Best iPhone Shortcuts To Simplify Daily Tasks

Best iPhone Shortcuts To Simplify Daily Tasks

The Shortcuts application was first made available on the App Store in 2014. Since then, it has provided a lot of utility shortcuts for iPhone users, like creating custom GIFs and downloading YouTube videos.

Also, you can download some third-party applications on your iPhone, which further enhance the capabilities of this Shortcut application.

You can allow third-party shortcuts from the Settings of your iPhone easily. With the numerous options provided by this application, users often get confused when they think about the best iOS shortcuts. Here is a list of the best iPhone shortcuts for you.

Best iPhone Shortcuts You Must Use

Web Clipper on Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a fantastic software for keeping track of your thoughts. You may use Notes to scribble down your supermarket list, draw a quick art piece, or even write your first book.  However, a function that every iPhone user hoped for on this program is a basic web clipper.

The following shortcut will enable you to quickly copy the content of an internet article to a new Note. It works in the given way.

  • To begin, copy the URL to the clipboard on your device and then execute the shortcut from the Shortcuts app.
  • Then relax as the procedure imports the text into your Notes.
  • This shortcut will also look for the authentic text and input information such as the author, article’s title, and publication date, among other things.

It is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for anyone who needs to surf the internet for facts and data. It is handy for students to jot down notes.

Play your favorite music in just one tap

With a single swipe, you can start your favorite music anytime you want, from anywhere you want.

You won’t have to pause your exercise to access the Apple Music app or browse your Apple Watch to access the playlist.

When you launch this shortcut, you decide which playlist you want to listen to. You may also activate the shuffle and loop functions.

Unlike several shortcuts, this one does not display any alerts or prompts requesting information.

All you have to do is configure the shortcut, and your music will start playing as soon as you open it.

If you are a music lover who enjoys music on the go, this is one of the best iOS shortcuts for you.

music in just one tap

Stay updated about the world

There were not many means to acquire the newest news in previous times. You could watch television, go through the newspaper, or chat to a buddy who had the inside scoop, and that was about it.

Almost every news article can now be read and devoured in no time on your iPhones. But, as previously said, our timetables are more jam-packed than before.

You may utilize this shortcut to stay updated with current affairs and international events but don’t have time to sift through several news feeds.

Configure this process to see RSS feeds from media sources of your choice. After that, you will be able to read all the articles that are meant for you from your iPhone’s home screen.

This is one of the best shortcuts for iPhones to stay updated.

RSS feeds

Make custom GIFs on your iPhone

A couple of shortcuts may be used to create a GIF on your iPhone: Shoot A GIF and Video to GIF. Shoot a GI, .for example, captures many images and converts them into a GIF.

You may change the number of photographs necessary, how much time is given to every picture in the GIF, whether it should loop, and more.

The alternate option is to convert a video to a GIF. This one turns videos from the device’s storage into GIF files. It allows you to cut the video to make a GIF of any footage.

Both shortcuts allow you to erase the previous action and replace it with whatever you desire.

For instance, you may download the GIF on your iPhone or forward it to anyone Both of them are the best shortcuts for iPhones if you enjoy creating GIFs.

Make custom GIFs

Find out the location of a picture

If you want to know where a pic was taken, you can use this shortcut to extract the GPS coordinates from it.

That’s not all it can accomplish. It also indicates when the photograph was captured and how far it is from your present position if the distance is more significant than a mile.

Then it will launch a navigation tool to show the address on a map.

You may put distance filters on your search to prevent the shortcut from providing more excellent or more minor results than the value you have entered. You can also change the message wording.

This is one of the best iPhone shortcuts to find out the location of a picture.

Find out the location of a picture

Check out a product on Amazon quickly

It is common to notice a product at a supermarket, discover it pricey, and then search it up on Amazon.

Rather than opening the Amazon website, typing in the product name, and sifting through hundreds of choices, this shortcut can be utilized to scan a barcode and have Amazon search for it instantly.

It is swift and convenient and is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for people who use Amazon frequently.

Birthday Alerts

This routine collects all contacts on your smartphone who have birthdays in the upcoming week and organizes them into a single list.

If you tweak it to include future birthdays, this is a terrific method to be aware of any planned events in the following days or months.

You can improve this program to alter the number of contacts displayed in the notification, alter what the notification displays, specify when the birthday appears in the list and categorize the names.

It is one of the best iPhone shortcuts if you are horrible at remembering birthdays.

Birthday Alerts

Shoot videos secretly for future references

We hope you never find yourself in a circumstance where you need to use this shortcut. But if you land in such a situation, this shortcut will not disappoint you.

The “Police” shortcut allows you to record talks and altercations between you and other individuals easily.

The term comes from the fact that it was initially intended to record encounters between civilians and personnel of the police force.

It may, however, be used to capture any interaction that you think is essential.

You just tell the process to start when you say a given command. When Siri hears the keywords, it will activate your iPhone’s camera, capture what is visible, and forward the clip to the contact picked by you while setting up the shortcut.

Record audios and send them to any contact

This iOS shortcut for Record and Send is intended for use in situations when you cannot publicly call or text for assistance. It enables the DND mode on your iPhone and records all the microphone catches.

You need to activate the program, and things take care of themselves in the backdrop. Alternatively, if you have time to watch your screen, press to halt the recording early, and the remainder will be completed automatically.

Begin the shortcut, then lay the phone down or place it in your pocket or backpack. It records for as long as you specify and then saves the recording to your cloud service.

It then texts the recording’s cloud link along with more relevant details to the contacts of your choice.

You may also utilize this iOS shortcut to capture speech samples when driving or strolling and prefer to be hands-free.

If you use this method, transmit the recording to yourself or store it to Dropbox without sharing the link.

