9 Best iPhone 13 Screen Protectors You Should Buy

Best iPhone 13 Screen Protectors

Are you a self-proclaimed clumsy person whose iPhone somehow always ends up on the floor? Putting your expensive iPhone at risk isn’t a really clever choice. And the very first step towards keeping it safe is getting good iPhone 13 Screen Protectors. 

Not only does it protect your iPhone from regular wear or tear, but it also ensures that the main screen survives high-risk falls. And although the new iPhone 13 comes with a ceramic shield, replacing it, again and again, can be pretty costly.

So, to keep your iPhone 13 safe at a low price, you can quickly resort to the screen protector. We have compiled and penned down the best possible options available in the market. Sturdy protectors, combo protectors, self-applying equipment, and lens protectors – we have got everything that you can possibly need!

Best iPhone 13 Screen Protectors

1. Mkeke Screen Protector

The first one on our list of best iPhone 13 screen protectors is the Mkeke screen protector, a strong screen shield with a 9H hardness level, enhancing the device’s safety and lessening your fear if you plan to use your iPhone 13 for vlogging and hiking.

Moreover, with just 0.33mm thickness, it does not feel bulky and protects your iPhone 13 from scratches and falls. The best part of buying this is its resistance to heavy rainfalls. 

The protector does not hinder the regular working of the iPhone 13 as well. In fact, it gives the phone a smoother surface with a faster response time. It has high transparency that lets every minuscule of light pass right through it. 

It comes with a complete kit with alcohol wipes, a guidance frame, a dust removal stick, and a guide stick. So, you do not even need to worry about the dust or fingerprints escaping on the screen.


  • 9H hard surface
  • 3 complementary protectors
  • Complete installation kit


  • No cons were found

2. ESR Tempered Screen Protector

The ESR tempered screen protector can withstand almost 11 Lb of pressure. So, with such a large amount of resistance, you can expect it to survive the worst falls ever. You can stash your iPhone 13 along with your keys or any other sharp objects without a worry about scratches. 

A special coating on top of the protector makes it anti fingertips. So, your screen will always remain clean and shiny!

The ultra-clear glass ensures a flawless viewing experience with a smooth glide. The protector is face ID compatible that allows fast recognition.  You receive a DIY installation kit along with the screen protector, and all you have to do is place your device on the frame while the screen protector stays on the top;


  • Complete installation kit
  • Can withstand 11 lb of weight
  • Smooth and clear glass
  • It comes in a pack of three 


  • The notch cut can be a little small

3. Spigen Screen Protector

The EZ Fit Glas.tr Slim iPhone 13 screen protector is the best all-rounder. With a 9H hardness and rugged protective build, it can hold itself against the most potent forces. The screen protector can easily be kept with sharp household items without any fear of scratch. 

It is further treated with an Oleophobic coating that prevents any fingertips from lingering. The edge-to-edge build does not let any dust either enter inside or remain on the sides. 

And to top all of this, it comes with an auto-alignment installation tray that makes the entire process super easy and hassle-free. The effortless process requires the iPhone 13 to be placed on the tray, and the protector would automatically insert itself over it. Smooth it over with fingertips. 


  • 9H hardness level
  • Hard protection build
  • Anti fingertip
  • Installation kit
  • Scratch and smudge resistant


  • No cons were found

4. Ailun Screen Protector

After buying an expensive iPhone 13, do you just want a cheap screen protector that does its job with no-nonsense? Then this might be perfect for you. It is a very affordable screen protector with 9H high hardness. 

Equipped with a clear hydrophobic screen, it prevents water from entering and ruining your brand new iPhone. The screen is 99.99% touch-screen accurate, allowing a fast response time. Even the oleophobic coating resists the oil prints from fingertips to always keep the screen clean.

It is precisely cut through a laser to avoid any extra glass going out of the surface. It is case-friendly as well and does not obstruct it. The adhesive is super strong and keeps a firm grip on the screen. 


