Best Browser for iPhone: Internet on Your Fingertips

Best Browser for iPhone

Web browsers have been a utility application for your smartphones ever since the advent of the internet. Your web browser is your agent to connect to the world of the internet. 

The modern-day web browsers add a lot to your browsing experience while keeping you safe online. There are too many browsers and search engines out there for you.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best browser for iPhone, explaining their features and functionalities. 

List of Best Browser for iPhone

1. Microsoft Edge

If I had to choose a web browser to dethrone Chrome or at least come close, I’d go with Microsoft Edge. Edge, powered by the Chromium engine, is faster than previously.

Because it’s based on Chrome, the Mac version can use Chrome extensions, which is fantastic. It is also highly adaptable and quick. Microsoft’s web browser is ideal for those who wish to tweak their web browsers for better performance.

The software instantly syncs all of your likes, passwords, and stored data across devices for a more customized online surfing experience.


  • It has an in-built ad blocker.
  • Its tracking prevention saves you from being tracked.
  • It is an entirely free application.
  • It provides an excellent reading experience with the Immersive Reader feature.

Microsoft Edge

2. Google Chrome

When Google Chrome was first released for the desktop in 2008, it swept the internet by storm. Since then, its acceptance has increased so rapidly that it is now the most widely used browser. 


It can sync all of your bookmarks and history across any devices part of Google’s ecosystem. If you’re logged in with the same Google account on several devices, it can also sync your open tabs, similar to how Safari does it. 

It can also translate online pages, so you do not have to be concerned about your foreign language phobia again. Chrome also has a voice search capability to control your browser and surf the internet through your voice. 

There is support for tabbed browsing through which you can navigate between bookmarks and history. Also, it has a dedicated incognito mode. The Omnibox has an address bar, a search bar, and favicons for your most recently visited websites.

Google Chrome is a beautiful alternative web browser for iOS if you want something quick and straightforward. Due to Apple’s constraints, the Data Saving Mode couldn’t be put into Chrome for iOS.


  • It allows you to open unlimited tabs.
  • best incognito mode for safe surfing.
  • It has features like Voice search and translation.
  • It syncs your data across devices with your Google account.

chrome browser ios

3. Opera Touch

Next on our list of the best browser for iPhone is the Opera Touch. While Opera Touch is not as loaded with functions as Chrome or as speedy as Safari, it’s a great way to speed up your browsing.

And, unlike Chrome, it does it without consuming a lot of resources. The software allows you to search using both written text and voice commands.

When you’re on the go and don’t have time to enter text, voice search can help locate what you’re looking for.

Not to add, it includes a sophisticated barcode scanning capability that allows you to scan a product’s barcode and look it up online.

Opera Touch protects your data by encrypting it from beginning to end. As a result, you can rely on this web browser to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes.

It also has an ad blocker built-in, so you can block annoying advertising and speed up your online browsing.

Opera Touch is one of the best browser for iPhone available today, thanks to these remarkable features.


  • It provides online safety with Apple’s ITP.
  • includes a pre-installed adblocker.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • Your data is encrypted.

Opera Touch

5. Safari

Because Safari is integrated into iOS, it may appear to be a no-brainer on our list of the best browser for iPhone.

Apple’s browser is a sophisticated web browser that can use some of the Apple ecosystem’s most incredible features.

For example, iCloud keychain may save and sync passwords across all of your Apple devices, eliminating the need to type them in each time. 

Touch/Face ID on the iPhone protects the passwords that are saved. If you have a Mac, you can use the hand-off function to sync open tabs between your iPhone and Mac, allowing you to work more efficiently.

You can make payments from your iPhone if you use Apple Pay. Then there’s Safari’s Reader Mode, which makes online sites less crowded and more straightforward to read.

Safari, of course, is developed from the bottom up to follow Apple’s design principles, making it simple to use.

Because Apple doesn’t allow for a global setting to alter default applications, you’ll have to use Safari every time you click a link from one of your default apps, such as Mail.

