12 Best MagSafe Wallets for iPhone 14, 13 and 12 lineup in 2023

Best MagSafe Wallets for iPhone

We have put together a list of the best iPhone MagSafe wallets on the interweb. Refer to our list of best iPhone MagSafe wallets for your iPhone 14, 13, or 12 devices if you are searching for one.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is a wireless power transfer technology introduced by Apple. MagSafe is a single Charging. It is a mounting system technology and a charging system that unlocks definite potential for accessory manufacturers.

Wireless charging is one of the major benefits of MagSafe. MagSafe has also unlocked new possibilities for phone cases.

Apple has started wireless charging along with mounting different accessories. They have integrated MagSafe at the back of their case allowing the users to have access to use MagSafe accessories.

A MagSafe charger has a magnetometer and single-coil NFC reader, allowing the phone to communicate with accessories in ways that haven’t been accomplished before.

MagSafe can be used in developing accessories such as mounts, chargers or wallets.

In this article, we have put together a list of MagSafe-enabled wallets that you can get for your iPhone 12 series.

The below enlisted MagSafe iPhone wallets go perfectly well with iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 pro-Max. Each of these wallets will let you carry cards with you, keeping them close to your phone all time.

MagSafe wallets are a stylish and functional way to protect your phone and turn your iPhone into a slim wallet. MagSafe wallets are great for carrying around your cards.

Let’s look at some of the most popular and most recommended Magsafe wallets for the iPhone 13 & 12 series.

Some of the below enlisted MagSafe wallets are compatible with other devices/ cases also. 

Top iPhone MagSafe Wallets you can explore and buy

Let’s learn more and check out the best MagSafe wallets for the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and 12 models.

1. Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe    – Editor’s Choice

Boy, isn’t this the cover wallet that introduced an excellent idea of having a wallet with MagSafe? Apple has nailed it with their new accessories with MagSafe perfecting a difficult accessory category.

Apple leather wallet with MagSafe is designed to complement iPhone 13/ 13 Pro. The texture is soft to touch and its leather exterior feels great in hand. The wallet has a built-in magnet that aligns perfectly with iPhone 13/ 13 Pro. The wallet attaches and detaches easily.

The apple wallet has inbuilt magnets that allow it to effortlessly snap into the place on the back of an iPhone.   


  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Made of Polycarbonate material.
  • Good quality and design.
  • Looks and feels great.
  • Useful for carrying cards.


  • Expensive compared to other Magsafe Wallets.
  • It only stores two cards.

2. Popsockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe

The classic Pop Socket got even better with MagSafe. We know PopSocket has been around for years. Nd with PopWallet+ for MagSafe has an incredibly powerful hold.

The wallet comes with a PopSocket plus a wallet which can be used to store up to three cards. The Popsocket standard version comes with an adhesive that glues to the iPhone. 

PopSockets PopWallet has five different colors and designs. The wallet retails for $40, which is $15 more than the original PopSocket version. Another version of Popsocket is the Popgrip that is built for iPhone12 and comes with a strong magnetic hold. 


  • String magnets. 
  • Hold up to three cards.
  • With PopSocket, it doubles the phone grip.
  • Protects cards from a magnet.
  • The wallet is compatible with PopTops and PopMounts.


  • Pricey compared to older PopSocket/ original Popsockets.
  • Limited colors and designs.
  • Cannot hold more than three cards.

3. Olinkit MagSafe Wallet

MagSafe is great for turning your iPhone into a wallet. With the Olinkit MagSafe wallet, you’d get a room for three-plus cards and even extra space to safely keep some cash.

Olinkit MagSafe wallet has an extra powerful magnet that secures the wallet attached to the phone. The Wallet has a thumb slot on the back ensuring easy access to your card pockets. 

The cardholder is compatible with every Apple case and perfect for every add-ons.


  • Stores more than three cards. 
  • Strong auto-aligning magnets.
  • Easy access thumb – slot.
  • Twelve-month warranty. 


  •  Doesn’t hold more than three cards.

4. MOFT Snap-on wallet

MOFT Snap-on Wallet has the most innovative design. The MOFT MagSafe wallet has taken Apple’s original MagSafe wallet design and has added improved functionality.

The wallet has the inclusion of a fold-out, extendable body which converts the wallet into a stand enabling your iPhone to prop up on an extendable/ foldable stand. 

