10 Best Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protectors

The new series 6 Apple watch launched by the brand is an outstanding upgrade of the Series 5 Apple watch. Apple Watch Series 6 is faster than the previous series by 20%, but all the features are almost the same, but it does have a new chipset. Even though most of the series 5 and series 6 Apple watches are the same, the series 6 apple watch comes with tremendous improvement. Though there have been speculations that Apple has not improved the display glass of series 6, it has the necessity of buying a screen protector. To help you get started, here are the best Apple Watch Series 6 screen protectors that you can buy right now.

Many people find a screen protector unnecessary initially, but it proves to be a wise decision to protect your watch from scratches and dents with time. A good Apple watch series 6 screen protector will offer you great protection and complement your watch’s design. To keep your device in mint condition, you should purchase an apt screen protector for your apple watch. To make the work easy for you, we have made a list of the 10 best Apple watch series 6 screen protectors that you can check out.

10 Best Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protectors

1. IQ Shield Screen Protector

The screen protector curated by IQ Shield is one of the best screen protectors for the Apple watch series 6. It is different from other screen protectors. It is a liquid skin protector that is made thoroughly under special processes. This screen protector is highly response sensitive; it is durable and offers non-yellowing and transparency, making this protector quite flexible. Since it is curated as a liquid skin, this screen protector’s installation method is straightforward and offers a bubble-free perfect fit for your apple watch. The strong film of this screen protector keeps your apple watch completely protected from uncertain damages.


  • Full coverage with a high-quality display.
  • The protector serves its purpose by protecting from dust and water.
  • The durability of the shield is remarkable.


  • It is not easy to install it. You have to be careful with the edges.

2. LK Screen Protector for 40mm Apple Watch

LK screen protector for the Apple Watch is known to be one of the favorites and highly used protectors in the market. This screen protector offers great protection at pocket-savvy rates. For your Apple watch series 6, this screen protector would be the best as it comes in a pack of 6 that offers great durability to your device. If you have this screen protector on your watch, you won’t have disability issues as it is scratch-resistant and offers up to 99% of clarity. This screen protector’s amazing point is that it does not leave any residue when installing and removing it. You can put the screen protector conveniently on your apple watch.


  • Bubble-free protection with a clean display.
  • High QI Shield Liquid skin gives extra protection from wearing out easily.
  • High response to controllers and works well with sensitivity.


  • The installation has to be done carefully as the edges won’t fit in on the first try.

3. BRG Screen Protector

BRG screen protector is a 2-in1 accessory for your Apple watch series 6. It is a case that provides you with the function of a screen protector as well. This case cum screen protector makes sure that your watch is protected from every angle. This BRG screen protector is scratch and dust resistant that offers maximum clarity to your apple watch. It also offers internal protection from bumps, drops, and dents. The sleek design of the screen protector provides you with smooth installation and removal.


  • Ultrasoft protecting glass
  • HD display, high-quality material glass.
  • The Good fitting edges with a clear display.


  • There is an issue with its touch to responsiveness.

4. Penom Case Screen Protector for Apple Watch

The phenom case has a built-in screen protector for the Apple watch series 6 and provides full protection to every edge of your watch. It is highly scratch-resistant, anti-collision, and leaves no gap on the edges. The design of this built-in screen protector case makes it very aesthetic. This screen protector plus case has precise cutouts for buttons and ports. This phenom case is compatible with your apple watch series 6 that offers you 2 in 1 feature.


  • IT has some fragile ultra-clear skin protection.
  • It is a full protection TPU cover.


  • NO proper protection from water. You might want to remove it before washing your hands to avoid the water drops from entering the skin.

5. ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protector

The screen protector by ArmorSuit is one of the cheapest screen protectors that you can buy for your apple watch series 6. It comes with an inbuilt technology that offers the feature of automatically repairing the device in case your watch has minor scratches or scuffs. It offers complete protection from sudden drops and falls. It is military graded that provides Ultra toughness and clarity to your apple watch. It eliminates dost oil and fingerprint smudges from your apple watch effectively. It is accompanied by a spray, squeegee, and cloth made of microfibers with which you can conveniently install this screen protector.


  • Cheap pricing with wonder protection from breaking and wearing out.
  • Anti-bubble skin protects the watch from dust and dirt.
  • Self-healing properties Can heal format scratch with no time.


