10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases with MagSafe in 2022

10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases with MagSafe in 2021

Looking for a clear case for your iPhone 12 Mini? You’ve come to the right place. After much deliberation and research on the new technological trends in the market, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases with MagSafe in 2021 that you should consider purchasing. Find it below: 

iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases Buying Guide

Following are the parameters to look for while buying the mini clear case with MagSafe for your iPhone 12:

1. Thinness

Choose a case with sheer thinness which works well with both wallet and MagSafe charger.

2. Sustainability

Go sustainable with the Lifeproof Wake Case made from ocean-based recycled plastic, if sustainability is your priority.

3. Compatibility

Look for a case which may be compatible with most of the iPhone devices.

4. Safety

Magnet integrated shock absorption case could be an ideal choice for utmost safety of your iPhone.

5. Flexible material

While buying a iPhone 12 mini case, look for material with is flexible or made up of polycarbonate that will easily slide into the side buttons of your mini iPhone.

6. Scratch-resistant

Mini iPhone often slips out of your hands or falls off the table as it is quite small and sleek. It is obvious that the phone may get scratched as and when it falls. Therefore, buying a scratch-resistant case cover for your mini iPhone would be a great decision.

7. Wireless charging

Are you one of those who often forget their phone chargers at the hotel rooms or tend to lose them while travelling? Well, you need not worry about that anymore, with the wireless charging case cover that helps you charge your iPhone without an actual charger.

8. Color variety

When buying a case cover for your iPhone, make sure to choose the one which does not dull the look of your iPhone. These covers come in many different and bright colors for the users to choose the one best suiting their mini iPhone.

9 No branding or logos

Imagine having some random case cover brand being displayed on your luxurious phone hiding off the apple logo on the back of your phone, wouldn’t it be a turndown for you? Well the market offers you a variety of case covers without any logos or brandings displaying on the back.

Best iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases with MagSafe in 2021

1. Apple’s original Mini Clear Case

Apple’s original Mini Clear Case

If you’re one of those individuals that has fallen in love with all of Apple’s products, behold, because this one is going to blow your mind too. The Apple Mini Clear Case is compatible with iPhone 12, has a new MagSafe addition to it. 

What this feature enables you to do is make use of wireless charging at its peak. You heard us right, you can now simply snap on your MagSafe charger onto your clear case, without having to look for a socket or worry about a half-damaged charging cable. 

Not only will your iPhone charge faster than it would with a cable, you’ll also be able to use it without being confined to a certain area. Move around freely and finish your work simultaneously. This feature makes life very convenient. Moreover, it has been crafted carefully with materials that are not only flexible but durable. 

The clear polycarbonate cover helps prevent damage from falls and scratches, while also giving you a transparent see-through option that will highlight the colour of your iPhone. Additionally, the coatings that have been applied to the case are optimized in a way that prevents yellowing over time- a colour we all despise. 

It has been tested in Apple’s labs frequently and is considered one of the best cases they’ve ever designed. Customers are happy with their purchase and give it a 4.2 out of 5. 

2. DISC Clear Case with MagSafe

DISC Clear Case with MagSafe

Looking for a relatively cheaper case than Apple’s original? This is the case you should turn to. Not only is it rated a whopping 4.7, but it’s also become the new favourite in the market. Customers are happy about how it shows the colour of their phone’s with absolute transparency, the perfect grip and design, and its durability. 

A customer shared his little anecdote with the DISC community talking about how he’s dropped his phone multiple times, but it still works well. As good as new! Not only that, but the case has a slim and clear design, making it easy for you to store it in even the most compact and cramped-up spaces such as your pant/jacket pocket. 

Carry your phone around without having to torture your hands and fingers. Moreover, it is certified by the 6 feet drop test. If you’re a clumsy individual, we recommend you make a purchase now. The DISC case has other common perks like anti-yellowing, scratch-resistant, and antimicrobial protection too. 

With the extraordinary, you also get a taste of the more popular traits. With MagSafe as an in-built feature, this case is definitely swimming at the market’s brim. Go have a look! 

