10 Best iPhone 13 Pro Camera Lens Protector

Best iPhone 13 Camera Lens Protector

iPhone 13 has been Apple’s biggest launch of 2021 with upgraded features and the all-new A15 biochip for the phone to work at its finest compared to the previous variants. With such outstanding performance one gets from this model, one may also expect an excellent camera. 

The iPhone 13 comes with a triple 12MP back camera and 12MP front camera for crystal clear and precise images. With that being said, every Apple user is familiar with iPhone’s camera being elevated on the back case, making it prone to scratches and unnecessary damage, so it is essential to keep them protected. 

Keeping that in mind, we have thoroughly reviewed and presented to you our top ten picks for the best iPhone 13 camera lens protector. Read ahead to get all the information!

The Best iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max Camera Lens Protectors

1. POFIBO tempered glass camera lens protector

iPhone 13 brings a great photography session to your smartphone, and one may consider keeping the camera’s shelf life to its optimal conditions. For that, POFIBO’s tempered glass camera lens protector is an excellent choice to keep your camera lens protected without affecting the resolution. 

It is made of 9H tempered glass to effectively protect your entire camera lens along with scratch-resistance and drop-resistance, making this lens protect a good choice at a cheap rate. Using the automatic adsorption technology, expect a snug fit to your iPhone 13 camera lens without any sticky feeling or having to worry about the protector falling off. 

The camera’s functionality remains untouched even at low light or when using flash due to the augmented reality seamless fusion technology incorporated into the lens protector. With the 3D Arc design, the protector fits perfectly to the camera lens and leaves enough space for the phone’s case to fit. 


  • 9H tempered glass
  • Snug fit
  • No image distortion
  • Superior adsorption
  • iPhone 13 and Mini compatible


  • It may be too thick 

2. LK Camera Lens protector

Costing under $10, the LK camera Lens protector offers good support and protection to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. The package comes with three lens protectors, which is an excellent deal for such a low price. 

The LK camera lens protector has 99% clarity which does not affect your photos even at high flashes to maintain the HD quality of the images.

9H tempered glass hardness keeps any sort of scratches and fall damage away from your camera lens.

The high transparency reduces exposure issues at maximum to help your iPhone’s camera work its best while having major protection from the tempered glass. 

Easy to install and with no bulky feeling, the lens has a smooth feel with thick black circular borders for the lens and promises dust prevention and eye protection, making it a good pick as one of the best iPhone 13 camera lens protectors.


  • Easy to install
  • Smooth finish
  • No image distortion 
  • 9H tempered glass


  • Too thick borders

3. Ferilinso Tempered camera lens protector

The Ferilinso tempered glass camera lens protector is created to fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera and comes with two extra protectors for just under $10. 

Precise laser cutting gives ultimate protection to the entire camera lens of your iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pro models without any blank spaces or rough edges. Also, it allows enough spacing to fit your phone’s back case. 

Made of 9H protective tempered glass, it gives the maximum protection to your camera lens from accidental drops, scratches, and other accidents.

The camera lens protector comes with an upgraded ‘Night Flash Circle .’ Increased electrostatic adsorption does not affect night shots at alL.

With 99.99% light transmittance, the lens protector keeps the quality of your photography to its original state, giving you a perfect photo-taking experience. 

The lens protector comes with an installation kit and a small guide to make your work easier and hassle-free when attaching the lens protector to your camera. 


  • Installation kit and guide provided
  • 99.99% light transmittance
  • Clear photography


  • A bit too big 
  • Will not support the installation of the phone case 

4. UniqueMe camera lens protector

Compatible with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, UniqueMe offers a great camera lens protector that provides durability, protection, and easy installation, all under $10, making it a budget-friendly accessory for your latest iPhone.

The 9H tempered glass protector is embedded with a night anti-glare coating to keep your low-light photography at its finest without any loss of picture quality. The camera protector comes with a 99.99% lumination transparency to maintain optimum flash brightness and not mess up with your images. 

The camera lens protector comes with an oleophobic layer that prevents water, oil, and dust from clogging in your camera lens and keeps your phone lens in HD transparent and clean all the time.

Automatic adsorption on the lens protector’s surface makes the installation process butter-smooth for daily protection to your iPhone 13’s camera lens.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic adsorption technology
  • Anti-dust, oil, fingerprint, and shock
  • Night-glare coating


  • May have a noticeable glare

5. Tamoria Camera lens protector

The three-pack 9H tempered lens protector is compatible with the iPhone Pro and Pro Max to give you a good amount of resistance and protection at a cheap rate.

This camera protector is designed to have a classic black border around the lens, while the tempered glass sits perfectly upon your camera lens. 

It gives full coverage to your camera without taking up much space or hindering the lens’s ability to click photos or shoot videos.  

9H tempered glass with 3D oneness technology provides HD photographic enjoyment with the best complete camera area protection. It also promises to keep the lens from dust, oil, debris, fingerprint, and unnecessary scratches. 

With excellent durability, expect premium protection to your camera from accidental damages and falls.

The design of this protector is unique as it comes with an acrylic base that sticks tightly to the camera lens and is easy to install, which can be done manually as well. 


