10 Best Javascript Editors for Mac

Best Javascript Editors for Mac

What are the best JavaScript IDE Mac?

It is possible to use a powerful IDE for free, as well as a substantial expensive one. Many code editors have similar features to IDEs.

Today, JavaScript is widely used to develop frontends. Developers are quite attracted to this technology as it’s one of the most popular.

Progressive web applications and Native Script reduce the cost of development.

Similarly, JavaScript has many tools built specifically for it, just as any well-designed programming language would.

JavaScript editors as well as IDEs are among them.

Due to their abundance, you may wonder how to select the right one. Unfortunately, you cannot. It depends on the project’s requirements and the individual’s preferences.

Can you recommend a good IDE for JavaScript? What should I choose?

In our opinion, there is no such thing as the best JavaScript IDE. That’s why we selected our favorite.

Check them out and make your choice. There are a lot of different tools for different jobs. It is important to take into account first the user’s skills, set of features, and personal preferences.

What is your work environment like? Are you developing alone or are you working with a large group? Are you a minimalist or do you like to customize your tool to a tee for comfort and functionality?

Is the project going to be big enough for a beast machine and tons of packages?

Maybe you need an editor to go through code on your phone or something to develop websites on your laptop? There are plenty of solutions available.

What is the best JS IDE based on your intended use and style of coding? We explore the options in this article.

What is an IDE?

A development environment known as an IDE aids in the creation of apps. It is typically used to edit code, debug, and automate tasks.

IDEs simplify the work of developers. In an IDE, all work can be done in one place.

Consoles and terminals made the use of IDEs possible. Software of this kind was technically impossible before.

Many people can work simultaneously on a project using IDEs in large work environments. It is even possible to work on the same code piece at the same time with some of them.

Then add a great user interface for managing and navigating massive projects’ code.

The best JavaScript IDEs are equipped with great tools for automating code writing, testing, and debugging. Therefore, they are cost-effective for businesses of any size.

How does an IDE differ from an editor?

IDEs have rich debugging features, while JavaScript editors do not. ALM systems like GitHub and Git support IDEs as well.

With the exception of a few code editors, these systems are now supported by most of them, so the difference is not so great.

JavaScript IDEs are excellent in many ways. Among them are that they improve development efficiency and speed up the process. They also enable instantaneous testing of features.

In spite of this however, code editors are still popular because they are generally free to download. As well as being lighter and quicker, they are also less resource-hungry, making them more suitable for laptops and smartphones.

Additionally, code editors are getting a portion of IDE functionality as well. As a result, they become IDE-like platforms (their previous state was spiced-up notepads).

Best JavaScript IDEs for Mac you should check out

The following is a list of the best JavaScript IDEs. Here are their main advantages and disadvantages to make a choice easier for you.

1. Visual Studio Code

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Visual studio code- best javascript editors for Mac

The free HTML IDE Visual Studio Code comes from Microsoft. Typscript, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and C++ are supported. VS Code, developed by the Redmond-based company, has become a serious product with a large following and has made many Sublime Text users forget about their old favorite.

There is an available version of Visual Studio Code for Windows, macOS, and even Linux. It is possible to work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Extensions for VS Code make it easy to extend its functionality. Changes can also be made to the visual appearance of the website by using themes. VS Code has excellent syntax highlighting and code completion and works directly with Github.

The VS Code update cycle lasts four weeks. Month after month, the changelog is extensive.

The product is being developed vigorously, taking into account the wishes of the user community.

The Javascript editor does not neglect user support as well as optical and functional expansion options. Beginners are provided with video tutorials and detailed documentation.


  • There is no charge for using it.
  • Provides many features including solution explorer, source control, debugger, extensions area.
  • Provides support for a terminal inside a window.
  • Core development in .Net is good.


  • Due to its minimalistic nature, it is a bit tricky.
  • Its functionality is limited and it is not suited for large projects.

2. Eclipse

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Eclipse editor for Javascript

Free and open source, it is an ideal development environment for both novice and experienced developers. In addition to C, C++, Fortran, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby,

Eclipse also supports other programming languages.

Eclipse also comes with Java and a plugin tool in addition to debugging tools and Git/CVS support.

Originally, Eclipse was used for Java only, but with the advent of plugins and extensions, its functions have greatly expanded. Eclipse is popular among developers due to its ability to be extended by its modules.

Despite Eclipse’s smaller functionality than IntelliJ IDEA, this is a distributed open-source development environment.


  • Programming skills in a variety of languages.
  • Due to its modularity, the environment is highly flexible.
  • JUnit integration capability.
  • Debugging from a remote location (when using JVM).
  • Syntax coloring is available through the plugin aCute (for C#).
  • The language server offers code completion.
  • After declaring variables, classes, and methods, you can move on to creating them.
  • The integrated development environment allows you to develop a complete version of the main .net project without leaving it.
  • Microsoft test and xUnit projects can be run directly from the IDE.


