10 Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apps offer a great way for communication, socialization, and gaming. But there is more than that. Nowadays, organizations are also depending on apps to run their processes easily and seamlessly. There are many best business apps available in the market that help organizations achieve business goals and get processes in sync without any chaos.

These Business apps help companies across all domains such as software development companies, healthcare institutes, marketing firms, manufacturing companies, and much more.

Using these apps, business owner can monitor various critical tasks like managing employees, taking quick business decisions, marketing products and services, managing sales, identifying risks, and so on.  These business apps can save time, money, and boost your productivity.

Here in this post, we will be talking about the best business apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad

1 – QuickBook Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting-Best Business Apps

QuickBooks is the top accounting software solution and is a great option for a variety of businesses. With four plans and a range of add-on services, QuickBooks offers a high level of functionality, flexibility, and scalability. You can even customize this software to meet your business’s needs.

This business app lets you track miles, create invoices, manage your expenses and cash flow to view your profit and loss anywhere. With QuickBooks Accounting, you can easily create an invoice and track it with their invoice management tools. Also, there are dozens of financial reports available for business owner that allows them to see where their business stands.

The tool does a great job when talking about tracking business finances. It tracks all business finances in one place with the Cash Flow business dashboard.

One of the best parts about this software is you can easily invite your accountant to QuickBooks via email, and they will have access to all of the features of your account, at no additional cost to you. Plus, it gives you access to an impressive marketplace of over 600 apps, including third-party tools as well as QuickBooks add-ons.

2 – Asana


Asana is one of the best business apps to manage team projects and your individual tasks. It can easily outperform other project management software for ease of use, simplicity, and Kanban-style user interface.

The tool helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana business software, you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere.

The app is used to manage initiatives, create projects, and then create tasks within these projects. You can easily assign tasks to your teammates, add them as task followers, share projects with them, or mention them in task comments to keep everyone in the loop.

Furthermore, there is a My Tasks feature that boosts productivity, where you can see all the work that’s been assigned to you in one to-do list. Also, it helps you to prioritize your work easily. Just drag & drop tasks into Asana’s built-in sections, create your own custom checklist sections, or sort by different dimensions.

Tons of features & hundreds of integrations, free plan, versatility, and ease of use make Asana one of the best choices for business owners.

3 – FreshBooks Accounting

FreshBooks Accounting

FreshBooks is our next pick on the list of best business apps. The app is built for business owners and their clients. It’s a great option for small businesses that want a basic, easy-to-use accounting solution and don’t need complex accounting features or multiple users.

It has a number of key accounting features, double-entry accounting, and numerous integrations. The app gives you the info and time you need to focus on your big picture—your business, your team, and your clients.

With FreshBooks mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you can connect to your clients, send invoices, track expenses, and take payments. This business software is incredibly easy to use and has some of the best customer support on the market. It’s also one of the few apps to offer built-in proposals.

The automated online payments give your clients so many different ways to pay, making payments easier for them.

Key features of FreshBooks include invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, reporting and payments management. Also, users can brand their invoices, accept online payments and set auto payment reminders. You can track expenses by attaching receipts to invoices, creating recurring expenses and taking snapshots of receipts.

4 – Expensify

Expensify-Best Business Apps

Expensify is a fully automated expense-tracking app with extremely comprehensive corporate plans. Scanning receipts, tracking business and personal expenses, and booking travel all is done by this single business software.

The app is designed for bigger corporations that want hefty expense solutions for multiple users. The free plan for businesses includes corporate card management, employee reimbursement, invoicing, and bill management. It’s affordable, comprehensive, and well-suited to companies where multiple employees submit expenses.

The key feature of this business tool is its high-quality mobile receipt scanning and automatic expense categorization. Expensify uploads and categorizes all types of receipts, including Emailed receipts, Screenshots, Credit card account syncing, Third-party app uploads (via Evernote, Dropbox, and so on).

Other features include automatic mileage tracking, basic bill management, receipt integrations, custom report exports, automatic currency convertor, invoicing, and more.

5 – Square Point-of-sale

Square Point-of-sale

Square Point of Sale is another best business app for iPhone users. Key features of the Square POS system include online payment processing, sales reports, inventory tracking, digital receipts, email and SMS marketing campaigns, eCommerce, insights/analytics, and more.

It has a simple and customizable interface. You can customize your invoices, set up weekly or monthly recurring invoices from your Dashboard, and let customers pay online with a credit or debit card.