If you’re seeking all of the browsing essentials while also utilizing additional Apple services, Safari is the way to go. 


  • You can enable security through Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Since Apple developed it, it syncs flawlessly with your Apple gadgets.
  • It has support for many extensions, which make your experience better.
  • Its Intelligent Tracking Prevention keeps you safe from being tracked online.


6. Yandex Browser

The Yandex browser is all about browsing safely and securely. Its exclusive Turbo mode saves data and decreases page load time.

Its distinguishing feature is the ability to customize the appearance of tabs by utilizing predefined backdrop patterns or photographs from your smartphone. When you’re tired of the bland design of other browsers, this is a brilliant substitute.

The browser also suggests information depending on your preferences, such as news, articles, and videos. With a Yandex account, you may access your most-visited websites and tags on any gadget.


  • It has a safety vault for your passwords.
  • It has a personalized feed, which changes with your daily searches.
  • You get instant answers to your queries.
  • It offers a dedicated incognito mode.

Yandex Browser

7. Mozilla Firefox

Even before Chrome, Mozilla was at the forefront of the online browser revolution. With a Mozilla account, you can sync all of your data across all your devices, just like Apple and Google.

Firefox for iOS has all of the features included in Firefox for Mac, including private browsing and several iOS-specific features.

One option is to transfer a link from Safari to this app to bypass Apple’s refusal to let you change your iPhone’s default browser. Second, TouchID protects all of your stored logins.

Firefox also has a built-in reader view that eliminates any distracting elements from a web page, allowing you to focus only on the reading experience.

If you already use Firefox on your computer, switching to iOS should be a breeze. It is one of the best browser for iPhone that have been around forever.


  • It is an old and reliable browser.
  • provides support for home screen widgets.
  • It offers good protection and privacy.
  • Since it is available for every operating system, you can integrate your surfing experience and pick up from where you left off on one device.

Mozilla Firefox

8. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is next on our list of the best browser for iPhone. It is one of the initial browsers to bring gesture-based navigation.

This app is competent and offers a wide variety of features. Dolphin allows you to configure custom gestures to access a particular website or handle other Dolphin-specific capabilities, which is maybe its most prominent feature.

Dolphin Connect is the program that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks and history.

It includes a built-in QR scanner and night mode capability. Ad-blocking is disabled by default.

However, it can be enabled. Custom themes are supported, and TouchID may be used to safeguard the browser’s start-up.

There is a feature for Dolphin Sonar, through which you can search and share by shaking your device. It is a paid feature.

Dolphin browser is worth a look if you enjoy the notion of drawing “F” to launch Facebook and if gestures are your thing.

Because there are so many functions, new users may feel overwhelmed at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly. It is one of the best browser for iPhone with gesture control.


  • It offers tabbed browsing.
  • It provides the speed dial feature so that you save time.
  • Dolphin Sonar is like a voice-controlled search engine.
  • It offers gesture control.

Dolphin Browser

9. Puffin Browser

It would be a mistake to overlook a web browser like Puffin Browser while discussing the best browser for iPhone.

The ability to move a workload from resource-constrained devices to cloud servers is perhaps the most attractive feature. 

Consequently, even the most resource-intensive websites on your iPhone and iPad will function smoothly.

In terms of security, the Puffin Browser encrypts all traffic between the app and the server to protect data from being hacked.

Furthermore, the software employs a patented compression method to save up to 90% of your bandwidth when viewing the web. As a result, it won’t eat up a lot of your iOS device’s mobile data.


  • It provides you with a virtual gamepad.
  • lets you store your files straight to your cloud storage.
  • It has a Data Saver mode.
  • It works only for the websites accessible by the public in the United States.

Puffin Browser

10. Brave

Brave browser is one of the best safe browser for iPhone. It is speedy. Brave provides everything for you by default, but most other browsers need you to modify settings or install third-party plugins to help safeguard your privacy. 

HTTPS Everywhere, script blocking, cookie blocking, and private tabs are privacy and security features.