  • For newcomers, the range of possibilities can be confusing.
  • As a community-driven plugin, it cannot be guaranteed to perform well every time.

3. NetBeans

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Apache Netbeans javascript editor for Mac

Like Eclipse, this IDE supports additional languages in addition to Java. Supported languages include Java, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C/C++, and CSS3.

With its drag and drop builder, Netbeans can accelerate desktop application development. However, performance is an issue. Large projects can cause Netbeans to lag. Netbeans is also a free code editor.


  • The interface is easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A dynamic library and a static library.
  • Ability to develop remotely.
  • Support for Qt.
  • Supports multiple compilers, including LLVM, CLang, GNU, MinGW, and Oracle Solaris Studio.


This environment is slow on some machines because NetBeans requires a lot of memory.

4. Atom

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Atom javascript editor for Mac

Since Atom is deeply integrated with GitHub, it has become an extremely popular editor.
There is no way around Atom if you work on web projects in GitHub: The open-source editor was created by GitHub and is tightly integrated with the platform.

It is still possible to implement a web project with Atom, which is a complete Javascript editor.

A few practical features of Atom include a permanent list of all project files or splitting code windows quickly. This makes editing extremely fast and clear. It also offers functions for team collaboration on project files, making it ideal for teams.


  • You can use it for free.
  • Platform-independent.
  • Switching between files is instant.
  • You can customize the theme to fit your needs.
  • There are packages. There is a package manager built into Atom.
  • An interactive command-line. Two new command-line commands are added when Atom is installed, atom and apm. Both the application itself and the Atom package manager are launched the first time.
  • A variety of components can be added and removed from the package list.


  • If you are used to making quick changes to your files, you will find that atom is very slow to start.
  • Usually, when you try to edit large text files, it crashes or freezes, so it’s less useful as a regular text editor.

5. Vim

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

VIM is a powerful and free code editor. There was a text editor called Vi that was the first developed for Unix. Its capabilities were subsequently greatly enhanced.

The result was Vim. Most Linux distributions include this Javascript editor.

The lightweight, search-enabled software has syntax highlighting and search capabilities. The software is capable of handling large files as well. Nevertheless, setting it up will take a while.

There is a graphical interface in VIM, but it is not enabled by default. It is also not enabled by default. The default control method in Vim is the keyboard.

When you get to know Vim inside and out, it can be an excellent IDE. It’s probably not the best choice if you’re pressed for time.


  • Almost any operating system can be installed, even those that you haven’t heard of, such as Amiga;
  • You can customize the editor settings according to your needs.


  • It is a terminal that is extremely fast, but is hard to learn due to its speed.

6. Light Table

Platforms: macOS
Price: Free /Open Source

light table- best javascript edtitors for mac

Since its Kickstarter launch in 2012, Light Table has raised over $300,000 and is still going strong. Almost any operating system can use it. Users of OS X, however, must take some additional steps in the installation process.

You can still perform a fuzzy search with Light Table’s command palette and streamlined user interface and save clutter. Based on ClojureScript, the application currently supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Clojure, and ClojureScript.

Inline evaluation is easy with Light Table. In other words, viewing your results does not require you to use the console.

In addition, you can embed graphics, games, and visualizations into the Light Table according to your project needs.

The Light Table has a built-in plugin manager (accessible from View> Plugin Manager), and you can choose from a variety of other plugins as well.


  • Score inline
  • Manager of powerful plugins
  • Easy to customize
  • Fast, easy-to-use interface
  • Open-source and free


  • PHP is not supported by default, so some extra steps are required for WordPress development (you can use PHP plugins, for example).

7. Aptana Studio

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Aptana Studio- best ide for javascripts

In addition to being a powerful web development IDE, Aptana Studio provides web hosting and collaboration functionality. Together, you can accomplish more.

With this IDE, you’ll be able to work with PHP, CSS, and FTP, among other things.

In terms of web development, it is the best IDE. All operating systems are compatible with the editor.


  • There are several JavaScript libraries.
  • The debugger is built-in,terminal,
  • Synchronizing FTP,
  • In addition to auto-completion and error checking, Aptana also provides standard functions for applications in this area.


  • Assistance with JS code.
  • You can get support online
  • Eclipse plugin and standalone versions are available.
  • Displays that are HTML5-aware are able to determine which tags are supported by which browsers.
  • Support for the development of web applications.
  • Provides a terminal emulator that can be used to run commands.
  • GPL-licensed software available for free on GitHub.
  • Git support is available.


  • In the enclosed project mode, work is slow.
  • Sometimes it crashes and hangs.
  • There are some requirements for JDK, Eclipse and Git.

8. AWS Cloud9

Platforms: macOS
Price: If you are interested in pricing, you can use the website’s calculator. Prices start at 29 dollars per month.

AWS Cloud 9- Javascript editor for Mac

There is an IDE from Amazon called AWS Cloud9, and it supports more than 40 languages including Javascript, C, C++, CoffeeScript, Go, Java, PHP, Python (2 & 3), and Ruby.

