Top 9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Cases in 2022 – Which One to Buy!

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Cases

With the launch of every new iPhone, users get crazy and the sales hit the sky to the maximum and we could all see that craze with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. To enhance the beauty of the device people all but one of the wisest cases to choose is said to be iPhone 12 Pro max battery case.

iPhone Pro max battery cases offer an extension of battery life and with this, you can do your work all the time without any battery draining issues. Therefore, below we have recommended 9 best iPhone 12 Pro max battery cases that you must check when you are looking for a case to increase the aesthetic appeal of your phone.

9 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Cases

Here are our top 9 best iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Cases which you should buy in 2021.

1. PunkJuice

The battery case for iPhone 12 Pro Max buy PunkJuice is very compatible. With this battery case you will never have a dead battery it offers a high capacity of 4800mAh of lithium battery. It extends the battery life of your phone up to 120% by charging your iPhone 12 Pro Max first and then giving power to the battery case. This case comes with LED lights to tell the status of your battery. It has built-in safety features to prevent your phone from overheating and circuit issues.

This case is very easy to use. You don’t have to take it out for other purposes. When you don’t want to use your battery case, you can just simply switch it off and it comes with perfect cutouts for your ports and buttons. It is made up of an aluminum alloy that is shock resistant and protects your phone from sudden falls. The inner layer of this case forms a perfect soft cushion and works as a  protector for your entire device.


  • Waterproof, Shockproof, snow proof
  • Built-in an extra battery for iPhone.
  • It has lanyard holes, charging portholes with dirt protection.


  • Installing the case on the iPhone will be a job to do.

2. Zerolemon RuggedJuicer Case

The battery case by Zerolemon offers an enormous battery life of 180% to your iPhone. It provides complete safety to your phone by being shockproof and dust resistant. It has a battery size of 10000mAh. These battery cases surely upgrade the experience of the users by offering multi capabilities.

With this battery case, you can charge your iPhone in just 3 hours and it also supports wireless charging. It adds a little bulk to your phone so that can be one of the disadvantages of this battery case and you might find it a little on the expensive side but its compatibility with the iPhone Pro Max is unmatched.


  • A powerful 10000mAh battery provides an extra 200% battery life to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Edge protection with air holes avoids heating the iPhone.


  • tight-fitting rubber putter-shell

3. Idealforce Portable Battery Case

Next on the list, we have a battery case by idealforce that is known for its slim look and high demand in the market. This battery case offers an accurate power display and has switches that work automatically as per the inbuilt artificial intelligence. This battery case for iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with LED lights that provide you with the indication of when your phone is getting charged and when it is fully charged.

It has a battery of 4800mAh that offers you a level of more than 150% battery. This slim case fits perfectly into your phone and offers an unmatched look that no other case can provide. The sleek finish of this case is to die for and it provides you with an edge to edge protection.


  • Ideal for external magnetic backup
  • Portable power charger, protecting phone case.


  • tight-fitting edges, hard to remove for cleaning the case

4. Oyowooa Battery Case


The oyowooa battery case is well known for its durability and for being a two-in-one protective case. This battery case protects your iPhone on the screen as well as on the lens with 0.5mm screen age and 0.2mm lens design. It offers protection from scratching, falling, and other cracks that might happen to your lens and screen. The impeccable design of this case enhances the aesthetic appeal of this battery case.

It extends the battery life to its maximum by offering 15 hours extra for the talk time 48 hours of audio playback 48 hours of play game and 17 hours of internet surfing. In total it extends the battery life up to 120%. It is very easy to install and it comes with LED indicators for a convenient update of charging. On a sad note, it does not support wireless charging.


  • Phone case with raised edges provides extra protection from wearing out.
  •  The camera lens is correctly preventing from scratching.
  • Thin cases for easy holding experiences


  • Holding battery for long is a problem here.

5. Alphatronix Battery Case

The battery case by alphatronix is perfectly tested and offers powerful battery support to your iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has a powerful battery of 6000mAh and marks out to be the best when it comes to fulfilling the desires of users. This battery case supports wireless and wired charging which is a bonus point for the users.

