10 Best iPhone Armbands To Buy: Top Picks

Best iPhone Armbands To Buy

Armbands are your saviors through and through, and it doesn’t matter if you just want to take your phone up for a hike or are gearing up for a long run. Wherever you might need to take your iPhone along, armbands will ensure that your iPhone remains protected without weighing you down. 

Armbands are very convenient when it comes down to complete protection without any unnecessary pieces of equipment. It simply straps onto your arms without irritating or overheating the area while also securely holding on to your precious iPhone! It is essential if you do track your vitals through your workout session. 

So, for your convenience we have compiled a list of such amazing iPhone Armbands, that will help in reading your vitals without being too conspicuous! 

Best iPhone Armbands Reviewed

1. TRIBE  iPhone Armband

There is no doubt that the TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case is the peak of Armbands for iPhone.

The structure of the armband case gives a very snug fit to the iPhone and ensures that it won’t ever slip through it, in spite of constant motion.

And it doesn’t matter which iPhone you use, from the oldest iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 – it is available for all.

The tribe is known for its excellent craftsmanship and superior material quality. To give maximum protection this case comes with a blend of Lycra & Neoprene, which also adds to the comfort.

Even after extended usage, you won’t feel your hand constricted or any itchiness. 

It is completely hassle-free with no extra extension or chords to adjust the strap- simply use the dual buckle loops and the adjustable elastic band.

The case itself is very protective. It features shock-resistant glass on the front that is extremely touch-sensitive.

To make matters even more convenient it comes with a key holder as well as a wired earphones holder.


  • Very pleasing to look at
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Lightweight
  • Gives great grip


  • The screen is hard to access through the front cover

2. E Tronic Edge iPhone Armband

This super comfortable armband is sturdy as well as very good in its looks. In fact, if you aren’t satisfied with one color, well, you have five other options!

The material is very soft to touch and won’t irritate at all! The mix of Spandex and Nylon gives it a special texture that absorbs sweat almost immediately and does not let heat linger. 

It features a strong and sturdy case pocket that you can easily fit your iPhone in. The grip is secure as well but without being too tight – it is enough to be attached in one place even while you are in fast motion. 

What makes it even better is that it is one size for all iPhones. So, if you own two and do not want to spend money on multiple cases, then go for this one!

Even after holding the iPhone, you can insert some important cards or earphones into it with no problem!


  • Secure hold
  • Complete protection
  • Excellent fit
  • Soft to touch


  • Have to open the case if you wish to use your iPhone

3. HAISSKY iPhone Armband

HAISSKY is another amazing choice as an iPhone Armband for runners! It features multiple color cases that are very sleek and secure.

The unique zipper pocket design makes the case very convenient to use and allows you to store your keys, important cards, or even your AirPods inside it! 

It offers compatibility with all the iPhones- from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max! The best part is your access to the iPhone right during your exercise session

The transparent touchscreen functionality is very responsive and allows you to control your iPhone. It is also protective in nature and won’t let any harm come to your device. 

The armband features a material mix of Lycra fabric and TPU which is very comfortable while worn. It is lightweight and resists any water; HAISSKY iPhone Armband also soaks up your sweat and ensures that your arm does not heat up abnormally!

It also has nighttime visibility strips around the case which makes the case obvious at night.


  • Zipper pocket to store little things like keys or Airpods
  • Comfortable band
  • Velcro does not scratch


  • The area around the front tends to condense

4. ANJ iPhone Armband

The ANJ iPhone Armband is the perfect armband if you plan to use one along with your wired earphones! This armband has a bag-like structure that holds two zippers as well as a small opening for earphones but isn’t bulky at all!

You get one big pocket to store your iPhone (same features the earphones opening) and a smaller pocket for your nick-nacks. 

The armband is made of comfortable material and would not cause any irritation or scratches. It is comfortably tight to the point of security but not too much as to cause trouble.

The band also helps in avoiding overheating problems around the case and ensures that the cards and iPhone remain out of the reach of high temperature. 

The overall band weighs just 3 Oz and even after adding weights, it won’t be too heavy.

Even after regular usage, you won’t notice a single tear due to the durable nature of the band. The material is very thick and ensures that the components inside do not overheat! 


  • Various color options
  • Large case to keep everything safe
  • Earphones opening
  • Keep the components safe from the sun


  • Needs regular washing
  • Tends to discolor

5. Newppon iPhone Armband

Are you searching for an armband that easily switches from wrists to arms and back without much hassle? Then stop your search and look at this one! The armband simply switches its tightness according to the shape and is very easy to use.

Unlike other bands it holds the iPhone through small strings on the corners – this gives you complete access to the phone while still being secure. 

It is very versatile in terms of iPhone models as well as arm sizes. The band supports every single iPhone ever launched over arms ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches.

Its sure build as well as the non-slip silicon beadings of the case prevent the iPhone from slipping under circumstances.

And it’s completely rotatable! If you want to show your screen to someone, you can keep it attached, just twist it to change its direction. It allows a 180-degree turn.