3. Sonix Clear Gold/Silver case for iPhone 12

Sonix Clear Gold Silver case for iPhone 12 

Rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars, The Sonix clear case has a different design than the others. It’s a little more aesthetically pleasing for individuals who like stripes, patterns, and the colours silver and gold. This is because the design highlights the shape of the MagSafe feature on your iPhone’s back, making it stand out from other devices. Not only that, the Sonix Clear case is compatible with all iPhone 12 models, along with MagSafe. Charging is going to become much easier than it was. This model has other perks like: 

  • Drop test certified: We’re taking this comparison to the next level, because this case is tested for a 10 feet drop. Customers love this feature. 
  • Protection: Shock-absorbent edges, Beveled camera holder, anti-scratch, UV coating, and responsive buttons and sensors. You won’t find it difficult to press and tap anything on your phone. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: Keep this case forever, without having to complain. Customers have verified the fact that this case works like magic. Long-lasting magic. 
  • Compatible with the MagSafe charger 
  • Made out of polycarbonate for the most worthwhile fitting and protection. Rounded and flexible edges. 

4. Next Case for iPhone 12: 

Next Case for iPhone 12

Are you someone who cares for the future a lot? Do you enjoy saving the environment? Are you up to investing money in products that are created keeping mother earth in mind? Well, if the answer to those questions is a yes, then Next Case is where you should purchase your cover from. 

Although rated a bit low compared to the other products, this model is designed sustainably. Investing in it is investing in our environment’ future. Made out of 55% recycled plastic, you’d expect some low-quality model that doesn’t last-long. 

However, that’s not true. The Next case phone cover has the perfect balance between looks and durability. It is drop-tested and reviewed positively by the customers. 

One very important point to throw light on is that the company offers a free $1 for every purchase, which directly goes to non-profit organizations under your name. Not only is it helping you with a beautifully designed case, but also the people and living entities in need. 

It is also snow, drop, and dirt proof while being equipped with the MagSafe feature. With this case, everything comes as a package. 

5. OtterBox iPhone Clear Case with MagSafe

OtterBox iPhone Clear Case with MagSafe 

Made out of Polycarbonate and Synthetic rubber, the Otterbox clear case is clearly designed for safety and style. Following are its perks: 

  • Compatible with MagSafe technology: Seamless Interaction. You won’t have to spend time on identifying and understanding any technological aspects. It’s as simple as a snap on. 
  • Strong attachment: The magnets at work allow your phone to be charged at a speed that it isn’t familiar with. Faster, bigger, and better. That’s the outcome. Moreover, these magnets allow the case to stick to your phone perfectly. This will ensure the case doesn’t detach from your iPhone.
  • Protection from bacteria and yellowing: How frustrating is it to watch your case go from transparent to dull yellow? The entire aesthetic of your phone gets ruined. With this model, you have one less burden on your head. It keeps the germs, bacteria, and dust away. 
  • Designed perfectly: The dimensions are accurate, and so are the cutouts for your iPhone’s buttons and ports. Everything will be easy to navigate and tap. 
  • Slim and lightweight: It can be carried around, pulled in and out of your pocket easily. Your fingers need not do all the work now! 

6. Pivet Self-Cycle case for iPhone 12: 

Pivet Self-Cycle case for iPhone 12

Rated a whopping 4.4 out of 5 stars, this case has a plethora of special features. One, it is compatible with both your iPhone 12 series, and the MagSafe function. Two, it will make your phone look sleek and clean. 

Don’t be shy to show off the colour of your iPhone anymore. Make your investment count. Three, it’s thinner and more compact. It’ll stick to your phone completely to avoid detaching from it. This will further prevent damage. 

The lightweight feature allows you to carry your phone without having to think of it as a burden. It will fit in your hands, your pockets, and literally any condensed space. Four, corners are well protected from drops. 

Five, anti-bacteria and yellowing. Six, durable. With all these perks in mind, this is the ideal case. Nonetheless, do like out for minor scratch-related scenarios before you make your final decision. 