MOFT wallet will keep your cards extra safe as it has a Flip Down revel system. The Wallet is capable of carrying three cards and there are three different viewing modes for the stand.


  • Most innovative design.
  • Extra safety with flip-down revel system.
  • Carries three cards.
  • Multiple stand modes.
  • Doubles the phone grip.
  • Slim and sleek.


  • Not too strong magnets.
  • Pulling cards out of the wallet needs both hands.

5. Spigen MagSafe Cardholder Smart Fold Wallet

Spigen MagSafe card holder carries at least four cards. The wallet locks down your cards with its all-new transforming smart fold preventing you from losing cards by accident. The cardholder is sleek looking making it easy to slide in and out of pocket.

The wallet is made up of polyurethane leather. It has a tri-fold design that transforms the wallet into a kickstand.

While MOFT is known to be the better stand, Spigen is a better wallet.


  • Has a slim form factor.
  • Carries up to four cards.
  • Tri-fold design converts the wallet into a stand.
  • Very innovative.


  •  Only compatible with iPhone 12 series

6. Spigen Valentinus MagSafe Wallet

Unlike Spigen’s smart fold wallet, Spigen’s Valentinus MagSafe wallet doesn’t support smart fold, but it evidently locks your cards for everyday grinds. Spigen Valentinus wallet is crafted with an extra card access cut-out which makes the wallet well-performed coming to its convenience and functionality.

The Spigen Valentinus wallet is compatible with iPhone 12 series, MagArmor case, and Apple MagSafe case.


  • Gives easy access to cards with an additional access port
  • Made with vegan faux leather. The wallet is capable of carrying up to two cards have a slim form that is easy to carry in your pocket and easy to take in and out of pocket
  • Compatible with MagSafe iPhone 12 series


  •  It is a tad bit pricey.
  •  Comes only in black color.

7. Sonix Customizable MagSafe wallet    

Sonix MagSafe Wallet works the same as Apple’s Magsafe wallet, only it is made of Faux leather not skimping on the quality.

Sonix wallet is made up of 50 % recycled material which makes it environment friendly. The Wallet has an in-built shield that prevents any damage to your cards. Casetify cases/ wallets are RFIES-proof.

It gently snaps right on the back of iPhone 12 series phones and is given room for two cards. The wallet comes in a variety of colors.

The Sonix Magsafe wallet is called customizable because it gives you an option to customize with your added text in a variety of colors and fonts, making it extra cool and more personalized.

You can add your name, your initials, or anything that you want to be printed in eco-friendly ink over your Sonix customizable MagSafe wallet.


  • Customizable.
  • Gives you an option to print your name, initial or other text over the wallet. 
  • Made up of recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly ink.
  • Has a sleek and small design making it pocket easy.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • To some, it could look and feel a little ugly

8. Miroddi MagSafe Leather Wallet

Miroddi is best known for leather wallets for safekeeping credit./ debit cards for easy access at ease.

Miroddi is the most stylish wallet and has the feature of a MagSafe wallet which can be snapped on the back of your phone. 

With the build of 8mm, the wallet is a lot thicker than Apple’s MagSafe wallet as It is made out of metal. To some, it could look and feel bulky to carry every day. It could take a generous amount of space in your pocket and may create discomfort. But if you could pass its build, the wallet has good features.

It gives you a quick-access card slot. You can easily grab your card with just one hand with a one swift thumb motion.


  •  One-handed operation.
  • MagSafe Compatible.
  • Instant access to cards. 
  • Access to cards with one hand. 
  • Aluminum chassis- gives more shelf life and more security.
  • RFID Protection.


  • Quite thick to carry.

9. Vibeside Magsafe Wallet

Vibeside MagSafe wallet can hold up to four cards. The snap-on wallet comes in three colors, black camel, blush pink, and brown. It is compatible with the iPhone whether your phone has a case on it or not.  

The wallet is eco-friendly and made up of polyurethane material and faux leather (optional).

The wallet has a more room design- which is meant to provide you with two large MagSafe pocket card holders.

The wallet has an in-built Carbon metal plate that will protect your cards from being demagnetized (a question raised by many new buyers).


  •  Quality MagSafe wallet at a good price.
  • The size isn’t too large.
  • Slim and sleek.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Built with premium material.
  • Has strong magnets.
  • Solid magnet and fits four cards.


