7 Best iPhone 13 Mini Clear Cases

Best iPhone 13 Mini Clear Cases

The new iPhone 13 series has got even better with its looks! Besides introducing a ceramic shield, a new safety net, we have received a large array of colors. Between the choices of Pink, white (starlight), blue, and Red, the new iPhone is more beautiful than ever! 

And such beauty deserves to be kept safe and sound! What better way there is other than a clear case for iPhone 13 Mini. Not only would the rigid structure ensure that your phone remains safe, but it would also give you a chance to flaunt your new iPhone 13 Mini. 

We have combed the entire internet and compiled a list of the hottest new covers. Each case promises military-grade protection with a slim and attractive look. And we have something for everyone. They are varied in their build and designs, so you won’t have to look too far to find your perfect match. So, on we go!

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 13 Mini

1. Totallee iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

Totallee presents to you a straightforward, unpretentious, yet highly safe clear case for iPhone 13 mini. Made from soft TPU material, it is very thin and lightweight. It would almost make it seem as if the iPhone 13 Mini is entirely bare. But this is certainly not reflected in its protection quality.

The rubbery finish is built with an anti-slip design and superior grip preventing any sweat slip. The flexible case is also guarded against any yellow lint and would retain its transparency throughout the usage. 

The bezels around each corner and the camera maintain elevation to prevent any scratches, and the ports are cut with precision to provide proper access. The volume and power button are covered with the material to give them a long life. But despite the coverage, it is effortless to press and use.  


  • Great transparency
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Full Coverage


  • Too tight

2. TORRAS iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

This is one of the snuggest fit clear cases for iPhone 13 mini on our list. With a flawless and crystal clear view, you can always brandish your iPhone 13 Mini. The case, made with a microdot pattern, deters any lingering smudges and bubbles. And its special coating of nano antioxidants ensures the prevention of yellow residue. 

Through the exclusive blue-molecule technology keeps the case clear as day and prevents any smudging. With the designs, you also get full-body protection! The X-SHOCK protection absorbs any shocks or impacts from falls. This guards the screen against any cracks or shatters. 

The 1.3 mm elevation is perfect to avoid any scratches on the lens as well as the front screen. It is very comfortable to hold and won’t let your new iPhone slip away from your grip! And its ultra-light structure hardly adds any weight to the device and maintains its sleek nature. 


  • Snug fit
  • nano antioxidants to avoid yellow layer
  • Ultralight structure
  • It prevents scratches and cracks


  • The side button click isn’t solid

3. Spigen iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

A slim and form-fitted case with exceptional protection capabilities, this case has got it all. It is incredibly flexible and would ensure a superior grip on your iPhone. It is sweat-resistant and prevents any accidental slips from hands. This easily bendable case makes the removal and installation hassle-free!

The TPU coupled with the elevated sides ensures continued protection against most of the regular damages. The material is very effective against damages made from sliding on the ground. 


  • Perfect fit
  • Excellent grip
  • Slip-proof
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Tends to get yellow

4. Kimguard iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

Cushioned with protective edges and elevated sides, this case is truly protective. Constructed using a diamond anti-oxidation layer and German high-grade TPU, PC, this case can easily hold itself against regular damages and falls. The corners receive 16 built-in air cushions and are highly efficient angle drops. 

The layer is primarily applied to deter any oxidation agents that can yellow its skin. The added measure is also helpful against oily fingertips or palms. The company packages it with a protective film inside to prevent any industrial and shipping damages. You can easily remove it during the application.

It is perfectly compatible with your iPhone Mini 13, so you need not worry about possibly having any fitting issues. And since it is perfect, it won’t let dust particles inside through the open edges. The buttons are appropriately covered to give extended life with unlimited clicks. 


  • 16 air cushions on the edges
  • Perfect fit
  • Protective films to deter any shipping damages
  • Deters oil


  • No cons were discovered

5. Spidercase iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

This is for our rugged transparent case users! With bold black edges, this case does not only protect the back but the front as well. It is not a simple case; instead, what you also get is a front protective cover. But it does not stop at just that. The screen protector also fashions a gripping structure that clicks against the back cover. 

The dual-layer case has gone against a military-grade test that makes it undeterrable against at least 10 ft fall. Black bezels on the sides are made with hard material and cushions to prevent damages from angle drops. All the buttons are adequately protected and won’t hinder the click mechanism.

The screen protector is definitely a treat. It works like a regular screen protector, so you won’t have to spend more money on it. It is highly responsive and touch-sensitive. The light transmittance is pretty good, enough that you won’t notice a difference in the color and quality. It would also keep the scratches and cracks away.


  • A complete 360 protection
  • Added screen protector
  • Rugged look
  • Soft cushion corners
  • Military-grade testing
  • Supports wireless charging


  • A little too tight

6. Flexgear iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

Are you thinking of buying a screen protector along with a clear case? Then this product is the solution for it! This transparent case is shipped with a screen protector; both of them guarantee you complete protection.

The transparent case, made with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper, is very firm and hard. Despite this fact, it is very slim and lightweight. So, this case will provide you protection while also reducing the added weight on your pockets. And we mean this in quite a literal sense.

The pack with a case and two screen protectors is very affordable! The protectors, too, work like any other one, with the same level of safety, if not more. The tempered glass is shatterproof and would keep all the bumps away. You also get an alignment too for precise installation. And if you don’t manage to put it on on the first try, then you always have a backup!

The case itself is very efficient. Raised bezels around the case ensure a reduction in scratches on the camera lens and screen. It is crystal clear, so you get the right look of your back color. All the corners are properly cushioned against any angle drops.  


  • Comes with two screen protectors
  • Complete protection
  • Hard TPU cover
  • Tempered glass
  • Raised bezels


  • No wireless charging

7. YAYOII iPhone 13 Mini Clear Case

If you like a rugged case but do want to lose the transparency aspect, then this is for you! Made with elevations, bumps, and grippers on all the sides, this case mixes robustness with looks. And to top it off, all these factors into superior safety. 

The case is completely clear and won’t obstruct your view at all. It is very soft and flexible, so you can easily install it over your iPhone Mini 13 without any issues. Meanwhile, you will find the case very effective against any falls and bumps. 

The case is specially constructed with elevations and cushions throughout. Buffers on the top, around the camera, and sides of the case provide military-grade protection against all kinds of drops. A layer of diamond antioxidants also keeps the case from being yellow and losing its transparency. 


  • Excellent bumper case
  • Superior grip
  • diamond antioxidant layer


  • Issues with the magnetic car mount


Clear cases are a real treat. You can flaunt your brand new iPhone 13 Mini without having to compromise on safety. In fact, all the best clear cases for iPhone 13 Mini on our list promises to hold true to all their promises. Each is brandished with superior quality and excellent protection tactics.

If this isn’t perfect, then what could possibly be! So, don’t hesitate and grab yourself a clear case now!

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