20 Best iMac Accessories You Can Buy

Best iMac Accessories

The ever-expanding Apple Universe has given birth to a myriad of techno thingies. It has encompassed everything that screams ‘advancement.’ iMac is part of that universe. A computer so slim, unlike anything the world has witnessed. In this article, we will look into various iMac Accessories.

Accessorizing a gadget makes it more appealing and enhances its features. It boosts product confidence too.

With iMac, accessories of various aspects, each with its own goodness, have contributed majorly to its performance. 

Also, even the tiniest of productive additions always result in larger-than-life experiences.

Best iMac Accessories

The year 2021 has been, for lack of a better word, exceptional. Your interpretation of ‘exceptional’ can either be positive or negative. It all depends on your perspective and how you see the world.

For today, let’s go down the positive route.

Bettering ourselves is the key to growth. When we experience a new event in our life, we weigh what was good and what went wrong and try not to repeat the same mistakes. In a nutshell, this is learning.

Accessories, too, go through the learning and growing phase. 

Some may be popular right from when they were launched. However, later they had a massive downfall. While some may not be popular in the beginning as such, but slowly yet steadily gained recognition and are now to stay in the market for years to come. 

Gathering both scenarios, the best iMac accessories have been introduced into the techno-marketing world. They are at the epitome of their features.

Here is a rundown of the 20 best iMac accessories to get yourself and indulge yourself in the magnanimous nature of them.



Having any two best things in the world is futile if you have no means to connect them. For them to display that bestness, the bridge in the form of a Connector is needed.

1. Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 Cable

Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 Cable

In layman’s terms, you must have heard of this as ‘C-cable’ or ‘iPhone Cable.’ These terms have become more popular than the original ‘Thunderbolt 3’.

Resembling the USB-C port, Thunderbolt 3 has been voted the most beneficial of all the ports manufactured by Apple to date. 

Its fast data transference from one device to another, whether Android or iOS, has gained quick and rapid favoritism among the users. Thunderbolt 3 also provides the latest high power transmissions, which support its lightning-fast data transfers.

With iMac, it gives its maximum potential since it’s built most compatible with it. However, other non-iOS or Android product manufacturers have opened their arms to it too.

2. Apple’s Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Apple’s Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Fresh and untouched. This Thunderbolt 4 Cable is the newly launched cable by the Apple producers, and it does stay true to its promising advertisements.

Though Thunderbolt 3 is still ruling the roost, Thunderbolt 4 is not too behind. The port and the speed, i.e., USB-C type and 40 Gbps remain unchanged from the USB-C type. However, a new version is obliged to have new/advanced attributes.

The video formatting has definitely gone up a notch. It can now handle 8k resolution, double compared to what the Thunderbolt 3 had to offer. 

Also, it’s quick to wake up from sleep and does not have any stalling time. As soon as you connect it to iMac, it starts to work and function without any delay.



When you own a delicate and elegant computer like an iMac, then you need a Clamp. To clear any confusion, no, it is not a clamp that holds your iMac down.

You standing up each time and hovering over your iMac to connect to any device is problematic. Moreover, a slight push or shove may land your iMac straight onto the floor—a regrettable accident.

Hence the invention of Clamps. These have ports that face forward and not backward. Now you can easily connect the devices in clear view of the ports.

3. Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub

Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub

This Clamp is multi-port. Whether it’s an SD card reader or a USB-A port, the Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub has it all.

It attaches to the bottom-right edge of the screen, leaving a clear view of the screen and does not block the view. It also comes in colors so that you can match with your iMac.

Though a non-Apple product, it was precisely designed for perfect synchrony with Apple’s iMac. It has made the job of connecting devices significantly more manageable.



Every screen/monitor needs a Stand for support. It gives the angle of ideal viewing, both for short distances and long distances; you can use it for work, sitting directly in front of the iMac, or watch a movie on it, with your back against the headboards, in the comfort of your bed.

4. Satechi’s Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub

Satechi’s Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub

Simple and Perfect. The two words I came up with best describe it. It is a typical model, with one addition, though.

The shape is a rectangular box, which gives your iMac a slight high ground to the surface it was initially kept on, about 3 inches if you want a measurement.

The bottom of that box is not closed, and the edges fold in, in a curved fashion that gives the Satechi Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub and your iMac the hold up they need.

The addition I was talking about earlier is this Stand’s incorporation of Port Inputs. Now you won’t have to buy a separate Clamp Hub.

With this Stand Hub, you get your iMac a relaxing recliner along with the fringe benefits of connecting diverse devices.

5. Twelve South’s Curve Riser Monitor Stand

Twelve South’s Curve Riser Monitor Stand

Want more style factors and functioning? Twelve South Curve is the one for you. Its stylish curve, eye-catching, and appears more of a fashion statement than a mere stand, is sure to fulfill your sophistication.

What’s more is that it has an under-desk-shaped shelf, just below the Stand’s surface. This is perfect for keeping your gaming consoles or any books you play/read when using your iMac.

