8 Best Airpods 3 Cases to Ensure Safety

best airpods 3 case

Apple is back again with its new and improvised AirPods. They have the entire internet buzzing with their impressive specs and longer-than-ever battery life. The design is now more contoured with spatial audio. Apple just took an already remarkable Airpods and turned them into something exceptional. 

But despite the looks and sounds, the AirPods are still prone to damage. A good fall and you might have to say goodbye to your Airpods forever, and surely you don’t want that! Hence we have checked out the entire internet and brought forth the best cases for Airpods 3! So, take your pick!

8 Best Airpods 3 Cases to Ensure Safety

1. MOBOSI Airpods 3 case

MOBOSI Compatible with AirPods 3 Case (2021), Secure Lock Clip Full Body Rugged Hard Shell Protective Case Cover with Keychain for AirPod 3rd Generation Charging Case, Black

Mobosi case for Airpods 3 has a very rugged build with thick carbon fiber donning its body. The ergonomic hard shell covers the entire case thoroughly, with the shockproof corners completing the protection.

Due to its stout nature, any bumps falls, or impacts won’t touch a single space of the Airpods. 

And this rugged build also gives it a very stylish and tough look, making this the best Airpods 3 case on this list.

The magnets are very tight and would hold the cover tightly without losing any grip. As an added measure, the case comes with a secure lock on the side. 

You can use the keychain on the sides to attach it to your belt loop or your backpack. So feel free to take your new AirPods on an adventure! Amid the black cover, there is a visible green light that indicates the charging status of Airpods.

Even with its thick build, the case is completely compatible with wireless charging without removing the case. 


  • Thick rugged design
  • Shockproof corner
  • Smart side lock
  • Keychain


  • Lock gives trouble while closing
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2. Doboli Airpods 3 case

Compatible with AirPods 3 Case Cover Silicone Protective Case Skin for Airpods 2021 (Front LED Visible) Black

If minimalism with a stylish look is your thing, then this is the best AirPods 3 case for you! The case fashions a matte finish that gives out a very simplistic look. And while the look might look simple, the security definitely isn’t. It has a silicone-based outer covering that lets the AirPods slip right in without any hassle. 

The 2.5mm thick skin won’t let a single shock wave pass through it and would always keep the device safe. Its premium material boasts of a build that is effective against any falls or accidental impacts. It even covers the bottom port access, so no dust collects inside it. Instead, you just need to open it whenever required.

The added keychain on the side makes this AirPods 3 case super convenient. It can rotate up to 260 degrees and fit right in your backpack, purse, and belt. It is highly secure and won’t let the case fall or get lost. You can use both wired and wireless charging to charge your new AirPods!


  • Thick case skin
  • Multiple color options
  • Very lightweight and sleek
  • Supports wireless charging


  • No cons were found
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3. HATALKIN Airpods 3 case

Case Compatible for Airpods 3 2021 3rd Generation Case Cover for Women Men Premium Skin Silicone Full Protective Case Cover for Airpod 3 Gen with Keychain, Black

If you prefer subtlety overlooks, then you need to check this one out! WIth a simple one-color look, the case is very inconspicuous, but it certainly does not compromise on protection. The soft Premium skin silicone is quite effective against all regular damages without infringing on wireless charging.

It is exceptionally lightweight with just 1.2 mm skin, and you won’t feel a single difference even after putting it on – it won’t feel as if you have added any extra bulk to your AirPods. Its rugged and resistant body protects the AirPods against impacts and doesn’t let the main body dent. 

The latches are robust and won’t open on accident. But when opening, you can flick it using a single hand – it is very smooth. The case also keeps fingerprints and other stains away to maintain its new and authentic look. It also comes with an attached lanyard through which you can affix your case with any bag! All of these features make it one of the best AirPods 3 cases.


  • Supports wireless charging
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Strong magnetic latches 
  • Four color options


  • No cons were found
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4. Ringke Onyx AirPods 3 case

This Ringke Onyx Airpods 3 case promises some heavy-duty protection. And for all the good reasons. The hard TPU shell is long-lasting and durable, with its build specially made to resist any damages. Constructed from an Innovative special X-design, the case keeps the corners of both device and case intact.

It features a unique matte finish that is resistant against any finger stains. The granulate texture on the outside gives a good grip and makes the case anti-skid. So you need not worry about your case sliding on the ground and accumulating scratches! 

