7 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Best battery cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Imagine being in the middle of an important call or being stuck somewhere, and suddenly your iPhone 13 Pro Max battery runs out. This is like a nightmare in real life. And despite boasting of long battery life, there are times that you forget to charge your iPhone or are away from a charger for a long time.

This is when a battery case would come into the picture. They are sturdy cases with built-in wireless charging and eliminate the need for a portable battery bank. So, you get safety, portability with convenience. 

We have listed down the best deals on the battery cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max. You don’t want to miss out on these!

7 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Zerolemon Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

This sturdy black case by Zerolemon promises to increase the battery life of your phone by 170 percent! Equipped with a 10000 mAH powerful Li-polymer battery, the case can keep your iPhone 13 pro max alive for at least a day without any wired charging. 

On top of this battery efficiency, the case itself is very rugged and robust. The edge-to-edge protection ensures that the phone remains away from any damage caused by falls and impacts. The bezels are very thick and sturdy – enough to prevent any damage to the iPhone as well as the battery itself.

With the battery case, you also get a protective screen cover, made especially for this. And if you wish to use wireless charging to recharge your iPhone and the case, then the cover is compatible with Magsafe and other wireless charging pads. The combo of this tempered glass, military-grade protection, and long battery life fulfill all that you could need from a battery case!


  • Large battery capacity
  • Snug fit
  • Robust protection
  • It comes with a screen protector


  • Heavy and bulky
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2. LALKONS Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

This Lalkons battery case is super convenient! It allows you to charge your case and the iPhone 13 Pro Max while the port gets used to transfer files over to your other devices like MacBook, PC, or laptop. The built-in lithium-polymer battery bumps the battery by 150 percent and gives an additional 8 to 12 hours of usage. 

The back of the case features a matte finish that gives a very sophisticated feel to it. The battery light on the bottom indicates the current charge, while you can use the button on the other side to switch the battery’s power on or off. 

You can also rely on this case for the complete protection of your iPhone. A durable combination of Rubber and PC makes the case, which maximizes safety and reduces any damages from impacts or falls. The hard shell and bumper edges are also conveniently located to prevent scratches on the screen, lens, or back surface. 


  • Advanced Sync-through Technology
  • Lightweight and comparatively slim
  • Shockproof
  • Light indicator to show battery charge


  • No wireless charging
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3. Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Complete with a 6500mAh UL-TESTED battery, this case ensures a natural bump in the battery of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. It provides battery life that will last for almost an entire day. What’s more, is the fact that the case also supports wireless charging, so you won’t need to scramble around with a charger and cable to find a switchboard.

Compatible with just iPhone 13 Pro Max, this case executes a complete 360 protection. The back case is rugged with a slight bump below the camera lens to prevent scratches. Made with hard plastic, it also keeps the iPhone away from any regular damage that it can incur. 

For frontal protection, the case adds a screen protector. The tempered, specially designed for the case, is very strong and prevents any damages to the main screen of the phone. The case has slightly raised edges on the front which also adds to this front protection. 


  • Can work with CarPlay
  • Additional tempered glass
  • Very slim and lightweight
  • One year-long warranty
  • Supports wireless charging


  • It is hard to press the side buttons
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4. MAXBEAR Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

This is one of the best-looking battery cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max on our list. While most battery cases forego aesthetics in favor of protection, this Maxbear case perfectly balances them out. It gives an increase of almost 150 percent on the battery life thanks to its 8500mAh battery.

Its slim and lightweight nature allows easy dissipation of heat from the iPhone, preventing overheating. Four white lights on the back indicate the current battery percentage that the phone cover has. And if it gets discharged, then it allows easy access to all its ports and buttons.

It is very protective as well! The bumper case provides a soft yet firm grip on the case to prevent the iPhone from falling to the ground. The soft silicone is also very effective against scratches and shattering due to impacts. The nicely cushioned edges ensure that the case remains intact.


  • Very high battery life
  • Firm grip
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Come with several color options


  • Difficult to press buttons
  • Lacks wireless compatibility
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5. JERSS Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Jerss Battery Case for iPhone 13 pro max is also the perfect blend of pleasing aesthetics, a heft amount of battery, and some excellent protection. The 8500mAh battery is enough to last you a long duration of usage. The case also doesn’t feel too heavy on the hands and can easily slide into your pockets. 

The real deal is the installation process with the soft PC that allows the phone to slip right into the case without any hassle. And the case has a matte finish with tasteful color variations. It doesn’t feel bulky, and the bezels on the side are slim yet protective.

The case is very sleek, and the material is undauntable. It is sweat-resistant and won’t let the phone slip from the grip. All the buttons of the phone are adequately covered to provide long click life. The laser-cut precision ensures that you have access to all your ports without adjusting the case every time.


  • Long battery life
  • Sleek, slim, and lightweight
  • Colorful options
  • Sweat-resistant


  • No wireless charging
  • Lacks robust protection
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6. NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Newdery has everything that you can need from a case. It is protective against all kinds of regular damages, with extended battery life and an unassuming design. Its battery capacity of 4800mAh powers up the phone for a long day of usage. You can charge both the case and phone simultaneously over wireless charging.

Majority of the case boasts a soft PU that is anti-slip and doesn’t let the fingerprints linger. The installation is pretty easy as you can bend it while inserting. To add another layer of protection, a hard shell covers the battery that takes all the force of impact and keeps the battery intact.

The case has slight bumps on the edges, and the screen won’t rest right on the ground. A built-in intelligent chip inside prevents the battery from heating up. The case structure also allows the heat to dissipate, which means that even after prolonged usage, neither the phone nor the battery would overheat. 


  • Very sleek and slim
  • Matte finish
  • Buttons are easy to press
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Lacks Carplay compatibility
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7. GIN FOXI Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

This GIN FOXI case is elegant and convenient and also houses a massive 7000 mAH battery power. The case can power up the iPhone 13 Pro Max for almost a day, making the case efficient and reliable. It promises to extend the life by at least 2 to 3 times. 

Made precisely for iPhone 13 Pro Max, the case extends a very tight hold to it. And due to its laser-cut precision, it gives full access to the ports as well as the buttons. The inner smart security chip is loaded with protection against overheating, short circuits, and overcharging. 

The upgraded microfiber lining with its soft PU and hard shell gives maximum security against all sorts of bumps and falls. The rigid body around the battery keeps it utterly safe from falls and possible bloating. To add to this protection, the case comes with a tempered glass protector that prevents the main screen from being scratched or shattered.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Added screen protector for complete protection
  • Effective against overcharging and overheating


  • Quality could be better
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Our battery cases bring something unique to the table and are rightfully part of the best battery cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. They are all exceptional in their own accord. But the one case that emerges victorious in all aspects is – JERSS Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The case is perfect when you consider the long battery life it adds to the iPhone. And its large variety of color choices doesn’t hurt as well! It provides all-around protection. It promises to give longevity to not just the battery but the iPhone as well! Though it may not support wireless charging now, rest all of its other impressive specs make up for it!


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