Moreover, it is compatible not only with your iPhone but also supports your Apple AirPods headphones, Bluetooth, and earpods accessories. Apart from search over the top features it also provides basic protection to your iPhone as it comes with an extra tempered glass screen protector to make sure that your phone doesn’t get damaged or have any kind of scratches.


  • Phone case with an extra layer of protection near the camera lens.
  • Actual 5000mAh battery capacity.
  • Easy fit-in and easy while installing.


  • Lifespan can be of up to 6 months only.

6. Zerolemon SlimJuicer Battery Case

Another battery case that is offered by Zerolemon is a slim juicer battery case that supports wireless charging for iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the negative side, it is a little bulky but you can carry it in your pocket easily because of its slim design. It is also compatible with your earphones and carplay that makes it magnificent in comparison with others. It has a battery size of 5000mAh and it offers protection to your phone against scratches and drops.


  • The phone case comes in three varieties,1000mAh, mini 400mAh, 5000mAh.
  • Give sufficient extra power tit your iPhone.
  • Long-lasting compatibility.

7. FNSON Ultimate Battery Case

The battery case by FNSON is quite different from regular battery cases. It is synced with advanced technology that offers you the feature of charging your case and device at once with your iPhone cable. The build-up of this case is thick and it provides full protection to your screen with its hard shell. It is highly durable and portable and prevents all kinds of scratches, dents, and falls.

The strength of this battery case is over the top and the right placement of the LED indicators makes this more convenient for the users. It comes with a battery of 7000mAh but does not provide many extensions of the battery which can be improved in the foreseeable future. Also, it does not offer wireless charging.


  • Extended battery charger.
  • With 6000mAh battery backup provides excellent protection.
  • Easy to carry, Long-lasting battery.


  • No automatic battery charging.

8. Allezru Max Battery Case

The battery case of Allezru is full of strength and durability. It extends the battery life double of the regular time with the battery power of 6000mAh. It provides a standby timing of 496 hours with 19 hours of video playback, 110 hours of music playback, and 18 hours of internet browsing. In this case, you can listen to music and you can also charge it simultaneously.

You don’t have to remove this case when you have to put it on the charge. You can use the charging cable of the iPhone with is also compatible with wireless Bluetooth headphones. But, on the negative side, it can be a little inconvenient to install but once that is done you can enjoy the features of this battery case fully.


  • Excellent quality rubber, gel material.
  • Great battery extender with 120percent of increase in battery life.
  • Compact and reliable design.


  • Not slim to fit in a pocket.

9. SNSOU Slim Battery Case

Last but not least we have an amazing case by SNSOU which is one of the best battery cases to give you a top-notch user experience. it is made up of rubber that provides a perfect snug fit in your hands and on your iPhone 12 Pro Max. The rubber bezel offers complete protection in all directions to your phone and it is very easy to install.

The battery power of this case is 7000mAh and it offers a 180% extension of battery life. With this battery case, you don’t have to worry about the battery drain and you can enjoy it without any stress. It supports the iPhone cable and headphones which is one of the amazing features of this battery case. The buildup of this case is not extravagant but the features are surely proven to be the best.


  • Extra power backup with 4200mAh.
  • Extended battery charge with slim cover.
  • Easy fit-in and portable too.


  • It might slip off from hands as the covering is slippery.

Why buy iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Cases?

  • Like many other brands, Apple suggests its customers buy the original accessories for their iPhones. The reason is that the integration connectivity with all its device accessories makes the device last longer. 
  • The 12 Pro Max Battery Cases have fiber lining inside the case to protect the battery from external scratching.  
  • It will not bulk up the iPhone to make it uncomfortable while handling. 
  • If you are in search of more battery savers, then this is a must to have. The iPhone battery case will save you some extra battery. 
  • An Ultra-thin layer of the case will make it portable to carry it anywhere and charge the battery anytime. 
  • The LED lights help you to track your phone’s battery status. It is easy to set, take calls and listen to music without even removing the charger.
  •  It gives you full access to the phone without needing to remove it again and again.

Wrap up

So, this is the list of 9 best iPhone Pro max battery cases that you can buy in 2021. The battery cases mentioned above are of high quality, they have amazing battery extension and come with a warranty. Some of them are on a little expensive side while some are completely budget-friendly. So, check them out while making your purchase.

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