10 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

Technology has widened the paths of happiness for humans. Audiobooks are one of the best possible applications which are beneficial for every age group. Once you start listening to the audiobooks, you get lost in the story. Worlds seem to make little less noise, and the world starts to feel a bit more calming. Let the stress be released, keep the hectic schedule aside for some time and choose the Audiobook Apps for your relaxation.

Audiobooks, one of the fastest-growing technologies in the market of the digital world. The features users enjoy in these audiobook apps make it easy to read and listen to bestsellers on the go. The advancement in technology has made audiobooks more affordable than ever before, which is one reason why they continue to sell very well.

How to Use Audiobook in IPhone and IPad in 2021

Audiobook Apps are gaining popularity among Apple device users. The number of people who use audiobooks is increasing in many countries. The exclusive bestseller audiobooks just a click away. From creating your playlist to having access to the variant of audio lists. All under the simple to use applications right on your iPhone and iPad.

This article is for you if you are looking for a guide on using Audiobook Apps on iPhone and iPad.

  1. You can start using the Audiobook Apps on the iPhone by viewing the Apple Books. You can click the Audiobooks tab on the screen’s bottom row.
  2. To search the audiobooks of your choices, you can go through the guide first. You can browse any of the available audiobooks or use the Browse Sections feature at the top of the page to see all of the genres and book store sections.
  3. The Great Narrators allows the users to find the best suitable book to listen to on the application. The audiobooks have playlists of renowned narrators across the world, stories narrated by star cast or some other storytellers you would like to listen to.
  4. You can also tap the Search icon on the bottom of the screen to find specific audiobooks.
  5. The feature of Previewing the audiobook first lets the users have a trial audio check. Once you start developing your interest in audiobooks’ particular episodes, you can then start listening to the audiobooks by paying.

10 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

Listen to your favorite artist’s audio via Audiobooks Apps installed on your iPhone and iPad. The article has got you the latest and most trending application to enjoy your me-time efficiently. Get to know the 10 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad and silver your playlist of audio tracks from your favorite cast.Listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

1. Spotify

If you are a classic audiobook lover, then Spotify has got you the nine best classic audiobooks of all time. Spotify is a music listening website located in Sweden that also provides a good range of audiobooks to its subscribers. Both Android and iOS users can use the audiobook app. 

Listening to Audiobooks on Spotify:

Being one of the best audio player and music streaming applications, Spotify is also popular among all other top Audiobook Apps.  To access the audiobooks of Spotify on your iPhone, follow the steps given below. 

  1. To start listening to audiobooks on Spotify, install Spotify on your iPhone.
  2. Now, in the search bar at the top of your screen, type audiobooks and click to search.
  3. It will show you plenty of options like Albums, podcasts, music, etc. Choose the playlist by clicking on see all.
  4. Spotify hosts a broad range of audiobook artists.
  5. If you find an audiobook you’re interested in, look to the title’s right to see the three dots.
  6. By clicking on the dots, you will see a list will emerge.
  7. Now to get the audiobooks, you will have to click on Go to Album. 
  8. When you tap on it, you’ll be guided to the complete audiobook, which is an album on Spotify.

    Spotify’s latest range of classic audiobooks will be accessible worldwide but will be marketed only in English-speaking nations.

2. Audible

Audible.com | Unlock a listen for every moment

Audible is a collection of audiobooks that contains biography, mainstream fiction and non-fiction, children’s storybooks, sci-fi fantasy, and other genres. The extensive collection of audiobooks sustains the interests of all age classes, including children, teens, and college students.

The perk of using Audible is that it syncs your books that you are reading on amazon kindle to this audio player. As Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice feature would guarantee that the books you purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store are synced with their audio iteration, you can listen and read the book of your choice anytime, anywhere.

You can build your library of playlists and get to choose the premium audiobooks once you subscribe to the audiobook player. You get to download the audio, stream it online, or listen to the complete Audible Plus catalog. The reason why Audible is on the list of best Audiobook Apps is due to unrestricted access to new audio material.

3. Google Play Books

Google Playbooks have got all the books you love. Listening to a book has made it possible to become equal to reading. Why use Google Play Books? The features are mentioned below:

  1. The best application to get access to millions of books without any tension of paid membership to listen to your favorite audiobooks on iPhone and iPad.
  2. Easy navigation of chapters using actual chapter names rather than tracklists.
  3. You can continue where you left off through all of your screens, including in the car, with CarPlay.
  4. Easy to start with listening by Siri Shortcuts: Simply say, “Hey Siri, play my audiobook.”
  5. You get to preview the audiobooks before you start reading them.
  6. You can expense the characters from audiobooks coming to life by simply touching the screen with the help of Bubble Zoom.

4. Libby:Rakuten OverDrive's Libby Named one of TIME's Best iPhone and Android Apps (UK version) - OverDrive

If you are looking for a simple user interface to read your ebooks and try the audiobooks’ new features, then Libby is here for your service.

Additional Features of Libby

  1. You can easily sync your audiobooks with all your Apple devices. This way, you can open them anytime offline.
  2. Libby allows you to explore the library’s interactive book collection, which features everything from classics to New York Times best-sellers.
  3. You can download and read ebooks, audiobooks. In the Libby audiobook app, you get access to the latest magazines.
  4. Libby has got the feature of accessible download titles to read offline or stream them to save bandwidth.
  5. You can have your created read list, and all other book lists you like with tags your choice.

5. eStories

With eStories you get to experience the quick sign-up feature. Users love the expansive selection of audiobooks. eStories has all of the fiction and nonfiction bestsellers in every category, as well as a large number of new releases, added every week and tailored reviews to help you choose your next favorite audiobook.

