The 7 Best 12.9 Inch iPad Pro Cases to Protect Your Tablet

Best 12.9 Inch iPad Pro Cases

Are laptops too heavy to carry around? Maybe you are frustrated with how tiny your phone display is? Are you looking to buy a device that perfectly falls in the middle of these extremes? If that’s the case, then Apple’s iPad Pro should be the one for you. In this article, you will be reading about Best ‘12.9-inch iPad Pro Cases’ in 2021.

It’s been more than a decade since Apple accumulated an exquisite recipe to create what is one of the most commonly used devices in today’s day and age. They’ve developed editions, altered, and innovated the 2010 model with their skilled team.

Jump to 11 years later, they launched the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with features that are bound to blow your mind. If you’re looking to invest in a product like this one, it’s super important to keep it safe. You don’t want that hefty investment costing you more than it should, just because your negative emotions transferred to your iPad, causing it to fall and shatter into pieces.

Buying Guide

Choose the best iPad case that guarantees you security for your newborn technological child, protecting and rooting for it every second of every day.  

1. Protection

Look for cases that provide utmost protection to the edges of your iPad as they are prone to unwanted scratches. Make sure that the case that you use defends the shiny metallic bits that may get damaged by abrasive scratches.

2. Stand

Check whether or not the iPad case supports the lower-angle positioning for typing as well as upright viewing with a stable and suitable stand. a case without a stable stand may make the positioning of the iPad unstable, likely to trip and fall off the surface.

3. Front Cover

While buying a case for your iPad, choose the one with a front cover that may help you protect the screen of the iPad when not in use. it also safeguards your iPad from shifting when shut.

4. Pencil Supporter

find cases that support the second generation magnetically attached pencil and chuck out those without the provision of protecting the iPad pencil.

Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Cases

It’s obvious for every iPad to have distinct cases due to its differences in features and dimensions. We’re going to be discussing the most suitable case for the all-new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, recently launched in 2021. Let’s jump into it: 

1. Apple’s Smart Folio Case

One of the most reliable cases you’ll ever get your hands on, the Smart Folio is specially designed by Apple for the product you are going to buy. While it is significantly priced higher than other cases, this model will keep your iPad safe for multiple reasons. 

One, the dimensions are completely accurate. Since apple knows the size of their iPads to the T, it’s fair to assume they’ll simply transfer all the details to make their case too. Companies that sell cases for iPads may not be as accurate as the masters themselves. 

Two, it’s got a smart feature that literally ‘wakes’ you iPad when you open it and puts it to ‘sleep’ when it is closed. Thus, you’ll be saving battery. 

Three, the case is made out of polyurethane, a material known for its durability and protective nature. 

Four, the case has both front and back coverage which means there’s an additional flap that protects the display of your iPad. 

Fifth, it has a trifold system that allows you to fold the case at three different angles. This is great for situations in which you don’t have a stable surface to keep your iPad on, so your case automatically adjusts. 

Additionally, it’ll prevent your iPad from falling. Last but not the least, the smart folio comes with an inbuilt keypad. Long gone are the days when you had to use the touch keyboard facility. The case connects to your iPad automatically and allows you to use it like a laptop. Who needs other gadgets? 

2. Spigen Tough Armor Pro

Specially designed for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 model, the Spigen Tough Armor case is known for its ultimate protection. It’s been given 4-5 stars by most customers as they were satisfied with how the product delivered. 

This case is not only one of the most strongest cases that has ever been produced, but it also is compatible with nearly all functions of the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), despite being a product that Apple hasn’t designed. In addition to that, customers continue to praise how easy it is to handle in comparison to other cases.

Although there is no front protection in the form of flaps, it has a secure back support. You need not worry about the case losing its shape. With Air cushion technology, the case is also designed in a way that it is shock-absorbent. 

We’ve all heard of water-proof, but a gadget capable of preventing shocks, is something relatively new. In addition to that, the case has raised edges to give extra protection to the camera and screen, not to mention it’s extremely sturdy and durable. Go buy yours on Amazon at the right price! 

3. HBorna Clear Case

Are you also a fan of clear cases that show off the color of your iPad? If that’s the description your ideology matches, then you should go book one now. The stigma with clear silicon cases is that they don’t protect the device well, they’re breakable or damageable while being overpriced. 

Well, we’re here to put an end to that notion. Customers themselves have reviewed the case as extremely protective, sleek-looking, and durable. However, they have one complaint. The HBorna case does not allow the Apple pen to charge. It is compatible for usage, but not for charging. 

Nonetheless, what sets this case aside from the others is that it’s extremely light weight and flexible. You can install and take it off within seconds, without your fingers getting sore from the pulling. Because of these wonderful qualities, there is barely any weight and thickness added to your iPad, so you still get to hold it in a way that is convenient and comfortable. 

Moreover, what’s great about this model is that the buttons, ports, and sensors can be easily accessed without having you push them too hard. 

With heavier cases, there is less contact between the button and the case, making it difficult for one to access the basic sensors, however with the HBorna Clear case, you not only get exposure to great features, but also a visual, sight, or aesthetic that is appealing to your eyes. 

