Top 5 Best AirPods Max Travel Cases You Can Buy in 2022

Best AirPods Max Travel Cases

Are you looking for Best AirPods Max Travel Cases?

Well, the over-ear headphone buys iPhone has become prominently famous around the world with its super noise cancellation feature and unique design. It got a lot of attention when it was launched.

To match it with the style, users look for a cool case that they can carry while travelling because the case in which the AirPods max come is quite doubtful because of its design and it also does not have a secure grip. Moreover, you cannot carry those expensive AirPods in a flimsy case.

So, if you are looking for an AirPods Max travel case for yourself keep scrolling.

5 Best AirPods Travel Cases

Keeping the utmost priority of people in mind, that is protection, we have gathered the five best AirPods Max travel cases that will serve their purpose well. These cases are completely waterproof and have great grips. So, let’s start with the first one on the list.

1. Geekria Ultra Shell Case

Geekria UltraShell Case for AirPod Max

The first one on the list is the Geekria ultra shell that provides major protection to your AirPods Max. This case is fully equipped to protect your AirPods due to its strong exterior. It also provides protection from drops and scratches. The case might seem a little bulky to look at but trust us it is quite light in weight.

This ultra shell case has a very formal design and it comes with an internal mesh pocket that allows you to store your charging cable, earphones, AMP, and more. This makes the case fully convenient when you are traveling. This AirPods Max travel case might be on a little expensive side but it offers you the best experience.

  • The inner and outer layer protects the Airpods.
  • Maximum compatible headphone dimensions (inside): 7.08 x 5.90 x 2.75 inches (18 x 15 x 7 cm)
  • The ultra-hard shell gives protection from dust and dirt.


  • It is not available in much variety of colors.

2. WIWU Smart Case

WIWU smart Case would be an excellent choice for your AirPods Max case. It is 100% water repellent and protects from every angle. When you put your AirPods in this case, they automatically disconnect your phone and enter a low ultra power state and once you take them out they will get connected instantly. Cool, isn’t it!

The inner compartment that is given in this case is detachable and can fit other headphones as well. You can travel all day with it and it won’t add pressure or bulk on your hands or shoulders. The hard shell of this WIWU case protects it from scratches and dents. The case remains waterproof and dustproof and the thick lining of this case does not let it get squeezed or bumped.


  • Automatically disconnects the Bluetooth connection.
  • Water-resistant, Enters low power mode.
  • The separate case for keeping the charger cable.


  • Very compact in size, hard to remove the AirPods from the cases.

3. Chirano AirPods Max Case

Chirano Travel Case for Airpods Max

This travel case provides amazing storage to your AirPods Max headphones. It also offers space to keep other accessories and does not take up much space in your luggage or back. This case is semi-waterproof but is completely shock and dustproof. The design of this case is quite stylish and its durability is to die for. 

It is made of an EVA hard shell that makes it 100% compatible for you to use with your Max AirPods. It has a wide strap that makes it easier to carry when you are juggling your work. This AirPod travel case has a very soft lining that offers protection from scratches, drops spills, and bumps; this convenient case is one of the best options for you to consider before making your purchase.


  • The handbag-style Airpod cases are very portable.
  • The hard-shell protects the Airpod from any external environment.
  • The cover itself is very strong to be able to break easily.


  • A bit large in size, cannot fit in your pocket.

4. KT- Case Travel Case for Airpods Max

This storage case for AirPods Max is made of waterproof PU leather and a durable EVA hard shell. This striking combination makes this travel case dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It is spacious enough to store your AirPods Max with its default case. It also has good space for you to keep your chargers, cables, mini banks, and other accessories. 

KT- case has a zipper to allow full access to itself and the strap that is attached to it is perfect for travel purposes. It is a lightweight case and can fit perfectly in your backpack, handbag, or any other bag, without taking much space. This case is highly protective and compatible for expensive purchase and adds to its style perfectly. 


  • Has plenty of space to fit in your charger, power bank, and charger cables.
  • The belt inside the case keeps the things inside it stable and avoids breakage.
  • Can carry things into one case anywhere anytime.


  • With space increase its width to make it impossible to fit in pockets easily.

5. Linkdea Hard shell Case

GoPro Replacement Hard Shell Camera Case

The hard shell Linkdea case is a designer case made up of superior quality materials and provides you with enough storage space to keep your accessories and other necessary items. The premium shell quality of this case is shock resistant, anti-crash, and weatherproof, hence, making sure that your AirPods remain safe, even in harsh conditions. 

The best thing about this case is that it offers sleep mode to save the battery of your pods when they are stored in the case. The only drawback of this case is that it can not store your AirPods with the default case. But despite its drawback, it offers its purpose perfectly and is very much in demand in the market. 


  • Durable and can be carried while travelling.
  • The outer covering is pretty amazing protecting the Airpods from any harm.
  • It is waterproof.

Types of  AirPods Max Travel Cases

It is essential to care for things such as phones, chargers, Airpods while travelling. You can find many such protective cover cases online for your devices. Every  Airpods max travel case has a different variety of material used in manufacturing it. You will find some of the issues are made of  PU leather which lasts longer, giving water protection to Airpods.

Some are designed in a funky way to attract customers. The cases are lightweight and easy to carry. Now many of the cases come with a hanging belt. You can use either hand carry or hang it on the wall. They come in different colours as well. You can match it with your phone cover. The Airpods are safe and sound inside the surface as the inner part of the cases are built so that the Airpods will experience no harm from outer chaos.


With this, our roundup comes to an end. The price at which AirPods max comes offers one disadvantage of not being waterproof and to cater to that problem, it is very important that you have a case that can protect it under any circumstances. All of these cases that we have mentioned above are of various varieties and have different kinds of features but they serve their purpose properly and fit with your case perfectly. If you want to buy an AirPod Max travel case under budget and of great quality with premium features you can go for either a WIWU travel case or Linkdea Hardshell because both cases save the battery of your AirPods when they are not in use and are kept in the case. 

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