It also prevents advertisements, pop-up windows, and other annoying features. It also speeds up your surfing because it doesn’t load all of the scripts that show advertising and monitor you.

This is one of the best iOS browsers regarding security and secrecy.


  • It supports HTTPS everywhere.
  • reduces battery consumption and saves data.
  • It prevents malware from entering your phone via ads.
  • It has a built-in private VPN and firewall.


11. Aloha

Next on our list of the best browser for iPhone is Aloha Browser. If you’re a privacy freak looking for a web browser with an in-built free limitless VPN, it is the way to go.

Yes, it’s a browser program that prioritizes privacy and covers your online footprint. In terms of user experience, the UI is easy and looks very similar to Google Chrome.

Aloha browser has several notable features, including an ad-free online browsing experience, an in-built VR player that allows you to watch VR films, and more.

You may also upgrade to a premium edition of Aloha for a more comprehensive collection of features.

In any case, Aloha won’t disappoint you, and it is suggested as a substitute for Safari if you’re looking for something fresh.


  • It provides an in-built option for VPN.
  • You can scan QR codes with it.
  • It has an in-built VR player and media player.
  • It offers a high sense of privacy.


12. Private Browser

You can rely on Private Browser for private and secure online browsing. It is a speedy browser for iOS, with a simple UI.

You may use the software to surf the web secretly in public areas since it includes a free limitless VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your iPhone.

In addition, Private Browser does not keep track of your activities or disclose them to third parties.

As a result, you may surf the web with perfect confidence. To summarise, it is one of the finest browser-cum-VPN for iPhone and iPad since it supports several servers across the world and has a trustworthy privacy policy. It is undoubtedly one of the best safe browser for iPhone.


  • It allows you to download files in the background.
  • features an in-built secure password storing facility.
  • It features a private anonymous browsing experience.
  • It allows you to share files via AirDrop.

Private Browser

13. DuckDuckGo

Look no farther than DuckDuckGo if privacy is a significant priority for you. This privacy-conscious web browser uses increased encryption to secure your information from hackers and trackers. 

The program ensures that your surfing period remains private and hidden from data thieves by blocking any hidden trackers.

DuckDuckGo also has several significant modifications to help you speed up your browsing.


  • It lets you clean all your data and history just with a single touch.
  • identifies and blocks any third-party data trackers that might steal your data.
  • It grades every website’s privacy, letting you know how secure your data is.
  • You can apply FaceID or TouchID lock on your browser.


14. Ecosia

This one is more of a search engine, but it’s the ideal option if you care about the environment and electronic waste. 

Ecosia will plant a tree for every 45 searches you do. Given our ongoing quest for stuff, this is a simple approach to do something tiny to help the environment.

Check out the Projects tab at the bottom of the browser for additional information about their work and openness.

Ecosia, on the other hand, lacks several crucial features such as tabs and privacy controls because it is solely a search engine.

As a result, it would be advisable to access with a different browser.


  • Whatever you search is always encrypted.
  • It is an eco-friendly browser as it plants trees for every search you make and is powered by solar energy.
  • publishes its monthly income on its website.
  • It supports dark mode and ad-blocker.


15. Onion Browser

Last on our list of the best browser for iPhone is the Onion browser. It is a Tor-based browser for iOS that is open-source.

It also allows you to surf the internet securely. The Onion browser will enable you to use Tor to access the internet while protecting your privacy from website monitoring.

It protects your data from unsecured service providers and networks and allows you to visit .onion extension webpages that can only be browsed through Tor.


  • It lets you block scripts and delete cookies.
  • saves you from insecure websites, ISPs, and networks.
  • It supports HTTPS everywhere.
  • It focuses on your privacy and prevents your browsed website from being tracked.

Onion Browser


Hence, our list of the best browser for iPhone. This list includes different kinds of browsers for different users.

Some users might need a browser with editing capabilities; some might need one which can integrate with their other devices, while others may need a browser with high privacy. 

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