Its aluminum build is strong for bearing the weight of the iMac for long hours at a stretch. You do not need to take your iMac off of it for a few hours, fearing shortening its longevity.

6. Twelve South’s BookArc Stand

Twelve South’s BookArc Stand

Another Stand product that knocked all other Stands out of the product. This model could practically be displayed on a ramp walk for its portrayal as a style icon.

Do not get me wrong though. Though the style is its primary quality, it does have muscle and substance in it.

Since its arc-shaped, the iMac practically fits into it like a slot into which a CD is inserted. This insertion gives the iMac additional support on its lower side, both on the front and back.

This design hence is more fall-proof than many others on the shopping list.



Maneuvering is the most sort after feature when you look for a Mount. The fact that you can easily move your iMac and set it in a position best suited for your viewing is its major appeal.

7. Vivo’s Adapter VESA Mount Kit

Vivo’s Adapter VESA Mount Kit

It is a wall mount. The entire kit includes all the necessary tools for fixing the Vivo Adapter VESA Mount Kit to a wall, preferably over a desk you usually use for work/study.

One thing to note before buying it is its compatibility with the iMac size you own. This Mount kit is the best fit for an iMac with 21.5 or 27-inch display lengths.

The length is of definitive value because of the bracket size, the plates, and the screws that hold your iMac to the wall. If one is weightier than the other, the wall may chip off, or the iMac may fall from its Mount, abruptly damaging your precious iMac.

Its steel material is durable and rust-free. Hence proving its long life span and guaranteeing to last a couple of years, if taken care of regularly.

8. Vivo’s Full Mount 

8. Vivo’s Full Mount 

This is an advanced version of usual Mounts. The typical Mounts either offer a horizontal motion or vertical motion, or both. But the Vivo Full Mount is multidirectional.

You can move it to any phase. Even diagonally is an available option. Moreover, the functioning of the Full Mount is to such a great extent that it can even move forward and backward.

Since assembling and fitting it is easy, self-installation is one of its features that saves your money for installation charges. 

It’s made up of Steel. This material is known for its tensile strength and heavy-dutiness. Therefore, you can release a sigh of relief breath. Your iMac is in precious hands or, in this case, precious steel hands.

Power Adapters


As much Charger is essential, a Power Adapters holds equal or arguably more significant. It is the mediator through which current passes to charge your iMac.

Buying a high-end charger with a cheap Power Adapter is useless and throwing away good money. So, it is principal that you select your Power Adapter with as much scrutiny as a charger or any other accessory.

9. Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

It is comparable to the feature of 3-in-1 wireless chargers of iPhones. This is because it has 3 differently made-up connecting ports in one Power Adapter.

This Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter is a magnificent multitasker and holds the reputation of being an Apple product. 

This Multiport Adapter opens the door to a world of connection combinations. It is better than its previous version in resolution, port compatibility of varied sizes, pixel transfer, and speeds.

All these qualities are the core of a suitable Adapter, and this product does not fail. It is on par in almost all these features.

Compared to the last type, one big change is its potential to connect to Dolby and any other TV or Projector. This big plus solves many issues for customers looking for different connectors for different devices.

10. Apple’s 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple’s 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Another big fresh out of the manufacturing unit of Apple is the plain yet powerful 30W USB-C Power Adapter.

30W is not a joke and is definitely what the standard power adapters have to offer. When the source is the latest, it further enhances the device connected to it. Therefore, you will notice a better-performing iMac of yours when charging it with this big boy.

Experienced users have praised it most for its fast charging feature, which is a big heads up in the list of positives you have been working on. It will always be handy in your quick rushes.



Look how far we have come with the historical typewriters to a simple touch, and you will type your words and sentences in a smooth flow.

11. Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

A keyboard should be comfortable to use, and you should press the keys without too much effort. This is your requirement, right? Well, this Apple’s Magic Keyboard covers that and more.

It has a good grip on the surface it is kept on. It also does not hinder your typing speed by the presence of a touchpad in the middle like a laptop, which moves the cursor with the slightest touch.

Noise-less. Another big factor for a considerably small keyboard. This also implies that it is space-saving.

Your investment in buying this product for your iMac will indeed prove to be fruitful.

12. Logitech K380 Keyboard

Logitech K380 Keyboard

Unorthodox is the appropriate one-word description for the Logitech K389 Keyboard for your iMac.

Let me start with its circular keys and complete elimination of the entire num lock keypad. You only have the top of the keyboard numbered keys for typing in numerical.

It is a wireless keyboard. No hassle with the wire, which keeps knotting itself over and over. This Bluetooth feature is perfect for multiple connections to different desktops.

Lightweight and easy to carry. No backlight. No wrist rest. All favorable and pleasing qualities.

13. Steel Series Apex Pro Keyboard

Steel Series Apex Pro Keyboard

Gamers! This one’s sure to make your eyes twinkle at first glance, no doubt. An exclusive keyboard designed specifically aiding gaming.