Default libraries, SDKs, and plugins that are required to build serverless applications are available in this online Javascript IDE.

A managed Amazon EC2 instance hosting the development environment is accessible via Cloud9’s terminal, which provides sudo access.

The development environment is also accessible via an AWS CLI with pre-configured authentication. This provides direct access to Amazon Web Services and enables quick execution of various commands.

Development environments can be separated so that project resources can be isolated.

With the free version, you will get 1GB RAM plus 1vCPU, Amazon Linux or Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, a chat window, and access to SSH.


  • JavaScript, PHP, and Python are fully supported.
  • You can autocomplete the code here, highlight errors, use debug mode, navigate within the code, and search for files and functions. There has been a lot of progress for scripting languages.
  • It provides FTP connectivity as well as SSH access to servers.
  • Suspend access. It is quite easy to customize your environment.
  • SVN and Git are already installed.
  • Chat built into the collaboration mode.
  • An integrated build system for scripting languages.


  • Java developers clearly do not like existing code debugging.
  • There are no restrictions on free accounts. Well, without them, you can’t get anywhere.

9. Brackets

Platforms: macOS
Price: free

Brackets javascript editor for Mac

Adobe Brackets is an HTML and JS editor similar to Atom. The interface of the editor is very elegant, with no unnecessary controls, and boasts being particularly modern.
Brackets is still a powerful tool from a functional standpoint.

Many languages can be supported by Brackets through the addition of extensions, which can be installed with a few clicks.

A plugin for WordPress development can help Adobe brackets score, among other things.


  • Google Chrome extensionL One of the main features of the Brackets editor is real-time communication with Google Chrome, as highlighted by many developers. With the help of this mechanism, the developer can see how everything will look immediately after the change is made in the browser.
  • For macOS, brackets is known as one of the best Javascript IDEs.
  • Hotkey system that has been extensively developed.
  • One of the key differences between Brackets and other JS editors is the Extract feature.
  • By using the extraction function, you can extract fonts, colors, dimensions, etc. directly from a PSD file with no reference to contextual code.


  • A limited number of extensions in comparison to other editors.
  • Server-side languages are not supported (Python, PHP, Ruby).

10. CodeLite

Platforms: macOS
Price: free and open source

Codelite IDE for Javascript

C, C++, Node.js, and PHP are all supported by CodeLite, which is an open-source development environment. For both Linux and Mac operating systems, and for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, there are versions available.

Due to CodeLite’s IDE nature, it will provide a more sophisticated environment for languages it supports, with the possibility of adding custom plugins.

However, it remains lightweight and simple to use despite its complexity.

IDE features include code completion, interactive debuggers, integrators, and general compiler support. Beginners can find CodeLite a bit overwhelming, but its superficial features are easy to understand.


  • Plugins of great use;
  • Memory footprint of 50 MB;
  • Platform-independent;
  • On Github, still actively developing;
  • Open-source software that is free.


  • The user interface is boring


All businesses became reliant on speed and quality. Whenever possible, you should improve the efficiency and speed of your project.

In 2022, the IDEs will be a great way to improve your development process. It will allow you to receive solutions within minutes and improve customer satisfaction.

The majority of IDEs allow online editing and tracking. By doing this, you will have a faster response time or be able to launch to production in a shorter time.

The result is that your product is faster, better, and less expensive to develop. Choosing the right IDE for you is as simple as deciding which one is best.

You now know the best one out of all of them! Please feel free to contact us if you prefer.

FAQ: Best Javascript IDE

Which Jetbrains IDE is best for JavaScript development?

Ans: Jetbrains’ Webstorm IDE is without a doubt the best for JS. You can use it for JavaScript development, TypeScript development, and web framework development with code completion and refactorings.

What is the best IDE for HTML development?

Ans: Working with HTML can be done with any of our Javascript editors. For this reason, using the free IDE makes the most sense.

These include Atom, Visual Studio Code, and even Notepad++. As an HTML IDE, Sublime Text is recommended if you need more features.

Are there any good IDEs for web development?

Ans: The first thing you need to do is specify your requirements and expectations. If one IDE suits a particular person, it doesn’t mean it will suit you.

Choose the IDE that is right for you after reviewing all advantages and disadvantages.

There are several free text editors we can recommend, including Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets, and VSC. Webstorm and Phpstorm have more valuable features.

Does Notepad ++ support JavaScript?

Ans: Definitely! Simple and easy-to-use, Notepad ++ is an open-source editor. JS syntax highlighting is included, along with auto-formatting and auto-completion.

Navigation is provided by tabs, a file manager, and a code map. Different encodings can be used, compilers can be connected, plugins can be used, and more.

By adding QuickText to Notepad ++, you can improve built-in auto-completion, for instance. Notepad ++ is regularly updated, so it fixes bugs and adds new capabilities rapidly. Sadly, it is a Windows-only application.

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