10 Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases in 2021

Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases

No matter how safely you keep your iPhone 13 Pro, the chances of it accidentally falling and damaging itself are still high. If you are a long-term fan of iPhones, you might know how easy breaking it can be. They do not come with proper protection around the edges of the screen. And constantly scratching your camera isn’t a viable option as well.

You certainly do not want your new and gorgeous iPhone damaged within a few days!  So save yourself from this anxiety and purchase a phone case! What better back protection can you get than a case. Not only do they add to the security, but they also give them an exceptionally aesthetic look.

And given the popularity of the iPhone 13 Pro, you get a vast array of options to choose the perfect case for your phone. So, ease your worries. We have penned down the best possible cases for the iPhone that would suit and meet every single type. Read on!

Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases

1. Sheildon Back Case

If you are a fan of old-school cases with a flap on the front and a button holding it together, then this one’s for you! The double protection from front and back ensures that your screen, as well as the camera, receives protection. And it is a wallet case. The insides of the case feature slots that can be used to carry cards and cash. 

The leather-made case promises to last a long time of usage. It is carefully crafted with precise stitches to hold the case together. The lining across the inner body is shockproof and can withstand large bumps. 

The raised lips around the camera prevent any scratches from reaching the lens. The magnet holding the flaps together is powerful and won’t budge with abrupt movements. The added bonus that the flap gives is that it doubles into a stand. So, you can now quickly flip the iPhone into the landscape and stream your favorite movie!


  • Wallet case
  • Front and back protection
  • Raised edges around camera
  • RFID blocking technology


  • A bit bulky
  • It does not support wireless charging

2. Pretocter Back Case

Sleek, beautiful, productive, and safe – this case has got it all! The back of the case comes with an attached wallet to keep the cash and cards safe. Lined with the RFID technology, it would keep the thieves away from detecting or scanning the cards. 

And it’s good-looking! The floral pattern on the back adds to the cover and is very pleasing to the eye. The back flap is held together with strong magnetic buttons that won’t ever open in an accident. The flap can also keep the iPhone standing. 

The actual protection provided by the case is immaculate. The Faux Leather material-backed cover provides safety to all the corners. It can easily absorb angle falls and keep the screen from shattering. 


  • Wallet case
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Aesthetic design
  • Dual-layer protection


  • No wireless charging

3. SQM Back Case

If you like having a holder on the back of the case for a better grip, you might want to check this one out! The clear case accentuates the gorgeous look of the iPhone 13 Pro, and the ring holder provides an excellent grip. 

The integrated ring holder also doubles as a kickstand and can be rotated 360 degrees. Having it around your finger would prevent any accidental falls and damages.

It also provides drop protection with its reinforced corners and raised edges. The lips around the camera are raised as well to prevent any scratches to the lens. The combination of soft TPU edges and rugged PC back makes up this solid and sturdy case. 


  • Ring holder
  • Clear case
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Raised bezels


  • No wireless charging
  • The transparent case turns yellow after a period

4. FYY Back Case

And here is another wallet case for you! But this time, we bring dual-colored cases that serve security as well as looks. Like the regular wallet cases, it has cardholders on the front flap, holding up to 3 cards and some cash. It is altered with RFID blocking technology that prevents detection from scanners. 

The genuine cowhide leather adds to its already luxurious look. With delicate stitching, it is practical as well as comfortable. The magnetic clasp that grips the flaps together is strong and provides fall assistance. Easy access to buttons and ports is made easier through its precise cuttings. 

The camera remains protected by the raised edges around it. And that’s not all! The case also supports wireless charging of all kinds. 


  • Made using cowhide leather
  • Luxurious look
  • Camera protection
  • RFID shielding technology
  • It is compatible with wireless charging


  • Expensive

5. SQMCase Back Case

If you seek a clear case that flaunts the look of your iPhone 13 with hardened edges to save it from fall, then consider investing in this case! Made from beautifully hard-lined edges, the case is perfect. It raises the case from the platform to prevent any scratches.

And just to add to this perfection, we get a 360-degree rotating stand that provides a comfortable grip. The back of the holder is made up of iron that sticks to the magnetic car mount and includes help with navigation. It does all of this while giving the best possible protection.