Colorful backlight for night mode usage. The light is neither too bright blinding you or too dull so that the keys are practically unreadable.

A wrist rest is also an essential trait. While gaming, you need to rest your hands on a surface that supports your hands and does not hamper your free movement. You do not want the screen popping, ‘You are dead.’



14. Apple’s Magic Mouse 2

Apple’s Magic Mouse 2

You may not find a charging port on it at first glance. Apple decided to hide a surprise for us by placing that beneath the Mouse. But this is was not a very good surprise because it has the disadvantage of not using the Mouse while charging. Nonetheless, looking at the brighter side of this, it is the fact that you can have a screen time break during its recharge.

Sleek and smooth in appearance. If you are clumsy, then you can get grip pads for your Magic Mouse 2.

It can perform all the jobs of a regular mouse but with an air of elegance subjected to it only. Scrolling, clicking, switching all with a single swish of your hand.

15. Logitech MX Ergo

Logitech MX Ergo

This one’s quite different from the usual Mice. The design aspect of it is what makes it stand out, and there are not many models of such type.

So, the Mouse is of regular size and shape. However, the difference lies in its scrolling part. 

On the left side of the Mouse is a protrusion, on which a ping pong-sized roller is fit. Instead of the usual scroller position between the two forward buttons, the Logitech MX Ergo has it on its left wall. The setting of the scroll ball utilizes your thumb’s potential and is perfect for right-handed folks. 

This is why it is different and scarce in production. It also provides your entire support specific to this type of Mouse strictly. 



I can guarantee that you won’t be able to go back to the usual keyboard-mouse combination once you switch to the Trackpads. 

The convenience of using a Trackpad is an out-of-the-world experience. The input of both keyboard and mouse in one accessory is hard to imagine. But as usual, Apple has managed to crack that.

16. Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2

Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2

This the sleekiest, smoothest, and softest device you have ever encountered in your techno life. 

You may argue that ‘I have already experienced this with the touchpads of various other iMac versions or even other laptops. What makes Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 so different?’

The aesthetic feel of sliding your fingers over is enough to get you hooked. There is no need to put money into two different devices when one can perform both and is even better than both combined.

With this Trackpad, we have already stepped into a very advanced version of the world. Thanks to Apple. 

And, unlike the Mouse, you can use it while charging. No need to kill time. You can use up all of your productive work time.



Listen to your favorite song through a pair of regular earphones. Then, switch them with a pair of AirPods and replay it. Mindblown? I thought as much.

17. Apple’s AirPods Max

They did name them perfectly. ‘Max’ undoubtedly showcases the extent to which these players can function.

Noise-cancelling. Another one of its attractive features. The experience of watching a movie while wearing them will make you feel the movie as if you are actually in it. It transports you physically and emotionally.

Though they may seem big to hold and wear, they have the softest ear pads that are not damaging to you, no matter how long you wear them.

With Apple’s AirPods Max, you are sure to enchant your ears.

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18. Apple’s AirPods

Tiny and pocket-friendly. The ultimate combo you are looking for.

They are the most distinctive of all AirPods. The head of the AirPods though triangular; the circular pads are attached only to one vertex and are not at its center. This, however, aids in a flawless fit in your ears.

Portability is also one of its superior properties—no need to waste several minutes in untangling it from your backpack. 

Simply remove it from its case, place them in your ears, and you are good to go whether it’s jogging, or eating, no worries.

Leather Sleeves


When you own something as expensive and delicate as an iMac, it is crucial you focus on its protection part too, and not just use and display.

19. Apple’s Leather Sleeve

Apple’s Leather Sleeve

Take an iPhone 12’s Leather Sleeve and just enlarge it in size, and you have your iMac’s Leather Sleeve. 

It is a leather pouch with color variations and the most protective cover around the market. The fact that it’s an Apple product gives it more validity and credit.

It is soft to touch, and that is why it’s ideal for your iMac’s screen—no scratch marks when sliding in or out of the cover.

Hard Drives


The enormous amounts of data that you gather on your iMac will need an outlet, one day or other. Therefore, it is better to plan your storage better and do not wait until the entire storage fills up.

20. Western Digital’s 6TB My Book External Hard Drive

Western Digital’s 6TB My Book External Hard Drive

It is compatible with the USB-C cable, of course, and it is inclusive of both the sizes it comes with. The dual option is very fitting for your multipurpose usage.

Safety is one excellent characteristic of this since your data is obliged to prime security, and you cannot compromise on it. It is encrypted and password protected—no chances of a security breach.

The fact that it is external makes it easy for you to detach it from your iMac whenever you like and move around it with, give it to your friends as a borrow, is one of its winning properties.

Final Verdict

Too much or too little will tip the balance off. Mediocracy is the key to maintain that intricate balance.

Hence, take caution when buying any number of iMac Accessories. Your aim should always be gaining a lot at the cost of a minimum.

Happy Accessorizing!

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