Best iPad Coloring Apps for Kids and Adults

Best iPad Coloring Apps for Kids and Adults

Coloring is not only a fun activity; it is also relaxing and reduces stress levels. Many therapists and counselors also recommend color therapy.

Since it is not feasible to carry a coloring book everywhere you go, various coloring apps for iPad provide a similar experience to that of coloring on an actual coloring book.

These apps have different tools to enhance your coloring experience. Also, some applications let you make time-lapse videos of your work. 

According to your needs, choosing the best iPad coloring app is essential. Here is a list for you, including free coloring apps for iPad, to help you pick the best iPad coloring app.

Paid and Free Coloring Apps for iPad

1. Colorgram

Colorgram has hundreds of photos for you to color, including mandalas, patterns, animals, flowers, and other lovely works of art.

More photographs are uploaded every day if the initial version does not please you, which you may access with a paid subscription.

Colorgram also offers a lot of colors to select from, and while the app is geared for adults, the range of pictures makes it suitable for younger boys and girls. 

After you’ve finished coloring, you can view a time-lapse film of your work from beginning to end, and there are even exciting effects you can use to enhance the art’s attractiveness.

It is available for free. Through in-app buys, you can get access to the premium art catalog. 


  • New images are uploaded every day.
  • You can backup your palettes.
  • It has over 500 colors and shades.
  • There are different subscription plans.

Colorgram best ipad coloring app

2. Pigment

No best iPad coloring apps list is complete without Pigment. Pigment allows you to color in a variety of ways. You may use pencils, sketch pens, watercolors, and other tools to color with. 

You may mix colors, including lighter on top or darker, and push lightly or firmly to get varying stroke thicknesses.

There are ample colors to pick from. The app allows you to personalize your colors by adjusting their shading.

Coloring on the app is possible in three methods. You may choose between Automatic, which allows you to color freely while staying inside the lines; Freehand, which is similar to real-life coloring but allows you to elaborate beyond the lines if you’re not cautious; and Advanced, which will enable you to color in many locations on artwork at once.

The Fade and Broom brushes provide distinctive shade to your images, while the Fill brush allows you to add color to an item with a single tap.

The best aspect is that Pigment pairs well with Apple Pencil to give each page added depth and hue.

There are many free sheets and valuable tools. Still, if you’re a severe colorist, Pigment’s subscription service includes hundreds of drawings, more brushes, and new coloring books every week.

It is the best iPad coloring app for creating professional-level art. 


  • It boasts of the most extensive collection of artwork.
  • It offers exclusive access to Marvel art.
  • It supports a stylus other than the Apple Pencil.
  • It has more than 25 tools like a pencil, marker, brush, and more.

3. Lotus

Lotus is meant to let you relax while also allowing you to improve your painting skills. Hundreds of lovely illustrations are waiting to be filled in.

You may select from a vast number of books in many categories, such as animals and mandalas.

To fill them, you can choose from a broad choice of vibrant colors. You’ll be able to enhance your photos even if you don’t have access to the Internet because it works offline. You can create incredible stories and share them with your friends.

Multiple colored-in versions of the same image can be saved. It can be downloaded for free.

Subscription to the app costs around $29.99 for two months and $39.99 for six. It is one of the best iPad coloring apps if you need a lot of themes and variations. 


  • It has a simple User interface.
  • Sharing your art with your friends is easy.
  • It works without the internet.
  • It has separate sections according to different drawings.

Lotus - best ipad coloring app

4. Color Therapy

Next on this list of the best iPad coloring apps is color Therapy. It is a strong candidate for your affectionate choice. The app’s main draw is the vast library of over 2,000 beautiful coloring sheets.

The app contains various photographs ranging from animals, art, floral, fashion, and stunning nature to ensure you never get bored.  

To beautifully personalize your photos, you can choose from various frames, including traditional frames and frameless frames.

Also, you may add multiple finishing effects to your photos, such as metallic, glossy, or canvas painting.

It can be downloaded without any cost, but its subscription costs $2.99 per week, $7.99 per month, and $39.99 per year.


  • It offers different sound effects.
  • It provides a “Smear Tool” that is practical.
  • It has an extensive library of over five-thousand coloring pages.
  • It organizes challenges where you can display your art.

5. Lake

Lake is unique in that it is a coloring book created by artists for artists. You can make the work of these Instagram artists even more intriguing with your color creations.

The color pallet is extensive, with several colors linked on a revolving wheel. Each page also includes a color palette recommendation by the artist who created it.

You have the option of working with one of five different artist tools, each with its brush size adjustment. You may also choose whether to limit or allow outside-the-line coloring.

You won’t want to miss out on this coloring book app if you care about supporting professional artists. It’s chock-full of fantastic artwork and is constantly updated. It is a free-to-download application. There are various subscription plans in the app.


  • It can function without the internet.
  • It offers ASMR brush sounds.
  • It saves your art without any delay.
  • It provides a simple five-piece toolset.

6. Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book is the best coloring app iPad Pro users use, as per the App Store reviews. It is unrivaled to deliver endless entertainment and a wide range of coloring possibilities. Its massive selection of attractively produced photographs is appealing.

It comes in many different shades, so you may give your shot the style you want. With hundreds of images to color, including mandalas, flora, fauna, geometric, and many other forms of artwork.

It creates a hypnotic atmosphere in which you may indulge in hours of quiet color therapy. This program is straightforward to use. All you have to do now is choose a color and tap to paint.