The case itself is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch. Made from soft TPU, the bumper frame can easily withstand harsh and dramatic falls. But it isn’t hard enough to restrict its movements- it is easily removed and put on. 


  • Hard bumper case
  • Phone holder
  • Raised edges
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint
  • Large range of colors


  • Wireless charging is not supported

6. ZHIYIWU back case

If you like a case with an elegant and opulent look, then you might want to consider this one! Made up of high-quality TPU and silicone material, the case provides stunning protection against scruffs, falls, damages and scratches. 

The four corners are lathered with air cushions that absorb angle drops. The added protection of raised bezels is coupled with the delicate nature of the case. A magnetic ring holder is present on the back. It can be rotated 360 degrees for optimal convenience, and the magnet present inside it serves as the perfect holder for the car mount. 

The cuts are precise, and you won’t face any issue inserting any cables. The case keeps the buttons secured. It keeps the dust away and gives unlimited clicks. 


  • Simple and elegant
  • Cushioned corners for shock absorption
  • Attached ring holder
  • Double layer protection


  • No wireless charging

7. Elago Back Case

This case is for the ones who require a to-the-point case with no fancy designs. Available in just one color, this case promises to provide perfection and security over anything. Instead of mass production, each case is manufactured in-house, so you need not worry about size and fitting!

The liquid silicone is anti-fingerprint and deters any water droplets. It has stiff resistance against dragging and would keep any scratches away. The lips around all the edges, screen, and camera, are slightly raised to add to this scratch avoidance.

And it has four-layer of protection! With a soft microfiber lining, topped with solid magnets, rugged PC, and liquid silicone, your iPhone 13 Pro would stay very safe. And despite these layers, it allows wireless charging of all kinds!


  • Simple and precise
  • Four-layer of protection
  • Raised edges for scratch protection
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Expensive

8. Facbiny Back Case

Add sparkle to your new iPhone 13 Pro with this case, quite literally. This clear case comes with sparkles that accentuate the features of the phone. Gone through military-grade testing, the case gives excellent protection. The shockproofed corners can withstand sharp falls. 

And if you want a case that makes wireless charging easier, then this might be the one for you! The built-in 38 magnets are strong and automatically attach themselves with the MagSafe charger. You just need to place the charger along the evident circle, and done! The charging would start immediately. 

This mechanism retains the 15W original charging speed to give the fastest speed ever. So, in this case, you are getting not just protection but also looks with unparalleled charging speed!


  • MagSafe supported
  • Retains the fast charging speed
  • Military-grade testing
  • Shockproof corners
  • Raised lips around the edges
  • Affordable


  • No cons were found

9. Vego Back Case

A chic and stylish case, this back cover for iPhone 13 Pro delivers in all aspects. It is a bumper case with a unique magnetic build to make it compatible with wireless charging. The 36+2 magnets, aligned in a circle, are present on the back. Just place the charger, and the automatic suction will start the charging immediately!

The case itself is very safe and would keep the iPhone protected at all times. The soft TPU and hard layering of the PC protect against all bumps and falls. The cover can effectively block any scratch marks. The raised lips around the edges too enable that. 


  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Specially designed for wireless charging
  • Very stylish
  • Four color options


  • The transparent back will turn yellow after a time.

10. Casekoo Back Case

Smokey cases are the trend of now. And this case takes the trend and adds an extra layer of superior protection. With the certified military guard on the back, the case can diffuse any hard impact without a hitch. The raised bezels prevent any scratches on the front screen as well as the camera lens.

The precisely cut case will match perfectly with your iPhone. You can easily access any port with no hassle. And even though the buttons are encased under the case, the press is very soft and won’t require much effort. In fact, it keeps the buttons protected and the dust away.

And as an extra added treat, the case comes with a soft pouch and a portable phone stand!


  • Smokey look
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Raised bezels around the corners
  • Dual-layer protection
  • Certified military testing
  • Added accessories


  • No cons were found


As much protection that the iPhone 13 Pro provides with its in-built protectors, it is always a clever choice to resort to a case. Not only do they keep the brand new phone safe, but add to its already beautiful structure. All of our cases mentioned above are the best choices with designs that will suit every taste.

So, do not hesitate to get yourself one and add an extra charm to your iPhone!

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