10 Best Endoscope Cameras for iPhone

best endoscope for iphone

Finding the best endoscope for iPhone can be quite tricky since there are several choices available, and one cannot simply buy all of them to test whether it works with their device or not.

And keeping that in mind, we prepared a list of the best iPhone compatible endoscope cameras, that are under the budget with the good build quality. Furthermore, we have even listed the pros & cons of each product that’ll help pick the one that suits your need.

Best Endoscope Cameras for iPhone

1. DEPSTECH inspection camera

The DEPSTECH wireless camera is an excellent endoscope device that can be easily connected to your iPhone via wifi connectivity, making the process easy and hassle-free.

The endoscope camera comes armed with a semi-rigid 11.5ft bendable snake cable that can extend to every corner of your house and working area.

Easy to use via a wireless connection, the DEPSTECH endoscope camera is a perfect fit for iPhone users and does not require any external cable or adapter to operate.

The endoscope comes with a 2.0MP borescope to give you a clear and precise HD quality image of JPEG format whose resolution can be manually changed from 640×480, 1280 x 720, 1600 x1200 and 1920 x 1080.

The endoscope has six LED lights and a thin 8.4mm waterproof probe, making it suitable for use in any environment like the sink, dampen areas, behind shelves, etc.

You can also adjust the camera’s brightness and focal distance, working even in the night atmosphere or in dark places.

You can even use the real-time feature of this endoscope via the DEPSTECH app through your iPhone. Thus it takes to be a great wireless endoscope for iPhone.


  • Semi-rigid snake cable
  • Wireless connection
  • Brightness adjustment
  • HD quality image


  • Connectivity issues
  • Pictures may freeze at times

2. NIDAGE Automotive Inspection Endoscope

NIDAGE wireless endoscope camera is a professional-grade camera for inspection and can be used to maintain small machine parts if you are working on a project at home.

The premium PCB component shows reliability and anti-interference for easy working. This mini device is an excellent instrument for reaching out to places you cannot reach or view via your eyes.

The camera probe measures only 0.21inches in diameter, making it compact and an excellent fit for iPhone users.

The endoscope also has six LED light options that users can adjust according to their comfort and liking.

This series of endoscopes has a new miniature HD 108-P CMOS lens that offers up to two million active pixels to deliver precise and accurate real-time images and improves visibility in dark places.

A 5ft semi-rigid cable makes the endoscope camera versatile to use and reachable in any place and corner.

A built-in 450mAh Li-ion battery allows recharge, so you will never run out of power or have trouble getting your camera to work.

IP67 graded waterproof build makes the endoscope camera compatible in moist environments like water lines, pipes, sinks, machines, engines, etc.

The focal distance ranges from 1.2inches to 8 inches, and users can attain nondestructive detection via this camera without shutting down the machines.

Compatible with all android and iOS devices, it passes to be the best endoscope for iPhone at an affordable rate.


  • Great picture quality
  • Compact size
  • Waterproof
  • Semi-rigid cable
  • Wireless connection


  • Reset button issues

3. Pancellent Inspection Endoscope camera

The Pancellent endoscope camera has a great picture quality and is built for an endoscope camera compatible with the iPhone.

It promises to deliver a fantastic image quality of 1200p HD resolution on a 2MP CMOS camera sensor.

The endoscope camera also comes with a plus point of adjusting the image resolution from 640*480,1280*720, and 1600*1200 according to the user’s comfort and wishes.

The camera comes with a turning wheel to switch between eight LED lights, so it works well in the darkest corners and areas of the house.

IP68 approved waterproofing allows you to even inspect under the water or in any wet atmosphere you may be unable to reach.

You can also exploit its feature and get images and videos right from the mobile app of the endoscope camera.

Forget about trying to cable-connect your endoscope camera to your phone as the Pancellent Inspection Endoscope camera is entirely wifi compatible and works with all iOS and Android devices to make your work easy and smooth to carry out.

A built-in 3.7V 600mAh battery can be rechargeable via the power supply and gives you a fair amount of run-time on the camera.

Users can modify Semi-rigid cable into a bendable stick to reach into spaces inside your sink or air-conditioner to check for your lost key or the functional parts of machines.

The endoscope camera is easy to set up and use with a user manual and extra accessories!


  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • 1200p HD images quality
  • Semi-rigid cable
  • 2MP CMOS camera sensor
  • Wireless connection


  • Cable too long
  • users cannot replace the battery

4. TODSKOP wireless endoscope camera

TODSKOP has introduced an excellent endoscope camera with a 2-megapixel 1080P resolution output to provide accurate images and videos in the smallest places.