Unlike our other cases, this Airpods case’s top and bottom are entirely separate. Though complimenting, you can remove and keep one of them if you want. Attached to this case is a lanyard that you can use to connect to anything you want!


  • Very robust protection
  • Seperate top and bottom pieces
  • Anti-skid and anti-fingerprint coating
  • Scratch-resistant


  • No wireless charging
  • Lacks port cover

5. Spigen AirPods 3 case

Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for Airpods 3rd Generation Case Soft Silicone Skin Airpods 3 Case (2021) - Black

For a stylish in-budget Airpods 3 case, check this Spigen case out! Complete with a Silicone and PC combination, this dual-layer protection is strongly resistant to any drops and falls. The shock-absorbing material won’t let any impact pass through it and keep the Airpods new and pristine!

It has an excellent snug fit and would cover the Airpods over like a second skin. Being very light, you won’t be adding any extra bulk to your pockets. And if you don’t want to carry it in your pockets, you can use the metal carabiner to attach it to any of your luggage or bag.

It has an open-ended port, and you won’t need to remove any flap to attach your charging cable. Although this means that dust can accumulate in that place, so be sure to keep it clean!


  • Two colors – black or charcoal
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Attached metal carabiner
  • Simple yet sturdy


  • No port cover
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6. Spigen Transparent AirPods 3 case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Airpods 3rd Generation Case with Keychain, Protective Clear Case for Airpods 3 Case (2021) - Crystal Clear

Want to show off the beauty of your new Airpods 3 without compromising on security? Well, you might want to have a look at this one! The case is completely transparent, and its straightforward crystal design accentuates all its features. 

Transparent tend to share the same problem- yellowing. But not in this case. The case features a special coating that will always keep it as fine as the first day! The hard shell with a bumper build keeps all the damages away and provides excellent security. 

And since it is clear, the light which indicates the Airpods’ working is visible as well! Even while being sturdy and thick, it allows wireless charging of all kinds without removing it. Through the carabiner on the side, you can attach the case to anything while on the go!


  • Anti yellow coating
  • Sturdy materials
  • Excellent grip 
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • It tends to attract fingerprint stains
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7. Miracase Airpods 3 case

Miracase Case Compatible with AirPods 3rd Generation (2021 Released), Upgraded Tri-Layers Soft Silicone Shockproof Protective Case Cover Compatible with Airpods 3 Front LED Visible Skin Case, Black

Miracase promises to provide you maximum protection over the most affordable prices. The Airpods 3 case features triple-layer safety – PC as an inner shield to protect against any falls or drops, Liquid silicone for shock resistance, and soft-touch paint to keep the fingerprints away. 

A small opening on the front and around the indicator is left open to get a clear view. You can easily see if your Airpods 3 is charged or not. The bottom opening features a precise cut to let the wired cable in without any hassle. If not wired, then the case also supports wireless charging. 

This best airpods 3 case is very minimalist and comes in just one color, i.e., black. It is very soft to touch. The inner layering is exceptionally smooth, so you won’t face any issues while inserting your Airpods in. It doesn’t stain at all, so you can wet wipes to clean it! 


  • Triple-layer protection
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Scratch oil and fingerprints resistant
  • Easy installation


  • No lanyard or keychain
  • Just one color option
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8. Humixx Airpods 3 case

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Humixx offers you another top-grade AirPods case with 360 protection throughout! Unlike all other regular cases, it gets constructed out of metal. The material is very robust and sturdy. Adding to this protection is another layer of Bayer TPU and hard PC shock-absorbing frame. 

The case provides shock resistance with its streamlined design. Any damage that you can think of – impacts, collisions, or drops – protects against all of them. Due to its ergonomic build, the case feels super comfortable in the grip and won’t let it slip through your hands. 

It encompasses the Airpods snugly without leaving a single gap. This means that no dust would enter the case and potentially scratch or dirty it. On one side of the case, you will find a carabiner that makes portability easy and convenient. It is compatible with all types of wireless charging!


  • Snug and tight fit
  • Works with wireless charging
  • Double layered protection
  • Shock and dust resistant


  • No coverage of charging port
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We have handpicked all of our cases to ensure that you receive the best of the market. The one case that especially stands out on our list is – MOBOSI Airpods 3 case. 

The case is extremely rugged with top-quality materials. The layered protection keeps all kinds of damages away and gives you the perfect case for Airpods 3! It is compatible with wireless charging as well. You can also take it up with you on all your adventurous activities without having to worry about losing it. 

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