  • Comes with unfinished edges sometimes. Try returning the product in case the edges are not finished properly.

6. Leaders Screen Protector

The leader’s screen protector offers long-time durability to your apple watch series 6. The front of this case’s design is ultra-slim with 0.33 mm glass that offers you complete protection and keeps up with the touch sensitivity of the actual display. The whole case is made up of polycarbonate fibre that maintains your device as a new purchase. Even if you drop your apple watch from an extreme height, you don’t have to worry as this screen protector will not let it cause any damage. The soft TPU material of this protector gives a snug fit to your watch, and it has proper cutouts for buttons and ports.


  • With a dimension of 42mm and an advanced skin layer, it protected the Apple watches.
  • Users explore the no feel touch of the protective glass.
  • The quick touch response is worth mentioning.


  • It can cost you a bit more than usual watch protective skins.

7. Anwaut Screen Protector

This screen protector by Anwaut is compatible with apple watch series 6 series 5 and series 4 as well. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector that protects your apple watch from scratches, cracks, and scuffs all the time. The hard case of this screen protector is shock-resistant and dustproof. The screen protector offers easy accessibility to all the ports and buttons on the Apple watch, and it does not interfere with the touch sensitivity of the device.


  • These are some good quality Ultra-thin glasses that protect the water from entering the watch’s internal parts.
  • The watch gets a high-quality tempered glass.
  • Not easily breakable, easy installation.


  • with the dimension of 4omm, the see to that you are installing it on the desired series of Apple watches. It won’t work for some of the watches.

8. LK Tempered Glass Case

LK also provides the users with a specially designed tempered glass case for Apple watch series 6 apart from the normally used screen protectors. It is made up of ultra-thin polycarbonate with a tempered glass screen protector that perfectly fits your apple watch. This glass case ensures that your watch is protected from all the angles and sides properly.

With this screen protector, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, and sudden drops. Unfortunately, this case is not water friendly e, and it can create problems with the watch’s touch sensitivity, so you will have to take it off before you go for any water activities or clean the water with the cloth before using it again.


  • Fits perfectly with your Apple watch.
  • Easy to install. Thin layered, good quality glass protection.
  • A tempered glass cover prevents scratches and wearing out.


  • This kind of case is not waterproof while swimming or washing hands.

9. RinoGear Screen Protector

Next, we have a RinoGear screen protector that is highly recommended for the Apple watch series 6. This screen protector can be used with other Apple watches as well, and it gives you a very appealing look. It offers crystal clarity to your device and offers an accurate touch experience to the users. Bonus point, every screen protector by RinoGear comes with a lifetime replacement voucher.


  • It is an invisible HD clear skin protector for your Apple watch.
  • Overall coverage to sides and edges.


  • Warranty not applicable for this product

10. Misxi Hard Screen Protector Case

Last on the list we have is the black hard screen protector Case of Misxi. This hard case screen protector does not have soft tips material that differentiates the other screen protectors. This screen protector’s design does not take much time and is very easy to install. It gives a perfect alignment to your apple watch series 6. It provides prevention from scratches, dust, and falls to your apple watch. It has a proper area for sensors, ports, and buttons, so you don’t have to take the case out while charging it.


  • High response to touch.
  • Scratch-free watch protection.
  • Covers and protect the edges from breaking


  • The installation might be a tricky part.

What to Look Out for When Buying an Apple Watch Series Display Protector:-

The product you are buying has to be a relevant one, which fulfils its task. /here are a few things you need to look for while buying an Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protector.

  1. Whether it fits nicely: See that the screen protector is of the standard size of your watch series.
  2. Shock proofing: A high-quality protector will have the edges cut neatly and protect the watch from daily wear-outs.
  3. Touch sensitivity is working correctly, as these watches come with a touch screen. See that it works properly before buying those.
  4. A water-resistant protector is essential to have in daily chores.
  5. The watch screen protector does not cover the ports.
  6. After applying the screen protector, the screen is still visible and is what you have to take care of.
  7. There is no external battery requirement for these watch protectors.


The above-mentioned screen protectors are known to be the best for your apple watch series 6 now. We have tried to incorporate screen protectors of different kinds, one that has soft TPU material, polycarbonate material, and protectors that have tempered glass on them. With this, we end the round-up list of the 10 best Apple watch series 6 screen protectors that you can buy for your device.

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