10 Best iPad Mini 6 Cases & Covers You Should Buy

Best iPad Mini 6 Cases & Covers

The new iPad Mini 6 is here, and it is here to awe us. We certainly couldn’t have asked for anything better with an exceptional performance packed with a new and improved body. But with buying a new iPad comes the constant anxiety of it falling, breaking, or cracking. And with it comes the sorrow of hiding its beauty.

And we get it! Because when it comes to the right accessories, a perfect balance of aesthetics and safety matters.

So, keeping this in mind, we have handpicked the best cases for your iPad mini 6. Our list includes stands, a simple back cover, a striking case, and even a clear case. We have got something for everyone. And, of course, each cover comes with a guarantee of utmost protection and safeguarding. 

So read on to stay at the top of your game!

Best iPad Mini 6 Cases & Covers

To help make your life easier, we have compiled a list of the 10 best iPad mini 6 cases and covers you can get your hands on right now.

1. Soke Case for iPad Mini 6

If you want your new iPad mini to fit right into your interior for professional setups, then this might be for you. The carefully crafted front flap and back cover case with high-quality TPU material adds to its premium look. It yields a case with a rugged build and muted colors.

But this TPU isn’t just for show. While adding minimum bulk, the cover provides maximum protection. It boasts a shockproof exterior that can easily withstand drops and scratches from daily use. All the adequately cushioned corners and raised bezels around the camera prevent any scratches. 

The case is known for its easy access and compatibility. It features an Apple Pencil Compartment, and the magnetic strip on the side enables the auto wake/sleep feature.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It gives a professional look
  • Apple Pencil Compartment
  • Folio stand
  • Supports wireless charging


  • The material feels cheap 

2. Soke Magnetic Case for iPad Mini 6

This is one of the run-of-the-mill models with tremendous improvements that makes it perfect as the cover for the iPad Mini 6. The case, designed with a soft TPU cover, ensures protection against any falls or bumps. The front flap of the cover comes with the sleep/wake feature for added comfort and security.

Just like other bumper cases, this cover too has soft and cushioned edges against angle falls. But the one thing that makes it especially stand apart is the microfibre lining around the case. It gives it a stylish matte look. It is inconspicuous enough not to draw unwarranted attention while also maintaining the iPad’s structural look.

Soke Magnetic Case for iPad Mini 6 cases/covers the entire case, edge to edge. So if you seek to flaunt your iPad, you might have to resort to something else. But it does come with a perk of Apple Pencil Compartment, complete with a charging and protection case. 


  • Thick and cushiony edges
  • Apple pencil compartment 
  • Stylish matte finish


  • It isn’t long-lasting 

3. MoKo Case for iPad Mini 6

If you have been a long-time fan of Apple-made cases but are unwilling to spend so much on an expensive case, then this case is your savior. It offers the same lightweight design coupled with a smooth textured soft TPU. It is pretty effective against duct particles and regular bumps.

This case also comes with a soft lining of microfiber along its edges to prevent damages from side falls. And although the case lacks any cushions on the corners, it holds itself against everyday wear or tears. 

The magnetic flapped case arrives with all the regular iPad features- Apple pencil opening, wake up/ sleep part, and a trifold stand. It has everything that the official Apple case offers, just at more affordable prices.


  • Microfibre lined case
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited protection
  • Sides are left unprotected

4. Ivsotek Case for iPad Mini 6

If you are into minimalism with maximum protection, then you might want to consider this one seriously. The soft and flexible TPU cover hangs on the back and allows you to flaunt your new iPad Mini 6. And since the case is completely transparent, your chosen color and iPad design would be visible for the world to see. 

And while it lacks frontal protection, it does not compromise on the back. The rigid and bumped edges cover all the corners to protect the device from any harm. And since it is limited to just back, the screen is entirely unobstructed and open fr use. 

If you do require front protection, then you might want to look for another. But this case is definitely the epitome of a lightweight structure with fantastic screen access. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Transparent case 
  • Raised edges


  • Lacks frontal protection
  • No apple pencil slot

5. Booker Case for iPad Mini 6

This Booker Case for iPad Mini 6 offers ample protection with a simple frosted design. It is a hybrid case that features the two best available protection- a durable front made with soft PU and soft bumper edges. The cushioned corners protect against scratches and impacts from falls and drops. 

It also comes equipped with an auto shut off/ wake up feature. The company claims the response time to be just 0.1 seconds, which is, of course, the best you could ask for. 

