10 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone

Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone

Do you have personal photos and videos on your iPhone that you don’t want others to see? If so, you need a way to hide them. In this blog post, we will discuss the best app to hide pictures and videos on your iPhone. Keep reading for more information.

List Of Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone

1. HiddenVault 

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

The HiddenVault software can be a good solution for you if you want to keep your photographs and videos hidden from others’ sight when they browse your gallery.

It doesn’t matter which iOS version you are using; this app is compatible with every version.

The photos and videos can be only accessed by your authentication methods, such as face lock and fingerprint lock. The password for the app remains the same as your iPhone lock-screen. 

Hiddenvault creates a secret folder within your storage to store confidential images & videos easily.

Once you are done with transferring the photos and videos, you can simply delete the original file from your iPhone’s gallery as well as your iCloud backup.

This is probably one of the best apps to hide photos on the iPhone however, you can hide only a limited number of photos and videos with the free version.

But if you upgrade it to the premium version, you can hide an unlimited number of photos and videos. 


  • Creates a separate hidden folder within the storage
  • You can access it with face lock/fingerprint/Pincode.
  • Stores your data locally on your phone
  • You can hide unlimited photos and videos on the premium

2. Photo Safe Vault- Private Pic

Photo Safe Vault- Private Pic

Looking for an app to hide pictures on an iPhone that sends you an alert? The Photo Safe Vault is an ideal app to hide photos on an iPhone.  

This app to hide pictures on iPhone offers you extremely robust encryption that assures the safety of your photographs. 

You can even categorise your private photos and videos in hidden folders to keep your private memories and sensitive clips out of the hands of prying eyes.

The app to hide photos on iPhone comprises a built-in intrusion detection mechanism. If there is any illegal attempt to access the photos, this app immediately notifies you who did it when you opened the app.

This fantastic app to hide pictures on iPhone also has a private browser that requires touch ID authentication. This iPhone app to hide photos also offers a fake pin option. 


  • Hides personal photos and videos
  • Private browser
  • Face ID authentication
  • Fake pin feature
  • Trespassing alarm

3. Keepsafe- Private Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault - Keepsafe

While hiding your videos and photos in your iPhone, it is better to put them in different folders for easy access. If you are of the same opinion, the Keepsafe- Private Photo Vault is the best app to hide photos on the iPhone. 

Keepsafe is one of the most well-known apps to hide photos and videos within your iPhone’s storage. This app to hide pictures and videos on the iPhone is a perfect app for all uses. 

It has a simple and effective security system that provides you with robust encryption that makes sure your data is entirely secure. 

You may quickly hide photographs and keep personal memories, family photos, and even classified documents with the Keepsafe app on your iPhone.


  • Hidden custom folders on your iPhone
  • Simple and intelligent encryption
  • Secure media files with an easy password or pin lock.
  • Back up the private photos and videos

4. Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault

Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault

Hide photographs in plain sight? Then you’ll need a stealth mode app. To ensure discretion, the Pic Lock app disappears from the list of recent apps. 

The Pic Lock is a fascinating software for keeping your photographs and videos secure and concealed in a private folder. Moreover, it has an intrusion detection feature to notify you if someone tries to peek into your secret files.

You can set a password that puts on a barrier to keep your pictures and videos safe. Once set, you can only access the images and videos you have stored by providing the correct password. 

You can import unlimited images from your iPhone’s picture gallery to this app and hide them in this app.

This App to hide photos on the iPhone also has a Photo Viewer with an in-built Slideshow. The free version itself of this app is excellent enough.  


  • Allows you to set a password for the app
  • Intrusion detection feature
  • You can import images for your gallery
  • Save an unlimited amount of pictures 
  • Photo viewer with in-built slideshow.

5. Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

If you don’t want to let others know that you have hidden your photos and videos in some app, the Calculator is the best choice. 

On the surface, it is just a simple calculator that one won’t even care to open while inspecting your iPhone. Little do they know that the secret lies within.

The iPhone app to hide photos and videos is a standard-looking calculator that protects your most personal information, such as photos, videos, and docs. 

The Calculator app can hide the images, but you can also keep your documents and other files safe in it. This makes it a worthy contender of being the best apps to hide pictures on the iPhone.


  • Standard looking calculator disguise
  • Can hide photos and videos 
  • Password lock

6. Secret photos KYMS Free

Secret photos KYMS Free

The Secret Photos KYMS Free is yet another app with camouflage to hide photos and videos on the iPhone. The KYMS is a fantastic software that assists you to keep your photographs and videos securely and hidden in a secret folder. 

