6 Best iPad Pro Docking Station With Speakers in 2022

Best iPad Pro Docking Station With Speakers

Having a dock station is an excellent add-on product for iPad users. Docking stations are charging stations with some extra features. These stands can act as alarms or speaker systems for a better sound experience. We have compiled a list of the best docking stations with speakers. Many times, the speakers on these stations have high-quality sound. You can experience authentic surround sound and enjoy your favourite tunes on these speaker docks. With the coming of the iPad Pro, such docking stations have risen in popularity. In this article we will look at 6 iPad Pro Docking Station With Speakers in 2021.

Buying Guide

Consider the following features before you buy the portable speaker dock for your iPad:

1. Wireless Connectivity

Always go for the wireless connection for easy connectivity anywhere and anytime. It is a word of wireless technologies, so why stay out-dated while buying the portable speaker dock for your iPad.

2. Compatibility

Go for the one which is most compatible with all the devices through its flexile dock and lighting connector. Compatibility plays a major role while buying a speaker dock, in order to connect it with various devices using a single dock.

3. Additional Features

Pick the one where you can program any 6 radio channels of your choice and set alarms that suit your lifestyle. Imagine forgetting to set your alarm for tomorrow’s important meeting and having to go late, just because you forgot to set your alarm. Well you need not worry about that after as your dock speaker will do the work of an alarm.

4. USB Connectors

Apart from the wireless feature, you can also go with the USB connectors which may also help you charge various devices.

5. Music

Opt for a dock speaker with different ranges of tone and spectrum in music to experience the best sound ever.

6. Remote device

In order to easily control your iPad Pro docking station with a speaker; go for the one that supports the remote devices.

7. Sleek Design

If you like making your room look luxurious, then look for a sleek and slim dock speaker which will suit every corner of your house making it look like a gadget belonging to gen z.

8. Size

Choose a dock speaker with portable size and sleep design which fits in any custom space. This would be a great choice if you travel a lot and like to carry your dock speaker along with you.

6 Best iPad Pro Docking Stations With Speakers

1. Philips Docking Speaker with Bluetooth

Philips Docking Speaker with Bluetooth

The Philips DC 390/37 is one of the best docking stations in the market. With a multitude of features, this docking station offers high functionality to the user. Users can connect two devices at the same time. This means you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad Pro to the same docking station. You can even connect two devices, like iPad and iPod, at the same time. 

In addition to being a charging station, there is a great-sounding speaker present in the dock. Its dynamic bass boost system ensures a rich and clear sound. The bass boost system enhances the lower frequency sounds and offers you a complete listening experience. 


This docking station can also act as an alarm. You can even wake up to your favourite tunes by setting custom alarm tones. It also has FM Radio so you can listen to music without the need for a device. In addition, the docking station has a stylish aluminium casing that offers a premium look. 

The feature of plugging in two devices at a time makes it stand out from the competition. The wide variety of added features and great speakers make it an excellent choice for iPad users.

2. Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System

Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System

Bose is one of the best brands in audio products and is well-known for its high quality. The SoundDock Series is a popular docking station series from the brand with many satisfied customers. 

The Docking station has a lightning connector for iOS devices. You only have to dock your iPad Pro and start playing your favourite tunes on this stereo speaker. The SoundDock has a relatively small size that makes it easy to carry around. The SoundDock comes with a total wattage of 60W and offers powerful sound output. 

This is undoubtedly the best sounding docking station with rich and clear sound. While retaining the quality of sound, the SoundDock manages to produce a powerful sound. This docking station comes with support for remote control.

You can even plug in other devices through the 3.5 mm headphone jack. As expected from Bose, the SoundDock III has a premium look and feels pretty sturdy.

3. iHome iDL46

iHome iDL46

The iHome iDL46 is also a dual charging stereo speaker docking station. This docking station lets you connect two devices at the same time. The docking station comes with a lightning port and enables you to connect any iOS device to the docking station. The docking station has an adjustable equalizer that lets you control different sound characteristics.

It produces stereo sound and elevates the overall sound experience. You can set alarms and wake up to your favourite tunes. It also has the feature of FM Radio that allows you to listen to music without having to connect your device. iHome iDL46 is an excellent docking station for iPad Pro with many extra features.

4. JBL OnBeat Air Speaker Dock

JBL OnBeat Air Speaker Dock

JBL OnBeat Air Speaker is another popular docking station for iPad users. This is one of the best sounding docking stations available in the market. The docking station makes use of dual Phoenix transducers that are equipped with DSP equalization. This allows the docking station to produce a full-range frequency response. The docking station has an intuitive design that does not occupy much space and makes On Beat portable.

The docking station comes with a rotating dock with a lightning connector. You can choose to have your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation. 

JBL advertises this docking station as a full-fledged home entertainment system. This is due to the superb sound quality and powerful amplification. Overall, the JBL OnBeat Air Speaker Dock is an excellent product and has superior sound quality. 

5. iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock

iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock

The iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock is another excellent docking station for iPad Pro. It features an intuitive design that retains its small size factor. The ArtStation produces powerful sound by using its Jaura technology. After downloading the iLuv app from the App Store, you can enjoy the full prowess of ArtStation. It comes with custom clock faces, alarm tones and even acts as an Internet FM Radio. 

The 3.5 mm headphone jack allows you to connect external devices to this docking station. The built-in arm can freely rotate or tilt to create an optimized viewing angle. Users also get the onboard controls and a remote for ease of use. 

6. iLive iPad Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Station

iLive iPad Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Station

The iLive iPad docking station is an exceptional device when it comes to performance. Its dual-channel stereo speakers produce rich and clear sound even at high volumes. The docking station has an easy-to-use interface that lets you adjust volume or change track. 

It is a Bluetooth docking station, so you can connect to any device and listen to your favourite tunes. This Charging dock has a stunning design that pairs up with the look of your iPad Pro. It is overall an excellent choice for the low price. 


A docking station is an excellent accessory for your iPad Pro. These docking stations charge your devices and offer a multitude of extra features. The docking stations mentioned in this list have inbuilt speakers that produce superb sound. These docking stations elevate the viewing experience for any iPad Pro by offering true surround sound. In addition, there are other features like an alarm or FM Radio that are pretty helpful. 

Which among the above listed some of the best iPad Pro Docking Station with Speakers would you like to own to decorate your workstation or enhance your entertainment means? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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