5 Best iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Cases in 2022

Best iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Cases

Apple has revolutionized the entire electronics game by bringing a powerful iPad Mini 6 at a very affordable price. It has stepped up its already powerful tablet with a metallic build with the advanced iPadOS 15. And it is good news for the ones who require a laptop. With this super affordable iPad, you can attach a keyboard and get a brand new laptop!

It increases the potential of your already capable iPad. The keyboard cases are stylish, convenient, proactive, practical, and everything you can ask for! They are regular protective covers but with attached keyboards. So, a portable computer? Yes! You can type comfortably while on the go without worrying about finding a storage space for the keyboard. 

We have scoured through the internet and compiled the best keyboard cases for iPad mini 6 available in the market. So pick your favorite!

Best iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Cases

1. ProCase iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

Of all our top picks for best keyboard cases for iPad mini 6, ProCase Slim Shell stands apart for multiple reasons. Its laser-cut dimensions fit right against the edges of the iPad. This premium build ensures that the iPad sits snugly and won’t accidentally slip out. 

It also hosts a plethora of features. The keyboard itself is of premium quality with its ABS material. The attached spring mechanism ensures a tactile keypress which gives beautiful key travel. Well-spaced keys coupled with a slim design ensures a cramp-free typing experience. 

What if a situation arises and you just require the cover? If you do find yourself wondering this, then ProCase has got you. The attached keyboard is held together through a magnet and can be detached whenever required. The case itself will be left to provide continued protection. 

Moreover, the keyboard offers compatibility with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil and wireless charging. On the top, you will have a compartment for sorting the pencil. And if you are an artist who requires various angles for working, you will find that the case supports multiple viewing angles with an anti-slip design. 

The case provides all-around protection from regular damages and keeps scratches away. With all these features, the keyboard case is absolutely perfect in all aspects. 


  • Magnetically detachable keyboard
  • Apple pencil compartment
  • Adjustable flap 
  • Scratch and damage resistant
  • Anti-slip design  


  • Archaic design 

2. Finite iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

This is another powerful keyboard that won’t disappoint you! The Finite keyboard features scissor switches that ensure you a fast response time with fluid typing speed. The keys are slightly elevated on the edges to avoid brushing the iPad screen and causing scratches. 

Along with safeguarding the screen, the keyboard is exceptionally lightweight and practically feels invisible in the case. It can also be detached from the case, given its magnetic attachment. You can carry the iPad around with just the case for maintaining the protection. 

In this keyboard case, too, you get an Apple Pencil Compartment that supports Wireless charging. It offers an array of 3 different viewing angles, which is liberating for the artists. You can sit in the most comfortable position while letting your creativity flow!

The case, designed especially for the iPad Mini 6, provides 360-degree protection. The stiff TPU back, sporting a matte finish, is highly flexible and can stand minor impacts. It also helps in avoiding heating problems by allowing the free flow of air. 


  • Scissor switches
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Apple Pencil Compartment
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Adjustable viewing angle


  • Not a very secure and robust build

3. FGENLD iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

FGENLD offers you a very sleek and smooth case with a small keyboard. Made from high-end ABS material, the keyboard is very durable and would last you quite a while. The key, equipped with a spring mechanism, offers a very tactile response and smooth stroke. Since it has such low key-travel, it would reduce the strain on fingers significantly. 

The keyboard is to be connected via Bluetooth and is attached to the case through magnets. This implies that the keyboard can be detached from the case and used as an independent entity. The strong absorption force of the magnets won’t let the board slip easily and provide a firm grip. 

The scissor structure ensures stability, percussive feeling, and silent operation. Are you worried about the battery running out while on the go? Don’t be! Given its massive battery, the keyboard promises to last over 30 days of operation on just an hour of charging.

The cover which encases your precious device and keyboard offers maximum protection as well. Constructed using soft and durable silica gel topped with a TPU shell, the case can easily withstand all sorts of scratches, damages, and impacts.

The full-body protection coupled with the highly lightweight keyboard at an affordable price- this is everything that you can ask out of a keyboard case!


  • Scissor design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Apple Pencil Compartment
  • Soft pastel colors
  • Heat dissipation


  • No adjustable angles

4. AnMengXinLing iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

Engineered as a stylish design, this AnMengXinLing keyboard case seeks to combine safety and convenience with aesthetics. Available in soft pastel colors, the keyboard blends in the right with your iPad back colors. 

This iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case is pretty convenient as well. With its quick-switch system, the keyboard’s system can be interchanged between Windows, Android, and iOS. It can be detached from, and the case can be used independently. The flap supports multiple viewing angles from which the content consumption can take place without moving.  

Unlike other covers, this case features the Apple Pencil Compartment on the bottom. For wireless charging, just placing the pencil in its place, without cover, and it will start automatically! 

And be ready to be awed more. This keyboard case comes with a free wireless mouse! It matches the color of the case and keyboard to give you the best color synchronization. So, if you were looking for an external mouse, stop your search!

Although some might find this product a bit expensive, remember all the features and accessories it comes with are definitely worth the price. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Magnetically detachable keyboard
  • Apple Pencil compartment
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Free wireless mouse


  • A bit expensive

5. HENGHUI iPad Mini 6 Keyboard Case

If you miss that old typewriter-like feel, then HENGHUI is here to bring back that nostalgia. The well-rounded keys come with an aesthetic background, are very pleasant to press. The keyboard can be separated from the case and used independently with Android, iOS, or Windows.

Being detachable, the keyboard connects via Bluetooth and offers long life. Since we have no information regarding the keyboard mechanism, it is assumed that it probably works with the spring design. 

Just like the previous case, this one too has the Apple Pencil Compartment on the bottom. The pencil can be easily slotted in and charged through wireless methods. Customers have reported the slot to be a bit loose, so you might want to factor this in a while purchasing the case.

If you are a person who has to stay in one position for very long, then you will find this to be your savior. The flap can be adjusted between various angles and be used as a stand.  

All of these features of the keyboard are encompassed within a very sturdy case. Made with flexible TPU, the cover features a non-slip quality. And although it might not save the iPad from high impact falls, it will definitely keep the scratches away. The heat, too, dissipates efficiently to avoid overheating issues. 


  • Scissor switches
  • Typewriter-Esque keys
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Apple Pencil Compartment


  • Lacks solid protection
  • Apple Pencil slot is a tad lose


The keyboard cases are so efficient in doing their jobs that we hardly find any flaw with them. If you have already invested in an iPad, there is no point in buying a laptop. Just grab yourself a keyboard case. The detachable nature and freedom of selecting any keyboard type certainly give it an edge over regular laptops.

All of the products on our list of best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases are of top-notch quality and built from the best materials. They would last you a long life of usage! So, what are you waiting for? Equip your new iPad Mini 6 with a keyboard case now!


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