Best iPhone Gimballs in 2023

Best iPhone Gimbal

iPhones are popular because of many factors, but one of the most attractive features of an iPhone is its camera. Apple provides industry-leading cameras on their iPhones that can click photos and record videos of very high resolution. To take things to the next level, especially video recording, it is a fantastic idea to pair your iPhone with a compatible gimball. 

A gimball stabilizes your phone to record super smooth, shake-free videos and feel as if they were recorded from a professional camera. Gimballs are gaining popularity, primarily because of increased content creation on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. A gimball is a vlogger’s best friend if they need to step up their vlogging game. 

There are ample gimball for iPhones available, and choosing one is not easy. You will have to put in a significant amount of time in research to come up with a list of six to seven gimballs. To save you from this effort, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and best iPhone gimballs. Here goes the list. 

List of Best iPhone Gimballs

1. DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimball Stabilizer

The first Gimball on this list of the best iPhone Gimball is the DJI OM 5 smartphone Gimball stabilizer. 

The DJI OM5 is a compact Gimball with a lot of potentials. It is flexible and compact, with an in-built extender, and it employs a tri-axis mechanism to deliver the industry-leading stability for which DJI is reputed. 

The films shot on iPhones using this Gimball are super-smooth and super-stable. As a bonus for those new to this form of photography, the DJI Mimo application can be installed. You can use the ShotGuides function on the application, providing helpful instructions.

Though the DJI OM 5 is an advancement over the DJI OM 4, many users might still prefer the older version because of its larger battery size. It is not that there are no improvements on this version. The DJI OM 5 has become more portable and compact and involves features like automatic tracking. 

The magnetic cluster system is safe and designed to perfection. The OM5’s extended selfie-stick feature makes it ideal for content creators such as TikTokers, YouTubers, and gamers.

The DJI OM 5 is one of the most popular Gimballs on Amazon because of its performance to cost ratio. The ActiveTrack feature has been improved on this version of the OM Gimballs. ActiveTrack 4.0 lets you track objects in motion. However, this feature requires you to install the Mimo application because it operates through your iPhone’s display

Overall, the DJI OM 5 Gimball is one of the best iPhone Gimballs because of its excellent feature to price ratio. 


  • Highly stable. 
  • Extendable design. 
  • Motion object tracking is excellent. 


  • Reduced battery life. 
  • Incompatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

2. Hohem iSteady+ 3-Axis Gimball Stabilizer for iPhone 

The next Gimball on the list of the best Gimball for iPhones is the Hohem iSteady+ Gimball stabilizer. 

The unique selling point of the Hohem iSteady+ gimball is the 3d “Inception” mode. This feature makes your phone go a complete circle vertically while recording a film. Because of this, you get a highly professional video-making experience. Such a feature is excellent for vloggers and TikTokers. 

The application supported by this gimball is the Hohem Gimball application. It lets you gain complete control over the recording. It is available for both iOS and Android. There are modes such as slo-mo, panorama, object tracking, time-lapse, beautify, and panning that will be your assets while recording a film. 

With a battery that provides juice for up to twelve hours, the Hohem iSteady+ gimball stabilizer is an excellent option for someone who shoots a lot on the road. If you are making a time-lapse video, you will be able to record every second of the day because of the updated time-lapse mechanism. 

Raising your phone even slightly while capturing videos results in an unsteady, useless video that no level of optical image stabilization will fix. Thus, the Hohem iSteady+ includes a rock-solid three-axis stabilization system that can withstand strong winds, strolling and jogging, and even filming from a moving car. As a result, you may create a highly steady professional film with little effort.

Overall, the Hohem iSteady+ is one of the best iPhone Gimballs available today. It has practically everything one needs for recording high-quality videos. 


  • The battery lasts for about 12 hours. 
  • Can produce high-quality videos. 
  • 3-axis stabilization. 
  • Excellent auto-tracking feature. 