  • Cheap and affordable
  • 9H hardness level
  • Strong adhesive
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic screen


  • No installation kit

5. JETech Screen Protector

Built with a 9H hardness level, this tempered glass can protect the screen from normal wear and tear. The protector also assures a transparent and highly responsive screen. It quickly responds to the taps and any other action you do on the screen. It also preserves and retains the original vibrancy and color of the screen.

And the best part is the all-clear screen. Unlike any other with some black edges on the corner, it is transparent throughout. So, if you aren’t a fan of those edges, this is absolutely perfect for you!

An installation tray is provided to do it as a DIY process right at your home. And due to this tray, it won’t let any bubble enter while being placed. 


  • All clear screen
  • Maintains the vibrant and bright display
  • Smooth and responsive screen
  • Installation tray
  • Instruction manual


  • No cons were found

6. Raxfly Screen Protector

Compatible with the latest iPhone 13, the tempered glass provides maximum protection against everyday wear and tear. Hard scratches, too, are nothing against its protection. It does not obstruct any view and retains an outstanding amount of colors. 

A fine line along the edges around the sides and the installation kit make the application process very easy. The added cleaning cloth and dust sticker keep the dirt and bubbles out. 

The screen protector has some space left around the edges to prevent the phone case from squeezing it out. The oleophobic coating also makes it resistant to oil and water liquid. 


  • Full protection kit
  • Oleophobic screen
  • Precise fit
  • Case friendly
  • Complete protection


  • No cons were found 

7. Qhohq Screen Protector

The two-in-one kit comes with a screen as well as a lens protector. So, it would cover up all the vulnerable parts of the iPhone 13. The screen is carefully treated with different procedures to avoid any fingerprints. It also makes it very smooth and practical with a faster response time.

With just a width of 0.33 mm, it is fragile and lightweight without adding any extra weight. The lens protector, too, provides excellent protection with enhanced light transmission function. 

The holes are precisely cut without covering sensors and hindering their functions. The unique build of the lens protector allows the flash to work properly at night and prevents over-saturation. 


  • Combo of screen and lens protector
  • Shatterproof
  • 9H hardness level
  • Ultra-slim
  • Lens protector with ‘Night circle’ feature


  • No installation kit

8. Uyiton Screen Protector

The Uyiton screen protector comes with two packs of lens and screen protector each. This provides maximum coverage against all the possible damages across the iPhone 13. 

It is one of the thinnest screen protectors, with a width of just 0.03 mm. With such a little width, it almost gives a nonexistent feel. You would feel as if you were using the main screen itself. 

The cameras being the most vulnerable part of the iPhone, are protected through the hard lens protector. It keeps any scratches or damage away and maintains its quality. The ‘night circle’ feature adds exceptional flash effectiveness in night photography. It also comes with an installation kit for easy home application.


  • Kit of screen and lens protector
  • Life-time after-sales services
  • ‘Night circle’ enabled lens protector 
  • Complete installation kit


  • No cons were found

9. iVoler Screen Protector

The iVoler Tempered Glass comes with a kit of 6 total protectors- 4 screen protectors and two lens protectors. All the protectors are thoroughly treated with various coasting to give the best protection against all damages. 

It comes with a powerful adhesive that won’t let the protector fall off the screen. And the edge-to-edge cut prevents damages to the more prone sides. Complete with the Anti-Fingerprint Coating and a plasma oleophobic coating, it is smooth. It does not let any fingerprint linger nor lets water enter the device. 

The lens is made with a “seamless” fusion technology that covers the camera and the sensors. It enables the light transmission function to give the best photographs in the nighttime. 


  • 4 screen protectors
  • Complete coverage 
  • An installation kit is included
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic screen


  • No cons were discovered


Out of all our handpicked choices, the one that stands out as exceptionally great is – iVoler Screen Protector. 

It is a complete package of protection and easiness. It includes not just a screen but also a lens protector, so every single part of your iPhone 13 is protected against any damage. The lens protector is specially built, too, bring the best out of cameras. 

The added installation kit is terribly helpful as well. The entire application can be carried right at home. And iVoler does all of this at a meager and affordable price! So, you need not hesitate to get one for yourself!

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