10 Best Font App for iPhone & iPad Users

Best Font App for iPhone & iPad

In today’s world, having an iPhone proves advantageous in many different ways. You can shoot professional-level videos, make vlogs, become a professional gamer, and whatnot!

The iPhone also provides you an opportunity to display your creative side in many different ways. One such method is by creating swaggy font styles. 

Writing funky Instagram bios and stylish captions have become common today. Selecting the best font app for iPhone can be tricky as many applications let you download fonts not readily available on the iPhone. To assist you in selecting one, we bring you the best font style app for iPhones.

Best Font Apps for iPhone & iPad Users

1. RightFont

best font app for iphone

You can install, test, and manage fonts on your iPhone with the RightFont app. Installed fonts work with PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, Word, Numbers, Keynote, and other programs that support OTF, TTF, and TTC formats.

Fonts may be stored on your device, in iCloud Drive, or Google Drive. Fonts may also be sent by AirDrop and email, and RightFont can be used to install them quickly.

You can install multiple fonts at a time with this app. It also extracts any font you receive from AirDrop or is located on your cloud. Also, this app has features like dark mode and full split view support. 

RightFont supports iOS 14 and allows you to preview all font families in bulk with personalized content. RightFont is a versatile font software for iPhone that costs $2.99. 


  • It provides an excellent font overview for all fonts.
  • It works with many different software.
  • It supports dark mode for iPhones.
  • It enables you to install fonts from AirDrop.
  • It recognized fonts located on your iCloud drive.

2. iFont

iFont best font app for iphone

iFont is a free-to-download application by which you can download and install new fonts in TTF, TTC, and OTF formats. You may also upload files zipped in a ZIP file to use with compatible programs like Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word, and others. 

Within iFont, users may download and install fonts from Google Fonts, Dafont, and other custom sources.

This, however, necessitates the use of a configuration profile. Users may install, compare, preview fonts, and examine individual glyphs and technical font characteristics using iFont. 

By clicking on the notepad symbol beneath the selected font, you may try out the typefaces you wish. This will ask you to enter a few words before sharing them as an image for viewing in third-party apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.

iFont can now analyze fonts and determine which characters glyphs are mapped to, and save and search glyph appearances.

It is the best free font app for iPhones if you are a creative content creator with low-budget.


  • This app lets you compare different font styles to judge what suits you the best.
  • The Notepad feature lets you examine a font and share it as an image on third-party applications.
  • It allows you to magnify the font by up to 500% so that you can see all the tiny details in each character. 
  • The Waterfall feature lets you check how a font looks at extreme font sizes.

3. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud works with system-wide custom fonts on mobile devices, and Creative Cloud customers get access to 17,000 fonts, 1,300 of which are free. 

You don’t need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber to use the free fonts. You must first download the app and set up an account.

Once installed, you can use the Fonts tab at the bottom of the page to download new fonts directly to your iPhone, and they’ll be available in a variety of iOS 13 and iOS 14 applications that support them.

Adobe Creative Cloud includes new fonts from firms like Filmotype, Slideshow, Retype, Bold Monday, Adobe Originals, Greg Thompson, Cadson Demak, and Design210.

It is the best free font app for iPhones if you have many different fonts for free. If you are going to use all 17,000 fonts, you must pay $9.99 monthly.

The subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud not only lets you use its various fonts but also opens up a wide range of programs at your disposal. You can practically use all Adobe apps with this. 


  • It provides 2GB of Cloud storage for free.
  • It lets you use over 1300 fonts for free.
  • It makes collaborating with people elementary.
  • By subscribing to this app, you get access to all Adobe applications.

4. AnyFont

AnyFont best font app for iphone

Using a setup profile, AnyFont allows you to install any font in TTF, OTF, or TTC format on your iPhone.

You may use these fonts with Numbers, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, and other apps that use the device’s font book after they’ve been installed.

You may upload single or several fonts as ZIP or TTC files and preview them in the app at the same time.

This program offers a user interface that is very simple to use. You may use it to install many fonts at the same time.

In AnyFont’s storage, you can also preview your fonts. This app will set you back $1.99. In-app purchases are also available for an optional bundle of 1000+ typefaces. It is the best font app for iPhones with users on a tight budget.


  • It lets you add multiple fonts at the same time.
  • It supports Dark mode.
  • You can preview your fonts in the app’s storage. This prevents wastage of storage.
  • It lets you use FontBundles.net directly via the app.
  • It makes identifying fonts convenient by providing a complete list of all fonts present on your iPhone.

5. Fonteer

best font app for iphone

By submitting the fonts as a configuration profile to Fonteer, you may install OTF or TTF fonts on your iPhone.

You may unzip the fonts from the sent file into FontBook to make them available in any program that allows you to change fonts.

This program allows you to manage many font collections at the same time, explore and install Google Fonts, and download fonts from your browser or email. SketchBook, Keynote, Excel, Word, Numbers, Adobe Comp, Pages, PowerPoint, Autodesk, and Pixelmator, are among the software with which, Fonteer works.