  • The application is slow. 
  • Learning about the controls of the iSteady+ gimball is a time taking process. 

3. ZHIYUN Crane M2 3-Axis Gimball Stabilizer

Next, we have the Zhiyun Crane M2 gimball for iPhone. It is the first of the two gimballs from Zhiyun included on this list. Thus, you get an idea about the popularity and quality of the manufacturer. 

The Crane M2 has a sleek design and a compact form factor, making it an excellent accessory for traveling. You can carry it everywhere you go because you never go when you get a moment to capture it. It provides a comfortable feel to your hand and complete control over your iPhones’ camera. 

The Crane M2 has an all-in-one design to save space and provide compatibility with multiple devices. It is not just for iPhones; you can use it with lightweight, action, and pin and shoot cameras. With its six-mode functionality, you get support for all different devices. 

A quick-release system is installed on the Crane M2 because mounting and dismounting your iPhone onto the gimball is super fast. A scale mark and a memory lock make balancing your device super-easy. 

Thus, your settings for a particular device are saved in the memory, and you do not have to adjust your device again and again. These features let you capture any natural moment instantly and are not busy adjusting your camera when the moment happens. 

Overall, the Zhiyun Crane M2 gimball is one of the best gimball stabilizers. Though it is an expensive device, it is worth its cost if you need the advanced features it provides. 


  • Advanced shooting modes. 
  • Quick-release system for faster mounting and unmounting. 
  • Memory lock and scale mark. 
  • Compact and portable. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Does not support large devices in some of its modes. 
  • It is not a beginner-friendly gimball.

4. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Professional Gimball Stabilizer for iPhone

Next, we have the Zhiyun Smooth 4 Professional Gimball for iPhone. 

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a very popular Gimball; in fact, Zhiyun has a widespread reputation for producing high-quality and reasonably priced Gimballls for iPhones. Its 3-axis stabilization technology delivers super-smooth film, and the well-organized control interface is a delight.

You can connect your iPhone to the gimbal by downloading the ZY Play application, the official app for Smooth 4. However, the Filmic Pro application offers the best support for this Gimball. 

There are many advanced features on the Smooth 4 Gimball, such as time lapsing and moving object tracking. It has an in-built PhoneGo mode that facilitates instantaneous scene transition while shooting videos. 

The directions of use for this Gimball are simple. It would help if you placed your iPhone as close as you can to the tilt axis motor. You need to unscrew the Axis Thumb screw to adjust the gravity center by sliding the latitudinal arm to slide your iPhone. If you are using the Smooth 4 Gimball for the first time, you prefer to watch tutorial videos.  

One drawback of the Smooth 4 Gimball is that it is not ideal for bigger devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. For that, you will have to consider buying the Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimball. 

Overall, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimball is one of the best Gimball for iPhones as it is affordable and provides a nice blend of features. It also supports two-way charging and has a decent battery backup. 


  • Long battery life. 
  • Advanced Shooting Modes.
  • Affordable and portable. 
  • Delivers shake-free results. 


  • Results are not good when the case of the iPhone is not removed. 
  • It cannot be used with heavier phones. 
  • It cannot be used to record 4K videos.

5. Obudyard Gimball Stabilizer for iPhone

The next gimball on the list of the best iPhone gimballs is the Obudyard gimball stabilizer for iPhone. It is one of the cheapest gimballs on Amazon to get the job done. 

The Obudyard gimball is one of the most cost-efficient gimball stabilizers. It includes a single-axis motor to rotate the iPhone horizontally. It is suitable for taking photographs while walking or jogging but not adequate for video recording. Because of the anti-shake feature, the gimball prevents shaky and blurry photos. The Obudyard gimball is meant to meet the basic needs of rookies. 

It serves best as an anti-shake selfie stick as it also has a remote control to control its rotatory motion. Since the remote is detachable, it is ideal for family photos. It is also a good option for a budding YouTuber or TikToker. 

