9 Best iPad Pro Keyboards

Best iPad Pro Keyboards

Hey there! Typing on the iPad Pro display screen might be too much hassle given that the screen size is humongous. We have searched up for you the top 9 Best iPad Pro Keyboards so that you don’t have to scroll through various websites yourself. Do they have a trackpad? Are the trackpads multi-touch enabled? Do I buy a wired keyboard?

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

1. Are they detachable?

Although non-removable keyboards sound and are convenient, some may not want them to be on the device all the time. Each of the types has its own pros and cons. Non-removable ones offer an extra layer of protection while the detachable ones give you space to preposition your typing. 

2. Wired or wireless?

We all know how amazing wireless devices are. Frequently plugging in the Keyboard might cause damage to the iPad’s ports and slots. Some keyboards have an option called the ‘Smart Connect’. This feature enables direct connection and charging when connected at the right points. Some are Bluetooth-enabled as well.

3. Compatibility

A lot of us do make the mistake of not referring to the accessories’ compatibility. It is not just about the device but also the generation of the device. Many keyboards in the market are now compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. Make sure to check exactly which model of your device can be paired with the keyboard.

4. Type of keys

Do you prefer the almost-flat keys or bulky, good bounce keys? Some keys have a unique texture to them as well. The keys vary in travel, pitch, and layout and the answer to choosing the right one lies in your comfort zone. If you love the sound the keys make while they are pushed, go for a keyboard with greater key travel. If you need a much quieter version, go for flat keys with specific textures.

5. The viewing angle

The Apple Magic Keyboard has infinite viewing angles. This means that at any degree of angle, you can place the screen without the fear of it collapsing backward. Some keyboards offer a full 360° swivel while keyboards like Apple Smart Keyboard Folio offer only limited viewing angles. Because of this, the user might face problems with the screen placements. Make sure you have good knowledge of the viewing angle the case offers to experience a comfortable use.

Best iPad Pro Keyboards of 2021

In this article, we have not only listed the best iPad Pro keyboards but also mentioned some of their key features and why you would want to buy them. So keep reading!

1. The Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard

It obviously has to be the Apple Magic Keyboard at the top of the list for some of the best iPad Pro Keyboards for the year 2021. This keyboard is not only compatible with the iPad Pro (12.9 inch) but also iPad Pro (11 inch) and iPad Air.

It is compatible with the third, fourth, and fifth-generation iPad Pro and, first, the second and third generation of the iPad Pro (11 inch). You can also use it with the fourth-generation iPad Air. It has an upgraded performance to perfectly sync with the iPadOS.

The keyboard also comes with a USB-C port for pass-through charging. The keys are backlit and have a travel space of 1 mm which offers a highly precise and responsive typing experience. You can use multi-touch gestures on the built-in trackpad.

A wide range of adjustable angles promises to offer comfortable viewing angles. Acts just like an iPad case, it provides front and back protection. The keyboard comes in white as well as black colors.

2. The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

The Apple Smart Folio keyboard is famous for offering a ‘real typing’ experience. The keys are pushed up a little higher to give you a pleasurable typing experience. 

Coming to the facts, the keyboard only offers two viewing angles. Both options have a pretty big difference and if you aren’t comfortable with both, there is no use getting it. The back part of the keyboard is attached to a static, magnetically connected swivel which is responsible for the restricted viewing angles.

It claims to be lightweight and provides front and back protection by covering the entire iPad. It has no backlit keys and you don’t get a trackpad with it either. It has no extra ports for charging.

It is compatible with the iPad Pro (12.9 inch) of the third, fourth, and the fifth generation and iPad Pro (11 inch) of the first, second and third generation. Like the previous keyboard, it is also compatible with the fourth-generation iPad Air.

3. The Apple Smart Keyboard

The Apple Smart Keyboard

The Apple Smart Keyboard offers varied configurations for emails and video streaming sessions. The keyboard boasts of its design for being slim and functioning. Although it has no USB ports, it is one of the easiest accessories to be put to use.

It offers good front protection. No, it does not flip and covers to the backside of the iPad. It does not come with a trackpad and neither do the keys have backlights. It does neither require batteries nor does it require any kind of pairing. It is easy to put on and easy to take off.

The keyboard is compatible with the iPad seventh and eighth generation and iPad Pro (10.5 inch). It can also be used with the iPad Air third generation. It weighs around eight ounces and has a charcoal shade to it.

4. The Logitech Slim Folio Pro Keyboard

The Logitech Slim Folio Pro Keyboard

The Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard offers a Bluetooth connection as well. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and provides up to three months of battery life considering you type for two hours every day.

It has a separate space for your Apple Pencil (second generation) and offers a magnetic latch. It also has three levels of backlight adjustments and obeys all iPadOS shortcut keys. It offers back and front protection with an extra USB-C port.

