11 Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro: Fall Proof Your Device

Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13

Life with an expensive iPhone 13 can be pretty bumpy. The constant worry about the iPhone falling and shattering beyond repair can cause anyone to panic. And we get it! The iPhone 13 comes with a ceramic shield on the front that keeps it safe from the worst cases. But what about the back and sides?

The back and sides of the iPhone are pretty vulnerable as well. A good fall can render it useless or deteriorate its condition. So the best solution? Get yourself a bumper case! A bumper case provides the best all-around protection. It reduces the effect of falls on the screen and prevents any breakage to the screen.

Given the large variety of iPhone 13 cases around the market, selecting the best one can be difficult. So we have handpicked the Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13 available in the market that suits all types of preferences! Read on!

Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13

1. Fiyart Bumper Case

The first one on our list of Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13 is very fancy and aesthetic, suited for more extravagant users. The case has gold embezzles around the case, which gives it a very luxurious look. So you would be getting a unique case with added protection! 

It has an exact cut to provide easy access to buttons and ports. It is incredibly shockproof, given its build. Fiyart Bumper Case offers two-layer protection to the iPhone 13, with a rugged PC back wrapped with soft TPU edges. 

The raised surface lifts the phone from the ground and avoids scratches on the camera. The lifted edges would ensure that the impact does not reach the actual back cover during a fall. The grip provided is anti-slip, and it won’t be affected by sweaty palms.


  • Very aesthetic and flashy case
  • Anti-slip 
  • Raised edges
  • Two-layered protections
  • Various design options


  • Certain parts can fall off
  • Choking hazard for small kids

2. MATEPROX Bumper Case

MATEPROX Bumper Case is a minimalist bumper case for iPhone 13. It does its job without appearing too conspicuous. It has a sleek, clear, and thin design is very cheap and affordable. Bumpers cover all the edges of the case. They bear the shock when the iPhone falls and prevent any damage to the phone. 

The bumper is shock-absorbent TPE material that provides integrated protection. It is especially effective against any angle drops. The lips on the back are slightly elevated and prevent any damages to the rear camera.

The precise and deliberate cuts across the ports allow easy access for charging. The case covers the volume and power buttons. This would keep the buttons intact even after repeated usage, and surely shines on our list of Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13. 


  • Thin and sleek case
  • Shock absorbent TPE material
  • Bumper edges
  • Elevated lips
  • Covered buttons
  • Minimalist design


  • Prone to turn yellow after a period of usage 

3. Miracase Bumper Case

Safe, reliable, and minimalist are the perfect words to describe the Miracase bumper case. But it is not a typical back bumper case. It covers the entire body of the iPhone 13 and has a front and back cover offering 360-degree protection.

The front covers fit snugly against the screen and allow a smooth glide over it. It is tempered glass, so you wouldn’t need to invest in an extra screen protector. Hard polycarbonate-lined sides adorn the case. This prevents any angle drops and prevents the shattering of any part of the iPhone 13. 

With a clear case, you can still flaunt your new iPhone while also having the best possible protection!


  • Clear case
  • 360-degree protection
  • Screen and back covers
  • Hard polycarbonate structure
  • Variety of color options


  • A bit bulky

4. Diaclara Bumper Case

Diaclara has devised a bumper case that does not disappoint in any way. The case comes with a front cover that flaunts an inbuilt glass and a bumper back case. Both of them fitted together provide all-around protection.

The cover offers a soft TPU enabled side that protects the iPhone against falls. The camera has a neat structure around it that does not obstruct the camera nor the sensors. 

The front glass doubles as a screen protector. It protects the main screen from scratches and, due to the fit, gives a fantastic response time. And despite these thick layers of protection, it accommodates all types of wireless charging.    


  • All-around protection
  • Inbuilt screen protector
  • Camera protection
  • Supports wireless charging


  • No cons found

5. Supcase Bumper Case

This is one of the sleeker and simply designed bumper cases. It uses some of the best quality materials available for construction. The PC+TPU materials combo ensures a durable and reliable usage period. 

It showcases the authentic and signature look of the iPhone 13 while also providing protection. The raised bezels running on the sides elevate the back from the surface. This ensures that the camera, as well as the case itself, remains scratch-free. 

The port access is precisely cut to avoid any hindrance. The buttons are covered through the case to give unlimited button presses. The reinforced design does not interfere with wireless charging and can is used efficiently. 


  • Enhances the looks
  • Raised edges
  • Precise cuts
  • Supports wireless charging


  • No extra protection for the camera

6. Ringke Onyx Bumper Case

If you are looking for a stylish yet unassuming design, then this is going to be perfect for you! It is made using silicone material and is very flexible. And even though it feels smooth and lightweight, it offers the best possible protection against any hard falls.

The matte texture has practical usage, and it quickly deters any fingerprints or water droplets. The slight bumps and elevations on each case corner provide excellent grip on the hand and the ground. In fact, the material itself provides so much resistance that it is practically impossible to skid it forcefully.