The design of the Obudyard gimball is compact, and it is made to be a portable gimball. You can take it anywhere. All you need to do is just stuff it into a small bag because of its dimensions. Also, it is an all-in-one device that serves as a selfie stick, an iPhone tripod, and a handheld stabilizer. 

The remote control is Bluetooth-controlled. Thus, you need not download any additional applications. Just connect your remote to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and you will be good to go. There are quick tap controls on the remote for pacy actions. 

Overall, the Obudyard gimball stabilizer is one of the best iPhone Gimballs in the lower price segment. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Bluetooth-controlled remote. 
  • Serves as a selfie stick as well. 
  • Ideal for rookies. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 


  • Single-axis motor. 
  • Build quality is not too good. 

6. QIMIC Gimball Stabilizer for Smartphone

The penultimate gimball for iPhone on this list is the QIMIC gimball stabilizer. It is the cheapest and one of the smallest gimballs on this list. 

The QIMIC gimball has a single-axis stabilizer whose geometric plus mechanical capabilities let you capture stunning photographs and stable videos. Many features, such as intelligent stabilization and wireless remote control, enhance your video-making experience manifolds. 

Portability is an essential aspect of a gimball, and the QIMIC gimball lives up to this expectation. Despite a large capacity 9200 mAh battery, it is compact and lightweight. You can slip it into any small bag and take it on any trip or voyage. 

Mounting and unmounting your iPhone on the QIMIC gimball is easy because of the magnetic suction technology. Also, you do not have to install any third-party application because the Bluetooth remote connects with your iPhone and gives you complete control over the gimball. 

The QIMIC gimball can also be used as a selfie stick and a phone tripod. Like a selfie stick, the rod can be extended to a maximum of 23 inches. The single-axis motor can be rotated even at the maximum extension to achieve the best possible angle. 

Overall, the QIMIC gimball is one of the best iPhone gimballs if you want a gimball at a low price. It provides excellent features at such meagre prices that sometimes it seems like a steal. 


  • Affordable. 
  • 6-axis acceleration gyroscope for stabilization. 
  • Portable. 
  • Large battery backup. 


  • Build quality is not good. 
  • Single-axis motor. 
  • It is not suitable for larger devices. 

7. MOZA Mini-S Foldable Smartphone Gimbal

The last Gimball on the list of the best iPhone Gimballs is the Moza Mini-S. When it comes to size, the Moza Mini-S outperforms all others.

This phone gimbal features a tiny, improved version that folds down to five inches long, making it small enough to store in a suitcase, drawer, or even your handbag. 

An in-built sensor and brushless motor eliminate the tremor that can transform even the best films into vertigo-inducing nightmares. This is also the article’s most straightforward way to learn gimball, making it an excellent pick for beginners.

This little gimball recognizes and monitors objects and people automatically and rotating, tilting, and rolling. Because of the 3-axis stabilization, the footage remains sharp. The Moza Mini-S has a one-button magnification and focuses adjustments for easy usage.

If there is one complaint, the inconsistent battery life may last up to eight hours at times but only gets it to the five-hour level at others. You will also have to detach your phone’s cover for the hooks to grab your device correctly. We adore this tiny powerhouse for its compactness and formidable features despite these little flaws.

Overall, the Moza Mini-S foldable gimball is one of the best iPhone Gimballs for anyone looking for a portable and compact gimball. 


  • Highly portable design. 
  • One-button zoom. 
  • 3-axis stabilization. 
  • Easy-to-use. 


  • Inconsistent battery life. 
  • It cannot handle large phones steadily. 

Things to Consider while buying an iPhone Gimballs


Budget is an essential factor when purchasing a gimball because there is a wide price bandwidth for gimballs. If you are purchasing a gimball for the first time, price should be your foremost priority.

This is particularly true if you are a rookie and are just getting started as a filmmaker or doing it in your leisure. After all, you would not want to spend a lot of money if you do not have enough expertise.

