • Almost every genre available
  • Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play 
  • Free karaoke app

2. Voloco


If singing is your hobby, and you love sharing it on your social media, then the Voloco app is one of the best karaoke apps for you. Voloco karaoke app is one of the best apps for iPad and iPhone.

What makes Voloco one of the best karaoke apps for iPhone is its outstanding features such as automatic scaling, vocal refining, and the vocoding feature that could enhance your singing experiences and let you get the most out of it. 

With the Voloco iPad karaoke app, creating music videos becomes a natural play. When you share the music videos or audios created on this app on your social handles, the flood of likes and comments will be proof of how great this app works for you. 

It’s no rocket science; you have to select the song or rap and get going with the lyrics. You can choose them either from your personal library of music or Voloco’s huge free track collection. The iPad karaoke app will predict the song’s scale and adjust your vocals accordingly. 


  • Autoscaling
  • Voice refining
  • Huge track collection

3. The Voice- Singing Karaoke

the voice

Do you wish to perform on a stage in front of a live audience? You love competition but are just nervous about the judges? Well, then, the Voice- Singing Karaoke is the best karaoke app that will fit your needs.

This free karaoke app lets you practice different techniques, your melodic vocals and gives you a feel as if you are in front of the panelists from The Voice! It is one of the best karaoke apps for the iPhone if you want to polish your skills for stage performance. 

Are you planning for a karaoke night? This app has all the necessary features you would need to make your karaoke night an everlasting memory.

If you have guests or want to compete with strangers or even perform a duet with your loved one, this karaoke app has some lovely duet tracks for you.  

You will feel like a professional singer with the visual and vocal enhancements offered by the Voice karaoke app. You’ll be set for the spotlight in no time with this app.


  • Vocal and visual enhancement features
  • Excellent for practicing
  • You can perform duets 

4. Singly Karaoke

Is it hard for you to let go of the mic to your friend when you start singing? Well, you don’t have to share your mic anymore. 

The Singly karaoke app solves your problem. With this karaoke also for iPhone, you can sit at your own home and sing together live. No more struggles for reading the lyrics through a single screen. Each one gets their own copies!

Easy to use; all you have to do is install the Singly Karaoke app on everyone’s iPhone. You are all set for a fantastic karaoke experience as your friends join the party you’ve hosted through this app.

With this app, creating your own playlist is possible. Also, you can appreciate each other’s performances on the chat. You can also sync your app with Bluetooth speakers for louder sound. 

Though you can enjoy this app for free, upgrading it to the premium has its own benefits. By upgrading the Singly iPad karaoke app, you can host unlimited karaoke parties, and the fun never ends! 


  • Easy to use
  • Weekly, monthly, annual subscription plans
  • Allows to host singing parties
  • Can create your own playlists.

5. iSing 

Singing becomes more fun when you have the soundtrack to back your lyrics. The iSing app is one of the karaoke apps specially made for iPhones and iPad. 

For beginners, the iSing app is an ideal assistant that would aid you in analyzing your singing and improving it. While this karaoke app for iPhone also helps you prepare for your upcoming concert. 

With this karaoke app for iPhone, you can also understand how well you are performing while having fun at the same time. 

The iSing app allows you to sing your favorite songs along with instrumental music by musicians. Not just perform, but you can even sing and record the songs in your voice over these soundtracks. 

The iSing karaoke app for iPad gives you a realistic karaoke experience as it allows you to connect to your iTunes collection and select a track.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Analyses your singing
  • Can connect to iTunes

6. Smule- Social Singing App

Smule- Social Singing App

If you love socialising and singing simultaneously, connecting to other singers around the globe might sound like music to your ears! The Smule app does exactly that for you. 

The Smule iPad karaoke app allows you to finger other singers from different countries and sing together with them. Smule has a reputation for having the most innovative music software at present, thus making it one of the best karaoke apps for iPhone.

This karaoke app offers you a vast music collection, and also you can share your music with other members from around the corner of the world. Also, this app aids you with voice enhancement and refining so that you can sound like an absolute pro.

With this app, you can perform the songs of the most prominent faces in the music industry, such as Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars! 


  • Voice enhancement
  • Socialize with other singers 
  • Vast music collection
  • Most innovative features

7. Magicsing

The Magicsing app provides you with MIDI music instead of just recorded music so that you get the most out of your experience. The Magicsing free karaoke app for iPhone is ideal for singers who know the depth of the tone, tempo, and melody. 

You can have fun while singing on this app and experience real-time post-production. You can adjust the instrumentals and the audio according to your needs and make it yours! 

This iPad karaoke app provides you with an extensive soundtrack library of about 200000+ songs updated regularly so that you don’t miss any new releases you want to try. 

The in-built equalizer of this karaoke app for iPhone helps you reach on par with a full-fledged sensational singer like Justin Beiber or Katie Perry. 


  • Over 200000+ music library
  • In-built equaliser
  • Adjust tone, tempo, and melody 

8. Karafun 

A Singer’s night sounds like a musical plan. If you are planning on throwing such a party, then the Karafun Karaoke app is something you must have!  

Karafun is an ideal app for beginners; as with this karaoke app for iPhone, you can adjust the song’s pitch to a higher scale or lower and sing as you like it.

The massive playlist offered by Karafun includes 45,000 soundtracks with top-notch quality! You can use this app in both free as well as paid versions. The paid version of this app is stuffed with some remarkable features.

 You don’t have to worry that the soundtrack is incomplete if you have the free version. You still get a vast library of complete full-length songs that you can enjoy. If you go for the paid version, you get a complete set of 35000 soundtracks. 

You can create your list of favorite songs and even download them offline. 


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Top-notch quality soundtracks
  • It offers around 45000 songs 

9. Singulaa 

Singulaa karaoke app is one of the top-rated karaoke apps for iPhone and iPad. The singulaa karaoke app comprises a robotic voice tuning technology that auto-tunes your voice according to the demands of the soundtrack and blends it completely. 

You can record your singing and hear it to better understand your voice and music and learn from it. Also, with this iPad karaoke app, you can share your recorded music tracks with others.

Moreover, you can also remove the vocal phrases of the soundtracks and keep the instrumental music for yourself, thanks to the vocal removal feature.

Singulaa offers you some brilliant features like pitch correction, chorus effect, and auto-tuning. Using these features, you can enhance your music experience and enjoy it to the fullest. 

This app isn’t available with a free version, but the minimum purchase fee is worth this app. 


  • Excellent features
  • You can record your singing
  • The top-rated app for iPhone

10. Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons 

Are you a freshly started singer and intend to hone your skills so that you can make it to the top? If you are absolutely determined to learn singing from scratch, then Learn to Sing Karaoke app is the best karaoke app for you. 

You can learn singing right from the very basics as this app provides you with a list of warm-up exercises that can help you train your vocal cords for singing.  This karaoke app for iPhone includes around 1000 vocal and ear training exercises.

The Learn To Sing app consists of a specialized training program for singers that helps them analyze their vocal pitch and accuracy and provides tips to hone their skills. 

Moreover, you can not only train your vocal cords but also have some fun with your favorite songs and have a delightful experience. While you record your songs, you can enhance them by adding photos and audio effects to make them more harmonious and amusing. 


  • Includes over 1000 training exercises
  • Ideal for beginners to learn music
  • Specialized training program for singers

Final words

If you love to sing, then what are you waiting for! You can save yourself from boredom by picking one of these fantastic karaoke apps for iPhones and iPads, and you are all set to have a fabulous time! 

Tell us how your experience with these karaoke apps for iPhones and iPads was and which one is your favourite! 

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