6 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases with Stand in 2022

6 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases with Stand in 2021

It sucks to have your phone display shattered into pieces, when you could’ve saved its beautiful interface with a cover, especially when you’ve paid a hefty sum for it. I still don’t think we understand the importance of cases and covers. They’re super essential in protecting our gadgets. In today’s article, we’ll be covering the Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases with Stand in 2021, to make your selection and decision-making process simpler. Find the list below: 

Buying Guide

1. Thickness

iPhones usually have a sleek and slim body, so to avoid it from slipping off your hands, look for cases with thickness. Thick cases protect the sides, back and the screen of your iPhone 12 Pro Max slim body.

2. Cut outs

Cases with fine cut-outs are as important as the design. Some cases come with buttons on them, to give the users a tactile feel of the phone, unlike those with rubber and plastic button-covers.

3. Pocket storage

Cases with pocket storages are very handy as the user can store their visa and ATM cards, cash or tickets. So having a case with pocket storage seems very convenient.

4. Stand

A case with a stable stand makes it easier to use your iPhone12 Pro Max on bed or on tables. All you have to do is set your iPhone to a comfortable angle and enjoy operating your phone without having to hold it.

6 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases with Stand

1. ESR Metal Kickstand for iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you love a product that goes by the “beauty with brains” quote, then this model is the one for you. With its sleek transparent finish, your iPhone is going to look marvellous regardless of the colour you’ve bought. 

The most amazing aspect of this product is that it has got a two-way stand. This means you’ll be able to place your phone at an angle of your choice, both horizontally and vertically. Being able to use your phone hands-free is one of the most valued and respected perk a product could give its customer. 

You’ll now be able to binge watch the series of your choice and conduct research without holding your phone with one hand and scrolling via the other. Your comfort has been taken care of by the ESR metal kickstand. 

Moreover, it’s been designed in a way that lets you adjust the angle as per your choice. It is adjustable to around 60 degrees, giving you a good margin to play around with. It is also highly durable due to its exceptional lab record. 

They claim that their product “retains 80% hinge strength” that too after more than 3000 uses. What an exceptional trait! Its protective design is another trait you should lookout for. With raised edges and bezels, not only is your display screen, but also your front camera far from danger. 

Lastly, you get the chance to wirelessly charge your phone without removing the cover. As per customer ratings, this model is in the lead with a whopping 4.4 stars on Amazon. It’s a great deal! 

2. MOFT Flexible Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Imagine a situation in which you carry your wallet and your phone in one gadget, instead of splitting it into two. Wouldn’t things become easier and less cumbersome? Well, the MOFT case is known for exactly that. 

One, three card pockets are attached to the stand. You heard it right, with the right amount of thickness, the pockets allow you to secure not only your cards, but a few notes and coins here and there. 

That way, you won’t have to carry your wallet around and stress about losing it. We all know that in today’s day and age, we could lose anything but our phones, that’s how glued we are to it. Two, different placements. 

The MOFT flexible case allows you to place your phone in three different modes. The usual, portrait and landscape remain where they are, but the third kind is the ‘float.’ Your phone can now be placed in a way that it neither touches you, nor the surface it is being put on. 

The case connector takes care of that angle. How convenient, isn’t it? You could be stuck in unimaginable places, but with some data, a bag of chips, a flat and stable surface, you could have a Netflix party by yourself, whether or not it goes by the convention. Three, multiple flap functions. 

This model enables you to use the case stand however you’d like- fold, snap, stand-anything it possible. It is one of the most flexible, and thus one of the most suitable designs ever made. While being compatible with all Iphone 12 series models was a perk, the stand can be removed at your convenience too. 

The magnetic installation and detachment processes can be carried out effortlessly, at any given time. Any activity that the customer is engaged in during that period, will remain uninterrupted. 

3. Spigen Back Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Although this product is seemingly on the pricier side compared to others, its designers are known for their credibility and durability. Over the years, the team of Spigen have managed to create their own target audience. One that has complete faith and trust in them.

Rated at a 4.6 out of 5 stars, you know customers are satisfied with the progress the company has made so far. Reviews are claiming that the cover is not only moderately priced, but also has a sturdy and snug fit, allowing it to work for years. 

They highly recommend this case, especially when one is paying a hefty sum for a phone. You need a cover that you can trust. 

The Spigen Back cover for Iphone 12 Pro max has got several perks. Firstly, it has been designed in a way that protects your phone completely, especially after being certified for MIL-STD and Air Cushion Technology. 

This means, your phone is safe from electric shocks. Secondly, its rounded edges and bulkier design adds a double layer protection. So even if you put your phone on an unsmooth and dicey surface, what will come in contact with it is not your back camera, but your cover. Why? That’s how the rounded edges work. They create a safe distance between the display and the surface. 