  •  Doesn’t include RFID blocking technology
  • Users have complained about not having a strong enough magnet

10. SuperOne MagSafe Wallet

Superone Magsafe wallet is perfect for keeping your ID and Cards close at hand. The wallet MagSafe feature allows it to snap on at the back of your phone instantly.

The SuperOne MagSafe wallet can snap on a clear phone back, a silicone case, or a leather case with MagSafe. The magnet present in the wallet is not as strong as the best iPhone MagSafe wallets, but it isn’t bad either. Its built-in magnet is the same as the apple official wallets.

This leather wallet comes at a cheaper price but holds the most number of cards compared to other MagSafe wallets. It stores up to four cards.

The company offers 18-month money back or a new replacement if you find any problems with the wallet and promises to reply to your questions and complaints within 12 hours.


  • Holds up to four cards.
  • Official MagSafe magnets.
  • RFID blocking and Antimagnetic.
  • Hundred percent top grain leather.
  • Compact design.
  • 18-month money back or a new replacement.


  • Hardly works well with cases other than Apple’s.

11. AhaStyle MagSafe Wallet

The body of the AhaStyle is constantly praised by its users. The silicone cover over the wallet is soft and the magnet doesn’t fail at securing the wallet strongly. It perfectly goes well with any apple MagSafe case.

Ahastyle is the best MagSafe wallet, for its price of $18 at amazon it beats any other MagSafe wallet.

The wallet can be used to store IDs and cards. It stores up to three cards.  

AhaStyle wallet remains to be one of the most highly recommended MagSafe wallets for iPhone 12 series.


  • Magnetic shielding.
  • RFID shielding.
  • Slim and sleek.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Built with premium material.
  • Has strong magnets.


  • None so far.

12. Mous MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet

Mous Magsafe Compatible card wallet is an extremely secure card wallet. It can be attached to a case and naked back of iPhones. It has a sleek and slim design that prevents carrying bulky wallets/ cardholders.

Unlike other MagSafe wallets, Mous Magsafe wallet is made with real leather giving it timeless usefulness and refined aesthetics.

The wallet is compatible with all phones in iPhone 12 series.

The Mous MagSafe wallet is ROHS and REACH certified. The wallets have magnetic shielding which prevents any magnetic damages to your cards. Its magnetic shielding tech takes away the wallet’s ability to deactivate magnets or interfere with the magnetic strip of cards.


  • Full Grain Texture gives a good grip over the phone.
  • Made for iPhone 12 series users.
  • Compatible with Phones and cases.
  • ROHS and REACH certified.
  • Designed with the N45 magnet array.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Secure card storage.
  • Anti-slip design.
  • Magnetic shielding.


  • None so far. 


Question 1- Can the Magsafe wallets be used without a case?

Answer- YES! The above-given MagSafe wallets can be used with or without a case. These wallets can hop on the bare back of your iPhone and can be snapped on the back of your phone’s case, whichever suits you best. Although some MagSafe wallets require the use of a case, it is not necessary that you must use one.

Question 2- Could the MagSafe wallet fall off my phone?

Answer- No, it won’t. The MagSafe wallet comes with arrays of inbuilt magnets and arrays of silicone dots that make them stick to the phone or the case securely, providing a good grip and resistance against anything that may cause the slipping of the wallet. The only way the wallet may fall off/ slip off is if you haven’t mounted it properly.

Question 3- Is the Apple Leather Magsafe wallet better than other alternative MagSafe wallets?

Answer- No. even though Apple started coming out with MagSafe wallets, doesn’t mean their leather wallet is something you should always consider getting. There are many other good / even excellent and better iPhone MagSafe wallets other than an apple which works effectively well than apple’s. Some even are more good-looking, sleek, compact, and carry more cards than Apple’s MagSafe wallet. And to you, if getting a MagSafe wallet is all about price and quality then you should look into getting an alternative.

Bottom Line

With too many options available, it automatically gets easier for you to find the perfect iPhone MagSafe wallet that fits your taste and lifestyle.

Above we have mentioned the MagSafe iPhone wallets for iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series phones that are recyclable, environmentally friendly, leather, minimal design, etc. for your intricate taste.

The above-listed wallets are stylish, useful and worth buying irrelevant what choice you made, they are all worth getting.

We hope the article was helpful to you in some way. If you loved reading the article, do share. Leave comments and let us know your recommendations or favorites.

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