5 Best iPad Pro 12.9 Paper-Like Screen Protectors

5 Best iPad Pro 12.9 2021 Paper-Like Screen Protectors

Imagine this. You find out about the latest Ipad launch via the internet. You work double shifts to save up all you can. You’re meters away from the apple store. You make the hefty purchase. 10 days down the line, you have a coffee mug in your right hand, that precious Ipad of yours in the left. In this article, we will read about ‘iPad Pro 12.9 Paper-Like Screen Protectors‘.

Your friend sends you a meme. You laugh. You laugh so hard that one or the other object slips through your fingers. Both can break. Both can shatter. Although the coffee mug can be replaced easily, your Ipad…not so much. Everything went to waste? You wouldn’t want that and neither would we! 

Best iPad Pro 12.9 Paper-Like Screen Protectors

What’s the solution? Well, we cannot prevent you from being clumsy, but we can offer you some sort of protection when it comes to your Ipad. After all, that magnificent device deserves all love and care in this world. It’s on you to do whatever you can to safeguard it at all costs. 

Thus, we’ve cumulated a list of 5 Best Ipad Pro 12.9-inch Paper-like Screen Protectors to help you keep your baby secure. Don’t worry about the price and quality. We’ve ensured you get access to the best at a cost completely convenient for you. 

Buying Guide

However, before we jump into it, let’s have a look at a Screen Protector’s buyer’s guide so that you are aware of the features that every accessory such as this one, should have. Find the list below: 

1. Material:

One of the most essential features of a screen protector is the material being used to create it. When put on a gadget, especially one that is as delicate as an Ipad, each component matters. It is up to you to choose whether you prefer a Glass or Plastic screen protector. 

Naturally, it’s a bit difficult to understand the differences between both, but when you have an access to it physically and can touch it, you’ll identify each piece for its own. Under this segment comes thickness, finger usage, toughness, adhesiveness etc. 

Tampered Glass, another name for Glass Protectors are generally rated better due to their quality and durability. However, choose whatever works for you and your device. 

2. Price:

Be practical. You’ve spent a great deal of money to catch hold of the device you’ve always wanted, would you want to spend another hefty sum? 

Naturally, the glass protector will cost you more than the plastic one, but be aware of the quality. Higher prices do not always assure good quality. 

3. The Aesthetic:

At the end of the day, your device should appeal to you whenever you use it. No one would want to look at a screen that is broken, damaged, or hard to operate. The shape of your screen protector matters. 

How curved, How thick, How covered your device is, matters on the making of the screen guard you buy. Our suggestion would be to invest in something that gives you ample protection but is also attractive to look at and use. 

4. Coverage:

Super-Super important point. You must decide the type of coverage you’d prefer for your device. There’s an option of full coverage, one that is attached on top of the entire frontal area of your device, covering not only the display but also the front camera and edges. 

The other option is partial coverage. It’s only glued on the display area, leaving out the rest. It’s obvious for us to recommend a full coverage for your device, but it all depends on you! 

5. Adhesive Type:

Imagine a situation where you’ve kept your device in a rather uncomfortable and risky area. Your screen protector will only work if it’s properly glued to your Ipad. You don’t want it peeling off. 

It’s essential to choose the right adhesive for your device. There are mainly two types. One, full-adhesion. This type of adhesive sticks to the entire front part of your device leaving minimal or no gaps between both accessories.

There will be no air bubbles, and your Ipad should look like it has no guard on. These have better cushions to protect your device from slips and falls. The other type is a Bezel-Adhesion, a fancier word for edges. 

As suggested by its name, this adhesive gives your device partial protection, mainly on the edges. It’s cheaper than the other, but relatively riskier too. Nonetheless, choose what you must! 

Now that we’ve had a look at the features you must consider when purchasing a screen protector, let’s get into what we’re here for. Just to let you know, we’ve gone through a series of websites and videos, to offer you the best, so you don’t need to worry about quality. Following are the golden titles you’ve been waiting for! Have a look: 

Best iPad Pro 12.9 Paper-Like Screen Protectors

1. ESR Screen Protector for Ipad 12.9 inch

ESR Screen Protector for Ipad 12.9 inch

We’re starting off on a high note by introducing you to a product that is rated 4.5-5 stars by most customers on Amazon. The ESR screen protector is not only a relatively cheap accessory but also has many perks that you should be aware of. 

One, it is specially designed for the 12.9 inch Ipad Pro. Often, we’re concerned about buying accessories and additional goodies from second and third-party companies, to get a better deal. This has taken a toll on a lot of customers in the past because there is little or no computability between both the gadgets. 


Their money goes to waste. However, it’s not the same with this product. Customers have reviewed it as one that is not only easy installable, but also easy to use due to how perfectly it fits the screen and display size of the Ipad. 

Two, it is compatible with Apple’s add-on features such as the Face ID and Apple Pencil. Due to how precisely the protector is designed, the cutouts made for the camera and microphone are large enough for the sensors to recognize the user. 