7. GVIWIN iPhone 12 Mini Case

GVIWIN iPhone 12 Mini Case 

Even though this cover doesn’t completely fall under the category of “Clear Case”, we didn’t think it’s fair to bereft you from the best rated MagSafe-compatible phone cover simply because of a label.

You should make note of the fact that this model is rated a perfect 5 out of 5 on Amazon. Customers haven’t been more satisfied with any product. The design you’ll get on this cover is marble. It will seamlessly sync to your iPhone 12 Mini, but only the 2021 edition. 

The case is known for being lightweight, and less on the bulky side. The sleek fit will ensure your iPhone doesn’t fall out of the case. One special feature besides all is that the case is shock absorbent. 

Be it accidental drops, or random daily fallouts, the durable material will protect your iPhone from any damage and impact. The dimensions and cut outs are also extremely accurate which helps your respond to buttons and ports easily. Get both, the looks and the features! 

8. KISEN Clear Magnetic Phone cases

KISEN Clear Magnetic Phone cases

When you can buy both the cheaper and good-quality version of a product, why opt for something pricier? KISEN’s case will make that deal possible for you today due to the following reasons: 

  • Compatible with the iPhone 12 models 
  • Has a protective film on the outside that you can remove upon delivery. This is to avoid any damage to the product when it is being delivered to your doorstep. How thoughtful! 
  • Bayer materials from Germany brought in to specially design a case that is 100% anti-yellowing. Anti-oxidants also don’t react with UV rays, an important factor that prevents the yellow colour on your case. KISEN is extra protective of that trait. 
  • Perfectly aligned magnets: They’ll make charging faster, easier, and super-efficient for you. Long gone are the days when you had to sit with your iPhone will it charges. Move around freely now! 
  • 4 corner airbags protect the phone from collisions and falls. 
  • Slim and Lightweight 
  • Sturdy and comfortable grip 
  • Rated 4.3 out of 5

9. RESTONE Clear Magnetic Case with MagSafe for iPhone

RESTONE Clear Magnetic Case with MagSafe for iPhone

Priced moderately, rated highly, your phone case hunt will soon come to a stand-still with this case. Although a few of its competitors are better in the eyes of the customers, RESTONE has made its mark in the market. Find below its common and special features: 

  • Crystal Clear Magnetic case to make your iPhone look aesthetically pleasing 
  • Automatic Alignment with MagSafe Charger
  • 38 quadruple magnets, 360 degree magnetic rotation for fast and efficient charging. 10 times stronger than the usual. No signal interference. 
  • Shock Absorbent: Say goodbye to damage from falls, collisions, and high-impact activities
  • Utra-thin and slim cover
  • Snug fit and non-slip grip: Easy to carry around 
  • Cushion buffer to support the buttons and camera on the phone 
  • 4-6 months anti-yellowing 
  • Buttons aren’t stiff and can be easily tapped/punched
  • Highly recommended by past customers

10. CASEKOO cover for iPhone with MagSafe Feature

CASEKOO cover for iPhone with MagSafe Feature 

Now that we’ve reached the end, let’s have a look at what our final case has to offer. Find the list of things you must look out for, below: 

  • Sophisticated Magnetic Shield 
  • Compatible with MagSage 
  • 15W high-speed battery charging
  • Germany Bayer Materials for this one too: Avoids yellowing at all costs 
  • Anti-collision angle patent gives full protection during falls and drops. Your phone will be in safe hands. (Not literally because we’re all clumsy)
  • Bouncy airbags to prevent damage 
  • Rigid polycarbonate makes it durable 
  • Bendable and Flexible 
  • Raised Bezels prevent scratches
  • Slim and easy to carry around 


With this, we shall conclude our list of 10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Clear Cases with MagSafe in 2021. Hopefully, our research has given you an insight into the different phone cases that you’d want to consider while making decisions a little easy to carry out. Choose the one that fits your criteria! Don’t compromise on quality though. Evaluate each product in the list and make a choice!  

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