Talking about the keys, the  Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard for iPad Pro 11 inch (first, second and third-generation) has a travel space of 1.6 mm and a key pitch of 17 mm. The same for an iPad Pro 12.9 inch (third and fourth generation) is 1.6 mm and 19 mm respectively. 

The keyboard offers only two viewing angles and those are, 58° for typing mode and 10° for viewing mode. It does not come with a trackpad.

5. The Logitech Folio Keyboard

The Logitech Folio Keyboard

The Logitech Folio Keyboard offers a wide range of activities right from typing to sketching and reading. It comes with a high-precision trackpad to achieve fantastic control over your actions.

The trackpad is definitely the star feature of this product. It supports multi-touch gestures for you to swiftly switch between apps and scroll through web pages. The keyboard has automatically adjustable backlights. Yes, the keys sense the surrounding lighting and offer you a comfortable typing experience even in the dark.

The Logitech Folio Keyboard offers a range of shortcut keys with the keys giving off a laptop-like feel. They deliver just the right amount of travel space to help you with accuracy and fast typing.

You can charge your Apple Pencil (second generation) at the top edge of the iPad. It also has a built-in storage pocket to keep your Pencil intact. Talking about protection, the brand boasts about its military-grade protection. It prevents any kind of scuffs, spills, and scratches. 

The Smart Connector embedded inside the keyboard does not require any sort of charging or battery replacement. It feeds on the iPad’s battery. 

You can either fold the keyboard entirely to get into the viewing mode and flip it back out to get started with typing. The static viewing angle offered is 40° which seems to be pretty comfortable.

6. Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron takes its job pretty seriously but also makes sure to enhance user experience. It has brought to you a typing pleasure you have been missing out on since the arrival of the new age keyboards.

You can either go for a white backlight or an RGB backlight. You connect the keyboard via Bluetooth. It allows users to swap any switch in seconds and this is possible due to the hot-swappable switch version.

It offers keycaps for Windows as well as macOS. It has an aluminium body and connects up to 3 devices at a time. It also offers a USB Type C port connection. It claims to be 40% slimmer than the usual keyboards along with being lightweight.

The two-level adjusting rubber feet offer a 6° to 9° lift for comfortable long typing hours. The keys have a pre-travel distance of 1.5 mm and a total travel space of around 2.7 mm.

7. CHESONA Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch 

CHESONA Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch 

You can attach your Apple Pencil to the outer edge of the keyboard and slide your finger through one of the gaps to get it off the device. It supports charging but be extra careful if you have the Pencil on it.

The case is made of premium polyurethane to offer a chic and stylish look and at the same time increase protection. It has a magnetic latch for easy and convenient use. It functions on built-in rechargeable batteries and is designed to perfectly align with all the slots and ports.

For a successful Bluetooth connection, slide the ‘ON’ key and press on ‘Connect’ button. Find the keyboard Bluetooth on your iPad and click on connect.

The keyboard entirely covers the iPad and can be easily detached whenever not in use. The travel space claims to be comfortable enough to help you through long typing hours. In the package, you will find the keyboard, a USB charging cable and a user manual.

8. Brydge Pro+

Brydge Pro+

Brydge Pro+ keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 (third and fourth generation), 11 inch (first and second generation) and iPad Air (fourth generation). It has an in-built trackpad as well. 

The trackpad supports multi-touch gestures.  The keyboard has backlit keys to help you be productive even in those dark days. The keyboard pairs up with the iPad via Bluetooth 5.0 and it also has a USB Type C port. It offers an amazing viewing angle of 0° to 180°. So, have a great viewing experience even while laying on your couch.

The body of the keyboard is made of aluminium. The package will contain the Bluetooth keyboard, a magnetic snap-on protective cover, a USB-C charging cable and a user manual. 

9. Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard 

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard

As the title suggests, this keyboard is wireless, light and compact enough to be taken with you wherever you go. Unlike the other keyboard mentioned above, these do not come in cases but are a separate tool in all.

It comes with seven unique backlights and an auto-sleep feature to minimize power consumption. It is compatible across iOS, Android, macOS and Windows operating systems.  Assuming you type for two hours a day, the battery life will last for 6 months altogether. 

The keys are whisper-quiet and provide Windows users with dedicated hot-keys to social media apps. It comes with a USB charging cable and weighs around7.6 ounces.


iPads are themselves pretty expensive when compared to other tablets in the market. And sometimes it is worth it to buy accessories that enhance your experience with the device. The important thing is to be aware of cost-effective products that walk the talk. 

We hope this article has helped you get an idea about the best iPad Pro keyboards available in the market. We recommend you go through the buyer’s guide and do some extra research on the ones that you are interested in. Happy shopping!

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