But don’t worry, it won’t rotate on its own while you are exercising! It also features extra pockets on its insides in which you can store your keys, earphones, or any other small things. 


  • Can easily stretch to fit any iPhone model
  • 180-degree swivel
  • Strong grip


  • No access to the back fingerprint scanner 

6. Trianium iPhone Armband

Trianium is another hot iPhone Armband that dominates the market and is loved by the people! The matte-finished armband easily stretches, bends, folds and twists at the armband without warping. The velcro strap is completely adjustable and can fit almost all arm sizes. 

The case holder provides a complete 360 degrees of protection from any accidental falls. The hard TPU on the front and the corner coverage ensures that despite a hard fall your iPhone remains intact.

The transparent front is definitely thick enough to protect but is just as responsive and allows access to all ports and cameras.

And if you fear getting your keys stolen from the case then this Armband also features a small secret compartment to hold them.

The straps hold their place tightly around your arms and won’t let the iPhone slip away from you. It is also heat and sweat resistant so you need not worry about that too!


  • Excellent grip
  • Strong case holder
  • Matte finish
  • Secret compartment to store keys


  • The front screen is susceptible to glare
  • Not fit for thin arms

7. VUP iPhone Armband

The VUP iPhone armbands are another much-loved brand amongst exercising enthusiasts. It comes in so many colors and designs that you will be left scrambling trying to decide which one to go for!

Along with its appealing designs, its protection is no joke as well! 

Made from Lycra and Neoprene, the band is extremely breathable with no room for odor and heavyweight. Quite contrary it is an easy fit around your iPhone and won’t add much weight to your hands.

If they do happen to get dirty over time then you can simply run it through clean water and you will get back its squeaky clean look.

If you want to show something to your friends on your iPhone, there is no need to remove your band- use the 360-degree rotation feature!

It is perfect as a wristband as well! It can fit practically any size of arms, so you need to worry about size issues. 


  • The strap is wide, adjustable, and provides a firm grip
  • 360-degree rotation
  • No accidental swivels


  • Difficult to put on
  • Not the best choice for thin arms

8. YUNYILAN Universal Sports iPhone Armband

True to its name, this Universal Sports iPhone Armband is perfect for any sports and strenuous activity. Its versatility also resides with the iPhone model compatibility – you can hook it up with all your iPhones be it new or old.

Whatever the size may be, it won’t let the band slide off from your hands nor will it let it leave its case. 

The case is made from a high stretchable mix of spandex and polyester material which is also effective against all sweat, dust, water, and heat. It will feel very light and easy on your skin and would not leave behind any wounds or scratches. 

The iPhone armband is available for purchase in different colors and designs, so you need not limit yourself to aesthetic purposes.

The case also has various openings, slots, and pockets to keep all your essentials safe. You can use the earphones opening to listen to music and insert your important cards in the holder. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Comes in different colors
  • Highly stretchable
  • Sweat and water-resistant


  • No access to screen while on arms
  • No explicit protection to the iPhone
  • Have to take the case off to start and stop the music

9. LOVPHONE iPhone Armband

Lovphone iPhone Armband is yet another affordable and quality product on our list of Best iPhone Armbands.

It is extremely secure and would stay attached to you during intense workouts. The velcro straps would give it security on your hands without appearing to add much weight or constricting it either! 

The case holding the iPhone is fairly secure in all its right! With a PVC screen protector, you can expect the screen to remain intact and away from all damages in spite of any major falls.

It will also keep the dust and regular scratches away. There is a safe reflective swatch on the sides of the screen that makes your presence obvious under dim lighting. 

For convenience during your exercise sessions, it comes with an earphone holder. It will ensure that your earphones remain connected and in their place, in spite of all hard and fast movements. 


  • Excellent quality
  • Earphones holder
  • Hard PVC screen to protect the iPhone


  • The strap is very short

10. LifeProof iPhone Armband

The LifeProof iPhone Armband incorporates a completely unique way of attaching your device to your hand. Instead of a pocket or a holder, it comes with a magnetic attachment that you simply need to click on to put them together. It is hassle-free with no extra measure and with full access to the screen. 

It is very convenient for when you require your iPhone during cycling as well! Instead of putting the band on your arms, you can even attach it to your cycle’s handle.

It will have an extremely snug grip and you need not worry about it sliding off. You get three different-sized bands through which you can attach it anywhere regardless of the diameter. 

Though it is wireless charging compatible it is advised to keep it away. Customers have reported heating issues while using the wireless charging while attached to the armband. But after all, it is one of the Best iPhone Armbands on this list.


  • Extremely convenient
  • Complete access to screen
  • Can fit any arm size
  • Compatible with cycle


  • Heats up when used with wireless charging


And here you have the best iPhone Armbands on the market! They are very convenient while exercising and will allow you to take your iPhone along with you during your exercise journey. We hope that it helps you in deciding your favorite pick!

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