An important to reiterate is that the case isn’t compatible with the charging of an Apple pencil and Apple’s magic keyboard. Besides these features, everything works!

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Case

Although this case hasn’t got many customer ratings, a large number of tech websites have recommended the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series case, and may I say, their reasons are completely valid. 

Firstly, it is completely compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, along with its different models. Thus, you need not worry about the dimensions being inaccurate. The fit will make your iPad look sleek, while also protecting it inside-out. 

Secondly, it is easy to hold and carry. At times, when flaps have been added that cover both the front and the back, the product becomes heavier, and there is a risk of the case detaching from the iPad. Over time anyway, the level of contact decreases, which is dangerous. 


However, with a case that strongly protects the back, you’ll be at a lower risk of causing damage since it can even be carried by a child. Unless of course, you are clumsy! I read a comment on one of these Ipad Review Websites that said something on the lines of, “Having a two-way case that protects your Ipad both front and back is like not removing the plastic off your furniture.” Well, extremely hilarious and relatable for people who like to show off their displays! 

Moreover, the Unicorn Beetle Series case has raised edges that guard your screen and lenses, while also being designed using materials that are durable and sturdy. To avoid scratches and direct impacts, the SUPCASE team made use of polycarbonate and TPU. 

There’s also a kickstand that comes with the case. It can be placed at multiple angles, allowing you to binge your favorite TV series hands-free. Place it on a steady surface, and enjoy your day! 

Lastly, it has precise cutouts for all kinds of sensors and buttons, making it easy for you to increase the volume, insert a wire, or switch of your iPad! If these are the qualities and features you’re looking for in an iPad case, go checkout SUPCASE on Amazon! 

5. Moko Magnetic Smart Folio Case

As much as we’ve mocked double-sided flip cases in this article, it is safe to say that most of us would go for that option. Knowing that we are clumsy, lazy, and irresponsible with the way we handle our gadgets, this should be our safest choice. Well, Moko Magnetic is here to convince you. 

This model is at the top of the customer rating chart. It’s rated a whopping 4.2 stars, which surprisingly is higher than most cases in this list, and why wouldn’t it be? The features it’s got are beyond amazing. 


One, it’s compatible with all iPad Pro 12.9-inch models. Being specially designed for one type, Team Moko have given their everything for this one case. You’ll be able to access all of Apple’s inherent controls, features, and accessories without having to invest in extras. 

Two, it has the best fit-weight and size-wise. It’s a one-piece design that adds minimum bulk to your iPad, although it covers the front and the back. It fits the iPad accurately without extending the width of the sensors. Thus, making it slim and lightweight. 

Three, full Apple pencil support. Many customers were frustrated by the fact that a lot of covers aren’t compatible with the Apple pencil. However, the cover from Moko allows you to freely use the pencil on your gadget, while also pairing and charging it wirelessly, without taking off the case.

Four, just like Apple’s Smart Folio case, you get access to the auto sleep and wake up facility while also being able to use the tri-fold feature. The best part is that all these characteristics are similar to the original Smart Folio Case. But the costs are relatively lower. This is a win-win situation for everyone interested in the cover! 

6. Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case

If using a laptop comes to you by disposition. But you’re really invested in an iPad, this cover will breakdown both the experiences and collate them into one. The most essential feature of the Logitech Combo Touch is the Keyboard.

It is detachable, but also adjustable. When you need more flexibility and are done typing, when you’re looking to watch something hands free. All you need to do is pull the keyboard out and use the kickstand to support your iPad from the back. You’ve got a 2 in 1 feature that allows you to use the gadget, at your convenience. 

The case also enables a diversified combo touch that include typing, sketching, viewing, and reading without removing your keyboard from the case. It’s also got an inherent backlit key that auto-adjusts the gadget’s brightness as per the environment you’re sitting in. Imagine, you’ve got an eye-doctor right with you. 

The most essential part- safety. This model protects the front, back, and edges with a durable fit that will securely hold your iPad no matter what you’re doing with it, or where you’ve placed it. It’s also compatible with Apple’s wireless features including the Pencil! 

7. Moko Case Fit 2

And we’re back to Moko for the very last case of this article. This one is for you individuals who like to travel in style. Moko will ensure your design does not compromise on aesthetic and security. 

Again, exclusively made for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch edition, the Moko Case Fit is made out of a premium PU leather exterior, a microfiber interior and a TPU back cover. That will protect your gadget from any direct impacts like scratches, drops and falls, shocks, and dust too.

It has got a magnetic kickstand too, so you can adjust your viewing as per your convenience. Set it to the angle of your choice. 

Another plus point is its compatibility with Apple’s Pen. Use and charge it without taking off the cover. 

Customers are happy with the product, though their only complaint is the weight. If you’re finicky about how heavy your device is, this case isn’t for you. However, there are other features that give it the edge over others! 


We hope this guide helps you find the most suitable iPad case for your all-new 12.9-inch Pro. It is a gadget that deserves utmost care and protection from its user, so give it all it needs. Safeguard it like your child. Secure your investment and have fun with it! 

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