Fonteer is a popular application among iPhone users. It generally finds itself in almost all the best font app for iPhone lists.

You may check out the app for free by downloading the free edition, which includes three fonts to try out.

If you enjoy the interface and think it’s simple to use, you can purchase the complete software for a one-time fee and get limitless font installs. You can’t change the font on your home screen, in messages, or in emails with Fonteer. 


  • It makes installing fonts from Google Fonts simple.
  • There are no ads in this application.
  • There is only one in-app purchase after which all app features are unlocked.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of applications.

6. Font Diner

The Font Diner, released in 1996, has grown into a prominent source for vintage design software. They’ve earned a reputation as the top vintage display type foundry, with designs influenced by popular culture from the 1950s.

The Font Diner is a well-liked software specializing in high-quality, retro-style fonts for creative endeavors. It includes over 400 unique fonts for all levels of graphic artists.

Font Diner is one of the only apps of its sort that works on both iOS and iPadOS right now.

It provides a free basic font set and various other font sets for $5 each. Font Diner only works with Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It is the best font app for iPhones if you work with retro fonts.


  • It has the widest variety of retro-style fonts.
  • It is old software. Thus, a lot of improvements have been made with time.
  • It offers over 400 unique fonts.

7. Fonts ++

Fonts++, based on Unicode, provides designer fonts that are readable on all other iPhones, even if the person you’re contacting doesn’t have these fonts installed.

Fonts++ may be synchronized with the calendar, files, task list, and other apps to provide a more customized experience for the user.

It is the best font app for iPhone that works with all social networking applications. The unique fonts you sent do not require your friends to use the app to see them.

This software also offers a free 3-day trial before committing to a monthly or annual membership, allowing users to get a taste of the typefaces they want in an app.

Payment is debited to the iTunes account at purchase confirmation, and the subscription automatically renews at the end of each term.


  • Fonts downloaded from this app can be viewed without the app.
  • It allows you to sync fonts with your calendar, to-do lists, and other apps.
  • It provides a three-day trial.
  • It is based on Unicode.
  • It works with all social media applications seamlessly.

8. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is different from other iPhone apps in that it allows users to grab fonts from any other app they are using and customize them.

The user can snap a screenshot or upload a picture of the typefaces they desire on their phone.

Additionally, the user may put the font they prefer to the test by using it in their work and learning the font’s name.

The program also directs users to comparable apps and offers them the terms to find them at their leisure.

It is ideal for craftspeople, designers, and typography enthusiasts. It is perfect for when you come across a stunning design and want to know what fonts were used or when a customer sends you a picture but isn’t sure what fonts were used. It is the best free font app for iPhones for creative people.


  • It allows you to test all the fonts with your text.
  • This app provides an excellent font-recognition feature.
  • This app gives out ideas and suggestions for your work.
  • It has a wide variety of fonts that can be used to browse fonts similar to the one it identifies.

9. Fonts for You

There are over 100 fonts available in the Fonts for You app, including cursive, italic, gothic, bold, and bubble.

Fonts For You is mainly used in the biographies of social media accounts, engaging stories, and communications with friends.

It works with all messaging applications, including Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, and other messaging applications.

There’s no need to copy and paste into other applications because you can type right into them.

The keyboard may be customized to the user’s liking, with various themes and colors to choose from.

With this program, you may rearrange, disable, and activate fonts to your preference.

When you move your favorite fonts to the front of the keyboard menu, you’ll have much faster access to the fonts you use the most when typing.

Although the app is free, unlike many other iOS apps, it does not feature in-app adverts. For most users, this is the best free font app for iPhones.


  • This app offers more than one hundred unique fonts in different styles.
  • It supports dark mode.
  • Even though it is a free application, there are no advertisements.
  • It offers many different personalized themes.

10. Fontix

Fontix best font app for iphone

Fontix includes a large number of attractive fonts and stylish keyboard themes. With the Fontix app, you can show your creativity while improving your iPhone experience.

You may use this program to text in different fonts on many networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Fontix app’s gorgeous keyboard backdrop themes make your typing experience more exciting.

Additionally, Fontix is a company that specializes in both fonts and emojis. It features fascinating text emojis that you may send to various social media platforms.

Additionally, So, if you’ve ever wanted to alter the font on your iPhone, give the Fontix app a try for free.


  • It has a clean, easy-to-use user interface.
  • It offers an outstanding collection of keyboard themes.
  • It has a vast collection of unique, stylish fonts.
  • In addition to font styles, it provides a wide variety of emoticons.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our list of the best font app for iPhones. Trying out different fonts makes your text unique and interesting.

By using these applications, you can get attention by using funky font styles. For people belonging to creative fields, these applications provide many handy options.

For you to show off your creative side, it is ideal to choose the best font app for iPhones. 

The popularity of font apps is growing strongly among teenagers who use different social media platforms and there are ample options available.

I hope our list of the best font app for iPhone helps you choose the correct application for your needs and answers queries like the best font app for iPhones, the best free font app for iPhones, and the best font style app for iPhone.

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