What Is A GaN Charger? 5 Best GaN Chargers You Can Buy in 2022

Best GaN Chargers You Can Buy

GaN chargers have acquired their place in the consumer sector not a very long time ago. With their multiple advantages, they have outranked silicon charges. GaN charger provides fast charging which is the utmost priority of every consumer these days, considering the overtake of digitalization in the world.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) was previously used in LED lights that proved to be quite amazing and keeping all of its multifold features, incorporating it in the charging adaptors is known to be the wisest decision of all times.

The major quality of these charges is that they do not give off much heat when it’s giving the power to your phone, Hence, working effectively without any compromises.

It also avoids overcharging to prevent the battery. These chargers have become a necessity of modern times by offering practicality and fulfills the high-performance expectations of the users. The technology keeps improving the GaN charges making them compact and more affordable for the general public. Let’s look at some small yet amazing GaN charges that offer great service to their uses.

Best GaN Chargers You Can Buy This Year

The five charges mentioned below are tested well by the experts and after comprehensive research, we have rounded up the list of brilliant GaN charges that are surely better than your current charger and will prove to be worth the price. So, let’s scroll into the list.

1. RAVpower: Multi-port GaN ChargerRAVpower: Multi-port GaN Charger

The first recommendation on the list is the RAVPower GaN charger. This compact-size charger offers great features. This type- C power delivery wall charger gives a total output of 65W with two USB ports.

It also offers 45W charging to MacBook Air and 18W to your iPad Pro. The bonus thing about this GaN charger is that, if you use this charger to just power your MacBook at a time you can have a 100% battery charge from 0 in just 2 hours.

It saves a lot of your time while charging an iPhone by taking just two hours which is lesser when compared to your standard charger. It is compact and does not take much space in your luggage because of the foldable design.

This GaN charger offers your battery protection from excessive charging and short circuit issues. You can charge numerous devices with this charger.

2. Aukey Omnia PD GaN ChargerAukey Omnia PD GaN Charger

This brand’s GaN chargers have a quite large fan base including Apple users. This GaN charger has two ports that offer up to 65W charging power if you just use one USB with it.  When you use dual ports, it offers 45W charging power.

This charger is quite light weighted and is known to be the smallest PD charger in the world. The small size offers the advantage of easily carrying it anywhere and in anything, so do not judge this charger by its small size.

This small GaN charger can provide charging to your iPhone and MacBook conveniently without consuming a lot of power and releasing extra heat. The built-in security feature of this GaN charger offers protection to your device from excessive heat and overcharging.

3. Ankerstore GaN ChargerAnkerstore GaN Charger

Anker is known to be one of the most trusted brands that make GaN charges at a very affordable rate. This GaN charger’s size is equal to a golf ball. Yes, it’s that small! It’s a high-speed charger offering 45W charging power.

With its charger, you can charge four devices at one time. It is compatible with C port devices as well. It comes with three USB ports and one port is for type C devices. It has a slim design but it offers powerful features.

Its protection system makes sure it works conveniently with your devices and safeguards them from any malfunction such as overcharging and excessive heat issues. This charger is accompanied by a detachable power cord of 5ft. that offers efficient charging to your devices.

4. Baseus GaN Travel ChargerBaseus GaN Travel Charger

Another GaN charger recommendation is from Baseus. The thick and sturdy construction of this charger makes it appealing and one of the best on the market. Even after having a thick construction, it is light in weight that offers easy accessibility and portability.

It has three USB ports, one is a standard port and the other two ports are for C type devices. You can charge your laptops, tablets, and cell phones simultaneously with this GaN charger. It offers 45W, 15W, and 60W maximum charging to your devices respectively. The design of this charger is handier and easy to carry.

5. Amazon Basics GaN ChargerAmazon Basics GaN Charger

Last but not least we have in this roundup is Amazon Basics GaN charger. A highly affordable charger offers you a power of 30W and is compatible with your devices. The attributes of this charger render lesser heat and it does not waste power like other silicon charges.

The LED indicator in the charger helps you to identify the charging and charged status of your phone and other devices. This GaN charger comes with a single port but offers fast charging and has safety features through which it safeguards your phone from getting overheated and overcharged.

Combination Ports and Ranging of GaN charger

GaN charger is not only conventional while carrying it where one goes but helps in saving electricity bills. These chargers are high-speed chargers with multiple ports to charge a variety of devices at speed. Popular brands are now asking you to buy the charger separately, costing a considerable amount comparatively. 

Then GaN is something you will not regret having. Gan chargers come with different port combinations such as type C or type A.These charges range from 30W to 200W. GaN chargers are manufactured according to market and consumers’ needs. You can find some low-watt chargers where you get the single port. Amazon Gan chargers can charge a compatible laptop as well. 


GaN charges not only offer you fast charging but also protect your device from uncertain mishappenings. The slim design of these charges and the advantage of offering multiple ports except Amazon Basics is quite appealing and compatible for your busy schedules and when you have to juggle your work. To purchase the best GaN charger for your device, look and analyze your devices properly and then make a choice. All of these recommendations that we have stated above serve their purpose best. These GaN chargers are quite good and are on the top in the existing market.

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