Record audios and send them to any contact

Set up custom Speed Dial

If you contact the same individuals repeatedly, utilize the Speed Dial shortcut to compile a list of those numbers save it like a home display shortcut.

If more than one phone number is reserved, you are allowed to choose whom to contact. Otherwise, it will urge you to call the only contact you have saved.

Apart from the icon and name, you do not have a lot to alter with this easy-to-use procedure, but it’s pretty handy.

When executing the shortcut, you can choose any contact or input any phone number. It is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for anyone who calls frequently.

Download YouTube videos

We’ve all wanted to download YouTube videos at some point in our lives. It is not challenging to discover a way to store YouTube videos on a desktop computer, but doing it on an iPhone is more challenging.

This Shortcut enables you to accomplish this without too much difficulty. It is one of the best iPhone shortcuts that there are.

However, it should be emphasized that it is unlawful to download any YouTube videos that you do not own before using this method. I do not advocate that anyone download YouTube videos to which they do not have the rights.

However, you may use the YouTube app to download YouTube content in video or audio format after it is loaded.

Simply press the Share icon beneath a YouTube video, then More, and choose JAYD from the list of alternatives. “JAYD” stands for “Just Another YouTube Downloader.”

When you run this Shortcut for the first time, you’ll be prompted to grant it a slew of permissions.

This is because it must communicate data from the YouTube app to multiple online apps and store video and music to your Photos app.

Because this might be exploited for harmful reasons, all of this requires authorization.

JAYD’s operation

This is by far one of the most challenging Shortcuts I’ve ever encountered. The Shortcuts app may be simple, but it does not imply that your Shortcuts must be. Only your imagination and experience restrict you.

This software relies on both of these to achieve its objectives. Again, expertise will play a role here since you may not know any apps that can execute the tasks you want.

However, doing some study and posting on Reddit and Stack Exchange should aid you along the way.

Amazon Price History

Amazon’s goods prices change so much that you never know if you’re getting a good bargain or not.

The Amazon Price History shortcut, on the other hand, is coming to change all of that. The shortcut will essentially collect data from and provide you with a pricing history chart for the product you are interested in.

The chart shows if the current asking price of the product is by its historical pricing. If the price is too high, you can wait a few days before purchasing the product to avoid losing money.

Now, let’s look at how you may put this shortcut to use:

  • If you haven’t previously done so, download and install the Shortcuts app from the App Store.
  • After you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, go to the link and hit the “Get Shortcut” button to get the “Amazon Price History” shortcut.
  • Simply launch the Amazon app and select the goods you want to purchase. Just scroll down and touch on the “Share button.”
  • Tap the “Shortcuts” button on the sharing sheet.
  • On the following page, click the “Amazon Price History” shortcut. Soon, you will have the price graph on your display.

As a result, you now know the best pricing for the goods you desire. This is one of the best iPhone shortcuts to know the best pricing of any goods on Amazon.

Amazon Price History

Get travel time for anywhere

You choose an address and then select this Shortcut from the menu bar. When you launch the application, it will enter the location into Maps, calculate the driving time from your present position to that address, and return the travel hours to you.

This is an excellent method to determine how far a location is from Sms, Google Search, a business’s website, and other services.

You may receive the travel time without manually entering the address into the Maps app.

As previously said, this method is essential. It extracts the location from the text you’ve chosen, sends it to Maps, calculates the driving hours using built-in Maps operations, and provides you a notice with the driving time.

It then provides you with either dismissing the Shortcut or navigating to that location. If you go to that location, it simply provides the address parameter to Maps and obtains directions.

Get travel time for anywhere Best iPhone Shortcuts

This Shortcut is beneficial because of two reasons.

First, it demonstrates how to leverage system alerts to present valuable details without switching programs instantly.

You may use this technique to comparable tasks such as determining the run time of a video or song.

The second intriguing aspect at work here is how it begins the workflow using the Shortcut Input variable. It uses the input from the moment you execute it to finish the Shortcut.

This makes it appear more natural and smooth as if this shortcut was an in-built iPhone function.

You can also download some third-party applications that can provide you with a lot more shortcuts.

Best third-party Shortcut applications for iPhones

Photo Converter

If you have ever felt the need to convert image files from one format to another on your iPhone, this is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for you.

It lets you convert pictures to JPEG, PNG, and other major picture formats easily.

This shortcut is handy when transferring pictures in different file formats to Android phones.

Multiple Alarms

If you sleep like a baby and need at least five to seven alarms to eventually get out of bed, this is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for you.  

This easy-to-use Shortcut allows you to set numerous alarms with one press. You must indicate the time of the first alarm, the number of alerts to be fixed, and the interval between two consecutive alarms.

Social Media Downloader

We have all had the experience of needing to post a Twitter clip on a WhatsApp group, but saving and uploading the video is a pain.

This easy social media downloader sits on your Share panel. Before saving them to Photos, it undertakes photographs and videos from many social network apps like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Random Wallpaper

Many people desire to have a function just like the daily wallpaper service in Windows. Thanks to this Shortcut, the same service is now available on the iPhone.

It makes use of the Lorem Picsum service to retrieve wallpapers in the correct quality and size for your iPhone, whether it is an iPhone SE or an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It is also accessible in several languages. It can play wallpapers on repeat throughout all day. If you enjoy refreshing wallpapers, it is one of the best iPhone shortcuts for you.

Random Wallpaper Best iPhone Shortcuts


Thus, our list of the best shortcuts for iPhones is complete. We have included some of the most utility shortcuts, in addition to a few third-party applications, keeping in mind what the majority of users demand.

You do not have to be afraid about data privacy and security for these shortcuts because they are Apple recommended. These best iOS shortcuts aim to save effort and time and improve your iOS experience.

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