The audiobook collection is extensive, including the most recent big-name titles and writers as well as lesser-known books. With your eStories cloud repository, you can store your whole audiobook collection and listen to it all using the eStories app.

Literature-loving users choose estories application as the best audiobook player. The application releases new audios every week.  The subscription plan of this application starts from$11.99 to $49.99 a month, with full-year sales getting a discount.

6. Nook AudiobooksGive a Listen: NOOK Audiobooks App™ — Barnes & Noble Reads

For iPhone users, Nook Audiobook is a must-have app if you love customizing the audiobooks of your choice and saving them offline to be able to access them anywhere.

The suggestions of audiobooks provided by the application are according to users’ search history. Once you start purchasing on Barnes & Noble’s website will appear on your iPhone automatically. You get to enjoy over 75,000 FREE titles.

Download free Book previews from the Bookstore and save your picks to your Wish List. A risk-free way to discover new authors or launch a new series. By customizing the feature, the application allows its users to manage the font style, color, and size of the book they are reading. You can play the audiobooks in the background and continue doing whatever on the phone at the same time.

It gives books access at the free trial, and then to continue listening to the audiobooks, charges need to be paid. The additional bug fix from the backend developers makes the application easier to use with every update.

7. ScribdScribd Reintroduces Unlimited Audiobooks and eBooks - Good e-Reader

A perfect alternative to Audible is this Scribd audiobook player. The Scribd app for iPad and iPhone allows you to search whatever you want, regardless of format. You get access to the most recent audiobook or a New York Times cover story.

It means that the app is more adaptable than Google Play or Kobo since these sites do not have connections to newspapers and magazines. The application made it to the list of 10 best Audiobook Apps as it is preferred by news lovers across the country.

Users are offered multiple downloads of audiobooks once subscribed. It is free to download, and trials are available for a certain period once your login to hi app. The subscription starts at $8.99 per month. To get access to tons of newspapers in multiple languages, choose Scribd. It provides different issues covered in magazines in a single app. 

8. Amazon KindleKindle Paperwhite (10th gen) - with Built-in Light, Waterproof, 8 GB, WiFi: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

How can we not mention the very famous audiobook player that is the Amazon Kindle? The features of easy to handle application and access to over 1.5 million books make it one of the largest audiobook sources.

The Kindle offers dictionary access whenever you need to search for any word from the audiobook. You get free books to listen to and paid audiobooks at a significantly lower cost than other sources of Audiobook Apps.

To listen to all of the Audible material you’ve purchased, make sure your paired audio system is turned on and download a file you want to listen to. Any Audible content you add to your Kindle, including your Kindle audiobooks, will be available through your device.

Kindle also has timely offers on the purchase of audiobooks. To get your favorite book into your playlist, avail the offers and enjoy listening to the books anytime.

Once you install the application on iPhone, you can sync it with other Apple devices such as the Apple Watch and Mac.

9. LibriVox Audio BooksLibriVox AudioBooks MOD APK 2.7.0 Download (Unlocked) free for Android

LibriVox is a volunteer-run program that provides free audiobook copies of classic books that have become public domain in the United States. A separate company produced LibriVox Audio Books for the iPad and iPhone. However, it also provides free audiobooks from the LibriVox catalog.

LibriVox, another of the best online audiobook applications available, is a decent option for newcomers that want to check out audiobooks before they purchase an audiobook from the application.

It has top-rated audiobooks. Few are free to use, and few are attached to subscription plans.

It has overall 15000 audiobooks, which include genres of various types. Users get to choose from classic to latest, biographies to romantic novels to listen to on their iPhones and iPads.

Librivox promises no advertisement interference while you enjoy listening to the audio. Volunteers from all around the world donate recordings in multiple languages to the public domain.

10. Audiobooks.comAudiobooks.com | Get 3 Audiobooks Free

About 100,000 high-quality audiobooks are available on the Audiobooks.com website. Over 8,000 are available for free download. According to the organization, hundreds of new audiobooks are released for its users each week. To have access to the enormous treasure of audiobooks, Audiobooks.com is best to use.

The exclusive app for Audiobooks.com is trailed for iPhone and iPad as well. Apple users can connect their iPhone playlist to Apple smartwatches and listen to audiobooks anytime.

This application is last but not the least in the Audiobook Apps list due to its prime benefits such as quick access to customer services and compatibility with IOS with more facility-filled players.

You can get a subscription to premium audiobooks by paying $14.9 per month. It allows first-time users to avail their first book for free. After the 30 days of the trial period, it asks for a payment to continue listening.

What are the Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks?

Nowadays, we get a number of Audiobook Apps available for download on our smartphones. This keeps you connected with your favorite audio plays anytime. You can just tap the play button and continue with your work.

  1. You can develop a positive thinking habit by listening to motivational audiobooks.
  2. It is not possible to continuously read the book and do no work. In this case, book lovers can listen to the audiobooks available on Audiobook Apps for the best seller books. This helps you in relaxing your eyes.
  3. You can efficiently manage your time. Audiobook lets you multitask. You can listen to the audio anywhere while working, doing household chores, sleeping.
  4. Portability is the key feature of audiobooks. Carrying books is not possible every time. With Audiobook Apps installed in your smartphone, you can save some space in your pocket for your other stuff to fit in.


Once you start indulging in extra pleasant activities, you develop good habits. Start with Audiobooks Apps, which help you in maintaining your hobby of listening to music, reading a book, and simultaneously working out your daily activities.

You can take a load off by turning on the soothing audiobook playlist. There are exclusive audio tracks of various genres that you can use for different purposes. So, the only thing remaining here for you is to tap the download button and start your extraordinary journey into the world of audiobooks.

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