It has a particular build, with random highlights on the back, which might not appeal to everyone. But it does feature a very likable frosted design which is mostly just transparent. On the side, you will find the Apple Pencil compartment and a stand on the back, which is adjustable within two angles.


  • Simple frosted design
  • Cushioned edges 
  • Apple Pencil Compartment


  • A bit bulky 

6. Ztotop Case for iPad Mini 6

Durability, regal, and simple- that’s what defines this iPad Mini 6 case. Made from premium synthetic leather, it provides maximum protection against slip-ups and drops. Furnished with an anti-slip design, the interior ultimately secures the device inside it. 

The back made with a reinforced hard material would give ample protection against all everyday damages. The added elastic strap, Apple Pencil loop, and front pocket are pretty convenient as well. The camera benefits from the 360-degree safety offered through the raised edges. 

The magnetic closure equips you with the much-needed auto wake-up/ sleep feature. And the best part? The stand can be adjusted between two angles for a perfect viewing experience.                               


  • Regal design
  • Soft and premium leather
  • Elastic band 


  • Color can fade
  • Limited protection

7. Soke Leather Case for iPad Mini 6

If you require a premium leather case for your iPad Mini 6, then you can check this one out! And although you will be paying a little more than other products of this brand, this cover certainly delivers for each penny. In fact, the cover itself offers the best protection you can have. 

Made with a combination of leather exterior covered on top of hard TPU, it exudes a stylish look while still being safe. It comes with other perks that make it very comfortable. The Apple holder and elastic band would ensure convenience during travel. 

It comes with a magnetic clasp that holds the flaps together tightly. It also homes the sleep/wake-up feature that automatically rises and closes the screen with flap movement. The flap also doubles as a stand that can easily be used for all sorts of work. A back pocket can be used to hold your important documents!


  • Exquisite leather case
  • Apple Pencil Holder
  • Stand and document holder 


  • Relatively expensive

8. Finite Case for iPad Mini 6

Do you want to get the same feel of classic notebooks with the iPad as well? Then you might want to want to consider this one seriously. It is made to resemble a composition book and provides solid protection. A soft TPU covers all its sides. 

It is very flexible and features soft cushioned corners. It can withstand significant angle drops, and regular tears are a piece of cake. The unique build allows the dissipation of heat to avoid overheating. It features a built-in Apple Pencil Compartment and a magnetic flap that facilitates the wake-up/sleep features. 

And the stand is best in all its rights. The three-fold stand can switch between viewing or typing angles, according to the requirements. 


  • Durable and robust build
  • Elegant design
  • Added Apple pencil compartment 


  • No hole for the microphone port
  • Alignment issues with the flap

9. NeotrixQI Case for iPad Mini 6

We present this iPad Mini 6 Cover to users looking for a very sturdy bumper case with a heavy-duty build. Unlike all our other covers, this case has a military look with large bezels on the sides. It has three-layer protection with soft silicone skin, a hard inner PC shell, and a hard plastic shell. 

The design and build are very robust can will efficiently protect your iPad Mini 6 from hard impacts and falls. Due to its thick skin, all the angles are elevated, which prevents any scratches. It also comes with the natural iPad features- a kickstand and an Apple Pencil Compartment.

All its properly cushioned corners help to avoid damages from angle drops. Unfortunately, it only offers back and side protection. For the front, you would have to invest in screen protectors. 


  • A rugged and robust look
  • Raised bezels
  • A kickstand and Apple Pencil Compartment
  • Heavy-duty protection


  • Lacks frontal protection 

10. Soke Full Protection Case for iPad Mini 6

If you seek an iPad Mini 6 case/cover that provides complete protection from the front and the back, you need to consider this model seriously. The bumper cover has a multi-layered rugged PC back and a flexible TPU to maximize protection against accidental falls and drops.

But the best part? The cover comes with an in-built screen protector with substantial bezels on its sides. It sits right against the back cover and provides an excellent touch-sensitive screen. The response time and Face ID retain their fast nature without hindering your experience.

A built-in Apple Pencil holder supports its wireless charging as well as the magnetic attachment. It also features a kickstand on the back that can be adjusted according to the viewing requirements. 


  • Hard robust back
  • Inbuilt screen protector
  • Protective port covers
  • Supports wireless charging


  • No cushioned corners


iPad Mini 6 is definitely the future of tomorrow will all its latest features and system. But we also want to keep it safe enough to savor all its features. And for that, it is crucial to invest in iPad Mini 6 cases or covers. Not only would they ensure proper protection but also give a very sleek look. 

Buying a case for the iPad is a win-win situation, and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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