In addition, one can use the point-of-sale system to keep track of sales and inventory in real-time, manage items and employees, and view analytics about their business.

Square offers magstripe, chip, and contactless card readers for accepting payments via debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. It allows the business owner to take card payments for any amount using the app when a customer doesn’t have cash.

This business software is versatile and also nearly free for a new business that doesn’t have money to spend.

6 – Connecteam


Here comes another affordable solution to manage non-desk employees from one place! Connecteam centralizes all your communications, business workflows, and training for all your deskless employees, such as field agents, drivers, and other professionals who are always on the go.

It offers a powerful, mobile-first platform that helps improve communication, enhance daily processes and save time. This business app for iPhone and iPad users is designed to simplify and streamline communication and collaboration for all your deskless employees. With Connecteam, you can perform all your management functions from a single location.

Features include live chat group conversations, directory for all work contacts, employee feedback surveys, suggestion box, multiple communication tools, and so on.

Also, it offers daily checklists with auto-reminders, online forms with read & sign options, allows users to upload images, and more. The Employee Time Clock lets you track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers, or anything else you need.

It is the app where you can manage not just your deskless teams and employees but the entire business operations. The analytics and real-time insights, giving you a clear picture of your enterprise and allow you to make critical business decisions.

7 – Chanty

Chanty-best business software

Chanty is our next recommendation on the list of best business apps.

It lets your team communicate and collaborate more quickly and efficiently. The app brings all aspects of communication together: chat, group & 1 on 1 audio/video calls and screen sharing.

Unlimited message history, task management, file sharing, and powerful notifications are some of the best features offered by Chanty. It’s a simple and fast team chat app to boost communication in teams of all business segments.

Using this business software, you can also do some light project management and turn messages into tasks. There are useful integrations with Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, and Github, among others.

Other powerful features include sharing of instant messages, files, or any other content; create, assign, set deadlines and discuss tasks directly; tag individual members or the whole team with @mentions; preview links, documents; unlimited message history and conversations, and much more.

8 – Workday


With Workday, you can easily engage all your employees, and it is customizable at the same time. It manages to combine an intuitive user interface, with an excellent level of usability, and a wide range of features.

The app provides a simple interface that allows employees to review their pay, view or request time off, check-in and out for work, submit their timesheet, and submit expenses quickly.

Using Workday, you can get push notifications alerts and reminders for time tracking, important updates, and approvals. If you are a manager, you can view your team or individual profiles and immediately take actions relevant to your role, such as perform a job change, make a compensation change, or provide performance feedback.

9 – Xero


Xero is best suited for small and growing businesses. It’s an accounting system that connects small businesses with their trusted advisors and provides business owners with instant visibility of their financial position. This business app offers strong accounting and a good number of features, reports, and integrations.

It’s a web-based solution. So any device with an active internet connection can access it. The robust accounting features let small businesses view their cash flows, transactions, and account details from any location.

Features such as invoices, purchase orders, quotes, bills, contacts, bank reconciliation, profit and loss, cash flow, and bank account balances make Xero an obvious choice for businesses.

There is a client portal where customers can view, print, and pay invoices directly online. Potential customers can view, accept, decline, or comment on quotes. Using Xero, you can create professional-looking invoices with ease. Edit, preview and send via email or messaging apps of your choice.

In addition, it offers various accounting reports. You can customize the reports the way you want, and you can save your favourite reports for quick access.

10 – Trello


Trello is the most user-friendly business app for project management. The app has an intuitive and familiar drag-and-drop Kanban-style task management interface that helps everyone on the team visualize task progress throughout the pipeline. This simple tool helps teams organize the projects they are working on.

Trello is known for its flexibility. Even non-technical users can navigate the platform without any hassle. From starting a new project to onboarding new team members, everything is simple and takes just a few clicks.

It offers paid services, but the basic plan is free. Free accounts have a lot to offer, so many teams will never need to upgrade. Using Trello, the company can set tasks and track progress; delegate tasks, and make to-do lists. From Butler automation to Power-Ups and integrations, it offers excellent features.

Furthermore, Trello makes collaboration between users easy and also makes it a fun experience. With customizable boards, users are allowed to set unique backgrounds for their boards and add reaction stickers to certain areas of their project.

Trello is a highly-rated fan-favorite business app whose free version comes with unlimited cards and lists as well as up to ten boards per team.

Final Words

You can choose any of the options on our list of the best business apps. These apps will be useful for optimizing your day-to-day business processes and help boost productivity (for both you and your employees) and make business tasks more efficient and easy.

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