With the wireless transmission, it works efficiently with iPhones having iOS 6.0 and above. The endoscope camera is specially designed using a PIFA antenna housing a robust signal.

Thus having more intense and anti-interference wifi connectivity than other wireless endoscopes that work on IPEX antenna.

PIFA allows a signal transmission upto 10 meters in range, and permanent connectivity ensures no signal problems or connectivity issues.

The TODSKOP endoscope camera is different from other cameras in having a micro-camera with an 8mm borescope for a more comprehensive view, covering the minute details and reaching the tiniest points.

The endoscope also has two optional buttons with a Zoom in and a Zoom out feature to give you 3x enlarged images when inspecting machine parts and many more.

The camera has a security check for circuit protection like secure charging and discharging and a short current display to ensure a steady power supply, thus giving your camera a better shelf-life and endurance to fit as the best endoscope for iPhone.


  • PIFA antenna connection
  • Zoom in/out button
  • 1080p image and video resolution
  • Micro-camera borescope
  • Multiple security assurance


  • Bit overpriced

5. Hydream Wireless endoscope camera

With a combination of eight LED lights and a super high vision of 1080p, Hydream wireless endoscope camera is quite an excellent choice for users looking to buy a more specific inspection device.

The 2MP CMOS sensor in the borescope captures clear snapshots of images and videos even at a close range which is helpful to view the working of your pipelines, machines, car engine, etc.

IP67 waterproofing makes the endoscope compatible with underwater, so it is a perfect instrument for surveying pipes.

5M flexible USB cable lets you access all the unreachable minuscule spaces. The 8mm borescope gives you a viewing angle of 70 degrees, perfect for inspecting the entire space where you have inserted the endoscope camera.

You can even adjust the focal length between 2cm to 6cm for a zoomed-in or zoomed-out imagery using a knob present on the endoscope camera.

The package comes with a user manual, a USB cable, endoscope camera, magnet, charging cable side audition, and a fixed hook which is easy to set up as instructions are given to be read.

Moreover, users can operate the endoscope camera via the Hydream app on their phone, whose scan QR code is present in the manual.


  • It can be used as a USB camera for computers
  • Waterproof
  • Long USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 8mm borescope
  • 1080p image quality


  • Flimsy build
  • Poor wifi connection
  • Slow image processing speed

6. Oyrlize Inspection endoscope camera

Oyrlize presents a great inspection camera with HD image quality and a wireless wide-angle snake camera to give you an optimal outcome.

This upgraded version of the endoscopy camera is compatible with Android 4.2+ and iOS 8.0+ devices and can work with almost every electronic device starting from PC, tablets, pads, etc.

There is no need for any extra cable or adapter to work this endoscope camera as the wifi box transmits enough signal for the endoscope camera to work correctly.

All you have to do is download and install the given app via the user manual and access your camera’s real-time images right from your phone screen.

The camera houses a 2MP HD sensor that delivers detailed snapshots and videos whose resolution can be switched between 620p and 1080p manually according to the user’s convenience.

You can also record live videos via this endoscope camera and save them in your phone gallery for future uses.

The box will provide you with a 5-meter long flexible camera cable that can easily slip into any nook and crack for inspection.

Eight LED lighting options aids you in dark environments, and a turning wheel lets you adjust the amount of brightness needed for your camera to give you that clear picture of your pipeline.

IP67 waterproofing allows the 8mm borescope to work in damp places or waterlines. With multi-purpose use, the Oyrlize endoscope camera is a budget-friendly pick for iPhone endoscopy cameras.


  • Wire-angle lens
  • 8mm borescope
  • Waterproof
  • 5M flexible cable
  • Wireless connection
  • HD sensor
  • Light and brightness adjuster


  • Connectivity problems
  • No support for item
  • Non-rigid cable

7. Anykit Ear Endoscope camera

If you want an ear wax remover to work efficiently at home, the Anykit ear endoscope camera is the best ear endoscope for iPhone.

It is a visual ear wax remover that comes with six LED light options equipped with DVX function support to give you a 1280 x 720p HD image to have a clear view down your ear canal.

Anykit Ear Endoscope camera works on a USB connection and is compatible with iPhones to give you quick and robust connectivity compared to wifi connections that come with loads of glitches and lags.

It omits the option of worrying about wifi disconnection or lags during your wax removal sessions, so it is quite a great option as a phone otoscope.

The focal length of the ear endoscope is fixated at 1 inch, so you need to take care of adjusting it around your ear for a perfect view inside your canal for proper cleaning and wax removal.

The device is easy to use via the Anykit app, which can be downloaded and installed from the App Store to view the images inside your ear.