Even though this model hasn’t been designed by Apple, the dimensions fit the phone accurately. All connections, ports, and sensors are easy to use. We know how frustrating it can get when the opposite happens, but this company guarantees no trouble in paradise. 

The material that has been used to design this Spigen model in silicone TPU on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside. What does this do? Relieves your phone of damage and shock.

Lastly, it is extremely compatible with the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max and will make life not only much easier, but safer with the cover. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands! 

4. Loxxo Kickstand Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you’re not ready to spend extra money on the cover since you’ve done that with your phone, Loxxo is a model you should consider. 

Priced at an amount that is not only relatively but significantly cheaper than the other models, it’s great for customers on a budget. Nonetheless, not every cheap accessory has badly created designs, especially not this one. 

Firstly, it has been designed specifically for this Iphone model. The Loxxo team has put in their all to produce something that fits the masters perfectly. Many a times, the fault in accuracy and dimensions causes the buttons and servers to work at a slower pace than usual. This happens because they take time to be pressed and connect to the display inside. 

Secondly, it is made out of multiple extraordinary materials. Soft TPU for the inside and Frosted metal and PC although semi permeable for the outside allows it to stand out as a product that gives maximum protection against scratches, collisions, moisture, and fingerprints. Its kickstand has been designed in two ways. 

One that is foldable and operates both horizontally and vertically allowing you to have an awesome hands-free experience, especially in today’s times when holding a phone could be considered a full-time job. It lets you relax with its comfortable layout. 

Two, a ring holder. That way, even if you’d like to partially hold your phone and work, a convenient position is cut out for you. 

Lastly, it’s got immaculate protection. With its raised lips and edges, your phone will be far-far away from scratches, direct impacts from collisions and falls, and dirt. Your camera will remain flawless, and so will the display. 

The only downfall is that it’s got a lower rating than the others. However, if you’re a customer on a budget, this should work! 

5. Vonzee Back Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Remember the time’s when we’d hold our phones over our faces without any support? 99% of the time our grips would loosen, causing them to fall and injure our nose. How painful, right? Somebody thought of a ‘pop socket’ to solve that problem, but what that invention really did was give rise to another product. 

One that is not only very beneficial, but aesthetic to look at. The Vonzee Back Case is designed in an unconventional way, compared to the ones we’ve been discussing above. Instead of a rectangular or square-shaped stand, we’re being given a ring holder. 

It’s natural to be concerned about its application though, especially when a thin-circular accessory could snap anytime. However, Vonzee’s 360-degree ring, that is both flexible and adjustable, has perfectly cumulated dimensions that enables you to view your content holding the phone, while also enjoying it hands-free. 

They’ve kept in mind user-preferences which is great to see. Vonzee has specially designed this case for an Iphone 12 Pro Max, so you’re in compatible and capable hands. Moreover, the case is durable due its materials. 

With liquid silicone and rubber working together, your phone is fingerprint, scratch, and drop resilient. What’s great about this model, just like the first one, is that it’s got a great aesthetic. Jet black works well with everything. You’ll be able to maintain its beauty too, because wiping of dust and dirt is easy. 

The case is a bit on the flexible side and provides your phone with a snugly outer fit. Its accurate dimensions allow easy access and highly responsive touch as the buttons and servers will be operating at their best capacities. 

Last but not the least, the case has a fine grip, making it non-slippery. The rubber will save the phone from slipping out of your hands or pocket. Thus, an in-built bodyguard to protect phone! 

6. Zivite Armor Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

And we’re on the last product for this article. Let’s sum it up with the cheap, yet customer-friendly Zivite Armor case. It’s got the following perks: 

  1. Immaculate protection: With raised edges for both the front and back screens, your camera will be protected from all the demons out there. Even if your phone witnesses a fall, the extra bulk from the case is more likely to hit the ground first, resulting in maximum protection. 
  2. Materials: Similar to other products of its kind, the Zivite Armor case is made out of the finest materials. These include TPU and Polycarbonate, on the inside and outside respectively. 
  3. Added protection: With the materials and designing in play, the Zivite case is not only shock-proof, but also provides protection from drops and collisions. 
  4. Magnetic Holder: Designed completely differently from the rest, this model has a magnetic holder that is not only strong and sturdy, but also long-lasting. 
  5. Design: Unconventional, and one that hasn’t been employed by many companies, the Zivite case almost has a dual-shaped holder. One that is inspired by a hexagon and square both. I know that’s hard to imagine and digest, but once you have a look at it, all your doubts will subside. 
  6. Cheapest Price out of all 6 models.


We hope we were able to help you with the list of 6 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases with Stand in 2021. 

The features mentioned for each of these products have been curated and compiled because we feel they’re essential, and things every customer should look for when buying a case with a stand. Choose the right one, remember to consider price, brand, and purpose as parameters too! Happy Shopping! 

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