12 Best Free Apps To Make The Best Out of Coronavirus Pandemic

Best Free Apps To Make The Best Out of Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caged every human being inside their houses and that is going to last for a long period of time, analyzing the current situation. You must have been binge-watching Netflix, amazon prime and whatnot, but don’t you think that you have got a golden opportunity to learn something new?

During the lockdown, you can engage yourself in various activities that can turn out to be fruitful for you in the future and maybe help you in boosting your CV. Therefore, in this article, we will be listing down some of the best apps for your iOS device which will help you to kill boredom and learn something new.

Best Free Apps To Make The Best Out of Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Udemy (Learning)

Talking about the utilization of time and not mentioning udemy is pure sin. Udemy is one of the best apps in the market that not only helps you to educate yourself and learn a new skill but also gives you a platform to reach out to a large audience who is keen to learn new skills and subjects in various fields of education.

The app is free to use, but you will be required to purchase the courses. There are both free and paid courses available on udemy whether it is of literature, digital marketing, sketching or arithmetic.

Download here: Udemy

2. Khan Academy (Learning)

The second best app to brace yourself for competitive exams, Khan Academy, has proved that learning has no age limits. You can prepare for competitive exams such as the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, NCLEX-RN, and AP exams.

There are interactive video lessons, solutions, questions & answers, practice sets, puzzles and much more on the Khan Academy app. You can download the content and access it even without an internet connection.

Khan academy offers various subjects, lessons, practice sets and quizzes for free, this is probably the right time for you to start preparing for your exams and refrain yourself from panicking when the lockdown gets over.

Download here: Khan Academy

3. Babbel (language)

Learning a new language is fun and helpful in various fields. If you are a citizen of the USA consider using Babbel if you are falling behind on language course. The app is offering free access to its app for 3 months and you can choose among 14 different languages.

Download here: Babble

4. Duolingo (language)

Another amazing app to improvise your language and learn new languages via quick lessons, and other activities. With Duolingo, you can brush up your skills in a language and utilize your time in a better way.

Download here: Duolingo

5. Zoom (Communication)

While the Coronavirus pandemic has caged employees and employers inside their houses, work from home has become quite difficult. But with Zoom, you can connect with your team members and discuss your work easily.

Zoom is webcam software that allows you to host up to 100 people for around 40 minutes per session. In this way, meetings can be held without any hassle and you can share information while sitting at your home.

Download here: Zoom Cloud Meetings

6. ACTIVE (Fitness)

Just like you, there are many of us who cannot hit the gym anymore due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At this point in time, learning a home workout can be really fun and help you to stay active even when you are not hitting the gym anymore.

The app is available for free and offers video workouts, photo tutorials and much more. Download the app now and get back on the track.

Download here: ACTIVE

7. Balance (Fitness)

It is necessary to create a balance between physical and mental health. Both of them go hand in hand. With Balance, you can learn to meditate and relieve mental stress. The app is offering 1-year free subscription which can be available by sending them an email at [email protected]

Download the app: Balance

8. Wattpad (Reading)

For those who love to read novels, stories, and biographies should try out Wattpad. Here, you can not only read stories but also write your own stories and publish them. You can also connect with other authors on the platform and read their books.

Download here: Wattpad

9. Ludo King

We all are very well acquainted with the superhit indoor game of our childhood, Ludo. The game is now available digitally on iOS and can be played with friends as well. The game refreshes the childhood memories and is a perfect game for killing time.

Download here: Ludo

10. Newspaper

To stay updated about the COVID-19 pandemic, having a newspaper app in your device is a good idea. There are dozens of newspaper apps on app store, we have picked some best and reliable news publishers that you can look into.

11. Web toon (Creativity)

If you are into webtoons and short comics, this app can be a great source of entertainment for you. Web toon lets you read, create and share your own webtoons on the platform.

The creators add new content regularly which makes it an interesting app overall. It is free to use and doesn’t require you to pay any subscription free or in-app purchases.

Download here: WEBTOON

12. Archive.org

Archive.org is like a museum of the internet, as it has a large collection of old songs, tv shows, podcasts, radio recordings, and magazines. It also has a Wayback machine which can be used to find out how a website used to look in its initial stage. You can try out searching for Facebook and see how advanced it has become over a period of time.

Visit: Archive.org

Wrap Up

The current situation of the world has locked us inside our houses. While some people might be getting bored switching from one Instagram to Facebook and from Facebook to Snapchat.

We have shared a list of best free apps for iOS users to utilize their time effectively. Some of these apps are available for free for a fixed period of time while some of are totally free. We suggest you make the best out of Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown instead of wasting your time.


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