The KYMS Free is an app to hide photos and videos on the iPhone disguised as a calculator on the home screen of your iPhone. 

You can only access your photos and other data with your Face ID, your fingerprint or with the pin code you have set. Therefore, someone else can’t break through this security layer.

You can also keep vital documents, including photos, videos, audio, PDFs, etc., safe. Thanks to the AES military level Encryption of this app, your photos and videos are entirely protected. 

You can store a wide variety of documents in the KYMS free app, including photos, videos, call records, confidential documents and even contacts, by using this app 


  • AES level security
  • Disguised as calculator
  • Accepts a variety of files

7. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder

How about an app that offers you top-notch security and only unlocks when it sees your face. The Best Secret Folder app is an excellent app to hide photos and videos on the iPhone. The best secret folder software is straightforward to use, just like its name.

You can customise the secret folders of this iPhone app to hide pictures according to your needs. With this iPhone app, you can store your images, videos, and other types of media files. 

This iPhone app to hide pictures and videos can blend in with your iPhone’s other apps so well that no one can detect it right away. 

Furthermore, you can set a strong barrier on this secret folder with strong password protection with Face ID, Pin lock, and fingerprint lock to prevent others from accessing your secret folders with pictures and videos. 


  • Face lock, pin code, and fingerprint lock function
  • Intrusion alert when trespassing is detected
  • Provides a safe secret folder for your photos and videos

8. Safe Lock

Safe Lock

A photo-safe lock app with an anti-theft alarm is what you need to know when someone is trespassing your virtual boundaries.

The Safe Lock app is one of the best apps that hide photos and videos on the iPhone. The Safe Lock app allows you to hide images and videos on your iPhone. 

You can keep the trespassers away from your private photos and videos with this app. Safe Lock offers you different options to ensure the safety of your documents, photos, and videos. You can set a fingerprint lock, pin lock, Face lock, pattern lock, or alphanumeric passwords. 

You can create separate secret folders within the storage of your iPhone and save your images and other data securely in them.

You can also share photos with the WiFi share feature. You can view your photos in a slideshow view. If someone tries to break through the security, the Safe Lock immediately alerts you and clicks the trespasser with the hidden camera. 

The Safe Lock is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex. Disk, iCloud, and Box when it comes to backing up your data to cloud storage.


  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Wifi share
  • Cloud storage

9. Vault-Hide Photos and Videos

Vault-Hide Photos and Videos

If you want to keep all of your private images and videos in a single folder, the Vault-Hide Photos and Videos App is what you need.

This iPhone app to hide pictures does a fantastic job of keeping your images and videos safe so that you don’t have to worry about someone peeking in your personal data. 

With the Vault app, you can store all the photographs and videos in a secure and separate folder on your iPhone. To ensure that your photos are safe, you can add a security layer with a PIN, face recognition, or even fingerprint lock. 

Thus, without your face or fingerprint, no one can unlock your secret folder and lay their hands on your private photos and videos. 


  • Hides photos and videos safely
  • Password protection
  • Back up data in cloud space

10. Gallery Vault-Hide Photos and Videos

best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone

The Gallery Vault app is one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on the iPhone. This app offers you private browsers. The Gallery Vault app is one of the most excellent iPhone secret folder apps. 

You don’t have to think about where the photos are if not on the phone. The Gallery Vault is an excellent app to hide your photos and videos on your iPhone in a hidden folder just inside your mobile. 

You can choose the way you want to safeguard your concealed folders on your iPhone. You can use fancy face recognition, fingerprint lock, or even a simple yet very secure PIN lock or alphabetical password. 

You can download this app to hide photographs and videos on your iPhone for free. Moreover, along with these fantastic features, it also offers you an integrated incognito browser that allows you to protect your online activities. 


  • Private vault for your photos and videos
  • Disguised hidden folders within existing ones
  • In-app incognito browser
  • Advanced security system

Summing Up

When you know that your photos, videos, and documents are safe in a secure space, away from anyone’s reach puts you at ease. You can keep your private videos and pictures safe in a private vault app on your iPhone.

The list above includes the best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone. You can choose amongst these apps, and they will definitely keep your photos and videos safe. 

Examine the finest iPhone vault apps, think about simplicity, and significantly improve the security of personal documents. Do feel free to share your experience with these apps. 

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