When shopping on a tight budget, always read reviews to verify if the product you are considering is a suitable fit.

You should also evaluate your requirements. If you require a Gimbal to record moving things, you might want to go with the more expensive three-axis gimbal. Otherwise, a basic two-axis gimbal will suffice.


When searching to purchase a Gimball for iPhone, compatibility is critical. So, before you add that gimball to your cart, make sure it’s functional with the iPhone you’re using.

Even though many gimballs are designed to function with most smartphones on the market, it is always a good idea to double-check with the supplier.

In certain circumstances, the vendor may not have produced an application for the most recent version of iOS, rendering it useless.

If you intend to increase your kit later, you must consider the camera type for which the gimbal is built. Most iPhone gimballs are solely designed for use with iPhones. Although some gimbals allow you to connect a camera, others may not let you to do so.


Another critical point to consider is connectivity choices while purchasing an iPhone gimball. Because your iPhone is resting on the gimbal platform for stability, adjusting its settings will cause it to shake.

As a result, your gimball stabilizer should have several connection possibilities. All iPhones support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity; specific camera types only support one or the other. Also, while connecting iPhones via Bluetooth, people face issues. 


Gimbals are often available with two or three-axis stabilization choices. Two-axis gimbals steady your camera’s dipping and sliding motions, whereas three-axis gimbals also stabilize the rotating or panning action.

A two-axis gimball could be adequate if you want to film mainly in the studio or record motionless objects. However, if you intend to shoot live videos, such as while jogging or travelling in a car, a three-axis gimball is required.

Battery Life

This is yet another concern, especially if you will be travelling a lot or shooting the whole day. It would also be advantageous if your gimball included an adaptor for usual double-A or triple-A size batteries. This is due to the fact that these batteries are commonly accessible at grocery stores worldwide.

It would be best to have a gimball that can shoot for over a day on just two or three power packs. This way, you would not have to drag around excess weight to avoid running out of power during the shoot.


In my opinion, the best iPhone Gimball is the Hohem iSteady+ gimball stabilizer. It houses some of the best and most realistic features that are beneficial every time you use a gimball. 

The uniqueness of the iSteady+ gimball lies in its “Inception” mode that facilitates 360-degree rotation vertically. Also, you get an extended battery life of about twelve hours, meaning you can hit the road and record all day long.

Since the iSteady+ gimball has 3-axis stabilization, you can expect ultra-smooth videos while recording moving objects or recording from a fast-running car. It provides excellent value for your money, and you will not regret it one bit after purchasing the iSteady+ gimball. Overall, the iSteady+ is the best iPhone gimball for users. 


What does an iPhone Gimball do?

A gimbal is a device that employs motors and intelligent sensors to hold a camera steadily, allowing you to shoot super smooth video footage while moving. It is also beneficial for recording live and moving objects. 

Can an iPhone Gimball be used as a Power Backup Option?

Yes, many modern iPhone Gimballs can be used as a power backup option. Though they have a smaller capacity than dedicated power banks, they can be a sort of replacement as they can provide enough juice for crucial moments. It is to be noted that you will have to trade your recording time for some charge on your iPhone. 

Does an iPhone Gimball face an issue with the iPhone’s OIS?

iPhones with OIS sense vibrations via gyroscopes and accelerometers decrease their influence by rotating the lens with magnetic motors.

However, this is nowhere near as efficient as a gimball for picture stabilization. While certain gimballs earlier did not work well with the iPhone’s sensor-shift OIS, they no longer have that problem. 

Is buying a Gimball worth it?

Purchasing an iPhone Gimball is undoubtedly worth it if you are looking to grow your hobby or want to pursue video-making professionally. Gimball changes your camera skills entirely as you can shoot ultra-smooth shake-free videos with minimal effort.

If you are not a camera freak and use your iPhone for occasional shooting, purchasing a Gimball would depend on your budget because the iPhone’s camera itself is good enough.

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