It provides all essential free features, making it one of the best free coloring apps for iPad.

You may upgrade to the premium version to access the entire art library and for additional features. The software costs $2.99 per week, $4.99 per month, and $22.99 per year.


  • You can share your art directly on different social platforms.
  • It includes various popular coloring books.
  • It provides most of its features for free.

Adult Coloring Book

7. Colorfy

Colorfy is a straightforward color-filling approach, so you don’t have to put in as much effort to create stunning artwork.

You may select from a few dozen colors or pay for a monthly membership to get access to more than 100. You may also use the pigment shading tools to generate your hues.

If you’re not finished creating until you’ve completed coloring, the following step is to apply a filter.

These whimsical overlays will transform your website into an oil painting, graffiti on a stone wall, or a knitted swatch. Your completed artwork may be shared on a variety of social media platforms.

You can share sites on the Colorfy feed for others to remark on or even contribute their colors.

You may also color your artworks by using pre-made stickers and backdrops as inspiration or by photographing anything you’ve sketched in real life.

Colorfy will provide a pleasant experience without all of the scribbling motion if coloring gets tiring sometimes because of all hand motions.


  • It lets you create your mandala art.
  • It offers more than a thousand coloring books.
  • It can function without the internet.
  • It provides an Augmented Reality based virtual gallery.

8. Colorest

Next on our list of the best iPad coloring apps is Colorest. It is an excellent alternative if you seek adult coloring book software to express yourself with various colors and effects fully.

Colorest offers a wide range of diverse colored pencil sets, including rainbow and glitter pencils that truly dazzle when used.

The rainbow pencil has around six colors, creating a distinctive impression. There are also various coloring options and compatibility for the Apple Pencil.

Colorest also offers a variety of canvas kinds, each of which affects the final output. It also has a variety of coloring books, ranging from mandalas to entangles and more.

After you’ve finished coloring, you may share your work with friends and family by putting it in an AR frame.


  • It offers a wide variety of tools for editing.
  • It supports group coloring.
  • It has an option for a DIY color book.
  • It lets you put an Augmented Reality frame on your art.

Colorest - best ipad coloring app

9. Coloring Book for Me

Coloring Book for Me is easy to use and a joy to use for individuals who enjoy coloring.

The software includes various coloring sheets separated into over 15 categories, including Animals, Flowers, Mandalas, Kids Time, Fantasy, and more.

You will always have fresh templated because the content is often updated. You have over 30 lovely preset color palettes to choose from to give your photo the style you want.

Custom palettes can also be used to provide extra personalization to the game. Post-editing features such as vignetting and converting the image’s outlines from black to white allow you to perfect your masterpiece.

It is the best iPad coloring app for those who do not want complex software with too many features. 


  • It is the most straightforward coloring app, suitable for kids.
  • It lets you create your mandalas.
  • It allows you to import outlines captured from your phone’s camera.
  • It supports the Apple Pencil.

10. Recolor

Recolor transforms e-coloring into a new step by offering 3D objects that you can color from all angles.

Make a virtual piece of art out of a soda can or a ceramic vase. There are almost a dozen categories to choose from, each containing hundreds of drawings.

When you’re attempting to fill in those minor items, Recolor employs the tap-to-fill method of coloring, which may be helpful.

You may upgrade to gradients and “Live” colors, which give things a swirling look, in addition to the primary color spectrum.

You may upload your work to the Recolor gallery and have it “Liked” by other members of the community.

On the other hand, the scanner is my favorite tool in Recolor. Illustrations can be scanned and digitally colored.

I’ve been reluctant to open a handful of antique Star Wars comic books because I don’t want to harm their worth.

Thanks to Recolor’s scanner, you can color the pages without damaging the original text.

It is the best iPad coloring app because of the variety of coloring books and its features.


  • It provides more than five-thousand coloring books. 
  • has more than sixty-five color palettes.
  • It offers many effects and filters.
  • It allows 3D coloring.


11. Color Mix & Paint

It is a simple to use coloring app for your kids. Children are fascinated by the fact that different colors are formed by mixing different primary colors.

It may blend five basic paint colors on the palette to produce whatever color they like, then use the stored colors to paint.

Other applications are too adult-friendly and merely allow your kids to pick a crayon color.

This app is a great learning curve for your kids. It will enable them to be creative as they combine colors and paint art.

Preschoolers will enjoy learning colors with this instructive coloring book app. It’s a fantastic addition to Preschool and Kindergarten art and music instruction programs.

It is a free-to-download application and offers in-app purchases. It is the best iPad coloring app for kids.


  • It is ideal for preschoolers and kids.
  • allows fundamental functionality like mixing colors.
  • It provides an option for auto-fill as well as freehand.
  • You can color on pictures from your camera.


This ends our list of best iPad coloring apps. By using these apps, you can always fulfill the need to have a coloring book around you.

Many of these applications provide a lot of functionality for free, which is a great advantage. 

If you need a coloring book for your kid, some apps on the list are simple to use and are excellent for preschoolers.

If your therapist has recommended color therapy or mandala art, you have the option for these things on these apps as well. 

The most significant advantage of purchasing a subscription to any of these applications instead of buying physical coloring books is the variety of art you get.

I hope this article answers questions like best iPad coloring app, best coloring app iPad Pro is compatible with, best free coloring apps for iPad, and more.

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