Top 8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Leather Cases That You Can Buy in 2022

iPhone 12 Pro Leather Cases

Talking about the cases for iPhones, leather cases come under the category of premium and most fashionable cases of all. They not only look fabulous on your phone but also feel great in your hands. Unlike other cases that might slip from your hands, leather cases provide the best grip. Leather cases assure durability and the natural fade that happens over time also looks amazing instead of shabby.

So, If you are looking for Best iPhone 12 Pro leather cases that is the safest and the most sophisticated choice, you have landed on the right page. We have prepared a list of leather cases that you can buy for your iPhone 12 Pro. Cases that would increase the style statement and also guarantee complete safety. 

Best iPhone 12 Pro Leather Cases

After doing comprehensive research, we have prepared this list of several iPhone 12 Pro leather cases. This list varies from regular leather cases to covers and everything that you would want to buy for your iPhone.

1. Bellroy Leather Cases

We are starting with Bellroy that is quite expensive but is perfect for your iPhone 12 Pro. This leather phone case works double by providing space for the wallet as well. The company has used flex polymer in making this case that gives it more durability as compared to other leather cases and the main reason that makes it one of the best is that it is environment friendly. The wallet that is provided in this case is spacious enough to store up to three cards.

It is enclosed with a magnetic flap that keeps your cards safe. On the inside of this leather case that is highly compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro, there is a soft lining of microfiber present to prevent scratches. This leather case with an extra drop protection feature is a must-buy item if you don’t mind the money being slightly on the higher side.

2. Mujjo Wallet Leather Case

Mujjo is known to be a pioneer of leather cases. These wallet leather cases are highly durable and can prevent your phone completely from scratches and wear-tears. This slim style leather case has a full-grain soft leather. The fabric is strong and the finish feels so luxurious when used on the phone. 

The wallet area of this leather case can hold two to three cards along with cash. It provides a complete fit and coverage to your phone on its edges, thus preventing them from any sort of damage. This mujjo leather case is one of the best cases for iPhone 12 Pro and it is available in many colors. You can choose whichever color looks the best for you and can enjoy the padded comfort of this leather case.

3. Mous Protective Case

This leather case by Mous for iPhone 12 Pro provides you with all-round protection. This slim case offers maximum protection to your phone. It is extra efficient and renders amazing drop protection due to its Airoshock technology. These limitless 3.0 cases provide incredible screen protection in case you drop it down on its face. The nature and texture of these cases provide cushion to iPhones and make them stylish without adding extra weight to their structure.

4. Salawat Leather Case

This synthetic PU Leather case by Salawat is one of the best if you want an environment-friendly leather case. This classic leather case is perfectly light-weighted because of its slim fit and manages to remove fingerprints and grease off the surface. This hybrid case has a TPU bumper on the sides for providing maximum protection to the phone. 

With this leather case, you can easily hold your phone as it gives a very good grip. It makes your iPhone 12 Pro appealing because of the snug fit. The soft bumper offers ultra protection irrespective of its extra thin design. You can buy this cover in three different colors and it is quite easy on your pocket in comparison to the actual leather cases.

5. Otterbox Strass Series Case

Otterbox Strada cases are the genuine cases that give protection to your iPhone 12 Pro from all sides. This leather case is quite a good option for those who do not like putting screen protectors on their phones. This folio leather case has a holder for you to keep cash and cards. Otterbox Strada series case renders protection to your phone from drops and shocks. It has a handcraft design style that offers ultra protection and keeps your phone stylish and completely organized.

6. ERS Premium Leather Case

If you want an actual leather case instead of a synthetic one under your budget, we think you should check out ERS premium leather case. TRS has launched many cool phone accessories including cases. The clean lines, well-crafted and rounded edges give a sleek look to your phone and it does not seem that you have a case on your phone.

It offers premium quality to its users as it is crafted with high-quality leather that is extremely soft on the hands. Its originality offers variety in the market.  It does not add bulk to your phone,  thanks to its thin designing. It is lined with microfiber to protect your phone from scratches and to give a pristine look to your phone. This leather case is affordable and provides you with higher quality than other leather cases.

7. Belemay

Belemay wallet case is an original wallet leather case with a flip cover. Amazingly, it is available in seven different colors providing you with an opportunity to choose from a wide range. It is very easy to install and take off because of its soft lining and it has long durability. It protects your phone from water dust and scratches. It is anti-stain and wears resistance. 

This case has cowhide leather with TPU qualities. The inner cradle protects your phone from edge to edge.  It has three storing slots for you to keep your cards and cash. This iPhone 12 Pro leather case keeps you stylish and organized. It is made of high-quality leather and because of the double stitching, it will stand beside you for a very long time as new as it was at the beginning.

8. Lohasic PU Leather

For your iPhone 12 Pro, the last suggestion that we have for you is PI Leather by Lohasic. The elegance of the Lohasic leather case gives a dashing look to your phone. It is highly compatible with your expensive model as it provides full protection if you drop your phone suddenly.

It does not block space for charges, ports, and other buttons. The posh trim and vegan leather make it stylish and a luxury item that you must have. This PU Leather case gives you a great grip and is fingerprint-resistant The Lohasic leather protects your phone from dents, scratches dust, and water.


All the above-mentioned leather cases for iPhone 12 Pro are the best and therefore made their place in our list. The list covers wallet cases, folio cases, original leather, and as well as synthetic leather make sure you pay keen attention to the description and features of the product before buying it. All of these leather cases are one way or the other good and can provide you with a style statement with their features.

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