Moreover, the response rate with the Apple Pencil is very high. The contact is easily detectable, allowing the user to enjoy facilities from both companies. 

Three, advanced alignment. Once taken out of the packaging, all you need to do is find the perfect angle that the protector can be glued on. The process isn’t hard. It also ensures there are fewer or no air bubbles, causing your display to look uneven. 

Four, HD protection. This screen protector assures you minimize damage from scratches and falls. It can definitely be verified by the reviews online. 

Last but not the least, the ESR screen protector comes with additional accessories. These include 1 tempered glass screen protector, 2 cleaning kits, an installation frame, and instructions for you to follow. This company has reduced the burden of going to an Apple store to get the perfect fit! 

2. MGRJ Tempered Glass Screen Protector

MGRJ Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A company that has been operating since 1987, still recognized for its products has a lot of experience. Especially ones that are a bit more technologically inclined. The MGRJ screen protector is also one of Amazon’s top-rated accessories by customers.

Although some have faced certain difficulties while installing the guard on the Ipad for the first time, they’ve also commented and stuck by the fact that all the hard work they put in, paid off, and seriously why wouldn’t it? This model has a lot of awesome features.


Firstly, the MGRJ protector is known for its anti-shatter technology. This means, even if your Ipad experiences a massive fall, the glass will shatter into smaller pieces, but will overall stay in one piece. A feature like this is great for your Ipad because it ensures your screen remains intact and well-glued so that even if the device has shown signs of damage externally, it can be easily reversed and worked on. It’s also quite beneficial for you since glass, especially when broken into smaller parts, is more likely to hurt your fingers. Thus, safety is both ways. 

Secondly, it’s got HD quality with 99% transparency. The gap between your screen protector and Ipad will remain minimal, so you’ll be able to see each and every graphic clearly. The touch and glide technology is also smooth. 

Thirdly, it’s got precise laser cuts that fit the edges as well as the front part of the device perfectly. The dimensions match and will cause no trouble during usage. How comfortable and convenient! 

3. Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass

Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass

Rated a whopping 4.3 stars out of 5, The Spigen EZ screen protector has an Anti-Glare Matte Feature. Not only is it highlight compatible with all models of the 12.9 inch Ipad Pro 2021, but it’s also got a few characteristics that no other company has yet offered. 

One, it is touch-sensitive. There will be maximum contact between your screen and finger when the device is being used. This means you’ll be able to scroll through apps properly, zoom in and out, tap and type the screen without any difficulties. It’s also Anti-shatter and Anti-fingerprint. 

What this suggests, is that your device will stay in one piece even if it is hit by a massive fall or experiences damage. In addition to that, it doesn’t leave any finger marks on the screen. Many times, customers complain about protectors getting dirty and unclear due to the transfer of undetected germs and dust. However, this model prevents it as much as it can. 

This is taken care of by the Oleophobic Coating. The level of hardness is rated 9H, which is relatively high and beneficial when looked at from the scale’s point of view. Moreover, it has an aesthetic Matte finish, is scratch and bubble resistant. What more could you need? 

4. Supershieldz Pack of 3

Supershieldz Pack of 3

This one is competing with Spigen’s model as they have similar features, although super shield overpowers its competitor with a 0.1 lead in the rating’s category. Customers have given this one a 4.4 out of 5 for several reasons. 

One, quality. Many have commented on how the company hasn’t compromised on the materials used to make the protector, how there is no issue pertaining to brightness and aesthetics. They’re also satisfied with the anti-fingerprint feature since that allows the glass to stay clear of any unwanted, dirty particles. Finger impressions are considerably low, said, one happy customer. 

However, they were a bit iffy on the price of the product and suggested the company switch to a lower cost. One that is similar to what the other manufacturers charge. The matte finish makes Supershieldz’s product stand out from the rest as it works beautifully as a screen protector and also a gadget that is appealing to the eyes. It’s like saying the product has beauty and brains, both! 

5. AmFilm Ipad Pro Screen Protector

AmFilm Ipad Pro Screen Protector 

Exclusively designed for our artsy folks out there, the AmFilm protector is great if you love digital drawing. Its new touch screen sensitivity feature works immaculately with your finger, and even your Apple Pen. 

You can type, tap, glide, sketch, literally do anything and everything without having to worry about the compatibility of both your accessories. It also works well with the Face ID feature due to its spread-out design, with spaced cutouts. 

The tempered glass is not only clear and transparent, but scratch resistant, hard, and durable. It has also got an Oleophobic coating that prevents smudges and fingerprints from sticking to the Ipad. A great feature for art students! 

Their whole pack contains two protectors, wipes- both wet and dry, dust removal stickers, and an accessory to remove bubbles. Basically, it’s got you covered! 


We hope this list of 5 helped you understand what to look for when purchasing a screen protector. It’s quite an essential accessory that reduces the risk of damage. 

Albeit, 100% safety isn’t guaranteed, but your device’s display, sensors, and frequent buttons are far less prone to hampering with a screen protector. Make a choice that is wise. Be sure of what you want. Give your device the treatment it deserves. Happy Shopping!

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