  • Great durability
  • Complete coverage
  • Prevents dust, water, and oil damage
  • Easy to install


  • Oversized 

6. QHOHQ Screen and Lens protector

The QHOHQ screen and lens protector are fully compatible with the iPhone 13 and have straightforward installation. The protector is made of hard tempered glass measuring 0.33mm, making it thin and almost non-existent after application. 

The ultra-thin design maintains 99.99% touch sensitivity and touches for quick response ensure quick app launch, smooth games, and video playing, bringing you a perfect touch experience. The 2.5D rounded corner design makes the edges feel smooth and never scratches. 

The surface of the lens protector comes with a thin HD coating to reduce oil stains, fingerprints, and dust collection around your camera lens and is very easy to clean. 99.99% light transmittance ensures you get the best picture quality after clicking photographs and enhances the screen’s visibility. 

The lens protector comes with AR technology with an enhanced night-shooting function that guarantees no quality distortion in the images when clicked at night using flash. A 3 pack advantage at a cheap rate makes the protector an excellent choice for iPhone 13 users. 


  • Ultra-thin design
  • AR technology
  • Easy installation
  • Round edges
  • Anti-dust, fingerprint, and oil


  • Non-durable build

7. Hoerrye Premium lens protector

The Hoerrye lens protector is built to fit the iPhone 13’s camera lens. With various colors available, they match perfectly with your iPhone 13’s model without appearing too bold or robust. 

The lens protector is made of 1:1 space titanium alloy material with an oleophobic layer that does well to keep water, dust, and oil away from your camera lens and provides excellent adhesion to protect your lens from scratches and damages perfectly. 

It may look and feel thin but is a great choice to provide optimal support and protection to your rear camera and still look elegant on your iPhone. Embedded with night anti-glare coating and 99.99% transparency preserves the original picture in high quality.

There is no need to worry about using flash for night-mode photography. HD tempered glass keeps your camera lens clean and clear all the time.

It is simple to install by removing the peel and putting it on the camera; it is an excellent accessory for budget-friendly and durable. 


  • Space aluminum alloy material
  • HD tempered glass
  • Anti-scratch, dust, oil, prints
  • Three pack 


  • Not easy to remove

8. Aenoko Lens protector 

Compatible with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, the Aenoko camera lens protector perfectly keeps your lens shelf-life increased and uncompromised.

The package comes with two lens protectors that are simple to install and come with a robust adsorption technology to stay intact with the camera lens. 

The 9H tempered glass protector hole is embedded with a night anti-glare coating to protect your camera and keep the original picture quality, making it innovative.

99.99% transparency maintains the original screen or picture brightness, so no disturbance is created while taking pictures. 

It comes with excellent protection against dust, oil, and water spills, and HD transparency keeps your camera lens protected with incredible sturdiness.

Nano-electrostatic automatic adsorption technology ensures strong adsorption force, not easy to fall off, sticky stability, and no bubbles.


  • Perfect adherence
  • Good fit with the case on
  • Protection against scratches, damages, dust, oil, and water


  • May fog up

9. Tensea Glitter lens protector

The tensea rear camera screen protector is made of aviation aluminum and 9H tempered glass designed for iPhone 13 mini 5.4″ / iPhone 13 6.1″ 2021 with two cameras. The diamond-embedded edges to the lens protector make it elegant and pretty to the eyes while providing the best protection to your iPhone’s camera lens. 

The lens protector promises to keep your camera lens protected from damages, falls, and scratches without affecting the image quality. There will be no fog, no blue light, no spills or stain marks on your camera lens with the Tensea lens protector.

The seal ring is designed to prevent dust and water. Secure protection resists shock, drop-off, or significant impact towards your camera and keeps you peaceful.

Multicolored protectors give a great feel to your camera lens. Easy installation of the ring makes your work hassle-free, and the two-package bonus is relatively cost-effective. 


  • East installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Great design 
  • Diamond-embedded
  • iPhone 13 and mini compatible


  • Plastic build 

10. Goton camera lens protector 

Give an upgrade to your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera lens with the Goton lens protector with its ultra-thin and non-heavy make-up. With a diameter of 0.2mm, it easily seals your camera lens off and protects it from damages and scratches. 

9H tempered hardness gives excellent durability with high light transmittance, suitable for clicking pictures and retaining the original image quality. The ring is made of 3D aviation aluminum and comes with a 3mm micro-pore ring and a firm sponge seal that ensures a tight hold on your camera lens.

Easy to install, just clean your camera lens and stick it on top of each lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max model. The package comes with three camera lens protectors for all three cameras on your phone.


  • Rainbow-colored ring
  • Cute and durable
  • Sponge seal
  • Aviation aluminum
  • 9H tempered hardness


  • Difficult to remove


With iPhone 13 being the biggest launch of the year, buyers should expect that the models come with similar fragility terms to the other models, so it is necessary to take the best protective measures for your new phone.

To be on the safer side with your phone, camera lens guard and screen protectors are a great beginning. 

This article talked about our top picks for the best iPhone 13 camera lens protector, giving your lens more durability and a stylish output. We hope this was a worthwhile read!

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