The precisely cut ports of the case provide easy access to them. The Silicone covered buttons offer extra protection as well. Dual QuikCatch lanyard holes are built-in with the case, attaching a lanyard or any other funky keyrings. 


  • Excellent grip
  • Protected buttons
  • Precise cuts
  • Lanyard holes


  • None

7. MILPROX Bumper Case

It adopts a silicone-based material with the latest coating technology. It is pretty simple in design with no extra protrusions or fancy graphics. And despite having a single color throughout the case, the one thing that you would not be compromising on is protection.  

The case itself is very thick and can withstand a heavy amount of weight. The raised edges around the camera keep the lens away from scratches and scruffs. Given the nature of the material incorporated, it is effortless to clean, can absorb dust, and provides excellent grip.

Due to the resistance force present in Silicone, it is impossible for it to skid. The buttons are all covered up to provide protection against damage and keep the dust away. And probably the best part? It comes with a free screen protector. So it not only protects the backside of the device but the front also.


  • Silicone-based case
  • Solid grip
  • Shockproof edges
  • Protected buttons
  • It comes with a free screen protector
  • An extensive range of color options
  • Supports wireless charging


  • A bit expensive

8. NTG [1st Generation] Bumper Case

The only words we can think of for the case are – simple, practical, and challenging. Made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the case is MIL-STD drop test certified, which can survive large bumps and pressure. Accidental bumps, scratches, and dust are nothing on the face of the case.

It is on the thicker side with the double layering of soft TPU and rugged PC. It cushions all four corners, and the raised lips around the camera keep it safe as well. The case has precise cuts over the ports as well as the front screen. In fact, the finishing is elegant on the front, which won’t obstruct the display.

And it does not compromise on looks. It fashions a very modern and military look with the best finishes adorning its sides. Even after such thick layers of protection on its back, it still supports all types of wireless charging.


  • Thick layers of protection
  • Military drop certified
  • Three color options
  • Practical design
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Amazing holding grip


  • None found

9. GOWENIC Bumper Case

Gowenic bumper Bumper Case for iPhone 13 provides the ultimate protection for your iPhone 13. The case goes through a severe drop and certified military test to prove its protection levels. This stylish bumper case can absorb the impact of at least 10 feet and shocks worth 300% efficiently. 

The material, too, adds to the current protection level. Made using high-quality Polycarbonate, it is thick yet retains its aesthetic look.

The luxury fiber design is translucent, and you can easily flaunt your new iPhone 13. And given that it is translucent, it won’t ever get that yellow hue that transparent cases do.

The lips around the camera have a lift of 2.5 mm with 1.2mm higher bezels that prevent scratches. It fits snugly against all the sides and has no extra cuts or protrusions obstructing the case. It is compatible with all types of Magsafe accessories and can be used safely. Always be 


  • Military-grade testing 
  • Absorption of up to 10 feet fall
  • Raised bezels around the camera and sides
  • Laser cuttings
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Only black color option

10. Benjolf Bumper Case

This is the Best Bumper Case for iPhone 13 if you plan to retain the beauty of your iPhone 13 while still having protection. Equipped with bezels around the sides, the transparent case protects the case from severe side-angle drops. 

It is made with shock-absorbing high-grade materials that will easily survive long drops with no significant damages. The thick layer of the case prevents any scratch or scruff from reaching the actual back screen. 

The reinforced case, cut using laser technology, presents precise openings for the ports. The buttons are covered to prevent dust collection and provide unlimited clicks. Even with such a heavy layer of protection, the cover is very lightweight and bendable. 


  • Enhances looks of the iPhone 13
  • Bezeled corners
  • A thick layer of protection
  • Lightweight and bendable


  • Transparent covers tend to turn yellow

11. Gviewin Bumper Case

A stylish, sleek yet attractive case is what defines this case. A transparent case with a floral pattern around it would suit any iPhone 13 color you plan to buy! It allows retaining the originality of the iPhone while also enhancing it with the flowers. 

Gviewin is one of the few Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13 that passed the Military grade-level test. The case is very convenient against drops and falls. Through the impact-resistant and flexible TPU that makes the case, it can withstand sharp falls on angles. The raised edges around the case always keep the case and camera lifted to avoid scratches.

It is very thin and lightweight, which hardly adds any weight to the iPhone. You can easily attach any ring holders against it. It also supports all kinds of wireless charging without any problem. 


  • Cute floral pattern
  • Bezels around the camera and sides
  • Military-grade testing
  • High-grade materials
  • Supports wireless charging


  • The transparent parts can change color to yellow


All our listed Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 13 are very effective and always keep your new iPhone 13 safe against any damages. In fact, if you do not deliberately try, the cases could keep it safe forever!

But our favorite pick from the list is – Diaclara Bumper Case. The case provides excellent protection on all frontier and comes with back as well as front protective covers. So, not only are you getting protection, but you would also be saving some bucks on buying different screen protectors.

The protection provided is immaculate. With the camera especially covered and raised bezels around, your iPhone 13 will be always kept safe! The added color options are an extra treat that you can match with your iPhone’s color. So, we have beauty coupled with protection. What more can we possibly want!

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