IP67 waterproofing allows users to clean and sanitize it after usage to maintain a safe and healthy environment for every member to use.

The package comes with the USB charger, cable, ear spoon, speculum, storage case, micro-USB cable, adapter, and a manual to follow through the steps of setting up the endoscope.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable to detect ear infections
  • Ear cleaning
  • Waterproof
  • USB connection


  • Small focal length
  • No wireless connection

8. DEPSTECH dual-lens endoscope camera

DEPSTECH brings us this excellent endoscope camera featuring dual-lens and a wide-angle picture range for a clear and accurate image display.

With a 70 degree angle, this dual-lens endoscope camera can inspect sideways and frontways with its efficient build and design.

The front camera comes with a 3-8cm focal length, while the side camera holds a 2-6cm focal length that will showcase every corner to find that lost jewelry item.

The endoscope camera comes with a semi-rigid flexible camera that users can turn into a stick or a bendable cable as per requirements, so it is a perfect fit to ensure machine functionality or pipeline checking.

A 7.9mm borescope can be reached into any space to capture all the trouble spots and minute holes, cracks, and edges.

The best feature of this endoscope camera is the triple display screen to display front and side images simultaneously, and a button provided allows users to switch between the images with one click.

Combined with seven LED lights, the camera allows viewing even at night and inspects dark spaces without compromising the quality of the image.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS and can work with a wifi connection.

Although it may fall into a bit pricey section, it is by far a great choice as the best endoscope for iPhone.


  • dual-lens camera
  • three display screen
  • wide-angle
  • 7.4mm borescope
  • semi-rigid long cable
  • wireless connectivity


  • No issues as such

9. DEPSTECH Ultra-thin endoscope camera

Suppose you need a model on the budget-friendly tier which delivers just the same performance as any other quality-built endoscope.

In that case, this ultra-thin wireless DEPSTECH endoscope camera for iPhone is a great pick.

This latest model features a zoomable wireless borescope camera that is operable via a wifi connection and efficiently works with your iOS devices.

The borescope does a great job of extending the camera’s focal length from 1-3inches to 2.76-15.7inches letting you get a clear image of the spaces you’re inspecting and letting you choose between an enlarged detailed image or a complete view.

8.5mm snake camera comes with IP67 waterproofing for easy access underwater, and Bluart technology in the borescope provides you with the most transparent images.

Six adjustable LED lights come with different brightness levels to suit your needs and requirements when exploring a dark terrain.

The borescope is easily detachable from the cable line when not in use and provides the best wifi compatibility to your iPhone.

The wifi box also comes with a small photo button to quickly capture images if you do not wish to use the app.

Being quite a handy tool, anyone can easily set this device up and use it for various inspections and purposes.


  • Adjustable camera focal length
  • Six adjustable LED light
  • Long cable
  • Detachable borescope
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Ultra-thin build


  • Not an optical zoom
  • No sideways view

10. EFUTONPRO Inspection endoscope camera

The latest wireless endoscope camera by EFUTONPRO works not only with Android devices but also iOS systems making it an excellent tool for inspection work.

Users can opt for this budget-friendly endoscope for multi-purposes like pipeline checking, machine inspection, searching lost items in small spaces, and many more, all from their iPhones.

Unlike most endoscopes needing a USB connection or adapter to work, the EFUTONPRO endoscope camera works entirely on a wifi connection.

All you have to do is download and install the given app of the endoscope to get the image on your smartphone.

The borescope comes in a size of 8mm, which is approved of IP68 waterproofing that is a suitable fit for inspections regarding water storages or damp areas.

Eight LED light options to let you figure out the one best suited for every environment, even in the darkest corners of the room.

2MP CMOS sensor captures HD quality images and videos whose resolution can be switched between three options of 640*480, 1280*720,1600*1200.

A 5m flexible semi-rigid cable makes working around deep spaces or unreachable points easier, which may be nearly impossible to visualize with the naked eye.

The endoscope is pretty basic in use and comes with a user manual with a set of instructions to follow to get the device to operate.


  • 2MP sensor
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Three resolution option
  • Eight LED light
  • 5M flexible semi-rigid cable
  • Affordable


  • Connectivity problems


Mostly, endoscopes are well-versed in the medical industry. Still, it is no doubt that we can easily exploit its feature for different purposes, including finding lost items, pipeline checking, machine inspection, and many more.

In this article, we compiled all our top picks for the best endoscope camera for iPhone to make your work easy in choosing an excellent endoscope to work with.

We hope this article provided you with all the requirements to select the best endoscope for iPhone.


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